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Styles Dropped After Costing United Points At Blackburn

Rob StylesRob Styles didn’t win himself any United mates after his failings as a referee cost United crucial points last weekend. United were denied two penalties, after Rooney was fouled in the box in the first half by Reid (his late reaction to the foul swaying the ref) and a blatant handball from Emerton, blocking Carrick’s on target chance in the second half.

It seems the FA have spotted Styles’ costly mistakes and he has been relegated from Premiership action this weekend, instead, set to ref Shrewsbury’s game against Chester in League 2.

Styles has shown his incompetence several times this season, yet the FA still entrusted him with vital games in the closing weeks of the season.

Styles booked Cristiano Ronaldo earlier this season for diving in the box against Middlesbrough, although replays clearly show that Niemi charged at the player making no contact with the ball.

At Anfield at the beginning for the season, Styles was the ref guilty of awarding Chelsea a penalty, earning the blues an undeserved point in a 1-1 draw.

Last month, he awarded a penalty against City when playing Birmingham, despite the fact it was the Birmingham player, Gary McSheffrey, who initiated the shoulder charge on Sun Jihai.

His demotion is all too little too late for United though…

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  1. Tom F says:

    I think referees should be fined and given bans more frequently than we seem to hear about. If one referee is not enough to officiate a game properly then some big changes need to be made.

  2. KIENU says:

    scholes was a joke! he shud not play vs Chelski and the return leg! where’s andy? wat the fuck wif rooney on the wing? n put psrk instead of a fit nani? joker!

    hargo or tevez shud take penalties…also hargo shud take freekicks! ronaldo shud not bossed everything!

    P.S : anyone knows where is david may and jesper blomqvist now? both retired or still playing? thanks!

  3. sker says:

    There will be games where we are 1 man down right from the start; last night at Nou Camp was another example, there was no way the referee was going to give a second penalty against Barca unless it was blatant and he had no choice.

    We have to be prepared for games like these and last night we did professionally and I am proud of the team not getting at the referee and concentrated on the games. Probably 90% of the calls were against us.

  4. Lukenestler says:

    Although Rooney was clearly fouled, he then clearly dived after realising he couldn’t stay on his feet. IT makes it a tough call but Styles was appalling for a lot more than that against Blackburn.

  5. MJH says:

    The worst decision on Saturday was not sending Rooney off for his lunge at Samba. Emerton’s handball should have been a pen, but the Reid – Rooney one? Never – Rooney’s theatrical dive about 10 seconds after Reid lightly brushed his foot was frankly pathetic – well done Rob Styles for seeing through that one.

  6. Mark says:

    Where’ sTom. F? Ronaldo best player in the world my arse. The fact that he’s scored so many goals in our league says more about the quality of the Prem than Ronaldo – it’s becoming a boring, predictable competition not unlike Scotland.

    The reason he’s trumped up to be the best in the world is because most of our media can’t see beyond our borders and assume that because he’s the best player for the best team in England, then automatically he’s the best in the world. Bit like they always overrate the England team.

    Balls. Messi is streets ahead of him, and before anyones moans that he was out of position last night Messi has played exceptionally well, all over the pitch, against all levels of opponent – something Ronaldo has yet to manage. Kaka is a better player, and if Ronaldinho and Henry weren’t suffering from dramatic dips in form they would both be miles ahead of him too. Another big game, another disappearing act.

    Credit to Scholes though, who I thought played excellently.

  7. smarties says:

    Must have waited all season to post that drivel on Ronaldo, Mark eh?

    He was our only beacon of light yesterday, out of position and not supported and still managed to trouble their backline. What did Messi do more? Did he have a telling contribution to the match? I felt we handled Barcelona pretty comfortable at the back.

  8. Anant says:

    piss off mark . you have no idea about football – stupid ignoramus wanker !

    is there anybody here other than me who thinks every club in the world is conspiring against us .
    they all obviously know he is THE best in the world at the mo , but keep talkin shit about him (eg – he dives, , cant score in bag games etc)
    eventually a day will come when the boy will get fed up by all this rubbish n pack his bags for la liga . then when he’s playin for barca the world will be singin his praises . its only us who have it all to lose!

  9. Tom F says:

    Mark-are you still talking?

    You have had your point but should stick to that one thread. Saying that you’ve probably posted more comments on this blog than any Blackburn blog?

    I think Ronaldo did quite well the other night, Messi was a much bigger impact one the game and did play much better.

    Last season, it was much closer Between Kaka, Ronaldo and Messi. This season I still go with the point that Ronaldo is the best player in the world.

    I am not saying it just because I’m a United supporter either! I think it takes a whole lot more than tecnique and skill to become the best player in the world.

    Messi is a player who I would love to see at Old Trafford (Playing for United ;) ) he has missed out on the title of best player because he has had less impact on games over the season and then there is the point that he has been injured a fair amount.

    You hate Ronaldo just because you hate United, If you came on here saying how you think Ronaldo is a very decent player but Messi is better, your argument would have credibility, but again you make your opinion sound like a piece of attack journalism.

    At this point in time, based on goals, threat, impact, skill, assists etc in all games Ronaldo is the best right now. Kaka yes, he’s up there, Ronaldinho, fair play but Henry… now you sound a bit simple.

    All this shit about Ronaldo not doing it in big games, well he Scored to knock out Lyon, the best team in France. He has scored against Arsenal a couple of times this season, against AC Milan when we played them in the Semi’s last year (before being deservedly knocked out).

    You’ve only come to comment on UNITED :D

  10. Tom F says:


    Calm down mate!

    Park is a more industrious player than Nani, he was put in for his work ethic and ability to break up play and get back an defend as well as break forward. In his last couple of starts he has set up 2 goals.

    Hargreaves and Ronaldo should vary free-kicks a little more for the simple fact that it works.

    Penalties? No fucking way. Why is it in the 2 times, once against West Ham and Barca the other night Ronaldo misses a PK and you and many before you want it to change? He takes amazing penalties and I hope you weren’t celebrating the penalty he scored against Arsenal a week ago.

    Rooney playing way back in our own half was a little frustrating but most of our team were doing that, bar Ronaldo… who has played as a regular forward in his younger days may I add? ;)

  11. sker says:

    If I had to choose a penalty to miss between this and the one against Gunners, I’d gladly choose this one. Going a goal up early in Nou Camp might not be a great thing :P and I will take a 0-0.

    Nobody can ever boast a 100% penalty conversion rate. Not even the best player in the world right now :)

  12. Raisnhell says:

    Tom F., great points mate. But lets stick to the actual blog i.e. Styles. He sucks ass and for his utter mistakes, I would like him to be barred even from the U-10 leagues!! Effin gob-shite he was!


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