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Suarez Opens Race Row… Again

Luis Suarez admitted to calling Patrice Evra a “negro” during an argument in last season’s game between Manchester United and Liverpool at Anfield. After kicking Evra in the knee, pinching him, and smacking him round the back of the head, Suarez wanted the FA to believe that he was calling Evra a “negro” in a friendly way, like he would call his black friends back in Uruguay. Obviously the FA didn’t believe his nonsense, given there was nothing at all friendly about any of the exchanges between Evra and Suarez that day, and he was banned for eight games

Speaking to Uruguayan TV about the race row, he blamed the FA’s decision to ban him on United controlling the politics of sport.

“Manchester United command the politics of sports in England. You have to accept, there’s no option.”

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  1. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    It contains only three goals but almost all are of special players who made impact in their United careers.

    I think the second goal is especially crucial. I think Rooney’s lost some of that raw talent. That ability to take people on and do something special. I still think he’s a really special player, but I haven’t seen him produce some magical runs like that in a long time. He’s really transformed into a proper striker but definitely lost the ability to run with the ball at his feet.

  2. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:

    I cant see what Mountinio would add to United? He is really decent but I dont see waht he could add in that we dont already have?

  3. Dazbomber says:

    Good morning any one going to the Open on Friday ?, carnt wait the rain is going away come on Tiger, Rory . Rip van winkle to sign soon

  4. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:

    Im going to throw it out there i hope we dont sign Van Persie. I dont think we need him.It will supress the development of Danny and Chico. RVP is a great player but with Rooney being our main man I like what we haev up top.

  5. Indian Devil says:

    Damn.. I want to watch these pre season matches but can’t as I don’t have internet connection at home and it starts at 11.30 pm IST which means it would be difficult to stay at office to watch that too.

    Shame that none of the channel is showing it live in India.

  6. Busby babes says:

    balaji yes m8 being english does seem to esculate their prices, and i dont doubt baines is’nt a good player just dont feel he’s worth 17 million, and just feel centre mid needs more attention. baines also offers alot in an attacking emphasis more assists than walcott/throw shearer into that has well:-) but 17 mill for a player who’s not a dead cert to start is questionable, when centre mid is more apparent. giggs12gerrard0 i feel mountinho would provide us with that creative element, good in possesion of the ball, can pick a pas.

  7. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    G12G0, I think the RVP rumors are just that mate. I don’t think we are foolish enough to collapse our wage structure by going for someone like RVP. We already have a few superstars in our team who are going to demand super-high wages. With RVP in the picture, it would entirely collapse. I think that is a completely non-discussion area for me. Never going to happen. Ever.

  8. Wakey says:


    But the French league is really very weak these days. It’s much like the Dutch league where it’s still living off its history and people still assume its a league that almost guarentees success elsewhere. Evidence however suggests that that’s not the case with most of the recent French league imports both to England and other top leagues have struggled. Even someone like Benzema took time to step up the many levels from France to Spain and the Jury’s still out.

    And I would suggest going from France to Spain is easier as perhaps the biggest hurdle for moving to England is the physical nature.

    And when it comes with Brazil perhaps it’s better suited for the swicth to England directly. Brazilian football has the rep about being all about silky skills but once you get to senior football Brazilian football is very physical and tough so that side of the game Lucas should be ready for having over 50 first team games under his belt.

  9. Wakey says:


    I agree on Moutinho. Decent player but strikes me as Europa spot challenging club not United level. Not even convinced of M’Vila either (and seemingly neither is Wenger) as I have never seen him take charge in a France International match. And I’m just not convinced that performing in the French league means much these days.

    As I said above it strikes me now like a league like the Dutch league where players really need to get out ASAP to fulfil their potential these days. Otherwise they need plenty of time to adjust to the better league. With Hazard at Chelsea I’m expecting a Mouluda situation where he might have a good first couple of weeks as new players often do but then may have a difficult 6-12 months once that wears off and he tries to adjust

  10. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:


    Completely agree mate, we can produce our own players of that ilk within. I feel we are at a point in time where additions need to be of the top draw standard.

    The more I see of Moura the more i like him, he looks the real deal. Shinji, Nani, Young, Valencia, and Moura could be the choice three to play behind A striker. It seems Fergie is setting up this 4-2-3-1 formation.

  11. WillieRedNut says:

    wakey – Disagree on Mountinho. To say he’s a Europa spot challenging player is bollox mate. He’s a quality player, who’s improved no end at Porto. Didn’t rate him at Sporting Lisbon. The lad has got his shit together since then, though. Don’t get me wrong on Moura, he’s a talented boy. An exciting player. The success rate of Brazillian players like him settling in England is few and far between. Too much of a gamble for me.

