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STATS: More Reasons To Keep Jose Mourinho Away From United

I have been very vocal on the reasons why Jose Mourinho should never be manager of Manchester United. Whilst there’s no denying that he is a big character, and that is something you would imagine the man to replace Sir Alex Ferguson might have to be, and that he has had lots of success in his short career, there are too many failings with him.

It is important to note that Mourinho has only ever been a success in the short-term after being given a great team. Porto were second in the league by one point the year before he was given the job and he only won the European Cup thanks to a dreadful, match-defining decision at Old Trafford, before going on the easiest run I can think of in the remaining games. He then got the job at Chelsea, who had finished 2nd in the league and reached the European Cup semi-finals the season before. After two years of success and ridiculous sums of money spent in the transfer market, Chelsea then dropped to 2nd in the table and were 7 points behind the Champions on the day the title was won, a few games before the end of the season. He then got the job at Inter, who were already Champions, and he kept them as Champions in the first season, despite losing more games and picking up fewer points. They are currently top of the table by two points, although even if they win their remaining game, will not reach the points total of last season or the season before he took the job, with them steadily declining every year.

There is then Mourinho’s inability to bring through youth, a tradition Manchester United prides itself upon. From the ‘Busby Babes’ to the ‘Fergie Fledglings’, United should always strive to have a base of homegrown players who know all about the importance of playing for this club. There is no evidence to suggest Mourinho has any idea how to bring through young players in the squad because he has never done it before.

“I would hate for anyone to take this the wrong way but I don’t see him here,” said Sir Bobby Charlton. “He’s got a talent but maybe if he ever came here the philosophy of youth football might never be the same again.”

Then there is Mourinho’s style of football, which intends to neutralise the opponents rather than to attack them. I’ve heard people say things like “Well, Jose would have to play attacking football if he came to United.” Why? He’ll play whatever football he wants if he is the manager but more importantly, if he was forced in to playing the United way, there is no evidence to suggest he would have a clue how to do it. He has managed three teams and all three have them have played in the same way, and that way is different to United.

“Attacking football is a vital part of the club’s heritage,” said Bryan Robson. “For me, Jose Mourinho is too cautious in his approach to the game to be manager.”

The most important points can be grouped together though, and they are his total lack of class as well as his failings in the transfer market.

“It’s certainly not my fault if, in 2004 after coming to Chelsea and asking why Ranieri was replaced, I was told they wanted to win and it was never going to happen with him,” said Mourinho last week. “It is really not my fault if he was considered a loser at Chelsea.”

Now, it’s clear Ranieri and Mourinho aren’t the best of friends, with Roma and Inter fighting it out for the title, so maybe Ranieri said something to wind Mourinho up, so that is why he’s lashed out? Unfortunately, not.

The origin of this spat is because Mourinho claimed that Roma had the cash to pay Siena off in the final game of the season to beat Inter Milan. These scandalous comments have been referred to Italian Football Federation’s disciplinary commission, although Ranieri, dignified as ever, responded to what Mourinho had said. “This is not the kind of football I like,” he said. “I’m different, as I like respect and I give respect. Sport is an important vehicle for Italian society. Behaving like this is launching ticking time bombs. I am a man of sport and I like football. Is Mourinho a phenomenon? It is the media that gives him that aura. For me he is a good coach and I won’t add anything more.”

Clearly Mourinho didn’t like his “phenomenon” status being questioned so branded Ranieri a loser. In any circumstance, this wouldn’t be acceptable. It wasn’t acceptable when Mourinho launched an attack against a lad young enough to be his son, when he went to the media with comments about Cristiano Ronaldo’s “difficult childhood” and having “no education”. But it is even less acceptable to try and belittle, demean and embarrass Ranieri, given that without him, there is no way Mourinho would have had success at Chelsea.

The stats below show the group of players Mourinho inherited, alongside his own purchases, and how many appearances they made in the three seasons he was at the club.

