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STATS: Shinji Kagawa’s Season So Far

Starts: 12
Goals: 5
Assists: 2
Minutes per goal/assist: 129
Passing completion: 512/566. 90.5% (only Scholes with 92.4% has a better passing completion rate at United. Silva 85.4%, Mata 85.2%, Hazard 84.9%)
Final third passing completion: 174/202. 86.1%. (Hazard 82%, Scholes 81%, Silva 80%, Mata 78%, Oscar 75%)

Games where he’s played 15+ minutes
vs Everton – 68/75 passes (91%). Final third 33/37 (89%). 90 minutes.
vs Fulham – 44/49 passes (90%). 18/23 (78%) 68 minutes.
vs Southampton – 39/43 passes (91%). Final third 11/12 (92%). 61 minutes.
vs Liverpool – 38/42 passes (91%). Final third 11/11 (100%). 81 minutes.
vs Tottenham – 35/39 passes (90%). Final third 7/9 (78%). 79 minutes.
vs Newcastle – 32/36 passes (89%). Final third 8/10 (80%). 55 minutes.
vs West Brom – 30/31 passes (97%). Final third 10/11 (91%). 66 minutes.
vs Wigan – 10/10 passes (100%). Final third 2/2 (100%). 21 minutes.
vs Liverpool – 39/43 passes (91%). Final third 11/13 (85%). 77 minutes.
vs Tottenham – 25/27 passes (93%). Final third 12/14 (86%). 62 minutes.
vs Southampton – 29/35 passes (83%). Final third 7/8 (88%). 73 minutes.
vs Norwich – 67/74 passes (91%). Only Carrick completed more passes. Final third 29/35 (83%). 90 minutes.
vs Sunderland – 51/56 passes (91%). Only Carrick completed more passes. Final third 14/16 (88%). 78 minutes.

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  1. wayne says:

    King Eric I know mate he’s been a whipping boy on ROM all year,there really is a lot of fickle cunts

  2. King Eric says:

    United aren’t the same team without Rooney. Simple as. Big game player.

  3. King Eric says:

    Regards Rooney no it wouldn’t surprise me if he went but that would be fergies choice. Its inconceivable a season ago he would have been dropped for Madrid game. None of us know what really goes on behind scenes.

  4. denton davey says:

    Wayne @ 18:06: “personally think rigid formations are a load of bollocks and have to adaptable to whatever the opposition is doing”

    Mostly, I agree with that line of thinking. However, UTD usually line up with two wingers and two attacking full-backs which tends to limit flexibility.

    What I see as the likely future of UTD’s formation is some variation of a 4-2-4 – two midfielders who can move the ball from defence to four attacking players (howsoever those four are positioned). It seems to me that some kind of set-up of that sort provides the in-game flexibility that is missing with the more-traditional 4-4-2.

    King Eric @ 22:13: “United aren’t the same team without Rooney. Simple as. Big game player.”

    Exactly. He’s UTD’s most important player – and he was the “most important player” when CR7 was bagging all those goals. He’s not been helped by the incredible expectations that were heaped on him as a 16 year-old and was dubbed TheWhitePele. Moreover, he’s a player who can play just about anywhere, has a strong team-ethic and isn’t so big-headed that he gets in a huff when the manager has different ideas, regardless of what the red-tops claim in their idiotic attempts to manufacture crises.

  5. In David We Trust says:

    King Eric – united are not the same without rooney, it never helps we do not have any top class wide players, so it never helps when rooney is out we look short of goals. That is why for me, it is a must we have the quality in midfield, if united have the quality out wide it makes the loss of rooney much less

  6. WeAreUnited says:

    selling rooney would be a mistake, it would be good in one condition, if we could get another 16-old boy called rayne wooney who would become our talisman, at that moment I could deal with it.

    as for selling Valencia, I said it earlier also, selling him would be insane, the most likely to leave is Nani, but one thing I don’t g oon with you @wayne and @kingeric and maybe you respect my earlier posts and understand that I am not trying to say sell him or that, cause I have shown my support for all the players even though I don’t need anyones approval, I still have some decency t oshow respect even if it mean on the Internet so I hope you do the same.

