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STATS: United’s Hardest Working Players

For those who have played the equivalent of five games in the league, this is the ranking of how much distance they’ve covered minute on the pitch: 1. Rooney 2. Carrick 3. Van Persie 4. Cleverley 5. Scholes 6. Young 7. Welbeck 8. Evans 9. Rafael 10. Hernandez 11. Evra 12. Valencia 13. Vidic 14. Smalling 15. Ferdinand.

When you look at those who have played less than five games, it’s interesting to note that Shinji Kagawa covered, on average, 116.73m per minute he was on the pitch, even outworking Rooney! (Nani 107.41m, Anderson 107.21m and Giggs 107.01m)

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  1. WeAreUnited says:

    “Consistency should be measured on how often they create or score goals. And the stats prove that over the last 3 seasons, Nani has both scored and assisted goals on a more regular basis than Valencia.”

    And as far as football being based on goals, Nani is one of the best wingers in the world.

    @samuel that article is a mythbuster hahah, a consistent one, and the thing is people think we don’t like Valencia, I would play them both together like I mentioned, as for the ones that dislike Nani prefers only Valencia.

    I have been saying all season long, all our 3 wingers are underperforming, apart from Young who has now played 3 games well. Valencia had his game agains City where he played well WITH the help of Rafael (our player ofd the season so far).

    anywway, let’s hope we play both and Nani plays in the left like he plays on the right :)

  2. WeAreUnited says:

    an SAMUEl

    they always bring that Chelsea game where supposedly it was Nani’s fault, first We are a TEAM secondly

    if you are looking to blame an individual for losing that particular COC game, then you should be blaming Hernandez and not Nani. It was not Nani’s giving the ball away that started the attack leading to the penalty, rather it was Chicharito being offside in our own half that started the attack leading to the equalizer.

    and his covered meters also proves he’s a hardworker.

    KEEP BOTH!!!!!!! hahah

  3. WeAreUnited says:

    One last thing.

    When Kagawa was playing and Nani also, you could notice how Kagawa always tried to find Nani, and interchanged passes with him.

    Keep in mind that Kagawa played for dortmund and with the likes of Mario Götze who likes to play fast, so Kagawa noticed something.

    Anderson, Nani, Kagawa,. rafael, RVP and Rooney are players that can play 1-2 touch football and score those goals that you see only in YOUTUBE.

  4. WeAreUnited says:

    some stats Ifound from that blog you put on @samuel and it was a guy with the name of Sam, could it be you?

    PS. Nani aand valencia together has to be our priority! they are also very good friends.×205.jpg

  5. NBI Red Onion says:

    The most telling sign re Nani is no target date for his return has been given in fitness updates. I really hope he stays. He is a unique player and when he was given a consistent run on the RW he really showed his ability.

    That said, the way he/his agent has conducted his negotiations has clearly pissed off the Club. It may be that he threatened to walk if demands weren’t met and the Club looked around and thought wait a minute which other top Clubs will pay him that. The only possible takers were in Russia and that apparently collapsed due to wage demands.

    I hope this situation gets resolved. Nani player with zero confidence this terms and seems unsettled. I would love him to stay, he is a class above Young for me. To me he and Valencia are on par in the sense that they cancel out each other strengths and weaknesses. Saying that Valencia has yet to get a consistent run of form this term.

  6. NBI Red Onion says:

    I still feel we are missing a MF enforcer, you look at what Toure and Lampard bring to their teams, strong attacking MF who are box to box and can break up play and score.

    Like last season we are really poor at scoring from outside the box, alot of the time players in a position to take a shot don’t even bother to try, Valenica, Cleverly, Carrick et al need to begin letting off a few shots from distance, we sometimes look like Arsenal trying to pass it in. It also makes us more predictable.

  7. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Samuel has basically taken all the words out of my mouth. thanks for that. let me just repeat again. Nani is BY FAR the best winger at Manchester United. thr most electric player we have outside rooney and Van Persie. injuries have ruined his past season but i still remember how DANGEROUS he was in the two seasons before that. Just too good to let go.
    Don’t get me wrong, Valencia is also a superb winger but he has his flaws. Cannot use his left leg. barely goes for goal can be predictable at times cuz he’s going right 90% of the time. NOT a better crosser than Nani. Nani has scored AND assisted more valencia. much MUCH better. as for the wages. if i believed everything i read in the papers i would be a complete paranoid retard. NOBODY knows the situation with Nani’s wages so stop acting like you know ANYTHING about it.