2004-2005 – Champions, 95 points
(35) Petr Čech – Ranieri
(16) Glen Johnson – Ranieri
(4) Celestine Babayaro – Gullit
(36) Claude Makélélé – Ranieri
(16) Alexey Smertin – Ranieri
(25) Ricardo Carvalho – Mourinho
(38) Frank Lampard – Ranieri
(24) Mateja Kežman – Mourinho
(28) Joe Cole – Ranieri
(30) Damien Duff – Ranieri
(28) William Gallas – Ranieri
(13) Geremi – Ranieri
(26) Didier Drogba – Mourinho
(18) Arjen Robben – Ranieri
(15) Wayne Bridge – Ranieri
(4) Scott Parker – Ranieri
(29) Paulo Ferreira – Mourinho
(37) Eiður Guðjohnsen – Vialli
(36) John Terry – became a first team regular in Ranieri’s first season
(14) Jiří Jarošík – Mourinho
(10) Robert Huth – Ranieri
(29) Tiago – Mourinho
(3) Carlo Cudicini – Ranieri

Mourinho’s signings – 147 appearances (29%)
Ranieri’s signings – 326 appearances (63%)
Other signings – 41 appearance (8%)

2005-2006 – Champions, 91 points
(34) Petr Čech – Ranieri
(4) Glen Johnson – Ranieri
(25) Asier del Horno – Mourinho
(31) Claude Makélélé – Ranieri
(31) Michael Essien – Mourinho
(24) Ricardo Carvalho – Mourinho
(8) Maniche – Mourinho
(35) Frank Lampard – Ranieri
(30) Hernán Crespo – Ranieri
(34) Joe Cole – Ranieri
(28) Damien Duff – Ranieri
(9) Carlton Cole – Mourinho
(34) William Gallas – Ranieri
(15) Geremi – Ranieri
(29) Didier Drogba – Mourinho
(28) Arjen Robben – Ranieri
(3) Lassana Diarra – Mourinho
(21) Paulo Ferreira – Mourinho
(26) Eiður Guðjohnsen – Vialli
(27) Shaun Wright-Phillips – Mourinho
(36) John Terry – Ranieri
(13) Robert Huth – Ranieri
(4) Carlo Cudicini – Ranieri

Mourinho’s signings – 177 appearances (33%)
Ranieri’s signings – 326 appearances (60%)
Other signings – 41 appearance (7%)

2006-2007 – 2nd, 83 points.
(20) Petr Čech – Ranieri
(23) Ashley Cole – Mourinho
(29) Claude Makélélé – Ranieri
(33) Michael Essien – Mourinho
(31) Ricardo Carvalho – Mourinho
(30) Andriy Shevchenko – Mourinho
(37) Frank Lampard – Ranieri
(13) Khalid Boulahrouz – Mourinho
(10) Joe Cole – Ranieri
(36) Didier Drogba – Mourinho
(22) John Obi Mikel – Mourinho
(26) Michael Ballack – Mourinho
(19) Geremi – Ranieri
(21) Arjen Robben – Ranieri
(22) Wayne Bridge – Ranieri
(10) Lassana Diarra – Mourinho
(24) Paulo Ferreira – Mourinho
(33) Salomon Kalou – Mourinho
(8) Carlo Cudicini – Ranieri
(27) Shaun Wright-Phillips – Mourinho
(28) John Terry – Ranieri
(11) Henrique Hilário – Mourinho

Mourinho’s signings – 319 appearances (62%)
Ranieri’s signings – 194 appearances (38%)

In Mourinho’s first season, Chelsea made the step up from 2nd with Ranieri, who had just one year of Roman Abromovich’s cash, to being Champions. 63% of the players contributing to that were Ranieri’s purchases, with just 29% of them being Mourinho’s.

In Mourinho’s second season, Chelsea were again Champions, although lost 4 more matches and obviously collected fewer points. Jose spent another vast sum of money on players but still 60% of the appearances were by Ranieri’s players and 33% by those he’d bought.

In Mourinho’s third season, Chelsea dropped to 2nd in the league and were 7 points behind United on the day the title was won. What was the big change? Well now, 62% of the appearances were made by Mourinho’s signings, and just 38% by Ranieri’s signings.

So, what does this tell us? The more players he bought, the worse Chelsea got. Not only is Mourinho useless in the transfer market, something we simply cannot afford given our financial difficulties, but that Mourinho has no class or appreciation whatsoever. Without Ranieri building that great Chelsea squad, there is no way Mourinho would have won the league, which is proven by how quickly Chelsea declined once the squad was made up by a majority of his players.

