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STATS: United’s Season So Far


- Paul Scholes has our best passing accuracy, completing 92.5% of all his attempted passes. Only Per Mertesacker and Mikel Arteta have been more accurate this season, both with 92.6%. After Scholes is Rio Ferdinand with 91.3% (7th), then Tom Cleverley with 90.4% (13th).

- Michael Carrick has attempted more passes than anyone else in our team with 1646 (3rd), behind Yaya Toure with 1732 and Mikel Arteta with 1702. Both Toure and Arteta have had more minutes on the pitch than Carrick though, so when comparing pass per minute, Carrick (0.949/min) has a better passing rate than Arteta (0.946/min) and Toure (0.919/min).

- Carrick passes the ball forwards with 35.24% of his passes. When looking at the players in the top 10 for passes completed, Carrick is 3rd, behind David Silva (36.23%) and Ashley Williams (35.85%), but ahead of the likes of Steven Gerrard (35.23%), Joe Allen (31.87%), Toure (30.02%), Santiago Cazorla (28.2%) and Arteta (27.03%).

- Scholes has been accurate with 711 of his 769 passes (92%) with 21% of them going forward. He has been accurate with 81% of his passes in the final third. He has created a total of 8 chances with 1 of those an assist.  Anderson has been accurate with 255 of his 279 passes (91%) with 22% of them going forward. He has been accurate with 87% of his final third passes. He has created a total of 5 chances with 1 of those an assist. Cleverley has been accurate with 665 of his 736 passes (90%) with 23% of them going forward. He has been accurate with 83% of his passes in the final third. He has created 9 chances but has 0 assists. Carrick has been accurate with 1455 of his 1646 passes (88%) with 35% of them going forward. He has been accurate with 76% of his passes in the final third. He has created a total of 25 chances with 4 of those assists.

- Most passes completed per game: 1. Scholes completed 135/148 (91%) vs Spurs. 2. Carrick completed 119/134 (89%) vs Aston Villa. 3. Carrick completed 115/126 (91%) vs Southampton. 4. Carrick completed 110/116 (95%) vs West Ham. 5. Carrick completed 98/111 (88%) vs Norwich (88%). 6. Scholes completed 97/106 (92%) vs Aston Villa. 7. Carrick completed 93/108 (86%) vs Spurs. 8. Scholes completed 92/95 (97%) vs Everton.

- Carrick has completed more final third passes than any of our other players (338), followed by Van Persie (231). Anderson and Kagawa have been the most accurate with their final third passes though, completing an impressive 87% of all attempted in this area, followed by Danny Welbeck (86%).

- For comparison: Yaya Toure has completed 495 final third passes, David Silva 460, Eden Hazard 407, Juan Mata 346, Gareth Barry 299, Oscar 222, Kyle Walker 217, Aaron Lennon 213, Mousa Dembélé 176, Sandro 161, John Obi Mikel and Gareth Bale 147,

- Carrick has been accurate with more long ball passes than any of our other players with 133/176 (76%). Anderson has a long ball accuracy rate of 97% (31/32), followed by Fletcher with 94% (17/18) then Kagawa with 92% (12/13).

- Van Persie has passed in to the penalty area more than any of our other players (60), followed by Carrick and Rooney (52).

- Our players have completed 10,033 of an attempted 11,541 passes this season (87%). Manchester City 9910/11497 (86%), Arsenal 9836/11368 (87%), Chelsea 8056/9547 (84%), Tottenham Hotspur 7369/8821 (84%).


- Valencia and Van Persie have attempted more crosses than any of our other players this season (99) and have been accurate with 19% and 21% respectively. Van Persie’s 21 completed crosses is the most of any of our players.

- Wingers’ accurate crosses: 1. Young with 23% (16/70), 2. Ryan Giggs with 20% (6/30), 3. Valencia with 19% (19/99), 4. Nani with 15% (6/39).

- Our players have completed 123 of their attempted 572 crosses this season (22%).

- Van Persie has taken 61 corners this season, attempted to deliver 53 directly in to the box, and has been accurate with 14 (26%). Rooney has taken 22, attempted to deliver 18 directly in to the box, and has been accurate with 7 (39%). Young has taken 21, attempted to deliver 17 directly in to the box, and has been accurate with 7 (41%). Nani has taken 12, attempted to deliver 9 directly in to the box, and has been accurate with 2 (22%). Giggs has taken 10, attempted to deliver 8 directly in to the box, and has been accurate with 0.

