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STATS: Our midfielders compared to Chelsea’s, City’s and Arsenal’s


- Arteta has made more successful passes than any other player this season (2517), followed by Carrick (2443) and Yaya Toure (2246).
- Arteta has averaged a higher number of passes per game than any other player this season (80.9), followed by Toure (78.9) and Carrick (77.1). These three are separated by at least an average of 12 more passes per game than any other player in the league.
- Of the midfielders at the top four clubs, Scholes has the best passing accuracy (92.4%), followed by Arteta (91.5%) and Cleverley (90.2%).
- Of the midfielders at the top four clubs, Scholes has the best passing accuracy in the attaching half (90%), followed by Arteta (89%), and Cleverley, Kagawa, Toure and Mikel (85%).
- Of the midfielders at the top four clubs, Ramires has the fewest passes per game (37), Lampard has the worst passing accuracy (82%), and Lampard and Oscar have the worst passing accuracy in the attacking half (75%).


- Of the midfielders at the top four clubs, Scholes has made tackles more regularly than any other player (one every 28 minutes on the pitch), followed by Ramires (30) and Carrick (37).
- Silva has the highest tackle success rate (91%) but roughly makes just one tackle per game, with only three midfielders at the top four clubs putting in fewer tackles than him. Scholes, Cleverley and Ramires have some of the best records for tackling, in terms of how successful they are at winning the ball whilst also taking in to consideration how regularly they put in tackles.
- Arteta made more interceptions per game than any midfielder at the top clubs (2.9), followed by Carrick (2.1) and Cazorla (1.8).
- Hazard has the lowest tackle success rate (29%) and Mata is the least regular tackler (one every 196 minutes). Scholes has the worst discipline record with a foul, on average, every 39 minutes, followed by Arteta (40) and Mikel (47).


- Mata played a part in 24 goals, through goals and assists (32% of Chelsea’s total goals), followed by Cazorla with 23 goals/assists and Hazard with 18 goals/assists.
- Silva has created goalscoring chances for his team mates more often than any other midfielder at a top four club, with one chance every 24 minutes, followed by Mata (every 29 minutes), and Cazorla (every 35 minutes).
- Just five midfielders at top four clubs scored more goals than Kagawa this season (Mata, Cazorla, Hazard, Lampard and Toure), and all of them played in more games than him.
- John Obi Mikel was the least creative midfielder at a top four club, with 0 goals and assists, and creating a chance every 233 minutes (one every 4 hours).

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. WeAreUnited says:

    this season was his worst season, like valencia’s but everyone blaming Nani, yeah ok.

    he was 18 when he came here, so his first 3 seasons were what the ywere, then he matured at that Arsenal game and his next 4 years have been magnificent, not counting this season.

    but hey, who cares right? find me more than 10 wingers with Nani’s stats, and then lets talk again. peace.

  2. wayne says:

    Peace to you as well mate,I just prefer players with Kagawa’s and RVP’s attitude coming to Utd with a point to prove and a desire to fit in,rather than thinking their King shit already.Can’t compare Thiago to Ronnie,the lad might have promise but really hasn’t done fuck all.Ronnie is a egotistical cunt but has always backed it up with production
    And I can’t do anything about your feelings either mate,you have more acceptence of Rent Boys and tossers than me,it’s a age thing

  3. WeAreUnited says:

    look firstly, RVP’s attitude was one of the bests after Ronaldo’s determination to succeed.

    Maybe it was a stupid comparison between the two, cause Ronaldo well is one of the greates players alive. But I just mean that I think it was a joke and Thiago was trying to hide something or just joking.

    I just don’t buy the thought that after one interview we should say screw him. who knows.

    I have followed United since being 11 years old for over a decade, and yes it’s a age thing because I know things are changing and we just have to accept that not everyone is Schoels or Giggs, not these days, just look at our golden boy Rooney, who we thought will be forever and loves United more than ever.

    but I just realise that time is changing unfortunately in football, accept? hell no, but I just realsie that players will stay here for 5-6 years and move on, same in every team. it’s a shame, but what can we do .

    now good night mate! peace again.

