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Stats suggest Anderson’s influence is increasing

Since Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira joined Manchester United from Porto back in 2007 the Old Trafford faithful have been split over the midfielder’s influence, importance and ability to be included in Sir Alex Ferguson’s first team. Gifted? Yes. Committed? One thinks so. Frustrating? Also at times yes.

However in the 2011-12 campaign thus-far, Anderson is starting to show why Ferguson splashed a reported £20 million on the South American four years ago, as the Brazil international seemingly has more of a positive impact on the Premier League champions’ fate. Manchester United stats show that the 23-year-old is starting to mature and play a more pivotal role at Old Trafford.

The United fans have missed the guile, creativity and goal-scoring prowess of the legendary and now retired Paul Scholes this term, but Anderson is starting to show that he could be the man to plug gap left by the former England international. Although there is only one Scholes to us United supporters, Anderson could well play an important role in the defence of the Premier League title this season.

United fans have been frustrated by the lack of goals Anderson contributes, and being honest it will take some doing for the eight-times capped Brazilian to equal Scholes’ eye for goal from the centre of the park. That said, Anderson has hit the back of the net twice this season and created one assist; more than any of his team-mates in the same position.

The average rating of 7.37 on painstakingly accurate statistics website is second only to Wayne Rooney in the United squad, and considerably better than that of Giggs, Fletcher, Cleverley and Carrick.

A completed pass percentage of 85% shows that silly mistakes and the loss of concentration in Anderson’s game is hopefully being stamped out at Carrington, whilst the former Gremio man makes 1.8 key passes per game. The South American’s battling qualities have never been in question, and Anderson tops United’s defensive statistics. He has made an average of 2.6 tackles per game so far this campaign, more than any other player in The Red Devils’ squad, and 1.8 interceptions per game.

The Brazilian is maturing under Sir Alex’s tutelage and now should be considered an important man in the United squad, starting with the trip to Swansea this Saturday. Stats show that the Brazilian is increasing in stature, whilst others may not have the influence that their reputation may suggest.

For the latest Manchester United player and team statistics from all competitions look to This innovative and original website breaks down player performance and rank the individual attributes of the specific participants, which is updated soon after every game.



  1. redrider says:


    I hope you don’t fancy six Fucking fingers dzeko mate.
    I feel for Bosnia… about time they made an appearance. Maybe next time.

  2. redrider says:


    Hmmm… yes indeed. Good to have you guys to keep the spirits high here. Would have made a world of difference to those who’ve read em.
    Glad to get Internationals done with. December is around the corner and I can see a few purple patches for us on it’s way.
    Plus… AC Revelations and The Old Republic releasing in a months time. Lol… missing Smartalex’s reaction when it comes to video games!

    Cheers ye.

  3. redrider says:

    King Eric

    Nani’s rise has been nothing but sensational. And inspiring. He’s got a lot of years ahead for us. Love him to bits. Love him more when I see a Rooney or the Berb yelling at him about something and then for him to pull something special out. Great lad. Feared if he’d do his capoeira flip after his goal tonight but remained sensible!!

  4. Zibbie says:

    KE and 12Giggs thanks on the Nasri thing.

  5. Sparkz says:

    Looks like a decent debate’s been going on today. On Ando….I’ve been a MASSIVE supporter of his, backed him a lot and this has been his first seaason where he had a proper pre season. I’m not gonna write him off at all coz let’s wait a little while longer. But stats, although sometimes useful, can be a bit like a short skirt……….looks good, but hides the important bit.

    Stats might say one thing, but anyone with half an eye can see that he’s been off the boil for almost 2 months now. Note how at the start of the season he was playing the full 90, but since then he constantly gets the hook after 60-70 minutes. You’d hope it gives him a kick up the backside but it doesn’t seem to be working.

    And his poor performances includes games like Norwich….he might have scored but his all round performance that day was shocking. If you’re a striker or winger, and you have a bad performance but still score or assist….then that’s fine, coz your job is to give us an end product.