For comparison: Gareth Bale has accurately delivered 23/54 (43%), corners in to the box, David Silva 18/57 (32%), Juan Mata 9/35 (26%), Kyle Walker 7/25 (28%), Carlos Tevez 6/17 (35%), Eden Hazard 4/37 (11%).

- Our players have been accurate with 31 of the 107 corners they attempted to deliver directly in to the box (29%). City 53/141 (38%).


- Robin van Persie is the top scorer in the league with 16 goals in 21 games (18 starts), which is 30% of our goals this season. Javier Hernandez is the 8th highest scorer in the league with 8 goals in 13 games (5 starts). Wayne Rooney is the 14th highest scorer in the league with 7 goals in 14 games (12 starts).

- Van Persie averages 3.9 shots per game (3rd) and Rooney averages 3.6 (4th). Luis Suarez averages 6 shots per game (1st).

- Javier Hernandez has the best minutes/goal record in the league this season with a goal, on average, every 74.8 minutes. Robin van Persie has scored, on average, every 112.57 minutes (8th). Of the top ten scorers in the league, only Edin Dzeko (every 88.75 minutes) has a better goal per minutes rate.

- Van Persie has had more shots on target than any of our other players (32) with a shooting accuracy of 51%. Kagawa has had a shooting accuracy of 67%, Scholes with 60%, Hernandez with 59% and Rooney with 56%.

- Alexander Büttner has the best shooting accuracy of every player in the league, with one shot, one goal, and a 100% chance conversion :)

- Rooney is (joint, with Juan Mata) top of the assist charts in the league with 7, Van Persie is 3rd with 6, Antonio Valencia and Carrick are 15th with 4.

- Van Persie has created more chances than any of our other player (39), followed by Rooney (27) and Carrick (25).


- Nemanja Vidic has won 6 of his 7 tackles this season (86%) and 24 of his 34 aerial duals (71%), making a successful challenge every 13.7 minutes. He has successfully cleared 32 of his 52 attempted clearances (62%). Patrice Evra has won 44 of his 52 tackles this season (85%) and 48 of of his 66 aerial duals (73%), making a successful challenge every and 10.2 minutes. He has successfully cleared 68 of his 104 attempted clearances (65%). Phil Jones has won 5 of his 6 tackles this season (83%) and 7 of his 8 aerial duals (88%), making a successful challenge every 11.2 minutes. He has successfully cleared 7 of his 12 attempted clearances (58%). Chris Smalling has won 9 of his 11 tackles this season (82%) and 15 of his 24 aerial duals (63%), making a successful challenge every 15.7 minutes. He has successfully cleared 28 of his 54 attempted clearances (52%). Rio Ferdinand has won 19 of his 25 tackles (76%) and 27 of his 49 aerial duals (55%), making a successful challenge every 16.9 minutes. He has successfully cleared 77 of his 130 attempted clearances (59%). Rafael da Silva has won 40 his 53 tackles this season (75%) and 22 of his 39 aerial duals (56%), making a successful challenge every 9.7 minutes. He has successfully cleared 36 of his 71 attempted clearances (51%). Jonny Evans has won 20 of his 27 tackles this season (74%) and 35 of his 64 aerial duals (55%), making a successful challenge every 12.4 minutes. He has successfully cleared 62 of his 132 attempted clearances (47%).

- Minutes per successful tackle: 1. Rafael (9.7 minutes), 2. Evra (10.2 minutes), 3. Phil Jones (11.2 minutes), 4. Jonny Evans (12.4 minutes), 5. Nemanja Vidic (13.7 minutes), 6. Chris Smalling (15.7 minutes), 7. Ferdinand (16.9 minutes).

- For comparison: Pablo Zabaleta (8.75 minutes), Benoit Assou-Ekotto (12.27 minutes), Branislav Ivanovic (14.12 minutes), Ashley Cole (14.3 minutes), Kyle Walker (14.43 minutes), Vincent Kompany (14.63 minutes), David Luiz (16.16 minutes), Joleon Lescott (17.23 minutes), William Gallas (25.22 minutes),

- Rooney has a successful tackle completion rate of 100%, winning all 12 of his attempted 12 tackles, as does Nick Powell (2/2), Büttner (1/1), and Darren Fletcher (1/1).

