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STATS: Season review – The midfield

- Our most accurate passer in midfield is Scholes (92.4%), followed by Cleverley (90.2%) and Kagawa (89.7%).
- Our most accurate midfield passer in the attacking half is Scholes (90%), followed by Cleverley and Kagawa (85%).
- Kagawa has more touches of the ball than any other player in midfield (1.32 per minute), followed by Scholes (1.22 per minute) and Cleverley (1.15 per minute).
-Carrick averages the most passes per game (77.1), followed by Scholes (53.5) and Cleverley (49).

- Kagawa has proven to be the most successful tackler of the ball, winning 88% of all tackles he’s attempted, but attempts far fewer tackles than any other midfielder, with just one every 78 minutes.
- Scholes and Cleverley are successful with 78% of the tackles they’ve attempted, with Scholes making one tackle per 28 minutes and Cleverley one per 39 minutes.
- Cleverley has the best discipline record with a foul every 182 minutes, followed by Kagawa (147) and Anderson (103).
- Carrick averages far more interceptions per game than any other midfielder (2.1 per game), followed by Cleverley (0.7) and Kagawa (0.6).

-Kagawa has been responsible for most goals from midfield, with a total of 9 goals/assists (11% of our total goals this season), followed by Carrick with 5 goals/assists (6%) and Cleverley with 4 goals/assists (5%).
- Anderson created a goalscoring opportunity for a team mate, on average, every 63 minutes, followed by Kagawa (70) and Cleverley (77).

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  1. King Eric says:

    Parry. Did he? Nice one Tony.

  2. Rukky says:

    Whats the deal with valencia alway puting in a good alround shift for equador and literally i sided shift at united. Fear or what?

  3. parryheid says:


    At a guess I would say instructions here work the line.Ecudor more expansive maybe or at least not so rigid


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