    But for centre midfielders, its a totally different situation. The team is relying on you to CONTROL the game and the possession…….so getting a goal or assist means nothing if you’ve been having a shocker for 89 minutes, coz you’re not doing your job properly. And as for this “he only plays well with Tom”….I don’t buy that. And if that is the case….then that’s not gonna wash with the gaffer. Coz with the heavy rotation fergie employs, if you can only play well next to a certain player… won’t last very long. All this “Player X can only play well with Player Y” is a load of cack IMO.

    In any case, I’m not the biggest fan of the Clevs + Ando partnership yet. I still need convincing….coz as good as we look going forward, we were still leaking wayy too many chances, they weren’t offering the defence enough cover.

    Saying all that, I don’t think Fergie has helped his development over the last 4 seasons. The constant chopping and changing isn’t beneficial to a young player…..especially, when in Ando’s case, he was playing a whole NEW position. That’s what people forget, he didn’t come as a centre mid, so he’ll probably be a bit behind in terms of development. I still have hope for him, and I won’t judge him fully yet, but he does need to buck up his ideas.

  6. Sparkz says:

    @Stateside 16.00

    I think you’re bang on mate. The game has become much quicker and much skilful, and there’s a lot of emphasis on quick passing….plus refs have become much stricter… intercepting is basically the new tackling. People like Carrick, Alonso & Busquets, who rely on intelligent positioning and interceptions rather than bone crunching tackles are more likely gonna be the trend. Obviously in this country its not as highly regarded, hence the stick Carrick gets.

    This article from the excellent Zonal Marking explains it much better than I can! It’s over a year old but the point generally stands.

  7. Paul Parker says:

    @Cedars – cheers mate, I type kinda fast so if the thread gets my interest I’ll go off on one!

    @Willierednut – Ha! If only mate, if only! I’d buy everybody on RoM replica number 8 Anderson shirts haha. And big foam pitchforks signed by the devil himself.

    Couldn’t bring myself to watch England, heard Jones had another good match. Top class and he’s getting more composed with each game. Well done Nani as well, fuck me, and he’s still years off his prime yet. Alex knows how to develop talent, that was a quality game with those two on the pitch.

  8. Paul Parker says:

    @NorthStand Tier – Thats actually a good idea mate, lets quickly compare Anderson to his premiership equivalents while we’re on the thread.

    At Champions League level, David Silva has been first team for 6 years now, and he’s averaged nearer 30 *league games* a season for those 6 years.

    Juan Mata is in his 5th year at the Champions League / first team level, and he’s averaged over 30 *league games* a season for the last 4 years.

    Silva and Mata both played for Valencia since teens and both were wanted by bigger Clubs from day one. Also, both players stayed under contract for four years and in return were guaranteed first team football by the Club. (and thats important to remember pal)


    Now look at Anderson. Arrived at Porto in January window aged 17, played 5 *league games* from March forcing his way into contention scoring 2 from the middle. Next season he scored another 2 in *20 games all comps* before breaking his leg halfway through a promising season.

    So when you compare them, Anderson only had one disjointed season before he came to United, while SIlva and Mata arrived here with a minimum of four solid years of first team experience.

    And thats the thing pal, Anderson gave up Champions League first team football to sign for us and sit behind Scholes, and four years ago Scholes was a player making Zidane’s hair stand on end FFS. So whatever vision Ferguson gave him, Anderson listened, because he chose to give up first team football AND the left wing, and come to United to develop for the centre of the park.

    Call me an optimist but Scholes has only been gone 2 and half month. In my book its a bit early to compare him to Silva. If anything compare Nani, who is a better player even though he’s younger and doesn’t have HALF the years experience Silva has at first team level. Silva has done it for 6 years, but this is only Nani’s second “real” season as first choice. Anderson is 2 months into his first “real” season now that Scholes has gone imo.

