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Stevie Me The New Sir Bobby? Get Lost!

Whilst England are not a big concern of mine, I like all our lads to do well on International duty. Of course it made me chuckle when England failed to qualify for Euro 2008, particuarly given that there wasn’t a single United player in the squad for England’s last crucial qualifying match, but I was of course disappointed for the likes of Rooney, Ferdinand, Brown, Hargreaves and Carrick who wouldn’t get football in the summer.

I think International duty is important for the players though, whichever country they reside from, with Rooney and Ferdinand who clearly love to represent the Three Lions. International friendlies fuck me off but I enjoy seeing our lads in action at the World Cup and European Championships.

Of all the United players who have represented their country at the highest level, Sir Bobby Charlton stands head and shoulders above them all, proving an inspiration to his country and owning the medal all players dream of as proof. It is for this reason I will take offence at Terry Venables‘ claim that Steven Gerrard is a ‘Bobby Charlton’!

Every manager would love to have a Bobby Charlton in their team. Fabio Capello and Rafa Benitez are lucky fellas because they both have that player. His name is Steven Gerrard. The Liverpool skipper is the modern-day equivalent of the Manchester United and England legend, especially when it comes to international duty. Just like Gerrard, Bobby was a match-winner who knew where the net was.

Sir Bobby Charlton won the World Cup in 1966, two years before leading United to European Cup glory. In the group stages, Charlton scored one of England’s four goals. In the semi-final, Charlton scored both of England’s goals in a 2-1 win over Portugal. In that World Cup, only six players scored more goals than him, including the likes of Eusébio and Beckenbaur.

Compare this with Gerrard, who along with Liverpool team mate Jamie Carragher and rentboy Frank Lampard, missed his penalty which would have helped England progress to the semi-finals at the last World Cup, and it’s laughable to put them in the same sentence. Match winner? For Liverpool, without doubt. For his country? Never, which is a surprise, given that Gerrard rates playing for England as more important than playing for his ‘beloved club’.

“When I join up with England, these games are bigger than Champions League games or league games,” he said. “You’re representing your country. If you go to a major tournament and play well or achieve something as a team it’s going to be a lot bigger than achieving something at your club.”

Still, in the seven games Gerrard has captained England, they have lost on four occasions. In terms of deciding goals, the only match winning goal Gerrard has ever scored for England was during a friendly against Serbia Montenagro in 2003. Playing alongside Frank Lampard for England, he, like most other players in the team, was entirely anonymous in the lead up to England’s failure to qualify for Euro 2008. That’s not me singling Gerrard out for his distinctly average displays, rather contesting the idea that he could be called a ‘match-winner’ when he blended in with the nothing performers around him. In any competition he is been a part of with England, he has failed to score outside the Group Stages.

Sir Bobby Charlton scored 49 goals from 106 appearances for England, the highest ever scorer for this country, whilst Gerrard is currently on 14 goals from 70 appearances. When Bobby was Gerrard’s age, he’d already scored 35 goals!

Liverpool would be well and truly fucked with Gerrard but for England, you probably wouldn’t even notice he was missing. In contrast, Charlton was a shining light for both club and country and it would take a truly special player to earn a genuine comparison with him.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. King Eric says:

    A fuckin insult to Sir Bobby. As I said last night I am getting sick and tired of this Stevie Me band wagon currently rolling through the media after a couple of OK performances. I didn’t even think he was that good at Old Trafford yet the papers gave him man of the match and “how he ran the show” etc. On five live last night they were calling for Capello to drop Rooney for Saint Stevie. Although this wouldn’t be a bad thing as Wayne won’t get injured!

  2. Tom F says:

    The only player in English football history who has the right to be compared to Sir Bobby Charlton, is Ryan Giggs.

    To think Bobby survived the Munich air crash and went on to be such a huge character in our clubs history is more than enough to prove this random claim from TV is more than wrong, it’s a disgrace!

  3. keith_mac says:

    the closet thing england ever came to sir bobby was paul scholes and sure didn’t they fuck that up. sir booby could switch play form one side of the pitch to the other, read the game so well that when he attacked the box he rearly left his side vulnerable and wat a shot he had. to him its a team game and he lead be example and didn’t glorify himself like a few rent boys and a certain scouser those every week as ive said the only midfielder they ever come close to is scholesy. a model professional who’s 1st touch is still the probably the best in the league. he dosnt run every where in the hopes of scoring a goal just to make up for the FACT he’s played crap for 90minutes. but gets the ball spreads the play. plays the through balls. those what actually very few central midfielder’s cant do today thats play the ball forward with substance and meaning and not just for the sake of it. and when it really matters u know he’ll be there fighting tooth and nail for his team and not for himself or his oversized reputation. thats wat england were missing in euro2008 quailifers..hell thats wat there still missing….

