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STATS: Ronaldo, Saha, Rooney, Tevez and Berbatov – What Have They Contributed?

Here you will find how many goals, assists and combined goals and assists our players have contributed since we first won the title against in 2007 up until the season just gone.

To give some perspective, the percentage of the total goals scored in that season has also been given.

Louis Saha has been included because he was our third highest scorer in 2007, accumulating his highest ever league goal tally, although it should be noted that the conclusions drawn obviously don’t take in to consideration his entire United career, rather just one season.


Total: 83
1st: Cristiano Ronaldo (17) 20%
2nd: Wayne Rooney (14) 17%
3rd: Louis Saha (8) 10%

1st: Cristiano Ronaldo (13)
2nd: Wayne Rooney (11)
3rd: Ryan Giggs (9)

Goals + assists
1st: Cristiano Ronaldo (30) 36%
2nd: Wayne Rooney (25) 30%
3rd: Louis Saha (13), Ryan Giggs (13) 16%


Total: 80
1st: Cristiano Ronaldo (31) 39%
2nd: Carlos Tevez (14) 18%
3rd: Wayne Rooney (12) 15%

1st: Wayne Rooney (13)
2nd: Cristiano Ronaldo (7), Carlos Tevez (7)

Goals + assists
1st: Cristiano Ronaldo (38) 48%
2nd: Wayne Rooney (25) 31%
3rd: Carlos Tevez (21) 26%


Total: 68
1st: Cristiano Ronaldo (18) 26%
2nd: Wayne Rooney (12) 18%
3rd: Dimitar Berbatov (9) 13%

1st: Dimitar Berbatov (10)
2nd: Ryan Giggs (8)
3rd: Michael Carrick (7), Wayne Rooney (7)

Goals + assists
1st: Cristiano Ronaldo (24) 35%
2nd: Dimitar Berbatov (19), Wayne Rooney (19) 28%


Total: 86
1st: Wayne Rooney (26) 30%
2nd: Dimitar Berbatov (12) 14%
3rd: Ryan Giggs (5), Antonio Valencia (5) 6%

1st: Ryan Giggs (11)
2nd: Luis Nani (10)
3rd: Antonio Valencia (9)

Goals + assists
1st: Wayne Rooney (31) 36%
2nd: Dimitar Berbatov (19) 22%
3rd: Ryan Giggs (16) 19%

- The average contribution of goals from our top scorer has been 29%.
- The average contribution of goals from our second highest scorer has been 17%.
- The average contribution of goals from our third highest scorer has been 11%.
- The average contribution of goals and assists from our most effective player has been 39%.
- The average contribution of goals and assists from our second most effective player has been 25%.
- The average contribution of goals and assists from our third most effective player has been 22%.
- The most reliant we have been on one player was Cristiano Ronaldo in 07/08 when he scored 39% of our goals and had involvement (scoring or assisting) in 48% of our goals.
- Cristiano Ronaldo’s average involvement in our goals was 40%.
- Wayne Rooney’s average involvement in our goals has been 31%.
- Dimitar Berbatov’s average involvement in our goals has been 25%.
- Carlos Tevez’s average involvement in our goals was 19%.
- Louis Saha’s average involvement in our goals was 16%.

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  1. RedScot says:

    Nani 2nd with assists!
    I sometimes dont get United supporters and needs ,and quick fix.
    Thats from a wee Prat, Idiot,Twat,non sensical Moron, unlearned Idiot , ranging to Hood, like I ever wear onything cotten to hide my kisser.
    A few of the things i have been called on this Blog and enjoyed them all.
    Its imaterial. I will repeat and continue , its the best Manchester United Blog on the net bye a Fucking Mile.
    You just mind something if you read the post the lads put up!
    “come on my bonny boys” lol
    Just fucking win!

  2. UNITED4life says:

    I don’t know why Scott the Red brings this stat we go again debating two completely incomparable players for me atleast. Tevez by faaarrrrrr the better player than berbatov no question about that. However, right now tevez is playing for city so there is no need to bring him to the debat he is not our player and i don’t care about him.

  3. kel says:

    Ronaldo stats is amazing and i hope he does well at madrid this season.

    Nani had 1 assist last season? That was awesome too given that he plays around half the season only.

  4. muchio says:

    where are you going with this Scott?

  5. musca says:

    messi said ferguson and united regret letting Tevez go. with that statistic, we never regret anything, Messi. fuck off both of you argentinians.

  6. Shak says:

    @ Scott the red. can you factor in the number of games they all played during those seasons?..


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