  8. Daniel88 says:

    daniel – Of course you don’t need the article, you’d rather see things from your perspective, fair enough but don’t make out this is the fact. I think the good does outweigh the bad, a player doing what you want will not win a title

    This problem stems from the ” every child gets a trophy ” policy.
    All perspectives / opinions are not equal.
    I cannot stress this enough for you.

    What I am saying is fact Nani has more talent but Valencia plays better. That is why Valencia wears #7 and Nani is going to be sold.

    The last sentence of your ramble is plain idiotic even amongst its earlier esteemed company.

  9. Daniel88 says:


    “defends better” i’m sorry, this is not an attribute to be commended
    - This just displays perfectly how out of touch you are. The wide midfielders in a 4-4-2 especially HAVE to defend or the fullback will be overloaded and crosses will fly in. We know what happens with crosses flying in dont we ?,

    … and you say is players do what I say we win. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  10. WeAreUnited says:


    so when Nani has those stats for covering meters, you say he doesn’t defend? how is it possible.


    Covered meters prove Nani as a hardworker
    His goals proves his consistency
    His assists proves his consistency
    His talent proves he’s our best winger
    Every stat where you look defensive ability you look at Nani has great stats

    But you make your judgement based on your eyes, so when he scores or assists a gamewinning goal, you just close your eyes from it and look at his bad passes?

    PLEASE. you must come better than that.

    nobody is saying Valencia isn’t good as a player, our wish is to play both, but the thing is, Valencia or Young, or Nani aren’t performing, so based on that

    Nani has 2+1
    Young 0+3
    Valencia 0+3

    they are even.
    and to be clear Valencia isn’t playing good, want it or not. and that is not a good thing for our team, we need the SILENT KILLER the Terminator as much as we do for Nani.

    But what we are trying to prove is that consistency thing is a MYTH, Nani is not working hard is a MYTH. and also if Nani would have been in the place of Valencia or Young at the moment and playing like they are, O MY GOD how much noise we would hear in this forum hahah. AMAZING.

    I am quite confident, that Nani will be sold after the summer, SAF is not stupid to sell him now, when we have valencia and Nani underperforming and only Young performing good, but who can do better.

    After the season Nani will be sold, unfortunately and hopefully to Italy or Spain, and we bring Iker Muniain, Isco, Rodriguez or Mario Götze.

    In my dream world, I would keep Nani, and buy one of those players, retire Giggs, keep Young as a squad player same with Valencia.


  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Is this the same daniel88 calling me idiotic? Have you been smoking.pot again you absolute twat. If anyone here is rambling, it is you. Your comment has no foundation or facts. The article, which makes more sense than you ever do on this blog proves your claim about valencia playing better is a lot of bollocks. Nani, not only is he more talented, he has produced more throughout his career. You clearly are deluded enough not to accept that, fair enough.

    Secondly, fergie has rarely played a flat 4-4-2 this season, he has learnt his lessons and tried to be more fluid. Tracking back to defend is not enough to be in the team, an attacker should be appreciated for what he does in the final 3rd. Defending for them shouldn’t be first priority, although it is good to have the work ethic. You are part of the brigade that dances in a parade when a striker is busy defending, more than he wins games. You essentially are from the school of alan hansen. Muppet.

  12. samuel - united WE stand says:

    ” That is why Valencia wears #7 and Nani is going to be sold.”
    nd your claims about valencia playing better because he was given the number 7 makes no sense. Nani has always wanted the no 17, he has no desire for a no 7 and let’s be honest, that number lost a bit of value when michael owen, who is a great man but rarely played. If nani leaves, it won’t be down to a number but due to a lack of support and understanding of his ability. Like i said previously, he has flaws which can be ironed out but if he leaves, big teams will queue for a player who is yet to reach his prime.

  13. King Eric says:

    Probably get stick for this but I don’t care one way or the other about Nani. As for someone who posted if tony wasn’t bundled over at Liverpool we would have drawn. Well how about the 60 yard run he made to win a ball he had no right to? Ever since Nani cried at the dippers I lost all respect. Compare that to tony who snapped his fucking ankle! As for ShinjI he will be top drawer once he gets up to the pace. A class act. ‘

  14. Daniel88 says:

    Did I say Nani doesn’t defend ? … dont remember doing that. Anyway.

    Nani is inconsistent for every inch perfect cross, mesmerizing pace and blinding dribble you will get dozens of cheaply conceded possession, miscontrols, crosses into the stands and worse of all mind bending poor decisions. The guy’s in his mid twenties now he should have learned these lessons already. I remember a game at Villa where he did FUCK ALL for 80 minutes didn’t run or try and dribble until we went 2-0 down then switched and fucking murdered the full back. I believe Vida diving headed the equaliser that game. Fucking unacceptable.

