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Strootman Agent Confirms United Interest

The agent of Kevin Strootman, Chiel Dekker, has confirmed that Manchester United are interested in signing the PSV midfielder in the summer.

“All the top clubs in Europe know about Kevin, but a move to England next summer is his first priority and, yes, Manchester United and other big clubs in Europe have been in touch with me.”

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  1. Soccerisfootbal says:

    He is a good box to box midfielder, bright future ahead of him. Would be a welcome addition to the squad but i dont see him signing on unless we lose someone.

  2. bayoRed says:

    No story here. Just an agent trying to market his player. Too early for transfer rumours, especially Utd ones coz forget that we will buy in January.

  3. Andooo says:

    Looks like what we need this guy, a bit of presence about him. Something Carrick most certainly lacks.

    In other news Jesse Lingard is receiving quite a lot of criticism from Leicester fans. All unjust of course he has played a total of 50 minutes for them. Looking at pre-season and the few games i saw of the reserves last season I thought he looked like the best of the bunch. A real talent.

    Maybe this will help him develop but if it continues Fergie should just bring him back.

    Ungrateful twats in Leicester, i now hope they get relegated.

  4. YorYor says:

    Yeah, I was impressed by Lingaard’s play during pre-season too. Definitely looks like one to watch for in the near future.

    As for Strootman, I’ve not even seen him live before, not even Youtube, so I have no idea whether there’s any truth. Chances are, it’s standard agent’s marketing, making use of our name.

  5. YorYor says:

    Oops, Lingard. Had an eye on the recent entry’s link (Lindegaard Speaks Out) on the left!

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    This is complete hype by the players agent who has been building up the player for about 8 months now. I’m not saying anything about the player as I don’t have any clue, but I really doubt we are moving for him at all, and pretty confident it won’t be in January.

    Que the typical preamble to an upcoming window. I could see a defender coming in, but would fall over beside myself laughing if we brought a midfielder…… no not even Wee Wes.

    For you lads who are keeping score, we would have to sell 4-5 just to make room for all the rumors flying about. By my count, it is up to 10. Pretty sure we will only buy another defender if Vidic is still a doubt.

    Héctor Herrera (Pachuca) £9.50
    Victor Wanyama (Celtic) £12.50
    Wilfred Zaha (Chrystal Palace) £8.00
    Christian Eriksen (Ajaz) £8.00
    Angelo Ogbonna (Torino ) £8.00
    Wesley Sneijder (Inter) £24.00
    Leighton Baines (Everton) £18.00
    Adel Taarabt (QPR) £12.00
    Kevin Strootman (Ajax) £17.00
    Kurt Zouma (Saint-Étienne) £8.00

    Total £125.00 :lol:

    Right, Don’t be holding your breath mates!

  7. I_Wish_I_Could_Go_To_Old_Trafford says:

    Would a Nani exit in January require the acquisition of another winger? I still get the feeling he is on the way out. If Nani is sold and we we continue our history of injuries, I could see SAF going for another threat on the outside to support Young and Valencia.

  8. Henke17 says:

    wouldnt mind this fella. Also, I’m unhappy with Young to be honest, don’t think he’s United quality and Nani looks to be off in January.

    But, Kagawa can play left wing and Rooney’s really impressing with this deeper lying role.

    Strootman, Cleverley and Anderson with Rooney would be lovely i reckon. Valencia and Kagawa on the wings or Kagawa moving into Rooney’s position whenever he pushes up for a 4-4-2.

    Happy with that me :)

  9. invertedquestionmark says:

    Can’t be true, he’s not a forward.

  10. Ambubag says:

    Lads in all fairness,strootman is a huge talent,a perfect box to box midfielder,the truth is that football has evolved over the years,such that the more of these type of midfielders u have,the stronger your team.presently,manu can only boast of two,in,Anderson and cleverly.for me,strootman,oscar de marcos,wanyama,fernadinho will be fantastic aquisitions for d next generation manu.


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