- Carrick has won the ball more times in the defensive third than any of our other players (63), followed by Evra (55), Evans (50) and Ferdinand (48).

- For comparison: Vincent Kompany (67), Ashley Cole (59), David Luiz (52), Kieran Gibbs (49), Per Mertesacker (46), Branislav Ivanovic (40), Yaya Toure (38), Ramires (33), Gareth Barry (25).

- Carrick has won the ball more times in the midfield third than any of our other players (81), followed by Evra (42), Valencia (35), Rooney and Cleverley (31).

- For comparison: Mikel Arteta (90), Yaya Toure (69), Santiago Cazorla (67), John Obi Mikel (59), Gareth Barry (52), Juan Mata (41).

- Van Persie has won the ball more times in the attacking third than any of our other players (10), followed by Hernandez, Rooney and Valencia (8).

- For comparison: Santiago Cazorla (15), Carlos Tevez, Juan Mata, Fernando Torres (10), Jermaine Defoe, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Mikel Arteta (7).

- Powell has the best minutes per tackle rate, with a successful tackle every 4.83 minutes he’s been on the pitch.

Stats taken from and EPL Index Opta Stats Centre

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  1. Goat Peticoat says:

    As I said I dont dispute RvP’s ability or what hes brought to the table. All Im saying is Im honest enough to admit – I wouldnt have done that deal. I would have brought in someone else Llorente (who knows) but someone else anyway and whoever that might have been may have done as well. who knows – just being honest.

    King Eric
    Llorente not in RvPs league. How do we know that my friend. We are more aware of Llorente now then we were of Chico before we signed him and he hasnt done too badly. Im not saying Llorente would have been my man of choice, Ive had too much to drink and cant remember what Ive been drinking let alone what footballer I wanted at OT last summer. But untill proven otherwise Ill keep my mind open.
    Anyway your judgement has been seriously corrupted by the sight and sound of macca pacca and your sanity should atleast be questioned, lol. As should mine, now bend down and Ill wash your face.

  2. one two says:

    @Goat Peticoat
    Do you know whats the difference between Taghuer watch and a Casio watch??Both shows time..but the differnce is the elagance,class..u need to get that personality who can even dominate the likes of rooney and even SAF..can Lorente do that??not in million years..thats is wht we have for 24m ..RVP

  3. WeAreUnited says:

    One thing I understand

    I als oadmitt by sayign why are we buying RVP? I knew he was good, but didn’t feel that love.
    HOW WRONG WERE I. WOW. gooners I feel sorry for them.

    As for Getting Llorente, well we will never know what he would have done for us, BUT I have to say he would have NEVER been the same player as RVP. That doesn’t need psychic powers or whatever, you just know it.

    So to say you would have still bought Llorente after RVP has scored 16 PL goals, it’s just tryign to go out of the box for the sake of it, annd say what others don’t say. Llorente is a good player a 27 old, but can you really swear and say if you had seen into the future and seen that RVP would bang goals and assists, you wouldn’t bought him?

    I really really doubt it. No matter how out of the box is it. I didn’t wanted RVP cause I though we have 3 great strikers and Kagawa coming and I also though we need Iker Muniain, that’s why I wasn’t that into it.

    When I heard about the transfer, I couldn’t believe it, and was so happy about it. Because the thing was, RVP was a GOONER. that put smog into my eyes, but now I can see through it. And you say you still can’t? Amazing stuff.

    And I doubt it that we would sell RVP, I think he will retire here, and if not he’ll go to holland to retire.
    So I don’t care do we get money out of him from sales, when we get trophies and money from winnign and shirt sales and everything.

  4. TheCANTONA says:

    so Goat told us to sell Rooney and not really happy with RvP’s signing? sigh, some people just trying too hard to seems smart. RvP was bought for 24 M and have no re sale value? who gives a fuck? we’re United NOT Arsenal ffs! since when we’re being worry about re sale value??

  5. StatesideAussie says:

    TheCantona … RVP has worked out amazingly well for us. But at the time, it struck me as an odd deal, for several reasons.