“I’m privileged to have followed Sir Matt because all you have to do is to try and maintain the standards that he set so many years ago.” There’s only one Sir Alex Ferguson, but surely there are other managers with his mentality, his modesty and his respect, who would replace him and thank him for doing such a great job and leaving such a great foundation.

Not a manager like Mourinho, who bathes in the adoration and takes all the praise for himself. Let’s not forget, Ranieri got Chelsea to their first European Cup semi-final, and that is something Mourinho could not better in his time at Chelsea, despite the vast amounts of money he spent. Can you imagine what kind of squad and how many trophies Ranieri could have won if he had more than one summer of spending? From a United perspective, thankfully he was never given the opportunity, otherwise it’s hard to imagine we would have won the league for the past three years.

Mourinho recently enjoyed a brilliant success of knocking current holders, Barcelona, out of the European Cup. Despite the fact that yet again it was down to a dodgy decision, Inter Milan really did fight hard at the Nou Camp. They went down to ten men and pulled together and worked their arses off. But whose face was it all over the papers the following day? Was it Lucio, or Maicon, or Cambiasso, or Walter Samuel, or Cristian Chivu? The players who had given every ounce of their being to keep Barcelona out? Course not. It was Jose fucking Mourinho, as he grabbed the attention of the cameras away from his players and on to himself, as he charged on to the pitch. In The Telegraph, their opening seven paragraphs were dedicated to Mourinho. The same can be said of the match report in The Daily Mail, The New York Times, The Sun, ESPN, The Express and probably any other media source that talked about the game.

Is that what you want whenever our players achieve anything, for it to be all about Mourinho? Chelsea fans used to tell us the reason why his face was always in the papers was because he was taking pressure off his players. I always said it was because he was a media whore who loved himself more than he would ever love any team. But if the Chelsea fans were right, why on a night of celebration, not pressure, was it Mourinho grabbing the headlines? He couldn’t resist running on to the field and making a spectacle of himself, at the cost of his players getting the limelight they so clearly deserved. Over the past couple of seasons, with United beating Barcelona and Arsenal in the European Cup semi-finals and Chelsea in the final, the papers were full of praise for our players. It was Scholes’ celebration at Old Trafford all over the back pages, it was captain Rio Ferdinand grabbing Cristiano Ronaldo at the Emirates, it was our players running to celebrate with Edwin Van der Sar at the Luzhniki in Moscow. Sir Alex Ferguson was quite happy to step back and let our players enjoy the success they had earned. But wherever Jose manages, it will always be The Mourinho Show, and as fans, we should surely expect more from our club.

An argument is being put forward that there is no one out there better for the job, but our own manager tried to distance Mourinho from the United job this weekend when asked about TNSSO replacing him.

“You can talk about the successful managers right now who might be on everyone’s list but, in two years, they may not be – or even next year,” he said, “so it’s difficult to say who would replace me when the time came. Manchester United would need somebody successful for that kind of job. Most clubs would look for the most successful manager on the horizon, but two years ahead, they may not be successful anymore.”

It’s true. In 2004 we were told Chelsea were going to dominate world football for the next two decades, with Mourinho at the helm. Three years later he was sacked, Chelsea have still yet to do anything in Europe and have gone three years without the title. Just because there isn’t a wealth of top managers about at the moment it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t open our eyes to what might be around the corner. Laurent Blanc has made a good start to his career, albeit with a few blips, whilst Pep Guardiola has been incredible.

In conclusion, is Mourinho honestly the type of man you want in charge of United, regardless of the trophies he has won in the past, and could win with United? We’re not Chelsea or Manchester City, a club who has waited so long for any real success so will take it whatever way they find it, or buy it. We are United so surely we should have higher standards than just winning, however we have to do it. We shouldn’t have to settle for a manager who plays boring football, who is poor in the transfer market, who has no interest in bringing youth through, who will always be more important than our players and who has no class whatsoever. Whoever gets the job, and Ferguson keeps telling us that won’t be for a while yet, should be a better person than Mourinho.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Marq says:

    I don’t understand why there are people who rate Guardiola so highly. If anything, the games against Inter and even last season against Chelsea, showed that Barcelona is a team that relies on its players rather than a good manager. Without Messi, Xavi and Inesta, Guardiola would have been just a nobody

  2. manutd4ever says:

    The only reason why Mourinho won’t be the manager of ManUtd is because he isn’t a long term solution..He will most probably stay for 3-4 years and then manage some other club..And we are not the kind of club who change managers every 4 years..But in the time that he manages ManUtd I’m sure he’ll win us trophies..So the question is do you want a short term manager who gets us instant success or do you want someone who is a long term prospect who would struggle initially but gradually eases into the role and starts winning trophies for us??