  4. wayne says:

    Opinions not feelings

  5. King Eric says:

    Wayne. Summed up in last sentence.

  6. Sushi says:

    I like Fabregeas, hes proven and his attitude is much better than the rest of the barca tossers who think their god gift to humanity.

  7. King Eric says:

    I can’t see a snowball’s chance in hell we’ll sign Fabregas.

  8. wayne says:

    I wanted Rooney gone after Rooney gate,not saying don’t consider him because of one interview.The articles I read been discipline issues with him and didn’t even play enough games to protect his buyout clause.Its a super high number but if Barca are prepared to ship him for less than 20 mill,just saying have to ask why.Two seasons ago he was the future of Spanish football,then if he does come good have the drama of will he stay or leave every transfer window

  9. King Eric says:

    Wayne. I meant last sentence in your post at 20.40.

  10. Sushi says:

    oh good i fucking hope RM signs Cannibal that filthy cunt leaving would be the greatest thing to happen to EPL. Not to mention liverpool will be relegated

  11. King Eric says:

    Watching Ingerlund and it’s laughable how Carrick been over looked all these years. At minute feel nowt but disdain for Rooney.

  12. Hans says:

    Would be great to get Cesc, but I doubt he would leave Barca.

    On another matter, it appears that Falcao has signed for Monaco (another ‘project’ comparable to one in Wastelands)! What happens to our ‘deposit’?

  13. Sushi says:

    christ if i hear another fucking pundit cunt use the word “Project” im going to lose it. call it for what it is bunch of greedy overzealous cunts with too much money wooing a bunch of other greedy cunts to take teams with no history or glory. I hope French league fucks them over nicely and keeps them banned from first league

  14. wayne says:

    Espn reporting Utd have opened up talks with Barca,I don’t find this far fetched Barca have to recoup money and Fabregas has never been a good fit

  15. wayne says:

    Sushi lol I’m with you mate does my head in on a serious level

  16. Rukky says:

    For people hoping to get the loyalty of the likes of giggsy,scholes and ferd5(obviously british) from spain or other non-english speaking countries, your are all have to wake up. Believe it, som1 like chicharito has got spanish ambitions. We Dont have 2 bring some barca crazy kid that will ask to be returned. For me, strootman 1st then others will a bonus. Im eager to see what moyes does with powell and adju next season.

  17. Sushi says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what Nick Powell can offer next season. I hope he gets some playing time not really sure why he didn’t feature at all even after we sealed the title.

  18. King Eric says:

    Sushi. Spot on mate regards “project” A joke of a term for fucking shit two bob clubs.

    Hasn’t Powell been injured? He will be a superb player for United. Has the potential and all the tools to be top class. Both footed. Tall lad who will be quite a big unit. Great passer. Way ahead of his years. Can score goals from anywhere. Only have to look at his debut cameo against Wigan and that thunderbolt.

  19. TheCANTONA says:

    anyone but thiago please. agree with wayne, why do we want a player who would someday return to barca? i think we have enough watching ronaldo’s saga in 2007-2009. strootman is a must imho, young but already a dutch captain speaks his volume and ability. fabregas’ signing is a dream move, a mid who could produce 15 goals and 20 assist per season is a great additional into our team, but dont know whether he wants to move to united considering his past with le arse. here’s fingers cross..

  20. Sushi says:

    @ King Eric, Seriously mate its like their planning a Do it yourself housing renovation…

  21. Sparkz says:

    With regards to this article and the stats Scott posted….personally I don’t see Kagawa, Mata, Hazard etc as midfielders. They’re forwards IMO so wouldn’t include them in this.

    As for the rumours….Thiago and Fabregas are definitely top players….but not the type we need. We’d still be lightweight and overrun in midfield. Likewise Modric. A Strootman type player is more what we need.

