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STATS: Speed and distance covered vs Newcastle

Distance covered

In the first half, United covered a total of 30.81 miles but in the second half upped this to 33.19 miles.

Carrick has covered more distance for United this season than any other player and against Newcastle there were no differences. He covered 6.83 miles over the 90 minutes which is more than any player on either team.

Average speed

Our average speed in the second half dropped to 3.44 miles per hour from 3.69 miles per hour in the first half, whilst Newcastle’s dropped from 4.05 mph to 3.76 mph.

Cleverley replaced Scholes with 20 minutes left to play and averaged the fastest speed.

Top speed

It may come as a surprise that Chris Smalling recorded the highest top speed for United on the day, with 19.07 mph. James Perch was the only player to clock a faster time with 19.57 mph.

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  1. ys says:

    Always knew Smalling was the fastest ;
    Rio still was faster than most ; that’s shocking

  2. Daniel88 says:

    ” Cleverley replaced Scholes with 20 minutes left to play and averaged the fastest speed ”

    LOL. Who would have guessed.

  3. Mash says:

    lol, De Gea is in that ?

  4. Scorp says:

    DDG covered 2.32 miles ??

  5. Marq says:

    Ermm… How did DDG cover over 3km?

  6. averio68 says:

    Ermm… How did DDG cover over 3km?

    Walking around

  7. MansionOfTheReds says:


    actually you’d expect that from someone who’s playin only 20 mins. to go all out. i don’t get your point here

  8. Goat Peticoat says:

    Its all very good and comedable. I used to always say that English teams did well in Europe due to our physical nature. Because the skill always fell to the Italians or Spanish.
    Maybe you should see why Barcelona are so good. Some of their guys regularly run 15km a match. A whopping 50% on boxing days effort. Thats why forriegn teams no longer fear us, theyve upped their work rate leaving us with propaganda and the english language bullshit advertising machine to tell us and the world that our players are anywhere world class. Because the stats dont live up to it and the desire to take English stars to the forriegn top leagues is as strong as ever.

  9. tose says:


    here is the new player who is coming in for nani

  10. MansionOfTheReds says:


    i’d like to see the stats backing up that statement. from what i’ve seen and heard barca usually do around 110 kms in total as a team. as opposed to united’s average of 105-110. that isn’t too much of a difference. but i may be wrong

  11. Larry Semmins says:

    so they run around doing fuck all,whoop di doo

  12. DreadedRed says:

    According to that Mail article, today is the last day that RVP (and Rooney) can receive a match ban for 5 yellows. After that it becomes 10 yellows by the 2nd of April.

  13. DreadedRed says:

    Brendan Rodgers has 25 points from 19 league matches.

    Exactly the same as Hodgson managed in his short reign.

    Perhaps Avram Grant should be brought in to steady the ship?

  14. Marq says:

    Just a last word on that offside decision. ABUs banging on that there is no contact between Cisse with either the ball or Evans, but just before the ball was crossed in, Cisse was actually in front of Evans. Evans had to run around Cisse to get to the ball, so that is not interfering? I’d like to see them walk through a lamp post on the streets and say it isn’t interfering their path

  15. Rednemz says:

    Part of the distance covered by DDG was to and fro Dressing room…lmao

  16. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Why do i keep reading crap about united wanting to do arsenal a “favour” by selling nani to them?. Never going to happen, he will not strenghten a fellow rival, forget it.

  17. Marq says:


    Haha, don’t read that crap. By that logic Real owe us plenty of favours, so we could ask Ronaldo back on the cheap. If Nani is going to go, whoever takes him is going to have to come up with the cash.

    That said, United have never been hard bargins, so many of our players went on cheap. That is the thing about United, if you want to go, nobody is going to hold you back, even if its a crap offer.

  18. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Marq – exactly, no such thing as “favour” in helping another big team, fergie has never sold a quality player to another rival in the same league, it won’t happen regardless of how much arsenal wave around. If nani was leaving, he’d have to leave this shores, i think that’s what he’d want as wel. I don’t think anyone knows for certain if he will leave, perhaps he’s left out based on form and a long injury, i think his hopeful return could freshen the team’s attacking impetus.

  19. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The ABUs have been at force this week, all that bitterness boil growing and growing and now splatting out. I’ve seen so many articles about fergie this week, ramblings and raving lunatic acting like he’s darth vader. every twat having a dig at the flying scot-man, does he give a fuck? You can bet your money he doesn’t, it will only help united build a seige mentaity.

  20. unitedyankee says:

    Question for Manchester locals- was lucky enough to get tickets to todays match. Obviously excited and want to take pictures. Can I bring a Digital SLR in a backpack or will they not let me in? I’ve seen different answers on the net and the locals on here seem to know the best. Thanks in advance- Go Reds!!

