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STATS: Nani’s past achievements in comparison to Silva, Mata, Bale…

Yesterday, Nani revealed that he might not be leaving Manchester United this summer, as most people had expected. This news was met with disappointment from plenty of reds, with his poor form last season leading people to believe he’d had enough chances at the club.

He didn’t play well in 2012/2013, although he suffered from injuries and wasn’t given a regular run in the team even when fit.

Still, is one bad season justification for wanting rid? How did he perform in recent seasons?

- Started 24 games, played in 29
- Assisted 10 goals, only 5 players assisted more (and Valencia was the only one of those to play in fewer games)
- Scored 8 league goals (notably against Arsenal, Chelsea) and a total of 10 (not including the 2 he scored against City in the Community Shield).
- 1.8 successful dribbles per game (7th highest in the league)
- 0.62 goals/assists per game. For comparison: Valencia 0.63, Silva 0.58, Mata 0.56, Bale 0.53, Nasri 0.47, Walcott 0.46.

- Voted Player of the Year by his team mates
- Named Man of the Match 6 times (only Tevez, 7, and Van Persie, 8, had more)
- Started 31 games, played in 33
- Assisted 14 goals, more than any player in the league
- Scored 9 league goals (notably against City and Spurs) and a total of 10.
- 2.5 successful dribbles per game (2nd highest in the league)
- 0.70 goals/assists per game. For comparison: Walcott 0.57, Young 0.5, Arshavin 0.46, Silva 0.31, Milner 0.19.

- Started 19 games, played in 23
- Assisted 6 goals (20th in the league)
- Scored 4 goals in the league and a total of 6, including the 2 against Bayern Munich (and not including 1 against Chelsea in the Community Shield)
- 0.43 goals/assists per game. For comparison: Malouda 0.61, Lennon 0.55, Milner 0.53, Valencia 0.35, Young 0.32.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. wayne says:

    the latest rumors is Gunners are now favs to sign Nani,can’t get my head around that one,been letting all their top players go because of their wage structure now going to step up and pay Nani 160k per week.Doesn’t add up,Nani wants CL football and 160k a week if he can’t get that think Moyes coming in gives him a way to renegotiate and stay.

  2. Ash says:

    If we sell Nani we have to buy one winger. Period. I will always maintain that Valencia is not a MATCHWINNER but Nani is on his day. Selling Nani and playing with Valencia and Young will be suicidal.

  3. Proverb says:

    I’m all for nani to stay but if the right money comes through the door, says, from monaco or Psg let’s packet it and run. He’s done his fair bit in helping us win quite a lot of trophy during his stay at the club and I would welcome any decision reached by both parties as long as it pleases both aforementioned.

    He’s a sick player on his day but a very frustrating player on his off days, but he does more good than bad (reminds me of robben) that’s why I’m all for him extending his contract

  4. In David We Trust says:

    kanchelskis – let me re-say what I mean, obvious we have to move a few on, like anderson which his time is up, scholes has gone, moving fletcher on would be cruel, so say anderson and scholes moved on, we have the cash for 2 replacements. But no question there is a gaping hole in CM that needs filling, I still feel with zaha signed, we need to trim the wide position

  5. In David We Trust says:

    Imran – this was said 2 years ago, the guy cannot hold onto the ball, and he has lost the ability to press teams and winning the ball. And when he is hardly fit week in week out, its wasting another year for united in the CL

  6. glory Glory Holy Trin says:

    If Isco chooses City, we can forget EPL, CL, FA Cup titles ….
    Damn, City have emerged as super powers, I hope ManU can overcome them ….future is looking a bit dark/cloudy for now.. :(

  7. wayne says:

    oh for god’s sake Holy Trin fuck off,you’re just a sad fucking loser mate

  8. kanchelskis says:

    “City have emerged as super powers”

    I seem to remember everyone saying exactly that after they scraped the league on spawny goal difference, followed by us knocking them clean out and plucking it effortlessly from their unconscious hands.

  9. UNITED4Life says:

    Lol how many times ppl predicted power shift in were lucky to win that title last year period.

  10. wayne says:

    Holy Trin i’m sure you’ve seen this table mate,City have to overpay the Rent Boys to go to that dump in the first place and then don’t perform just collect the pay check.Super powers,lol mugs more like,can’t become a super power by signing Rent Boys who don’t give a fuck

  11. GENTLEKEZ says:

    If we sell Nani say 15mil pounds, u need to replace him. So can u get any quality winger like him that amount?.

