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STATS: Scholes’ Season In Full In Comparison To Others

Paul Scholes was brought out of retirement after Manchester United struggled with injuries in midfield, with Tom Cleverley, Anderson and Darren Fletcher all ruled out for a period of several months.

It was a return not even Paddy Power would give you odds on, especially when United’s main problem seemed to be a lack of speed and dynamism.

Having not played any competitive football for seven months, aged 37-years-old, how did Scholesy get on?

vs Sunderland – 90 minutes
98/103 (95.1%)

vs Swansea – 68 minutes
48/50 (96%)

vs City – 78 minutes
47/48 (97.9%)

vs Everton – 86 minutes
51/56 (91.1%)

vs Villa – 78 minutes
63/67 (94%)

vs QPR – 74 minutes
114/120 (95%)

vs Blackburn – 80 minutes
74/76 (97.4%)

vs Fulham – 11 minutes
13/14 (92.9%)

vs Wolves – 90 minutes
96/98 (98%)

vs West Brom – 73 minutes
75/86 (87.2%)

vs Spurs – 61 minutes
34/37 (91.9%)

vs Norwich – 90 minutes
73/80 (91.3%)

vs Liverpool – 90 minutes
87/95 (91.6%)

vs Chelsea – 26 minutes
24/27 (88.9%)

vs Stoke – 90 minutes
113/126 (89.7%)

vs Arsenal – 15 minutes
10/12 (83.3%)

vs Bolton – 69 minutes
38/42 (90.5%)

How does this compare with other midfielders?

- Scholes’ pass completion over the course of the season was 93.1%. To put this in to perspective: Yaya Toure – 90.5%. Michael Carrick -90.1%. Scott Parker – 89.5%. Luka Modric – 87.4%. David Silva – 87.1%. Juan Mata – 87%. Frank Lampard – 86.9%. Gareth Barry – 86.4%. Ramires – 85.1%. Raul Meireles – 84.5%. Jordan Henderson 83.9%. Steven Gerrard – 83.1%. Marouane Fellaini – 79.7%.

- Scholes’ pass completion in the final third over the course of the season was 83%. To put this in to perspective: Carrick -81%, Toure – 80%, Parker – 79%, Barry 77%, Lampard and Gerrard – 75% and Henderson – 74%.

- Scholes’ number of touches per minute over the course of the season was 1.08. To put this in to perspective: Yaya Toure – 1.05, Carrick – 1.01, Gerrard – 0.97 touches, Barry – 0.95 touches, Parker – 0.88 touches, Lampard – 0.85 touches and Hnederson – 0.77 touches.

- Scholes’ key passes per game (as adjudged by the number of starts) was 1.29. To put this in to perspective: Gerrard – 2.25 key passes, Lampard – 1.92 key passes, Toure – 1.55, Carrick – 1.04, Henderson – 1 key passes, Barry – 0.98 key passes, Parker – 0.75 key passes.

Carrick’s Season In Full In Comparison To Others
Stats comparison table provided by Opta and Duncan Alexander

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  1. WillieRedNut says:

    Is that Moscow from RedRants? Buzzkillington………… ;) Take that negative shit away to fuck mate lol. We’ve got AntiScouser for that purpose! :P

  2. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Let’s put all these Pogba not being played and hence he is going to rest.

    Management is the key. And some people simply do not understand what goes into managing a team before talking about some prima donna who should’ve been played more because he “thinks” he is a star and deserves to start for the first team of Manchester United. I don’t know what Sir Alex said but if he said we are not getting Sneijder because that will curb the development of youngsters like Pobga, then he 100% meant it. Oh, but then why wasn’t Pogba fucking played?

    Management is not as simple as a player gets injured and you introduce a youngster into the team. If it were that simple, then there would be no need for Sir Alex Ferguson, you and I could do this simple job.