  21. kungfoocantona says:

    fuck me the press are still harping on about fergie and his rant…yes it was correct that the goal stood but u can not tell me that there wasnt a single person confused about the rule…and what do u think would be in the press if it was the other way round UNITED GET FAVOURED AGAIN BY REFEREES…we as a club cant win with these cunts and to be honest i thought fergie had lost his edge a little with managers as he used to have a fued with most especially the big boys and the fact that the press have asked the entire planet for there opinion made fergie blow his top and have a go and i loved seing that…and pardew is a fucking toilet and i bet he feels like a twat especially when fergie made the remarks about him forgetting that fergie helpd him

    i wonder what the team will be today. how come jones is injured again!!! hopefully kagawa gets a start but i think it will be clev and carrick in the middle with valencia and young operating the wings. i would like to see vidic and ferdinand start as evans has made alot of errors lately and i dont no how many times he gives the ball away trying to pass it out of defence. but who knows whats on fergies mind. 3 points a big today because city have a tough game at norwich and if they drop more points and we pull further away i have no doubt that they will fall apart

  22. Marq says:

    Evans made alot of errors? Not sure what you have been watching but Rio is the one who keeps getting his passes wrong

  23. kungfoocantona says:


    Go watch the last couple of matches and see how many times he gives the ball away passing it out off defence. rio is nearly finished mate so u cant really expect much from him now. i just wish the manager would put jones in there and let him mature in that position because he was super for blackburn in that role.

  24. kungfoocantona says:

    i watch evans alot because he is the skipper for my country and we all love him and the fact that he plays for united makes it even better and i want him to succeed but he has made errors(although so has the whole defence this season) maybe it is down to that i dont no but i think maybe dropping him for a few games or even resting him will be good for him and us. fergie seems to think of him as the no1 choice at the back and that shows in his selections but smalling and jones rarely play there and it baffles me as non of them are right backs yet they have played there more. i no sometimes players play out of position to help the team or due to injuries but i believe the reason for the bad defending is down to consistancy in the back 5 selections(again injuries havent helped) i would love to see the manager stick with either jones smalling or evans as a central 2 as maybe vidic is nearing the end because he is getting injured regulary now

  25. Marq says:

    So you want to drop someone who made mistakes before for someone who is “finished”? Doesn’t make sense to me

  26. Diego says:

    Idiots on soccer saturday saying we should buy Shay Given, and that the crowd at OT are starting to get on De Gea’s back. Honestly, the English football pundit is a retarded creature. Apparently even Ben fucking Foster is better than De Gea, mainly because he is English.

  27. United Till I Die says:

    Not slagging him off in the slightest, but the stats making Rooney our most hard working player are a bit skewed. Obviously I don’t just mean this thread, but most stats highlighting his work rate this season are ranked by ‘minutes played’ rather than ‘highest average per appearance’. Big difference.

    But, if you look at…

    1 – average metres covered per minute
    2 – average passes attempted per appearance
    3 – average passes completed per appearance
    4 – average goal scoring opportunities created per appearance
    5 – average goal assists per appearance
    6 – average tackles made per appearance

    …Anderson this season has outperformed everybody in midfield, including Rooney, and I for one hope he returns in January to be ready for February. The players currently fit and available are good enough to beat Madrid imo, but competing in Europe WHILE staying top of the table will require every class player in the Squad being available. Don’t forget City and Chelsea only have one Cup in their sights now. We’ve got an uphill struggle in comparison.

    Carrick is obviously the first midfielder on the team sheet, but if we’ve also got Cleverley, Anderson and Kagawa available, as well as Rooney, Scholes and Giggs as further options, I think our midfield will hit a purple patch just as we need it. Im not too concerned with the goals we’ve conceded so far either. With Vidic back to his best, and a full strength CM, we can hit real form next year in all competitions.

    So heres hoping Kagawa, Nani and Anderson all make surprise returns in January, as based on what I’ve seen thus far I couldn’t think of three better “new signings” for the Club.

  28. United Till I Die says:

    If our existing squad is ever fully fit, look at the options we’ve ALREADY got in our ranks.



    Young Cleverley Carrick Anderson Nani

    ……………….Evra Vidic Rio Rafa


    4-3-3 (diamond)

    ……………………Rooney RVP


    ……………….Evra Vidic Rio Rafa


    The mind boggles. We just need more luck and less injuries! The class is already there imo.

  29. Fibes says:

    @unitedyankee – it’s been a while for me, but if you’re still unsure you can get a PDF of the current ground regulatioins from here:

  30. WeAreUnited says:

    4-3-3 (diamond)

    …………Rooney/Chicharito ….. RVP/Chicharito ……. Nani/Valencia


    ……………….Evra Vidic Rio Rafa


  31. Joner89 says:

    Can we please email these stats to Fergie? Or someone at United and hope it gets to him? Ferdinand covered more ground that Scholes!? That says it all he’s a centre midfield player he should be at the top along with Carrick. His legs have well and truly gone.


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