    I would prefer the latter and imo Ole fits the bill..But as everyone have rightly pointed out there is a huge difference in managing reserves and first team..But if SAF takes him under his wings and teaches him the tricks of the trade then i see no reason why he cant takeover when SAF retires..

    Off was disgusting to see those chelshit players lift the trophy..made me sick to my stomach..And as for JT the cunt’s comments that they will try to maintain Utd’s standard by winning PL every season..Dream on..

  3. mojo289 says:

    Agree with Scott, certainly wouldn’t like Mourinho in charge of United. I can remember watching MUTV and Dennis Irwin or one of the others saying that outsiders to the club can see a noticeable difference between players from London-based clubs as opposed to United’s players in the way they hold themselves publicly and the respect they have for other people. SAF has developed a very specific mentality and professionalism for the players both on and off the pitch, and I fear is something that would be lost completely if Mourinho were to take over.

    As EastStandManc said, SAF was hardly the most successful manager in Europe when brought across from Aberdeen and this mentality that we must use this approach now with Mourinho is ridiculous.

  4. parjo says:

    Agree 100% percent, *I don’t want just a win, but how we do it*. When he moved to Inter, which a club with a good history with attacking players, I convinced myself that he would change the style he plays his team, so far I’m disappoint.

  5. King Eric says:

    Stephen – Where you been pal?

  6. vishnu1729 says:

    This is the worst article i had read in my life time.Who the ***** is STRed.?
    points he counters to mourinho.
    1)he is a show off and egoistic
    2)the team losses points gradually and the teams are declining.
    3)percentagwe of players for chelsea after mourinho era
    4)his transfer market activites and youth policies.
    pls every one must take their red tinted glasses off..pls
    1)SAF always been egoistic. He couldnt manahe beck,rvn,ronaldo.Because thay all are biger than him.Yes ofcourse then their is the giggs and nevilles now…rooney his pet.
    2)i cant understand this.what are u saying scott??? are u mad.Is that means if united didnt hit as many goals or points copmaring to last then is the team declining.I think inter is in champuions league final.When u compare this years CL united didnt play either attacking or defending football against bayern away match.WTF was that. Then against chelsea at home.Was that at old trafford playing with fucking 4-6-0.The list goes on……and on.Abt the match against barca 2 yrs ago what was that.I think we made the whole stretford parked against barca.We won the game the utter luck.Comparing that to inter palying against barca it was like heaven.They were utter stuborn. with three strikers.barca were rocked at sansiro.and in noucamp who can blame him. upto 30 mints it was superb football then came red card. Mourinho didnt said a word against referee. shows his character.Then it was history after loong 32 yrs of waiting.
    3)football is abt winning.Nobody in the world exept u want united to be arsenal.Chesea got 18 points against big 3.The percentrage might be 90 percent muorinho+ other…miraculous.
    $)transfer …after giigs ,scholes,red,wes,oshea(in 15 yrs).who….ok evans.(HG)
    other …after cantona,ronaldo ..what happened.
    he stoled rooney the wonder kid to manchester. rio frm leeds, after that evra and vidic,valencia
    Then comes verons,and berbas.u have to think that these all happened in a span of 20+ yrs.
    compare that to essien,dro,ballack.They are srong.And u cannot say about youth in 3 yys stay for jose.
    he sold slatan for 69m. bought snieder. signing of the year.etoo 20m..these all happened when there was no value for money////..
    sorry scott..i always followed this blog and voted for it. but this post i cant agree..hail red devil.