  12. Dan-young says:

    wayne, don’t call ‘glory glory holy trin’ mate .. the guys a moron. comes on here every now and again explaining why city are bigger/better then united and how we are destined to fall. cant wait for him to fuck off and support city

  13. Ash says:

    City can never overtake United. Even if they win one or two more premiership and also perform well in europe that wont make City a better team in Manchester. It will take 2 or 3 Decades of top performance for city to match us . But I have to say Isco is talented Kid. Its surprising that we are not even trying to bid for him. Who knows he may want to join us and not city.

  14. wayne says:

    Rio giving the club some love most players playing for Utd have the same type of attitude that’s what separates Utd from the Rent Boy clubs.Aguero last year said he only signed for City because nobody else wanted him,Toure before the ink had dried on his contract said he wanted to go back to Spain and wanted out till City gave him mega money,same story with Tevez how many pay raises has he had,mad Mario couldn’t wait to get the fuck out,player after player who just doesn’t want to be there

  15. In David We Trust says:

    Ash – valencia and young works if united have a CM and 2 strikers capable of hitting double figures, or atleast 2 strikers who will score 20 a season

  16. Ash says:

    In David We Trust

    But again Nether of them (Valencia and Young) are match winners. Nani is capable of terrorizing defenders. He may frustrating agreed but every risk taking player is frustrating. I wont sell nani , If you do want to sell him then buy a talented winger who can do the dribbling job. Valencia cannot and Young is just a squad player.

  17. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    Nani is a luxury player for United. If/When the CM start performing in a consistent manner, Nani is an acceptable luxury. Until a partner steps up to control the other half of the middle – aside from Carrick – the wings are needed to play defense.

    Simple as. Young and Valencia may not win you a match, but they sure as hell wont lose you one by taking “game changing” risks in their defensive half.

    I watch the old matches. Nani is by far the most gifted winger since Giggs. Problem is, he chooses to shoot when he should cross, and his crosses tend to find the first defender.

    United will be better off putting that wage towards a yourh player and trusting that Van Persie, Welbeck, Chicharito, and Kagawa will win you matches.

  18. King Eric says:

    kanchelskis – Not just the crying pal, so less of the sarcasm eh? I don’t like him as a player, never have, never will, simple as that.

  19. King Eric says:

    United4life – I am English but have no time for Ingerlund pal but Spain are fucking boring to watch. Two passes forward, 3 back with fuck all penetration.

  20. King Eric says:

    Yes would have loved to have seen him cry on Keano or Robbo’s watch. Tony snapped his fucking ankle as was waving at his daughter. He’s a fucking fairy who turns up when he can be arsed.

  21. King Eric says:

    Fuck off Holy Trin, youre a bitter and fooling nobody you boring cunt.

  22. King Eric says:

    By the way NOT denying Nani has talent in abundance but that alone isn’t enough

  23. glory Glory Holy Trin says:

    Our youngsters are exciting prospects though, Januzaj and Mats Daehli in particular.
    Gosh Daehli will surely become a world class player if he continues his dev process.

    fuck off king eric, you arrogant prick

  24. domunited says:

    I always hesitate for a moment when La Liga’s Valencia is mentioned in the transfer market…

    “Liverpool Close In On £7m Deal to Sign Valencia…. Wide-Man Aly Cissokho”


  25. TheCANTONA says:

    fuck off u boring chavs cunt! u fool nobody here

  26. King Eric says:

    Glory glory. Arrogant? Err no. Just can smell a bitter a mile off. You rarely post and when you do it’s just utter fucking garbage about how liccle City are gonna usurp United. Will NEVER happen.

  27. Sparkz says:

    @parryheid says: “This the same player who had an unchallenged run on the favoured position when Big Tony was out for most of the season with his broken ankle.And what happened? He had us up to our neck in the shit and it was only Big Tony who pulled us out of it by returning from his injury.”

    Erm, would this be the season he won our POTY? When, until Rooney turned up, carried our attack with Berba and Chicharito? But yeah, he had us up to our neck in the shit lol

  28. parryheid says:

    Ah so player of the year now matters does it,yet doesn’t when Big Tony is POTY.And who was it that was removed from the right wing as soon as Big Tony could put boots back on?Face it he will never unseat Big Tony from the wing position so stop crying.