    @KingEric your commen on “Tony player of season last year, struggles with confidence this season and some want him sold.” -> the part some want him sold I agree with you,-> crazy folks who wants him out after one season.

    There are some that want him to improve and you have to separate them, and I will always compare TonytheTerminators situation to the Nani’s one and why some have doublestandards here. By this I don’t mean you, even though it could touch you too. Like I mentioned earlier.

    Nani had a spell of 2.5year of greatness and then dipped a little of form on his third season at the end of the season. But still managed to get 10 goals and 12 assists on that “off form” season. Basically Nani has had 3 great seasons and picked also the player of the year (the curse for the wingers) and now he really hit the off form inconsistency season, that Valencia also has.

    The difference is, when after being selected the best Nani had his “off” season with hover 10 goals and assists everyone slagged him, and when Valencia has his current off season with only 5 assists, those that want more stats from him, can’t critisise him? this is doublestandards, I don’t mean sell him, but if anyone deserves critisism it is he. And if you ask Valencia, he would admit it by himself.

    anyway big respect and show some fairness. peace.

  7. WeAreUnited says:

    everyone slagged Nani and still slags after one bad match, and forgets that he also has been injured and still is our best winger on stats along Giggsy. Also Nani showed courage after coming from injury and banging 1goal and 4 assists in his last 8 after the 2month spell.

    And still people have the nerve to come and slag Nani and not see the environment he came from, the injury after a great spell. So doublestandards are flying here.

    It is getting annoying to repeat this, but those that have some respect will read these commenst and not take them as something repetitive but try to learn something.
    The situation of TonyV has grown me and made me show more respect to Valencia and Nani, because now I understand that I am not the same as those that put Valencia first and Nani second, I myself put Nani first and Valencia second, but I haven’t slagged Valencia like those that slagg Nani when he’s off form! and I am proud of it, I respect all the players!


  8. chaosred says:

    Im sorry this might offend some people but i dont really care if valencia was player of the season last year. He is the worst player of the season by far this year. And believe me he would win it. There for i think we should sell. He looks broken to me. Also it not really his fault that defenders have sussed him. i wished had the technique to do anything about it.

  9. Doghouse says:

    Whatever problems Valencia has had this season, he’s earned a second chance. We don’t bin a player of his quality and class for one bad season. And he does have quality, and he does have class. You don’t forget how to be a good footballer overnight.

  10. alfREDo says:

    Getting fed up of the Tony V bashing – people forgetting that form is temporary but class is permanent!
    Maybe he hasn’t earned a starting slot with his performances of late, but surely he’s earned his squad position!
    We’ve always valued squad players who do an underrated yet incredibly important job when called upon (think Quinton Fortune, Ronny Johnsen, Sheasy and Park).
    His pace, strong physique and disciplined play means he can definitely do a job for the team when called upon whether it’s as cover for Rafa, giving us a fresh attacking outlet or just to shore up the right handside if required.

  11. Gopher Brown says:

    Cliches such as “form is temporary, class is permanent” and “nobody is bigger than the club” are trotted out by idiots from time to time.

    What do they even mean? The first is used to justify playing players who haven’t been good in ages, eg Torres. If class is permanent why aren’t Pele and Zidane still playing? Valencia’s one trick was running down the line and crossing it in. That is the only thing he adds to the team and he’s stopped doing it. Will he start doing it again, I don’t know, but he’s a very limited player generally.

    Nobody is bigger than the club – what the fuck does that even mean? If Rooney signed for Yeovil, would he be bigger than the club? If United sold all their players and played reserves and youngsters for a few years, you’d soon see the club’s popularity tailing off. Were all those players bigger than the club then?