  7. The Big Red says:

    scott, i agree with you abt mourinho not being Utd material. but at the same tme, like someone said earlier, id rather be a chelsea winning titles than be an arsenal, looking pretty but always returning home empty handed.

    i hate mourinho, hated his guts ever since he ran down the touchline at OT. hated him with a vengeance when he came to england and proclaimed himself ‘The Special One’. but u cant dispute the fact that he knows how to win, even if it means winning ugly. even fergie has reigned in our attacking instincts when we went to nou camp and defended for better part of the match.

    i still dont see him as the heir to fergie and yes, he is big headed to put it mildly. but he also has the aura and charisma of managing a big club, something im not sure the likes of moyes can handle

  8. Suprb_Utd says:

    Granted he has flaws, Granted he isnt everyones cup of tea, Granted his style of play isnt what we would all like to see ect….ect… but lets be realistic.

    Out of all the available managers who could handle the just after SAF and have a go of making it their own hes one of probably 2-3 managers in the world who got a chance.

    Hes also for me guaranteed of winning trophies at Utd with the clubs resources behind him. Its obvious he wants the job while others seem sceptical after Sir Alex.

    Make no mistake winning trophies no matter how we play is what the club needs especially with the debts we have to manage.

    We need a winner at the club after SAF and Mourinho is one. There are few better.

  9. OTRed says:

    You do know that the supposedly “dreadful” football that Mourinho plays, was actually also the kind of dreadful football that got us to the finals in 07/08?? Just pointing that out

    Also, if you’re going to try and diminish Mourinho’s success at Chelsea using the mentality that they are Ranieri’s players, are you going to diminish Guardiola’s success at Barcelona since most of the players there now were signed by Rijkaard?

    If you’d notice, the only media that talk about him a lot, is the English media, and why? Because they’re obsessed with someone that has such a big, controversial personality, and they love him for it, hardly his fault. Fergie might retire in 2-3 years, and who knows football might have changed, but for now, I can’t see past Mourinho because he’s really the only one good enough to take over right now, god forbid O’Neil(who is almost as the biggest whinner in the league and plays dour football too), and Moyes.

    Also, the “we could get a relatively unknown manager like we did with Fergie in 1986″ crowd are deluding themselves. That was 24 years ago. A manager now would be lucky to get the 4 and half years that Fergie needed before making strides before getting fired.

    And anyone who says he’d be willing to go through without success as long as it keeps Mourinho out is really lying to him, all you have to look at is the mass suicide like reactions that take place, after not winning just ONE single game not to mention years without winning anything. We probably wouldn’t have any fans left.

    If within the next few years, a new manager pops up(though I really doubt it as Fergie, Mourinho like managers don’t take 5 years to build) then we could talk about not wanting him here

    And oh, what was it that Sir Bobby said about Beckham again? Oh yeah, he confirmed that despite Beckham saying he wanted to stay here and all that, he was actually offered a contract by United and turned it down, do you hate Beckham for that now, or do we only agree with Sir Bobby when we want to.

  10. EastStandManc says:

    @ Suprb_Utd:

    Perhaps the scariest part of it all *is* the debt. Let’s hope that by the time SAF has retired, the financial future is clearer (preferably with the Glazers out, Red Knights in). Otherwise, winning trophies will be the only thing that matters when the Yanks justify Mourinho by asking whether MUFC can *literally* afford to employ and back a United-compatible manager.


    P.S. No-one is “guaranteed” to win trophies, not even SAF.

  11. EastStandManc says:

    Some interesting points, OTRed:

    “You do know that the supposedly “dreadful” football that Mourinho plays, was actually also the kind of dreadful football that got us to the finals in 07/08?? Just pointing that out”.

    In the CL, perhaps. At least in the league we were nothing short of devastating. Can you say the same of any of Maureen’s teams other than the 04/05 team from December ’04 to May ’05?

    “Also, if you’re going to try and diminish Mourinho’s success at Chelsea using the mentality that they are Ranieri’s players, are you going to diminish Guardiola’s success at Barcelona since most of the players there now were signed by Rijkaard?”

    I can only give my own opinion, but. I’ve always questioned the Guardiola hype and I’m especially puzzled by the love-fest for him among many United fans. There are many context-specific reasons that explain Guardiola’s success that are unlikely to be replicated if he moves from Catalunya to Manchester.

    “Also, the “we could get a relatively unknown manager like we did with Fergie in 1986″ crowd are deluding themselves. That was 24 years ago. A manager now would be lucky to get the 4 and half years that Fergie needed before making strides before getting fired.”