  29. Sparkz says:

    Who’s crying, and who said Tony wasn’t deserving of POTY in 2012? Not me so stop putting words in my mouth.

    I was just pointing out the foolishness of your statement, saying Nani had us up to our necks in shit that season, when he was quite clearly our best player (sure he got nominated for a ballon d’or that year too, although it may have even been the year after)

  30. parryheid says:

    Sure you fanbois are something else you belittle players like Young And Valencia,in fact any player you consider is keeping our Six years + flops from the portugese league out of the team.Regardless of the damage it costs United and I will cite Nani being responsible in the main for our exit from the C/L versus Real the twat.Its always their year for a fresh start its only that they had injuies etc etc etc,face it they are a pair of duds and I cant be arsed continually repeating that.

  31. Rukky says:

    Parryheid, seems u rate antonio really high. 2 questions: 1-Where would u rank him amongs our best winger? 2- how long have u watch man united?

  32. Rukky says:

    Av7 even on his day isnt man united’s class 4 a winger;maybe a fullback but never a winger. Not hate, just simple n obvious fact

  33. kanchelskis says:

    @King Eric

    You compare Nani and Valencia, saying Nani turns up when he wants.

    Remind me when exactly Valencia turned up this season, cos I didn’t see it.

  34. parryheid says:

    Where would I rate Valencia right now?Number 1. But only because his competition ie Giggs has come to the end of his career.As for question two a lot of years,tell me is this an Iv’e watched United longer than you competition.I will tell you my last game attended And with great difficulty was versus Real Madrid this year which Nani put us out of The one previous to that was Schalke just over two years ago but while you are saying to yourself Ahuh Two days after that while doing a re wire I went through the ceiling and totally fucked my leg and it will be still quite some time yet before I return on a regular basis.Mr would be superior Oaf. Or are you suggesting I use players from past decades ie pre George Best as a reference of the finest United winger?

  35. parryheid says:

    And while you are having the cheek to talk about United class I have a question for you Do You think Nani or Anderson are United Class and if so tell me when you have seen this Class over the last Six plus years on a year on year basis Not the odd yearly game they have climbed above their usual mediocre game ? Ah but of course spoiled by injuries

  36. parryheid says:

    And yet again,I am obviously due you and others an apology and I know ignorance is no defence but when I registered on this site I didn’t get the site rules.You clearly did so as a favour to me would you post them on here for me.And would you Highlight the one that says I and others like me Get Clearance of our posts from you and your like.Smug twat.

  37. Rukky says:

    Lmfao Seriously ‘finest winger’ or r u trying to pull my legs? Talk about mediocrity of the lowest level! About nani geting sent off against rmadrid, he put in a decent shift before wrongfully getn sent off. Sorry mate, im not taking a shot or something but your view of valencia is freaking hilarious.

  38. Rukky says:

    Thiago is really something. enjoyed watching d lad

  39. parryheid says:

    Yeah sure thing,another question for you.Why does my opinion on anything cause you so much grief or anything come to that.Not following your rules maybe?

  40. parryheid says:

    Noticed you have difficulty answering a question you being a fanbois it was pointless asking.So heres another one for you how do you explain your man cannot shift the no Class player that is Valencia (your view) from the wing position.Now watch and not hurt your feet trying to think up an answer.

  41. parryheid says:

    Still no answers? Okay here’s another question for you as a fanboi Can you explain why the maket values your World Class(most skillfull player at the club) at Bebe type value and he is another from that neck of the woods. Baffling that doncha think.

  42. Rukky says:

    Im not antagonising u, like ur sayin. I just can get how u think valencia is the best winger u have seen in our kit. ‘Orthodox and found out’ the two words 4 ur man. I wont argue with u man theres no point. Mind u, i dont hate him. He is a gud guy

  43. parryheid says:

    Thing is I never at any time said I thought he was the best winger I have seen in a United shirt but that I think he is of the current squad.And that is My view and I aint arguing at least I dont think I am.cheers.

  44. Jorge Curioso says:

    Valencia runs alot, and requires two defenders to keep him from successfully shifting onto his one leg (LOL) so he’s somewhat effective as a space-maker. As a winger who crosses the ball and scores, he’s a pimple on Nani’s arse. Less risky defensively, but also much less potent in attach. With a Fletch on the pitch, a Valencia is less necessary. Nani is class, he just has never developed a brain to go with that talent. A little like sh*t-for-brains Obertan, in that sense, but a much much better player.


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