  9. Paul Parker says:

    @NBI RED ONION – Anderson not in the same league as Cleverley, you sure? As others have reminded, this is Tom’s first season as a senior player and he’s only 5 games in so far. God as my witness, if Cleverley ends his first season aged 21 with the same aplomb that Anderson ended his first season aged 19 we’ll all be giddy with delight and rightly so. So yeah I get your preference, but in truth Cleverley has a way to go before getting into Anderson’s League. For starters he’s got to help us retain our title so he can win his FIRST medal aye? Lets not count chickens before they hatch, and I mean us retaining our title as much as Cleverley’s development. Ando has 4 already… well earned ones too, I might add, unless his inconsistency has tarnished them somehow, and “no medal” is worth more than four and a CL final victory? Lol

    Also, don’t get when you say the stats make Ando seem better then he is. I agree stats aint gospel but as Giggs12 agreed, watch the 8-1 again, watch the 3-0 Spurs again, hell the watch City 3-2 and Barcelona 2-1 again. Thats all in the last few months and those individual performances were top class. The Brazilian IS as good as he looks, but as I just said to NorthTier, all the talent in the world amounts to FA until you get week in week out first team experience.

    Have your favourites and all that but be realistic mate. Do you think Cleverley would be this good without a full 24 *league game* season with Wigan, and a full 33 *league game* season with Watford the year before that? Also, don’t forget pal, if Anderson has played his best football this season with Cleverley (which he has) that also means the best of Cleverley’s first 5 games in his entire senior United career were played alongside Anderson as well. Needless to add, Cleverley didn’t wipe Anderson’s arse when he shat on Fabregas. Jesus, credit where its due!

  10. Paul Parker says:

    @ Sparkz – you make good points in criticising Anderson. The only thing I’d say is Nani has also ‘gone off the boil’ in the league but he’s bounced back with his goal and performance last night. That confident return to form is down to the games he’s been getting for two seasons now. Anderson will follow suit. I’d agree with your view of Tom-Ando in the middle. Although their attacking football is the best since Giggs and Scholes a few seasons ago, the defensive side has been a problem, but they’ve only played 3 or 4 EPL games together anyway, so that side of their game will take time, but the early signs of a partnership are very promising imo mate.

    Easy RoM, all im saying is Alex a genius. Just look at those goals for Portugal last night. Ronaldo himself will tell you Ferguson and United made him a man.

    True, Alex has played it down in response to the frustration towards Anderson – but we all know Anderson was bought with Scholes in mind. So having said that, this season really and truly is his big chance, and sticking strictly to the FACTS, for every Gulati this season, there’s been a 8-1, and its only November.

    All I know is im looking forward to Tom and Ando playing again, and I couldn’t give a flying fuck about transfer targets, skepticism or schandenfraude. Its easy to back a player when he’s in form lads, but will you back him when he’s trying to regain it? No sooner was Evans hoist unto the shoulders of the faithful was he caste down and trodden on in shit. Annoys the fuck out of me.


  11. mara says:

    i know that dzeko plays for those jerks Citeh but he is a good guy. Yes, he has to say that Citeh is bigger because of fans. Every player do that. But we think our players are saints and other are bitchies. I always try to be reasnoable about that. If anyone has to choose betwen United and Citeh, i think there is no question about that. But money do shit in players head.

  12. giggs12gerrard0 says:

    @Redridder mate your firt post made me piss about Dzeko and Terry

    @Sparkz Your anaology of stats also made me piss, love that and will be using throughout the course of the season when socusers tell stats about Lucas.

    @Paul Parker Mate I am the same I just go off on one when I am interested and its only when I have read it back once posted I actuallty know what I have put haha

    I didnt watch England play as maintained have not done so since 97 when all the United players were booed at Wembley by the fans so generally not arsed about them at all. I must say the rise of United in the ranks does excite me a little though with Jones, Smalling, Rio, Young, Rooney, Wellbeck and hopefully Carrick.

  13. giggs12gerrard0 says:


    Good post above mate about players in form and players trynig to regain it. I am one of the biggest supporters of out fo form players such as Carrick, Fletcher, Nani,. Evra, Valencia, Berba etc etc and like you say I go mad at fans in OT when i hear just negative shit when we expect to win everygame. We are right spoilt bastards at United and sometimes I actually find it refreshing when we have been spanked (Just not to City) as you see the real support for the team.

    That said i want to distance myself from that with my view on Ando, I am behind the lad and would love him to suceed so like you say lets see when he gets TC back alongside him.