    But, let’s say if Ando was to leave. That would leave us needing to sign another midfielder. I’d then consider a cheeky bid for Cabaye from Newcastle. He’s not as good as Fabregas etc but still a very good player. Much cheaper. And crucially – he’d be happy to be a squad player, wouldn’t come in with that big name status.

  22. Adam says:

    I’ve been a proponent of signing strootman for a long time and I would personally like to see him here ahead of fabregas. He’s still flying under the radar a bit, and could be landed for a good price if we’re serious and move quickly. Too me, proven midfielder and a proven winger (was really hoping for rodriguez but that ship has sailed) would be massive improvements moving forward next season. Key signings, key positions to improve.

  23. In David We Trust says:

    One thing I will give Moyes credit for, he is seeing glaring gaping holes in this squad, that fergie should have sorted out a long time ago. Fergie is the greatest, but it seems his lack of judgement the past 5 years, to sort out this problem, probably cost him badly in Europe since 2010. I remember having a convo with Costas a while ago, how I heavily criticized fergie’s poor judgement in not strengthening the midfield, Costas made a interesting point, maybe fergie is looking short term and it was proved to be right. Maybe the 2007/08 squad was the peak of fergie’s rebuilding his last great side, no wonder he was not really strengthening key area’s of the squad

  24. Jorge Curioso says:

    In David We Trust, United have *never* been dominant in Europe. The period leading up to 2011 was the anomaly, when we had Ronnie at his peak. In the last five years, United have dominated England in unprecedented fashion, winning thrice, and finishing a hair’s breadth second twice. “Lack of judgement in the past five years”? Please.

  25. red bull says:

    what i want to see is stootman and thiago signed as quickly as possible.strootman is sheer power in mf.thiago should give us 5-6 yrs great service and then we can sell him to barca for a good price if he wants.its time to be cheeky in the market,mate.and hopefully by the time thiago leaves powell adju and the rest should be ready.cesc will also be a good addn.
    now going a bit off topic….what should moyes do with welbeck.send him on loan maybe coz he is going to get few chances in the 1st team……

  26. safichan says:

    come on…lets dont talk about thiago and cesc…there is nothing special about them…strootman is a must buy for united…he is the type of midfielder that united should try very hard to sign…if not gundogan…

    pls…not fellani, thiago or cesc…it must be strootman or gundogan…

  27. Ash says:

    Ok This is for all moyes doubters and few haters also.I have heard some say how good would be moyes for us? I will give my analysis to it.

    I was just looking at evertons performance under moyes in last 7-8 seasons and you know to my astonishment I found them always in top 7. It seems they were the silent heroes in premier league in last 6 years. Then I looked at the spending of everton, the players that moyes have bought. Then again I found that they hardly buy any player. The most expensive player that moyes bought during his reign was fellaini for 15 millions. Now that is soime big achievement if you ask me. Look at liverpool they are continuously spending more than moyes’s everton and yet they are finishing lower than everton.

    Then another complaints from fans are that he has not won any trophy. Yes he has not but I feel he didnt need to. I saw a comment made by everton’s chairman in 2010 and he said trophies are important but my priority is league, to be consistent in the league. Now what this shows is moyes never had any pressure on him for winning a trophy. All he was asked to do was to be consistently in top half of the table and he did that. Finishing in top 6 consistently with this so limited budget aint easy. He only had 4 – 5 above average players not even world class just above average. And yet he made everton a top 6 club . He had such a small squad that even if he wanted he couldnt compete in all three competitions (League cup, FA cup and the league). But here in united he will have players. He will have squad full of above average players and 4-5 world class players in it. He will have the pressure of fans and owners to do well in all competition unlike in everton.