  12. slim says:

    Cant wait for monday. It all comes down to this day.
    Lets see what we’re made off. Limp over the finish line of stride over it by kicking shitty’s ass

  13. alfREDo says:

    Hi Gopher,
    Agreed that Valencia is quite limited (indeed his lack of left foot has always been frustrating!), but then so was Beckham who was not renowned for his pace or for beating a man – all he had was exceptional delivery!

    However, I reckon Valencia still retains the core physical attributes (age, strength, pace) to enable him to regain his form, and think that surely his devastating contributions in recent successful seasons have at least warranted him some time to sort his head back out.

    Those demanding he be sold off could be called fickle. Reminds me of the reds that were calling for Giggsy to be flogged off to Inter after a dip in his form many years ago!

    Regarding Pele and Zidane – unfortunately age has deprived them of the physical attributes required to play at top level. I very much doubt they’ve lost their class though, and would bet that Is evident tomorrow night when a ‘classy’ Zidane turns out at OT.

    I’ve never used the ‘no player bigger than the club’ line, but do actually think there is some credence to it regarding Manchester United. I wouldn’t want to compromise on the clubs core beliefs, traditions and values for any individual player.
    One of those traditions and beliefs is trusting and developing our youth, so I would argue that even if we sold off all our ‘superstar’ players, true reds would still get behind our young team. I couldn’t be bothered about our popularity tailing off mate!

  14. WeAreUnited says:

    Look I myself understand what @goper brown is saying, but wow

    @alfREDO an amazing response mate!

    THIS IS IT! this is why we love ManUtd! they used to say, “you can’t win anything with kids”

    Quote of the month:

    “even if we sold off all our ‘superstar’ players, true reds would still get behind our young team. I couldn’t be bothered about our popularity tailing off mate!”

  15. Marq says:

    “If class is permanent why aren’t Pele and Zidane still playing”

    This sentence is crazy, and makes you wonder if the person who made this statement knows what he is talking


    I think you are getting me wrong. I am not bashing Bale. I know he is a good player. My point is, people praise him to the heavens and when an aspect of his game that is poor gets pointed out, people defend him without logic. The article made the same respond that you did, that he seldom crosses because he prefers to shoot or go past people. But that fact is debunked by how he has one of the highest number of crosses. Its like how we all agree that Valencia is a one trick pony. Just pointing out a fact, that is all

  16. WeAreUnited says:


    no I didn’t say that you’re bashing, but that some of others don’t understand football, and basically just saying it to you haha, if you were bashing, for me it’s the same, he’s not United bound :) and it’s different if you bash ronaldo or messi, cause there’s no reason for to diss them compared to Bale’s crossing :)

    I just pointed the article and tried to use it to make my point that some want only crosses and not goals and basically saying that it doesn’t matter that his game has a weakness:) and like I said, and not defending him, but just a conversation with you, that even though he has alot of crosses,

    I think the percentage is low, because he does a ronaldo, basically after beating his man wide, he has no room to turn or do anythign else, and then he crosses it to the first man. Ronaldo has the same weakness and that’s why I think Messi is better than Ronnie, because of the ability to keep the ball instead of only crossing it to the first man and the close control that separates them.

    anyway, I think you misunderstood me and I you, for Bale :P haha. peace mate!

  17. Red4ever says:

    I think I want to join the tony V ,,,,

    I think everybody is missing the point that the best season valencia played were in which both scholesy played ,,the splendid form in the later stages of last season scholes came back he was the one who played him diagonal balls out wide for him to run for ,,is anyone doing that this season I doubt so

    so instead of complaing about valencia we should concentrate on our midfield ,,no one other than carrick had been good so the major problem is that ,,,,i can say this for sure that there will be changes in the summer but not as much as others think

    Maximum three players are going to bought 1 winger ,, 1 centr mdfld ,, maybe a left back nothing more ,, and as far as I can see is that we are suposed to be united not arguing and cursing our players


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