    I never said defending should be first priority for our wingers.
    I am not part of any such brigade.
    Its not much of an insult to be from the Alan Hanson school to be fair.

    “nd your claims about valencia playing better because he was given the number 7 makes no sense”
    - I never said Valencia is playing better because he was given the #7 shirt.

    You seem to struggle with what people did and did not say.

    As I eluded to earlier Nani is TWENTY SIX he is in his prime NOW. Yet his decision making amiong other attributes are still as weak as a raw 19 year old. The big clubs aren’t going to queue either with the wages he wants … sorry … undeserved wages. Who tried to buy him ? … Zenit. He wont be going to Spain, Italian and German clubs will laugh at his wage demands.

    Its a real shame because I like him but he needs to be realistic about how good he is and how much he should be earning.

    I dont even think Valencia is good enough. He is one dimensional and cant dribble.

  15. Daniel88 says:

    * ARTICLE *

    On that extremely drab article.

    The only “facts” it shows are the goals and assists from the last three seasons.
    I take the numbers seriously especially goals and assists but they aren’t everything.
    They took them from ESPN Soccernet which is my source for stats too.

    They tried to use them like a bright light to distract from the completely valid criticisms of Nani compared to Valencia. I outline these in the second paragraph of my earlier post. I dont know about others but when I label Nani as inconsistent I dont mean with goals and assists. I mean with the things in my earlier posts. The “consistency” of Nani in that way was ended when Bale won the Player of the Year despite being comprehensively bettered in terms of numbers by Nani.

  16. WeAreUnited says:

    @King Eric

    all respect to you bro, and you won’t get no stick, for me this is a healthy discussion somehow, if it does make sense.

    I for example never have accused Valencia for not doing things. For me the silent Killer is an absolute killer when in form, and that Lievrpool game and the City game proved that.
    Apart from that, he and our two other wingers have been underperforming, just look at their stats for example. Valencia has covered so little meters, and he even was subbed. Which never happens, when he’s on form.

    Our best winger is at the moment, Ashley Young, and he’s the third option.

    I prefer the duo of Nani and Valencia. The point of MY, and now speaking of my behalf is to break the MYTH of Nani’s inconsistency which is absurd, when football is based on goals and someone has to assist those goals.

    Also I want to break the MYTH of Nani not defending, look at those covered meters. And I want to break the doublestandards in this blog.

    For example Valencia has also been subpar this season, and his attacking apart from 2-3 games (like Nani) he hasn’t been good. Defending wise, well the covered meters tells it all, unless he only defends and the meters tells how much he defends.


  17. WeAreUnited says:

    @daniel mate

    “The “consistency” of Nani in that way was ended when Bale won the Player of the Year despite being comprehensively bettered in terms of numbers by Nani.”

    this is plain stupid.

    You know why? do I tell you? OR do I let you to find out by yourself, or let Samuel clarify it for you?

    In that year, Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha aka Nani:

    On 1 November, Nani was shortlisted for the prestigious FIFA Ballon d’Or one of just four Premier League players Luis Suárez, Sergio Agüero and fellow Manchester United player Wayne Rooney.

    WHERE IS GARETH BALE?? who is biased? Fifa or the FA? I say both, but which tells you more about the FACTS?

    DANIEl you can do better than that mate.

  18. WeAreUnited says:


    I hope we can get both of them Valenciaand Nani to play well.

    IF not, le’ts bring, Iker Muniain, Isco, Rodriguez or Mario Götze here.


  19. Daniel88 says:

    I cannot believe you UNINTENTIONALLY misunderstood my comment so completely. I will go through this really slowly for you.

    1. I said Nani was inconsistent.
    2. Samuel points out some numbers about Nani’s end product that proves he isn’t inconsistent in terms of goals and assists.
    3. I tell Samuel that when I say inconsistent I dont mean goals and assists but other areas of his game.

    ( You following so far ? )

    4. I tell Samuel the Player of the Year award Bale won despite Nani scoring more and assisting more … ended any doubts over the consistency of Nani with goals and assists for me.

    I am very sorry but your inability to follow a basic written conversation doesn’t mean that I am busted.

    I am also very sorry but your ability to go off on a tangent about things totally unrelated doesn’t mean you can act with such bravado. Like the World Player of the Year and the biased FA and FIFA shit. What the f*** are you on.