    The third complaint is he has no experience in europe. Ok answer me did De Matteo had any experience in europe or even as a manager? Yet he won chelsea a champions league. Yeah it was lucky but still he won them a cup. Did experience matter then. Now Did AVram grant had any experience in managing in european games? No. Yet he took chelsea to the final. If terry had scored he would also been a manager who would have won chelsea a champions league and that to without any experience. And Did Pep had any experience in europe? No. Yet he made Barca win Chamions league two times. See Managers experience doesnt count. Its upto the players. If they are good the club is good. I

    Moyes has an experience of managing Everton. He has experience of managing against A champions league winning side like Man united, Chelsea and Liverpool and also to runner up in Arsenal. So he has the experience of facing big clubs. I say have faith in him. He is a strong character and not a pussy. He can challenge any clubs manager. Give him few millions to spend he will be enjoying it and with our squad he will be happily winning trophies for us.

    BELIEVE 21

  28. WeAreUnited says:

    So if you the older generations say something, it’s opinions, and we the 20-28 say something, it’s feelings?

    Cmon, I can separate them and after what hsppened with Becks , well I have know To separate opionions from feelings even though feelings sometimes gets you forward.
    I just realise that these days no-one will stay here forever, if we can find thos quality players who will stay forever, well go for it, but we need quality.

    And sometimes you have to go for a player who gives you 5-7 years and then rebuilt again. But this is only my opinion.
    As for Strootman, he’d be great! Thiago? Same thing. As for Fabrrgas coming, I don’t buy it, a great player but I don’t think he’ll come back to england. Would not mind though.

    Opinions Not feelings. Not anymore for players, only United! Peace

  29. drv3011 says:


    Thats a very good analysis mate.Shows that if Moyes is given a target,he will set his mind to it and do his level best to achieve it.Initially I was surprised that he was picked as our manager.I also had my doubts about how he would build yet another great Man Utd squad.But going through his achievements,some of which you stated has changed my mind.The skeleton of the team left by Sir Alex is now in the control of Moyes and he has the responsibility to merge the youth and experience in the squad successfully.I do believe that,with ample time,the formation of yet another great Man Utd team under Moyes is imminent.We gotta stand behind Moyes,as Sir Alex said.I hope our fans don’t replicate the actions of the chavs.

  30. Sam says:

    Yeah Nick Powell will be top drawer. He has everything in his locker – seems level headed too. Sir Alex was putting together a good group of midfielders to be honest. Kagawa and Powell were bought in to add to Cleverley and Carrick – We have Januzaj coming through to the first team next season.
    All of these players fit the criteria of a United Player – Level headed, unassuming and all top talents. Makes it much easier for the manager to mould them in his image on the pitch. Lack of Judgement on the boss’s part? Jesus. There’s just no pleasing some people. He has built four world class squads for godsake, won 5 out of the last 7 titles.
    As for Anderson, I’d give him one last pre-season to prove himself. To work hard, and to make the necessary changes to his training regiment so he can minimize injuries. If it doesn’t work out, we can move him on in August.
    Regarding transfers – I doubt Fabregas would happen, but would be a good buy if it did. If Anderson goes, we’d need to replace him with a similar player.

  31. Ash says:

    drv3011 says “I hope our fans don’t replicate the actions of the chavs.”

    Yes that would be the worst thing I fear. We should give moyes a chance to prove. Like I said he is not bad. He is better than many. Lets look at the option we had for replacing Sir alex

    Mourinho- He was the strongest guy available but like Sir bobby Charlton said he has unlike Man united attitude. I want stability and not short term fix. He is one of the great managers nut AT united it wont suit.

    Ancelloti- Another good choice but he wont stick for long time. I felt he was never a contender. So no point discussing about him

    Klopp- Good manager but unproven. If moyes is said to be a risk then Klopp is a bigger risk. Atleast moyes knows english football.

    Apart from these three we didnt have any other good options left. Pep was already booked for bayern so rule him out.

