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STATS: Welbeck’s England goals compared with other top strikers

Danny Welbeck scored another two goals for England this week, making that eight goals in total, but how does this compare with some well known English strikers?

Gary Lineker – 48 (80) – 0.6 goals per game.
Wayne Rooney – 36 (84) – 0.43 goals per game.
Alan Shearer – 30 (63) – 0.48 goals per game.
Kevin Keegan – 21 (63) – 0.33 goals per game.
Tommy Taylor – 16 (19) – 0.84 goals per game.
Stanley Matthews – 11 (54) – 0.2 goals per game.
Teddy Sheringham – 11 (51) 0.22 goals per game.
Ian Wright – 9 (33) – 0.27 goals per game.
Danny Welbeck – 8 (18) – 0.44 goals per game.
Robbie Fowler – 7 (26) – 0.27 goals per game.

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  1. sid29 says:

    No comparison with Micheal Owen?

  2. The One says:

    Tommy Taylor and Stan Matthews were from a different era when scoring goals was easier and Stan was more of a winger, I believe.

    Danny’s still relatively young and should continues to improve. I can see him bettering shearer’s and lineker’s stats, the only 2 players in the list (excluding Taylor and Matthews) with a better stat at the minute.

  3. The One says:

    Mind you, he’s even better than the fat tart scouser!!

  4. jolaobi says:

    This is ridiculous, youre forgetting the others have at least 20 more caps for england than welbeck does, this comparison is flawed beyond belief

  5. Always Be Closing says:

    Goals were easier to score? You know how heavy the balls were then?!

  6. RoundAreWay says:

    Couldnt give a shite what he does for England, get scoring for United!

  7. Marq says:

    Yea, doesn’t mean anything. Plenty of strikers have fantastic records at internationals, doesn’t mean they are good. We only care about what Welbeck does for United

    Peter Crouch – 22 (42) = 0.52
    Michael Owen – 40 (89) = 0.45
    Andy Cole – 1 (15) = 0.07
    Mathew Le Tissier – 0 (8) = 0.00

    Just saying~

  8. Abubakar says:

    Well, he is still young and more is expected from him.

  9. Ray says:

    Marq – thanks for those stats. Crouch was the player who immediately came to my mind when I saw this article because like Welbeck he racked up large percentage of his international goals against opposition that can be best described as “pure shite”. That said, Welbeck has also scored goals against good teams in the shape of Sweden and Belgium. I’ll point out that at club level he has scored against the likes of Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal and Tottenham, so he is clearly no flat track bully.

    I for one hope Welbz continues notching at this impressive rate for England because it would be fantastic to have another Manchester United player (and a Mancunian no less) up there with Sir Robert as England’s greatest ever goalscorers.

  10. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Love Danny. A true Mancunian Red. Need more of the like.

    But this is silly when he is notching goals against Moldova. No disrespect to Moldova, but honestly.

    Lets see what he can do in a red shirt when played as a #9 or #10.
    He is mostly fielded as winger for us and from there his stats compare favorably to those of Nani.
    He is still young and I for one and happy he is playing for us. Has speed, a tidy shot, and a deft touch. Plenty to build on.

    Tough making your way as a youngster in this team. Sir Alex was learning to trust Danny. Just hope Mr Moyes does the same.

  11. Andy says:

    Rickie Lambert??

  12. CC says:

    Scoring two goals against Moldova – so fucking what.
    The fact is he better start scoring plenty of goals this season – he is well behind in that regard.
    He needs to make a consistent contribution this year otherwise its time to say “Sorry, but you have had your chances”
    Meanwhile, Chicharito, who did nothing but smash in goal after goal from the minute he joined the club kept getting shunted to the back of the pecking order to accommodate the fat angry and confused scouser.
    There should be a simple rule at a club like ours – If you are a striker and you score you are automatically picked for the next game. The first game you don`t score you make way the next week for the other guy to get his chance and so on. Would this make them greedy ? Lets fucking hope so,
    When a striker scores his confidence goes up and he is more likely to go on a streak he should want to score or create a chance to shoot everytime he gets the ball. Great strikers do that – Ruud and Ole to name but two “greedy” strikers.
    Last season when Kagawa scored a sublime hatrick for us against Norwich he was dropped from the team and not seen again for over a month – How the fuck can that ever be right ?