  14. badger says:

    I have to admit that Ando frustrates the hell out of me, its obvious to all that he has the talent but does he have the mentality or application it requires to make a top player at a club like United? I don’t think his cause has been helped by not getting a consistent run of games, either through injury or Fergie shuffling the pack, I mean you only have to look at the way that Nani has developed now that he is playing the majority of games in his favored position.

    That leads me onto another question; just what is Ando’s best position? I don’t think he enjoys being asked to sit back and I don’t think he has the discipline at this time to play the defensive role so should we be deploying three across CM with say Carrick holding and TC/Ando in the more advanced positions? OK this would mean playing Rooney up top by himself with Young and Nani out wide but when we played like that before it brought Rooney’s most prolific goal scoring season and a happy balance between defense and attack which we seem to be lacking at the moment – we were way too open at the beginning of the season where as now we are too defensive.

  15. Jeet says:

    @badger: I wouldnt mind at all seeing this XI for a European night:
    Any defence combo with Vida and Rio
    Carrick Cleverly
    Nani Ando Park

  16. WillieRedNut says:

    Paul Parker – I salute you mate. You’re a persistent so and so lol. You’ve made valid points for everyone to read. The rest is up to Anderson.

  17. Paul Parker says:

    @Willierednut – yep and yep… so no pressure on the lad then Lol. Brilliant goal by Nani last night aye? Its amazing what playing time and a bit of faith from Alex can do for a talented player. Classy.

    @Badger – thats a bloody good point mate, because I’ve thought about a 4-5-1 with Young Anderson Carrick Cleverley and Nani, but a 4-3-3 sounds more appropriate tbf to our lads talent. WIth everbody getting forward and Carrick protecting the back four, we’d batter any team with those attacking players and a holding CM, let alone our full backs. Never thought about it as a 4-3-3 tho mate, and tbh I think a trio of Carrick, Tom and Ando would work wonders. If they can pass between them with Carrick as the safe option we’ll retain possession a lot better than a 2 man midfield, and going forward Tom and Ando can overlap on the wings when Young and Nani cut inside. Sounds like fantasy football but these are the players we already have at our Club, and its not like we don’t know the benefits of 4-3-3 already. Pick a forward line from Nani, Rooney, Hernandez, Young, Welbeck, Valencia, and Berbatov, and play them in front of Anderson Cleverley and Carrick. The back five pick themselves. Worth a shot aye? Also, Park Fletcher and Giggs all play well in a 3 man midfield. Who knows but I’d love to see it, its not like Rooney ain’t in midfield ffs! Giles called that seasons ago.

    @Giggs12 – didn’t doubt your faith in the team for a second mate I’ve seen your screen name since it was at least 11. Good point about bouncing back from disappointments, and an element of being spoilt with success. I know what you mean about the players needing a swift kick on occasion, so our four back to back clean sheets is something to be positive about, not expected as mon droit or some shit. Fletcher and Park ave had more game time, and Cleverley’s had 45 odd minutes back, so credit where its due for the reaction to City. And as for Anderson, last thing I’ll say is im just glad he’s been rested after 8 EPL games from 11, and 3 CL games from 4. Hopefully the bad luck with inuries is behind him, as he really ain’t used to playing this many games in the first 2 and a half months of the season as first choice midfield! First time for everything I guess?

  18. odbpowell says:

    I agree with most of Sparkz’s comments above, and that, yes, a CM’s contribution should not be judged on a single goal. But the reason Ando plays well with Cleverley is that they are the only two mobile, pass-and-move midfielders we have. If Ando plays with Carrick, Fletcher or even Giggs, his game is forced to change as he can’t rely on his partner to give and go with him.

    People above have criticised Ando for passing sideways. That is bloody retarded, completely and utterly, and one of the reasons why English football in general is so backward. Watching England over the last few games, the number of times someone attempted a ball that had, at max, a 50% chance of reaching its intended target was ridiculous when, in fact, a simple ball inside — and yes, sideways! — would have opened up the midfield and provided options for the recipient. Good central midfielders play the ball sideways because they know that a couple of simple, low-risk passes can be far more effective than one ambitious, high-risk ball.

    We need to learn to accumulate possession and pressure rather than force the situation, and Ando is one of the few players in that position with the technical dexterity to do it.


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