    You’d hope United would prove to be the exception to the rule, in this instance. Thankfully we don’t blindly follow every trend in modern football otherwise we’d be a club full of self-obsessed mercernaries like a certain team in sky blue across the city.

    In any case, as has been pointed out, Mourinho has clearly given a timeline for his career. Regardless of whether he gets Spain out of the way first or not, he still intends to manage Portugal at some point, so he probably wouldn’t last the 4 and a half years it would take to get fired :P !

    “And anyone who says he’d be willing to go through without success as long as it keeps Mourinho out is really lying to him, all you have to look at is the mass suicide like reactions that take place, after not winning just ONE single game not to mention years without winning anything. We probably wouldn’t have any fans left”.

    Haha, surely that’s a good thing? We could do with a few of the bandwagoners fucking off!

    It is a fair point though, like you say, judging by the responses after defeat/drawing. I suppose I’m in a minority of idealists who truly would sacrifice trophies if it ensured the United way prevailed.

    “And oh, what was it that Sir Bobby said about Beckham again? Oh yeah, he confirmed that despite Beckham saying he wanted to stay here and all that, he was actually offered a contract by United and turned it down, do you hate Beckham for that now, or do we only agree with Sir Bobby when we want to.”

    What was it I was saying about self-obsessed mercenaries :P ?

    Rock on, Sir Bobby.

    Just out of interest, what is it you have against Davie Moyes? I think we’re both agreed about MON, but I’m curious to find out why so many people dislike Moyes.

  12. King Eric says:

    Vishnu – “who the fuck is str”. He is the person surprisingly whose blog it is so have some fucking manners. Cannot beleive you would rip the greatest manager of all time to shreds to stick up for that horrible cunt.

  13. King Eric says:

    Becks, Ruud, etc “bigger than Fergie”. Are you some kind of fucking clown? Thats why they were all out on their fucking ear.

  14. vishnu1729 says:

    @ king eric
    sorry brother.i love this blog and i am a regular reader.But i was totally frustrated at this article.Because wht mourinho has done to inter is just fabulous fantastic and mesmerizing.
    I rate mourinho at the same level to fergie.sorry its my opnion.

  15. King Eric says:

    vishnu1729 – Fair enough mate, no worries.

  16. OTRed says:

    @East stand Manc: On Moyes, I really just don’t see anything special about him either. It might sound corny, but I really just don’t think you can be “ordinary” or just “normal” character wise to get that United job because off the pitch, it requires a lot. I just don’t see that in Moyes and results wise, I remember someone pointing out somewhere about Everton’s yoyoing league position under Moyes(didn’t they finish 17th or something a while ago?).

    On the dreadful football thing: glad to see someone else finally not exaggerate and say Mourinho teams always play dour football as 04/05 shows they don’t just like you pointed out. I’ve seen his Inter Milan team, and I certainly don’t think they’re that boring tbh, certainly much better than Chelsea when he managed them and were brave enough to have a go at Barcelona in an open game(something many teams have done and failed, yes, I’m looking at you Arsenal).

    Though tbh, my ultimate ideal scenario in who takes over from Fergie would be Solskjaer continuing as reserve coach, in a few years getting promoted to first team coach and then to manager. But sadly, there are no guarantees that just because he was a good player, he’d turn into a good first team coach. If there was such a guarantee, I really wouldn’t mind a transitional manager even though he doesn’t win any trophies with Ole then taking over.



  18. EastStandManc says:


    Thanks for the clarification. Yes, he did have one particularly bad season (and one average one), but then, do we judge SAF on finishing third in 2002 and 2004 or do we judge him for the 26 major trophies he’s amassed in his tenure ;) ? Blips on the radar or markers of mediocrity ;) ?

    I think, had the team not been terribly beset by injury for the first half of the season, there’s no doubt we’d be talking of Everton as the side who took fourth spot. I know it’s only the last 6 matches, but still:

    In the end, they only finished 9 points off fourth (and should have finished above Liverpool but for a dodgy ref’s decision a couple of weeks ago). They, along with the ‘dippers and the bitters are my tip to be slugging it out for that last CL spot next season. Spurs will find the exertions of Europe overwhelming IMO.