  13. CC says:

    Lets also recognise that he is 23 years old in a month or two – He really isnt a “kid” anymore. He is starting to be what he will be.
    This is his make or break year in my opinion we need to start being a but more ruthless with a lot of the current squad.

  14. WeAreUnited says:

    @CC you are waaay too harsh on danny, but then again you also make some very valuable and reasonable points. The chicharito point, kagawa and that danny is not a kid anymore and etc.

    that being said, danny has 3-4 years to go to his peak, so there’s no need to drop him out of the plans, just because he’s 23. Danny is TOP quality and he needs the support and after rvp will leave or retire, it will be his chance

    though i agree that chicharito needs to get more chances if he scores winners with an amazin goalratio.

    we’ll see.

  15. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    An easier fix for game time is going back to a 4-4-2 against bottom half clubs. Fellaini and Carrick should be enough cover to allow a second striker on the pitch.

    Chicharito will get his minutes. It is up to him to make the most of those minutes.

    As long as United are competing on all four fronts, there will be ample game time for Chicharito and Welbeck both.

  16. MansionOfTheReds says:

    GGHT, how is that even an article. Some guy just compiled all the stories and rumours he’s read and added unsubstantiated facts about glazers being angry with this. Next you will put up a piece titled ‘Dear Diary, today was..’

  17. DreadedRed says:

    MansionOfTheReds – well said! The links that posters contribute to RoM often tell us more about the poster than they do about the topic.

    In this case; inane, vacuous, and worthless come to mind.

  18. Costas says:

    He’s crap. Sell him.

  19. DreadedRed says:

    CC opines that “there should be a simple rule at a club like ours – If you are a striker and you score you are automatically picked for the next game. The first game you don`t score you make way the next week for the other guy to get his chance and so on. Would this make them greedy ? Lets fucking hope so.”

    Recipe for disaster.

    - First of all, this is extremely limiting tactically, as formations and personnel are selected according to a game plan chosen specifically for the encounter, based on our current strengths/weaknesses and on our opponents style, tactics, personnel, strengths and weaknesses. Being forced to select an unsuitable striker just because he scored in the previous game (which was suited to his particular strengths) is likely to cost us 2 or 3 points a week. Opposition managers will love it, of course. Knowing a week in advance who will be starting up-front for us will aid their preparation tremendously.

    - Secondly, it probably would make them greedy, and no, lets not “fucking hope so”. Football is a team sport, and selfish greed can only sow failure and strife. It’s far easier to fuck up a goal attack, than it is to score a goal. Taking wild shots from unlikely positions when your team-mate is standing unmarked and ideally situated will almost always result in failure to score.

    - Thirdly, strikers are usually confidence players. Dropping a guy who played excellently but was masterfully thwarted by a keeper on form, and retaining his playing partner who struggled all game but scored a lucky deflection, will damage both players confidence.

  20. DreadedRed says:

    Welbeck’s yellow card against Moldova rules him out of Tuesday’s group decider in Kiev.

  21. The One says:

    MansionOfTheReds, well said. There’s been too much rubbish written on account of Man United but this ain’t surprising because Man United stories sells like no other. Some of us don’t believe the shite that’s written but unfortunately, most do.

  22. The One says:

    DreadedRed @ 10:15, well said. It’s a good thing most of these people with loads of opinions here aren’t managers of our beloved club, otherwise we’re doomed!!

  23. Ray says:

    Once again “CC” proves himself to be a complete moron who doesn’t understand football.

    CC = Clueless Cunt?

  24. DreadedRed says:

    The One – agreed! In the court of public opinion we’ve had the crappiest squad and adopted the poorest tactics imaginable for years. All we need to do is buy all the in-form players, add any others that become available, promote the majority of our youth players, change the coaching staff, fire the majority of the admin block, stop focussing on alternative income, sell the club to the Arabic son of a Russian tycoon and his Chinese wife, get rid of the medical staff, and completely revamp our tactics.

    Perhaps then we’d manage 6 out of 7 League titles, instead of the obviously unacceptable paltry 5 out of the last 7; which we only won by default as the Premier League has been rather poor of late.

  25. The One says:

    DreadedRed, lol…nice way of putting it mate, fully agree with what you’re conveying….cheers!!


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