    See we need stability and not short term fix. Moyes will bring that. We dont need a manger who will jus look for next 3 seasons as his goal. We need a manger who can say Man united will be Man united for next 10 years. Look at Inter milan, they won treble in 2010 and now are mid table. Look at chelsea even after winning the champs league they are unstable. They are ready to explode always. Having said I also dont want a arsenal situation. Where only stability is present but no trophies.

    I have faith in moyes for obvious reasons. I just hope fans support him. Give him the confidence. Make him feel at home.

  32. Bobby Charlton's Combover says:

    Ferguson was putting the emphasis on ball playing midfielders like Clevs, Carrick and Kagawa so I reckon Moyes will continue in that vein but we do need a bit of bite.

    As for Nani and Robben…Nani has more talent but Robben has more fight and drive about him, Never gives up and always gives everything.

  33. Costas says:

    Nice to see Carrick keeping the fort. 8)

    Now sign up 2 more CMs and we are set.

  34. red bull says:

    very good @weareunited.this is what i was also players with good sell on value and sell them for a good price if it is essential.reinvest it in next generation of players.continue the cycle and make sure the team never runs out of quality.this is the way of rebuilding teams like porto.falcao hulk james moutinho the process do a good bargain by buying thiago and the leave him if it is necessary.
    as for cesc i dont think barca will sell them both together.
    still the 1st priority should be to get strootman.

    and moyes is the best united can get right now.better than the bedouin mourinho

  35. Ash says:

    Excellent article about Strootman. He is what we need.

  36. AlphaRS says:

    Shouldn’t it be Strootman or Fellaini and Alcantara or Fabregas?

    Strootman or Fellaini are required as the United midfield needs toughening up a bit. Carrick has some excellent skills but needs a ball winner to play alongside him. We don’t know whether Fletcher will ever come back from his illness. I am undecided with who is a better choice. Fellaini has Prem expeience but Strootman is Dutch captain.

    Alcantara or Fabregas where would they play? We already have Kags and Roo who fill in the role behind the main striker. Should Moyes decide to play something like a 4-2-3-1 I imagine the “2″ would be Carrick and either Strootman or Fellaini, and the “3″ would be Zaha or Young and Kags or Rooney and Nani or Valencia. So can’t really see where Alcantara or Fabregas would fit in unless Roo leaves.

    I think Roo should go. He has been intrumental in the success at United over the past decade. He used to be regarded as a player who had the talent to become one of the worlds best, up there with Messi and Ronaldo, he was on the way to but never reached those heights and now never will. Clearly he doesn’t keep himself in shape and doesn’t like the competition from RVP or Kags. Getting a decent transfer fee for him and getting him off the wage bill will free up funds for better players. Sell Roo to PSG or even Monaco.

  37. In David We Trust says:

    Jorge Curioso – you are telling me things have been fine and dandy the past 5 years? Even though in 2012 things got so bad, the boss had to call scholes back from retirement. United were a hairs breath from winning titles 2010 and 12, if the boss added more quality in the engine room, we may have retained titles 10 and 12. Look at europe since 2009, lost the quatters in 10, dumped out in the group stages, and second round too madrid. We were one injury away this season too a real problem, if carrick got injured. Yes fergie’s lack of judgement to rebuild the midfield has left moyes in ground zero, and moyes must act fast too require those 2 CM players needed to make sure we have a big chance retaining title number 21

  38. wayne says:

    WeAreUnited I was correcting myself,I’d wrote feelings instead of opinions,thought everyone knew the way that worked,you just midunderstood

  39. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    @Ash what an absolutely fantastic link you have posted there. For any of you looking for the perfect midfielder United need right now. PLEASE click on Ash’s link and watch that video. That man is 23 years old remember and he plays like he’s played in five champions league finals. The composure, the drive. Everything’s there. We can’t let this one slip through our hands. FUCK FABREGAS, get this lad in NOW.

  40. Ash says:


    Thanks mate. Strootman is quality player. Just what we need. Strong and powerful. Future Captain. Just sign him our midfield issue will be solved 90%. :)


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