  4. Giles Oakley says:

    Apart from Sir Bobby’s pivotal role as a deep-lying, goal-scoring midfielder in winning the World Cup in ’66 (and all his goals were absolute crackers, especially that thunderbolt against Mexico), he was also voted into the Team of the Finals after his contribution as a fast, highly skilled left winger in the ’62 World Cup in Chile. He was brilliant then in a mediocre England team still suffering from the loss of Byrne, Edwards and Taylor etc at Munich. Sir Bobby was central again in the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, this time with excellent performances as a screening midfielder against teams such as Pele’s Brazil. Sadly Sir Alf Ramsey made the mistake when leading 2-0 against West Germany of taking Bobby off early to save him for the next match, because of the heat and humidity. With Bobby off, the Germans were able to pour through England centre and they overcame the deficit and won. The idea that Gerrard is any kind of ‘Bobby Charlton’ is absurd. He’s a good player, but nothing like as good as Sir Bobby was, and as a man he’s nowhere near being in the same class. Sir Bobby’s name is revered round the world as the epitome of sportsmanship, dignity in the face of deep personal tragedy and as a footballer of incomparable skill and grace. There are still people whose only words of English are: ‘Bobby Charlton’. Whereas with Gerrard, I guess the phrase they would think of would be, ‘How do you plead, Guilty or Not guilty?’

  5. smithy99 says:

    To even mention that wanker in the same breath as Sir Bob makes me sick. Venables is talking out of his arse.

  6. mrmyagki says:

    fuck england and fuck stevie me, the media will hype stevie me up and when england fuck up they will blame beckham!

  7. John Ferry says:

    OMG, I thought this was a joke, until I clicked the link to The Sun. Utterly, ridiculous.

  8. Colbert says:

    That was a great tribute video to Sir Bobby Charlton. God love him.

  9. Kings says:

    Terry Venables is a complete prick. Made me laugh at how the media lauded him as the man to win Euro 96 – tried to repeat 66 by playing all the games at Wembley but failed miserably. Gerrard is a cunt who is disloyal and is a mecenary. Sir Bobby is a legend and a total modest gentlemen who was a one club man and played for the love of the game and not money. He has won the big prizes at club and INTERNATIONAL level. At last years European Cup Final, he refused to put a winners medal round his neck, as he knew that it was the current crop of players who won the cup. Gerrard refused to let any of his team mates hold the European Cup when they won it in 2005. Total contrast in characters – one is a humble man and a great man, and the other is a self-obsessed fucking cunt. How dare Venables compare the two. Gerrard is bleeting on about how he wants to sign a contract at Liverpool for life, no doubt prompted by our constant abuse at him putting in two transfer requests. He can go on the charm offensive as much as he likes, but it still doesn’t mask the fact that he was initially lured by Chelsea millions in the summer of 2005 and 2006. Fuck off Gerrard.

  10. Johnson says:

    Venables always makes premature claims like this.

    In terms of achievement and what each respective player has actually done for their country, Gerrard falls flat on his face against Charlton.

    However, if Venables is implying that Gerrard is the Charlton equivalent in terms of skill, potential leadership, crucial goals from midfield, and general style of play, then he is right.

    Gerrard has the potential. Now he needs to deliver.

  11. smokebreaksteve says:

    Fuckin ell, the guy is a great player in a negative side.Constantly bailing out shit strikers with his strikes from midfield,dispatching excellent penalties and free kicks,albeit some of them awarded following dives by the great man himself that our boy Ronaldo would have been proud of.The guy is real Roy of the Rover’s material.But in my world, not cartoon fiction world,everyone knows that Gerrard wanted to leave Liverpool desperately.I know the same can be levelled at Ronaldo wanting to leave Utd but an arm round the shoulder by Sir Alex kept him at Utd although we all know the lure of Real Madrid will take him away at some point and from a personal point of view I hope it is at the end of the season.The reason Gerrard stayed at Liverpool is;
    1 Scouse gangsters had threatened to harm his Father (However unusual it sounds as the average scouser doesn’t know who his father is. I suppose the gangsters just went through the phone book and anyone who answered the phone under GERRARD was threatened with with losing their kneecaps if he went to Chelsea.
    2 A bright orange bird called Alex Curran sucked off a bouncer called Panacake in a toilet cubicle while she was buying her coke and the mobile phone footage will be touted round the redtop newspapers if he ever leaves Liverpool.

    Now I’m not a rocket scientist but if those two options were given to me if I wanted to leave my job and go to work for a competitor then I think I would stay where I was. Does anyone remember the press conference when he first announced that he was not going to Chelsea but was staying at Liverpool. Did he look happy? Did he fuck.