  20. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I’m absolutely baffled here with your case of “inconsistency”, most wingers float in and out of games due to their positon on the pitch, you will never get the perfect winger, they all have flaws. They’ll try different things to beat a full-back, may come off may not but the important thing is that they do not lose courage to keep trying. crosses will come off and sometimes they won’t, passes the same thing but personally, i would rather a player keeps showcasing skill to outwit defenders because more often than not, if risks are taken and they come off, it will lead to chances or goals.

    Never one for the typical british winger of knock the ball forward, rush after it and hook it high into the box with no purpose or invention, we witness regularly in this league, a sad state of affairs if this is the pinnacle of footballing style. Point is, football’s main objective is to create and score, despite his supposed infuriating antics and i repeat, he does have flaws but nani has produced that more than most wingers in this league and can be ranked with the best In europe. You get people cheering players on when they roll out square passes or hack players down, i would rather support a luis nani trying to make things happen even if he might frequently fail, i would rather cherish technicians on the ball.

    And the idea nani can’t go to a big club is laughable, he may have to cut down on his demands but he has a wise agent in jorge mendes and he could easily negotiate a real madrid or an ever improving soon to be powerhouse in PSG, underestimate his ability and talent at your peril.

  21. Daniel88 says:

    Nani wont be going to Real Madrid.
    I did forget about PSG in all honesty.

  22. WeAreUnited says:


    we have a game today so I will post this for the last time, cause after all, our intention is the good for ManUtd. And I will once again point out that I wish we could have both Nani and Valencia in form.

    I didn’t unintentionally misunderstood a thing.

    You said that because Nani didn’t win that award tells you that he is inconsistent over goals and assists.

    Then I said that pointing that thing and saying that it proves the inconsistency of his goals and assists is stupid for many reasons.

    1. being only nominated proves that Nani did a good job
    2 gareth bale winnign that award despite us winning the title is biased from FA. and not recognising our players, NANI was the absolute number one player of that season in the EPL.
    3. to prove you are wrong about that not winning that award is not the thing proving the consistency
    4. I told you that Nani was among four EPL players to be nominated for the Ballon Do’r
    5. which proves that he and his consistency was recognised from the world

    Maybe you understood me wrong, maybe I you, but the thig is, and get this, 1. our wingers this season have been underperforming.
    2. we need to get them in form
    3. the best combination for our team is the valencia/nani duo
    4. inconsistency is a MYTH
    5. Nani is not lazy, his covering stats proves you wrong

    6. I am starting to repeat myself.

    CMON UNITED!. I am going to the other thread cause this has died since we busted the MYTH

  23. WeAreUnited says:

    I am also very sorry but your ability to go off on a tangent about things totally unrelated doesn’t mean you can act with such bravado. Like the World Player of the Year and the biased FA and FIFA shit. What the f*** are you on

    I am on in truth. you?

    so tell me, has valencia or young been consistent this season? for you yes, cause it’s all about running, even though
    1. the stats proves that Valencia hasn’t been runnign that much.
    2. Nani has run the most
    3. Youngie is second

    peace mate,

    1. and get over it, you now well what I was trying to state with the Ballon do’r, and then
    2. I just made some little remarks about the fa and fifa.

  24. Daniel88 says:

    You need to learn to read.

    - What I ACTUALLY said.
    ” The “consistency” of Nani in that way was ended when Bale won the Player of the Year despite being comprehensively bettered in terms of numbers by Nani ”

    - What YOU think I said.
    ” You said that because Nani didn’t win that award tells you that he is inconsistent over goals and assists ”

    These are not the same.
    These are not close.

  25. WeAreUnited says:


    then I misunderstood my friend, like you said. I’m not arrogant not to admit this :)

    doesn’t it have to say, the inconsistency of Nani in that way was ended`? and not the “consistency”

    anyway. peace mate, and let’s win this game today!

  26. WeAreUnited says:

    and chill out man, don’t say learn to read, it’s another thing to understand it wrongly, as for me that didn’t mean like you said it.

    That’s why when I understood like I did, I though, you meant another thing, and the ballon do’r nomination proves it.

    anyway, you caught yourself in that, because yes, in terms of passing and sometiems crossing, Nani does tend to make mistakes, but for those mistakes he scores or assists a goal.

    When you assist a goal, it means you crossed or passed well, so basically you thought of inconsistency of play doesn’t count.


  27. samuel - united WE stand says:

    He won’t be going to madrid, why? Is he not talented enough to follow his compatriots mourinho or ronaldo? Can nani not end up at a juventus or AC milan? Reality will soon hit.


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