  12. WillieRedNut says:


  13. WillieRedNut says:

    Agree with Denton. Kagawa is more than a squad player. This lad will take people by surprise. One of the best attacking players in Germany last season.

  14. Busby babes says:

    wakey each to their own m8 but time is certainly on m’villa side regarding the national side he’s 22 and made in the region of 15 caps, has that tenacity about him and again good in possesion of the ball, mountinho europa standard, no dis-respect but he’s better currently than ando, cleverley looks a fine prospect and beleive he’ll come to the fore but jury still out, joao is only 25 and i beleive would improve further under fergies stewardship

  15. WillieRedNut says:

    wakey – Forgot to say, I do agree on M’Vila. Not impressed with him. Seems to have an attitude problem too. We should stay away from that one…

  16. Busby babes says:

    willierednut and thats why he’d be a perfect fit, fergie seems to get the best out of the tempremental one’s:-)

  17. wakey says:

    @WillieRedNut & Busby babes

    When I said Europa League I meant if he came to England. Yes he looks good Porto when I have seen then play but like M’Vila he seems to be hit and miss internationally. And again you have to look at where he is playing his football, Portugal isn’t a particularry strong league and isn’t a physical league which is why we have seen so many players from that league take take years to settle if they ever do.

    Busby Babes mentions Anderson for example but Anderson was one of the outstanding talents in portugal when we bought him, certainly considered better than Moutinho so is it simply a case that Moutinho looks to have improved as he is playing in a weaker league where he gets plenty of gametime while Anderson looks to have failed to improve because he is playing in a better league where even when he is fit his game time is limited.

    I’m sure perhaps as a squad player Moutinho would do a job but at 25 he is well past the point where if he was really going to kick up the number pf levels needed he would have moved to a more competative and stronger league already.

    The thing with Brazillians is we don’t see that many arrive directly from Brazil having been playing a fair bit of first team football. We see players who either were snatched directly from the Brazilian teams youth setups or who have arrived via other European countries usually ahving been snatched from Brazil before playing senior football.

    I do think if more made the trip directly from Brazilian first team football to England we would have a better view of them as their game is fast paced and physical which is just like hours.

    I guess what doesn’t help is what we are seeing with Lucas and we saw when we tried to by Costas that the Brazilian clubs do play hardball using the countries football hertiage (and the fact the players are usually tagged the next pele and the likes) to drive the price up so they often end up keeping hol of them until they have been in Brazil too long and have stgnated and their value falls when they end up at a second tier club usually in Portugal or spain

    @Busby Babes
    You say m’Vila is only 22 but thats also not young. To me he is perhaps a year or two too old as plying his trade in France those years have somewhat been wasted in his development. Some players move from weak leagues way too early and damage their potential but if you turn 22 and are still in a weak league it seems late.

    Admittedly he has only just turned 22 so it may not be too late but if we were going for him should have been last season when he was openly talking about dreaming of playing for us (especially as he seems to have started to get too big for his boots now, when Wenger shys away from signing players for their attitude its saying something)

  18. WillieRedNut says:

    wakey – We’ll have to agree to disagree on Moutinho. He played a blinder at the Euros. Against the cream of the crop of European football. Didn’t look out of place, I may add. Just because he hasn’t moved to a club yet, doesn’t mean a thing. That logic don’t fit mate. I take your point on the strength of leagues. It’s still a huge amount of money for an unproven player. He would need time to settle. No assurances he would settle in our league. I’m sure if signs(which I can’t see) we can debate this even more. If these bids are true, which we still don’t know, the club have offered fare money for him. A 3rd bid seems folly from our perspective. We can use that money for other targets we might have on our radar.

  19. Busby babes says:

    wakey to be fair m8 ando did’nt spend along duration of time in portgual if memory surves me rite were’nt much more than 12 to 14months?, and i beleive he got injured for 5 months so judging by that mountinho would come with more pedigree, 27 is regarded has a player entering their prime, i think he’d improve again coming here, he has the tools within is make up to prove is worth and under fergies stewardship i beleive that wud happen with regards to m’villa m8 i’d say 22 does’nt suggest to much evra come here older than that and not a regular fixture like m’villa’s become you could argue for the national side did’nt hinder is progress here.

  20. Mikekelly12 says:

    Evening stink holes
    Dembele for me! Just what we need. Left boozer at 1-0. Any change?


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