    Raphael Benitez recently signed a contract that allowed him full control of the club from first team to academy level. If he intends to implement his full control then I think he will sell Gerrard at the first opportunity as Gerrard is bigger than him at the club. Benitez is a control freak and will remember remarks by Gerrard a couple of years ago about the standard of the players not being good enough. Carragher is vulnerable as well in that respect.At the first sign of interest I believe that Benitez will sell Gerrard for silly money,not because he is not a great player because he clearly is but the last two weeks should have been Rafa’s saving grace. He will think he should have been in the headlines, not Gerrard. Gerrard is a fantastic player.Not even the most ardent Utd fan would deny that.But put him in a great side like Man U, Barca,Real Madrid and I don’t think he could perform so well.Big fish small pond syndrome.I really believe that if Gerrard was at at a club where a prolific striker constantly took the headlines it would wound his ego.
    As far as my two reasons for him not leaving Liverpool go before you dippers start ripping into me I work in Liverpool on a regular basis and the said information came from;
    1 A scouser in Netherley who knew Gerrard’s family. FACT.
    2 A scouser in Huyton who knew Gerrard’s family. FACT

    I have omitted to mention the fact that every scouser I seem to have spoken to over the last couple of years seems to doubt the paternity of Gerrard’ first child. Whether this ever becoming in the public domain has a link to him never wanting to leave a small club with big ideas like Liverpool who have a 44000 ground capacity and who can’t build a 70000 stadium because the price of construction has gone through the roof. (Funny that, I heard the price of steel had gone through the fuckin floor and all those dole cheat scousers who would be prepared to help as long as it’s not their signing on day must be cheap for cash in hand labour).
    Sorry I seem so nasty and poisonous but Gerrard is a good player but he is not a Zidane,Maradona, Charlton, Pele etc. He is gamesaver in a shit side. Put him as a playmaker in a top European side and I really think he would look ordinary.Kissing the camera at OT might have been one of the highlights of his career but does he not think that O’Shea and Tevez feel the same way. They scored the winner on their hated rivals ground but didn’t kiss the TV camera.They kissed the Premiership trophy in the May of the respective seasons.

  12. smokebreaksteve says:

    Sorry to be a bore but but I missed the original line of the thread before I started ranting and submitted my post. Gerrard has a fuckin long way to go before he has a chance to even wipe the shit off Sir Bobby’s shoe. Great players come in all forms and while some are flawed geniuses, Gazza, Maradona etc. some are also humble and dignified.No Utd fan can forget the dignity showed by Sir Bobby last May during the medal ceremony in Moscow while Peter Kenyon made a right cunt of himself.Equally, no true Liverpool fan ever slags off Ryan Giggs or Paul Scholes as they go about their business quietly.Far more successfull than Gerrard will ever be given his age but don’t do anything to spark debates about how good they really are.They just did it.Equally ,Carragher will never be hated by Utd fans as he just goes about his business too.Gerrard is dfferent.He has a supersillious attitude in all his media interviews. The present Liverpool sqaud need to remember that IF they do win the league it is a team effort because believe me, Steven Gerrard will shit on all of you and claim that every goal HE scored, every ASSIST he made won it for you. You might all think I’m a bitter MUFC fan but believe me Rafa will want him out of the door ASAP as every bit of thunder Rafa produces, Stevie Me will want the glory for

  13. King Eric says:

    Excellent posts SmokeBreakSteve. Its no coincidence that the show of “loyalty” from Stevie Me has come at a time when the dippers have had the best three results of recent seasons. If and when they fail to win anything again this season lets see how loyal he is then.

  14. matty87 says:

    Does anyone know why the charlton brothers fell out, apart from jack being a bit of a twat?

  15. smithy99 says:

    smokebreaksteve….Great couple of posts mate.

    Can imagine what ‘Mrs Stevie’ is like by taking one look at her, and if the G-Man wasn’t threatened by the Scouse Mafia he would, without a doubt, be playing for the Rentboys now.

    Also Peter Kenyon……he’s a sad little turd aint he……..

  16. smokebreaksteve says:

    Matty87,The Charlton Brother’s fallout was due to a row between Bobby’s wife and their mum.I didn’t know that myself but have just googled it.I always assumed that it was maybe a jealousy thing. Only an opinion but Jack comes across as a bitter man.

  17. TonyBee says:

    Alex Curran sucked off a bouncer for some coke???? Fucking hell … if somebody got the video footage of that for fucks sake put it on the web….

    Maybe we could sing about at oue next home game

    All together now….. (to the tune of yellow submarine)

    Alex Curran sucked a bouncer for some coke
    a bouncer for some coke
    a bouncer for some coke
    Stevies missus sucked Panacake for some coke
    and now its going on the web

  18. Jon at Just Football says:

    Jimmy Greaves went as far as to compare Gerrard to Duncan Edwards, which I found even worse.

  19. Chingar says:

    Remember that Sir Bobby and Nobby Stiles are the two only English players that hold a European Cup (now Champions League) and world Cup Winning medal!

    Matty87; the Charlton brothers fell out when Jack called Sir Bobby’s wife a “hoity-toity”. No, I do not know what that mean, but I reckon it means something in the range of “cheap” in old man’s English. No offence to any older men intended.

  20. OI says:

    Come on guys…the facts speak from themselves Gerrard is quality and he is on par maybe even better than Bobby…Plus i wouldnt go as far as to say Liverpool rely on him because when Liverpool dispatched United at Anfield he didnt play for most of the game as he was injured and came on at the end. As United fans we are some of teh most bias around. A blind man can see that Liverpool are a quality team.

  21. suhayl says:

    oi?????? gerrard aint worthy to lick Sir bobs boots.

    Flamin gerrard…scouse criminal


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