  19. Ekow des Bordes says:

    I would rather want to look at it in a different way.
    1. What do u classify as success?
    2. Whom would you classify as a complete coach? Ferguson?
    3. what forms your basis for this analysis?
    4.How do you measure a great team?

    If Mourinho always inherited a team that either placed 2nd or 1st a year before simply does not guarantee top flight finish the next season. Were u following the EPL in the 2008/2009 Season? which team was second placed? and where are they now? He interited a team in Inter that despite their success in the scudetto had not been to the final of the CL in ages, he has used rejects from teams ( in the likes of Schneider, Eto’o) to bring the best out of Italy.

    Lets be real and talk football, Mourinho is a great coach, he has proved it over and over again, you should only start comparing others to him after they have traveled the length and breath across Europe’s elite nations in football and done what he has done.
    Which coach has never bought players that have influenced their status on the league table?
    Did u ever know Drogba before he came to the EPL? give him the benefit of the doubt for bringing the unknown to EPL and making them stars. Football is not just about growing a youth academy, unearthing talents that would have gone waste is also a part of football. Lets look at the big picture, Manchester has a good youth academy and churning out big names, that is a good credit to the infrastructure there, but has drogba ( i know i keep using him here) not been a success to english football? was C. Ronaldo a product of the Manchester youth academy?

    Football is never and has never been about playing it beautifully, it has been and always would be about winning games.
    If his style is more about defending and neutralizing the opponent, then you should give him credit b’cos he is winning things with it.

  20. Harman says:

    In Mourinho’s defence :

    1.A kerfuffler like you and me or even SAF
    –doesn’t go unbeaten at home for 8 years.
    –doesn’t win 67% of all trophies that were available to be taken over
    his career
    –doesn’t beat Barcelona with Inter Milan (and certainly not 3-1)
    –doesn’t win CL with Porto of all clubs and Inter Milan
    –doesn’t stand up to the Abramoviches and the Glazers

    2.We hate Mourinho, but remember no Porto fan,Inter fan or Chelsea hates him. They revere him
    next to God. I’d imagine we’d do the same if he were to take us to camp nou and win 3-1 and then
    show them the middle finger. What’s more – we’d certainly know that next year he’d do the exact
    same thing again.And we’ll love it.

    3.He makes most players better than they were previously.Ask any player he has ever coached.
    Every player he coaches becomes a “Lionheart”. Maradona once advised Messi to go to Inter to be
    coached by Mourinho.

    4.He has single handedly raised the importance, the profile and the salary of coaches.He has
    changed the way people think about coaching. This is what Mohammed Ali did to Boxing. Garry
    Kasparov to chess, and Shane warne to leg spin.

    5.Every time he has left or been forced to leave a club , the fans reacted as if the sky had fallen.
    There has to be a reason. They don’t want to get beaten at home I presume.

    6.He has influenced every league he has coached in and raised the bar, he has raised the
    expectations.The EPL is more competitive now than it was before him and the same can be said of
    the Serie A

    7.He plays with whatever team he gets according to the tactics that suit those players.
    With tall strong blokes at chelsea he’d play an aerial body game. And with Inter who don’t have
    many Box to Box players, he’d counterattack. Hell he attacked Barca at home. I don’t remember
    any other coach who had the insouciance to do that ang get away with it. And remember he played
    3 strikers against Man U in the CL last year.
    He’d definitely attack with real Madrid.

    8.He realises 2 things that his critics haven’t
    –Ussually the team that wins any league is the team that concedes the least
    goals.Those are the stats.
    –A team and a coach is remembered only for winning , not losing heroically,
    England won WW2 against Germany defending against them, not attacking
    .Churchill is seen as a hero by us for winning, we never consider how he did
    it.The relationship between Mourinho and the fans of his clubs is the same.
    Had we attacked germany and lost WW2.We’d remember our heroic attacking
    effort for a few days after the war and then after some time we’d only remember
    the defeat.

    8.As for his unpopularity with the other clubs and fans.That is a smaller issue than it is made out to
    be.We hate him because he defeated us more than he lost.And then he rubbed it in.We certainly
    would not mind if did the same from our side.and it doesn’t leave any permanent scar.Ancellotti
    and Hiddink have changed chelsea’s image in a matter of Months haven’t they.

  21. cheely says:

    So what you’re saying is: Ranieri should take over when Fergie retires?


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