    You ask, since when did United need to worry about resale value? But the answer is simple: it’s not about whether people like Goat or me care about resale value; the point is that the club itself — and SAF in particular — have been making a very big deal about resale value for several years now. Time and again, SAF and Gill have publicly ruled out going for this player or that player because there would be no “resale value” due to the player’s age. For the same reason, we were told, many times, that the club had a strict policy against buying anyone over the age of 27 (or was it 26?). The RVP clearly broke that policy, disregarding the whole “resale value” argument that we’ve had rammed down out throats.

    Secondly, RVP himself has a very shaky history in regards to injury. Yes, he did brilliantly last season. And obviously, he has done even better for us so far this season. But in 8 previous seasons at The Arse, I think last season was the only one that was not significantly shortened due to injury. Consequently, until last season, he had never reached 20 PL goals before. Say what you like, but at the time of the purchase, an objective and honest assessment of his 8-season career at The Arse had “injury risk” written all over it.

    For those reasons, I was frankly gob-smacked when we bought Van Persie. It made me feel that we have been deceived in regards to the “policy” concerning age limits and resale value; that maybe that whole argument had always been bullshit. I also felt we were taking a huge risk in terms of injury. I never denied RVP had sheer class as a player, and I am delighted at the way it’s turning out; but at the time, based on what we knew then (before we had the benefit of hindsight), those concerns seemed perfectly legitimate. And on that basis, I would not have done the deal either.

  6. Marq says:

    Horror! Shock! Ashley Young actually has decent figures! He is suppose to be shit?

  7. TheCANTONA says:

    nah, what i’m trying to say is we’re not selling club like Arsenal, and SAF isnt Arsene Wenger (THANK GOD) who stubbornly refused to abandon his “principles” when something is going for the wrong direction.
    Take this as example We bought 27 y.o Berbatov for 30 M in 2008 do u really think SAF really care about his re-sale value back then? Regarding injury prone player, SAF was famous for gambling over injury prone players. Ruud van Nistelrooy and Hargreaves were prime example with this. lets say if RvP have 2 good seasons with us, dont u really think that 24 M we paid for him was well spending (especially when u compare to how much Liverpool paid for 23 y.o. Andy Carroll)

  8. StatesideAussie says:

    TheCantona … I guess this thread is dead but I’ll respond anyway. You can’t deny that SAF has raised the issue about the age of players (and the impact it has on their resale value) many, many times, because it is on the record. SAF has a long-held policy of not buying players older than 27 (it goes back way before the Glazers). In fact, in the 15 years between the summer of 1997 and the purchase of RVP, SAF broke this policy only three times: for Henning Berg and Teddy Sheringham (who were 27 and 31 respectively when purchased in the summer of 97), and for Berbatov. That is a remarkable fact. And based on that alone, the purchase of RVP was extraordinary.

    As for injuries, I don’t believe SAF has ever bought a player knowing that he had a long-term or underlying innury problem. And that includes Hargo. I don’t think it is correct for you to say Hargo was a known injury risk prior to joining us. In seven full seasons with Bayern, I am only aware of him having significant injuries twice: he had some muscle problems in the 02/03 seasons, and he lost most of the 06/07 season (his last at Bayern before joining us) due to a broken leg. Clearly, a broken leg does not result from any long-term, underlying problem that the player himself has. It results from contact with another player. And his muscular problems in 02/03 had nothing to do with his knee. I don’t believe his knee issues were known before he joined us. I don’t believe it is correct to say SAF is “famous for gambling over injury-prone players”.

    The point with RVP is not whether he has a particular problem, but that his record shows a player who has been, over the years, very injury prone.

    All I am saying is that at the time, based solely on what was known at that time, the purchase was highly unusual.

  9. TheCANTONA says:

    “All I am saying is that at the time, based solely on what was known at that time, the purchase was highly unusual.”
    This is what i mean with SAF being SAF not Arsene Wenger. he is not a man who see it as black or white when it comes to buying or selling players. Whenever he see a chance to buy world class player he’ll go for it. he proved it with Berba, which i asked u before do u really think SAF really care about 27 y.o re-sale value back then? also dont forget he once made 27 y.o. Dwight Yorke our biggest transfer record in 1998. which i will ask u again, do u really think he care about his re-sale value back then? also please mention any star player he willingly sold for money??
    well, the fact is Hargo was/is injury prone and he wasnt the only player which be signed for United with bad injury records. RvN, Owen, Heinze comes to mind.


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