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STATS: Season review – The attack

- Van Persie was our top scorer with 26 goals and Rooney had the most assists with 10.
- Hernandez had the best minutes per goal rate of any of our players (one per every 95 minutes), followed by Van Persie (one per 120 minutes) and Rooney (one per 168 minutes).
- Hernandez had the best minutes per goal/assist of any of our players (one per every 73 minutes), followed by Van Persie and Rooney (one per 92 minutes).
- Rooney had the best shooting accuracy (53%) and the best minutes chance created (41 minutes) of any of our strikers.
- Danny Welbeck had the best passing accuracy of all our strikers (87%). Defenders aside (who generally make easier passes in their own half), only Scholes, Cleverley, Kagawa and Carrick have a better passing accuracy than Welbeck. He also has the best passing accuracy of any of our strikers in the attacking half (83%).

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  1. bbabyj says:

    This is only for the league. Why not include the cup and CL games.

  2. TONG FOO CHEONG says:

    Hernandez has the best stats, better than RVP and Rooney!

  3. drv3011 says:

    Despite his apalling minutes per goal count,welbeck has put in as much effort as every other one of our players,sometimes more for the sake of the team.In terms of constructive criticism,he should try to get into goal scoring position more often but if he keeps up his work rate,especially against the top teams,he will definitely do well as a team player.I believe that,as one of the younger players,he will mature into a very good striker and will probably be an integral part of the squad in years to come.

  4. drv3011 says:


  5. WeAreUnited says:

    You csn see how Chicas all around game has improved and he has also addwd assists tonhis game

    Bravo, a brilliant player! That being said 3 stilers who felibered this season, that is how you win tittles!

  6. WeAreUnited says:

    Scott Chicha had the best shooting accuracy with 61% unless stats that you have put here are wrong. RVP 55 and Rooney 53.

  7. Alex says:


    You are such a bellend

  8. WeAreUnited says:

    Firstly who the hell are you?

    Secondly. what did I say wrong that triggered this great hate on this worldwideweb? Is it becausr I spoke the truth

    Is it because I suppor our players and am happy that we had 3 strikers who helped us win?

    Or are you someone in disguise who cannot show hos true face and hides behind another name.

    Whatever your problem is, good luck with yourself, I understand if I had said something to you, but your reaction was plain stupid. Peace


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