    As I’ve said many times, the only reason youngsters weren’t played in the first team was because we didn’t have a stable setup for much of last season. Youngsters are better introduced when we have a fallback and when they have someone guiding them through the rough and tough of the Premier League. The plan was to have a stable setup of Anderson, Cleverley and Carrick guided by Giggs before introducing the youngsters around this setup. With the injuries to the former two, we never got the stability in the middle that Sir Alex would’ve desired. Add the Vidic injury to the list as well and your team doesn’t have a stable spine.

    Ask any manager and he will tell you it is not wise to introduce young blood into an unstable setup. And Sir Alex has always been against doing this because it can have a bad influence on their growth. One of two things happen, either they play brilliantly and become world-famous. Or they get battered and bruised and lose a shitload of confidence and never play to their level again. And the latter is very risky since you can blow great players by playing them at the wrong time.

    People talk about playing Park and Rafael in mid-field. Well, that is brilliant management in an injury-ridden season. We may have played badly but Park and Rafael have the experience to take it on the chin and move forward. Had we played Pogba and lost badly? The loss of confidence might’ve curbed the lad’s development. Sir Alex would’ve not wanted to risk it with Pogba because he might’ve realized that Pogba is a great little kid who is better off introduced into a stable setup. Hence, he didn’t play Pogba, Morrison and opted for senior players.

    That is management. Sir Alex did give Pogba a few chances towards the end of the season when we got that little bit of stability back. And it would’ve been a lot more chances had Pogba not decided to act like a dick over his transfer dealings along with his agent. It is as simple as that and I don’t care if people don’t understand how it works, but that’s just the way it does.

  3. Moscow says:


    Actually mate, that dreamy Park-Rafael midfield meant we lost to Blackburn (now relegated) at home.


    Higuain was banging 30 goals a season at his age. He can also play up front on his own without a striker partner. How difficult is it to understand that in an age where clubs can’t afford 2 strikers in the starting XI we can’t afford to have profligate strikers?

    As for Chico, if he wants to improve his passing and dribbling, that’s not something you improve on at 24. You either have it or you don’t. Again, can’t play up front on his own. He is an Owen type striker, and his kind are extinct.

    @Albert Ross

    Well mate, turns out if Pogba wasn’t the reason then we couldn’t afford Sneijder, which also makes Fergie a liar as he continues to say the money is available to him. Honestly, why does a man who fervently defends corporate leeches who suck money out of the club merit such defence? I support Manchester United, and not Sir Alex Ferguson, unless he has suddenly become bigger than the club.

  4. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    Moscow, And they can handle that loss. Imagine if Pogba had played in that same game and we had lost. Then people would be blaming playing a kid as the reason we lost at home to Blackburn and hence the reason we lost the title. None of that would’ve been good for a young kid like him. It is a two-way sword, management that is. You make tough calls and you stand by them. Maybe we could’ve played Pogba and maybe he would’ve produced a stunning performance. However, in this scenario, the negatives outweigh the positives by some measure and not introducing Pogba into an already unstable setup was absolutely the right call from any perspective.

  5. kungfoocantona says:

    of course he is bigger than the club :)

  6. Ash says:


    I knew you will bring hinguain’s example. Hinguain was great in his first season then he was poor. Thats why real madrid are considering to sell him. Hernandez had a great first season, but unfortunately he was injured (Concussion) which took the confidence out of him. But as season progresses he was again scoring. Look at his mexico stats. 25 goals in 36 matches. Now that is something. Hernandez will again score 20+ goals next season.


  7. Moscow says:


    I think we’ll just agree to disagree there mate, for me it was a scandalous line-up and I can understand you not wanting to put pressure on the young ones, but if Fergie hyped him up so much in the summer he would have done better than Rafael who is a bit suspect at RB, and Park who falls over a gust of wind. Honestly, could Pogba have been a worse option?

  8. Moscow says:


    And yet, Higuain scored 26 goals this season despite being 2nd choice striker. Again, I think we’ll just agree to disagree in terms of player valuations.

  9. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    I throw my 2 cents in here. @ Balaji – With our depleted midfield at that time. Trust me if Pogba had played that day and we had lost I doubt people would have been blaming him. Then again if Fergie had broken his principles and played Wayne that day we wouldn’t have lost. Same again earlier on in the season by leaving Vidic out vs cit-eh.

    We kept to our principles and ended up with nothing.
    cit-eh broke all of theirs (not that they had many to begin with) and won the title.

    Looks like sticking by your principles means jack shit these days. Not just in football but in all walks of life.

    I do think that the young midfielders at United from the reserves do feel a little hopeless. Fergie continuing with his square peg round hole philosophy and then bringing Scholes back. From a youngsters point of view as good as Scholesy is they probably think its never going to happen (them breaking into the first team).

    For Various reasons Morrison, Pogba and now Norwood all want(ed) out. All of them have been talked about by the gaffer and all of them have had less opportunities than the likes of Greening, Wallwork, Thornely, Richardson & Gibson.

    A youngster at United should be chomping at the bit to play in the first team. This whole notion of they may not be ready yet is a valid one but if there is an injury crisis then that notion goes out the window for me. One of Barsdsleys first starts for United was against Benfica facing Simao. Spector was thrown into the team a few times. So it has happened.

    There has been little transparency from the club including the manager regarding our dire midfield. We’ve had excuses, the waiting game and the hyping up of some youngsters who don’t end up playing. The fans have are right to be perplexed and ask questions.

    As for Welbeck quality outside the box but his finishing inside the box is fucking terrible and needs to be improved a lot. Fortunately time is on his side. That 11 game or whatever it was run he went on without scoring is only going to piss of the likes of Pogba and so on.

    Strikers are supposed to score goals. I don’t think Welbeck will ever be a 30 goal a season man. He’ll consistently get 15-23 and may hit 25 every now and then. Now if him and Hernandez can learn to play together then on paper then that will be some attacking force.

  10. Albert Ross says:


    You said “Ferguson’s claims were when he said we didn’t go for Sneijder to protect the development of Pogba”

    You have not linked any evidence for this, yet repeatedly you say it is the basis of your attack.

    You are a liar. Your attacks are based on anything that comes to hand, true or not.
    It is your target that reveals the true nature of your attack. Object based.

    You are anti-Sir Alex. Therefore, you are anti-United.

    Many Reds politely address issues that they have with Sir Alex.
    Not you though, you are a rude cunt.

    You want to deride Fergie, so you start arguments where you can attack him with LIES!

  11. wayne says:

    @Moscow against Blackburn had a ton of injuries,3 players suspended for going on the piss
    To call the lineup scandalous just silly,let’s also not forget DDG had his worst game for the club otherwise Utd would have won

  12. Ash says:


    It took 2 seasons for higuain to score 20+ goals but It hernandez in his first season scored 20 goals. Higuain is a good striker but In my opinion you are too negative regarding hernandez and welbeck without understanding their game.

  13. wayne says:

    Rooney doesn’t play well as lone striker so while he’s Utd’s main man will need someone playing ahead of him

  14. WillieRedNut says:

    Higuain is a big game bottler.

  15. Denton Davey says:

    Notorious @ 14:23: “For Various reasons Morrison, Pogba and now Norwood all want(ed) out….. A youngster at United should be chomping at the bit to play in the first team.”

    In the last decade, the stakes have been raised and the smooth transition from youth > reserves >squad >first-team just doesn’t happen any more.

    Just look how good the second-stringers in the squad are – that’s a big leap to make.

    Nowadays, it is a rare “kid” who has the goods to make the move – Fabio couldn’t do it, DannyTheLad couldn’t do it, Jonny Evans couldn’t dp it, and YoungTom couldn’t do it whereas Rafael, BigManSmalling and MrJones have done so but even those three have found that their playing time is limited/rationed so that they have to wait for injuries to the first-choice, first-team players to get an extended run in the side.

  16. Redbilly says:

    Costas- off to paradise beach?.

  17. United Till I Die says:

    Mikekelly12 says:
    Free yourself!! Rip off your clothes and get lost in this transfer gossip frenzy!!



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