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Suck it up, Wazza

In October 2010, Wayne Rooney claimed that he would not be staying at the club because he feared that it didn’t match his ambition. Having just missed out on the title by one point the season before, following three successive Premier League crowns, he sounded more than a little foolish.

By the end of the season, United were champions again and Rooney even scored a goal in the Champions League final, again illustrating how premature he had been to write the club off.

He now has just 18 months remaining on the contract he signed after his U-turn, again claiming that he would stay at United for as long as they wanted him, but is reportedly stalling over signing a new deal.

With United currently 7th in the league and having lost 6 games by the turn of the year, Rooney’s reservations about the club’s ability to compete are actually valid this time. He is one of the best players in the league and no one could really begrudge him wanting to leave for a better side, particularly if we don’t manage to claim that vital 4th place to ensure us Champions League football next season.

However, what Rooney wants is fairly irrelevant at this point, because there is no way the club will be selling him this summer… unless it is made worth our while. In terms of financial reward, the compensation for letting Rooney join a rival would not be worth it. With two years remaining on his deal and the manager confirming he wanted to leave, the most any team was prepared to offer for him was £25m. Chelsea were the only club interested, and we should use that term lightly, because their bid was derisory. By the summer he’ll be another year older and have a year less remaining on his deal, so we would be able to demand £20m for him, if we were lucky.

Some people have looked at the £24m we paid for Robin van Persie at the same stage in his career as Rooney would be. The difference there is that Van Persie was the league’s top scorer and had just been named the Football Writers and PFA Player of the Year. To compare him with Rooney is meaningless.

Whilst people can rightly slate the Glazers, for all their faults they’re not stupid, and there’s no way they are going to let Rooney leave for Chelsea, ensuring their success and our demise, for a pitiful £15m-£20m. The only way you can see a deal being done there is if Juan Mata, who Mourinho has claimed is free to leave Chelsea, came the other way. Mata is an incredible talent, winning Chelsea’s Player of the Year for the past two years on the trot, and at 25-years-old, that would be a fantastic deal for us. However, with PSG sniffing around, it would be more difficult than it sounds to get Mata to Old Trafford.

So, without Chelsea being able to make it worth our while, it looks as though Rooney will be staying put. People may argue he would be a disruptive element behind the scenes, but the players have known he’s wanted to leave for three years, yet we still managed to win the title twice and miss out once on goal difference. Despite wanting to leave, he’s not been that disruptive.

Along the way, being forced to stay at United, Rooney will likely become the club’s highest ever goal scorer, beating Sir Bobby Charlton’s record. This is a feat he clearly is not all too bothered about, and something most United fans would rather didn’t happen, but this is the predicament we find ourselves in.

By the time Rooney was allowed to leave the club, June 2015, he would be just a few months shy of his 30th birthday. Given the way he batters his body at the end of the season, with booze, fags and unhealthy food, sensible clubs wouldn’t be offering him a lengthy deal. The chances of Rooney being a star player in to his 30s are fairly slim.

So that leaves him with an alternative option. Despite wanting to leave, he could sign a new five-year-deal with the club. He would still be on top dollar and the club would be more willing to let him go, if the timing was right, as they wouldn’t get fleeced on the transfer fee as he had more time on his contract. But then he also then runs the risk of being forced to stay here for a further five years, which doesn’t seem to appeal to him too much.

Rooney is stuck between a rock and a hard place now, and as much as I would like to say I have sympathy for him, I really don’t. Fantastic player, our most important this season by a mile, and here’s to his great form continuing! Chin up, Wazza.


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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. united till i die says:

    I don’t know where he’s getting all this confidence from that we will do all this business in the summer when he couldn’t land one of his primary targets last summer. The team needs 3-4 top quality players just to begin with yet he expects them all to arrive after a summer World Cup. Any player playing in the WC will need extra rest so won’t be available at the start if the season or even pre season. Then you have the bedding in period for players new to the league which if you’re lucky is only 1-2 months. I won’t even mention what’s going to happen when the players he wants has a successful WC and his price goes up further than it is now. If he’s smart he will sort 1-2 positions in January then another 1-2 in the summer or else he’s left with a spurs situation if 6/7 new players all trying to adapt at the same time.

  2. Only 1 Utd says:

    Asked by a Sunday newspaper if he would be making any signings, Moyes said: “I don’t think so. I think most of the business will be more towards the summer rather than January.”

    Crystal clear IMO

  3. Fletch™ says:

    Meanwhile, The Telegraphs Sam Rhodes has this

    @SamuelRhodes_ Real Madrid have agreed a fee of £12m with #MUFC for the transfer of Fábio Coentrão.

    Be havin some of that!!!! Get in if true!

  4. united till i die says:

    @ Fletch

    After reading the article I can only believe that he’s just putting out misinformation after the way Woodward publicly fucked up in the summer. He wont go public with any interest in players that way he has deniability if/when it doesn’t work out. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

  5. Only 1 Utd says:

    I think the fans deserve at least the effort of trying to sign a midfielder in January after the fuck up in the summer. Surely 25 million will be enough to land Cabaye. A top midfielder who would allow us to get rid of Anderson or preferably Cleverley(although unlikely cos he’s English)

  6. Fletch™ says:

    Probably all bullsh*t

  7. Only 1 Utd says:

    @ united till I die
    I hope your right mate.

  8. Gazzer says:

    Yeah, I guess that Rooney has “no right” to question the investments of the owners. However, if you want to get top employees (in any field), then YOU need to convince THEM that you are not a bunch of fuck-ups. If you don’t then don’t be surprised to see them want to leave.

    Perhaps you are the kind of person who acts like a good employee to his employer, but don’t assume that everyone else has to behave that way. I for one want top players playing for us, and I want them to be there because they WANT to, not because we’ve still got them tied down on their contract for the next 2 years.

    And one more thing – if other top players see us acting like dicks towards Rooney, do you think they will be more or less inclined to come here?

  9. Only 1 Utd says:

    Although on a positive Lingard is back and I hope he plays vs Swansea

    De Gea

    My team for sunday

  10. Tommy says:

    @ Fletch mate

    Poor reporting from the mirror, I will quote what he wrote in his prgramme notes before the spurs game!

    “The january transfer market is now open and we will be looking to try to improve the squad if we feel the right players are available. I wont do buisness for the sake of it and I do feel the market at the present time might be better suited to transfers in the summer, rather than january, but we will continue to try and make sure that if any of the right players become available, then we are in their fighting for them.”

    He wrote that to all the match going fans so does that sound like a man whos not interested in signing anyone in january, Now thats come directly from Moyes himself not some poor reporter who works for a 2nd rate newspaper!

  11. Tommy says:

    @Only 1 utd

    I might be wrong but isnt Lingard suspended, think he got a red in his last appearence atBirmingham, I dont know if hes served his ban or not!

  12. Only 1 Utd says:

    @ Tommy
    Yh I think your right tbh

  13. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    OMG!! pls get rid of cleverley, he’s a ghost in every match..he has 0 assists and yet he starts almost every game! Valencia is the worst and most predictable winger in the premier league, terribly one-footed..his opponents always knows he will push the ball towards his right foot and run-off with the ball..even his crosses are terrible and horrendrous, no end-product, never gets to a team-mate..some things baffles me, and he still gets picked for every game..he’s not flexible for a winger, too heavy and looks like a club-bouncer, and that’s the kind of replacement fergie got us for Ronaldo…I can’t help but laugh, its so fuckin ridiculous! He should be converted to a CDM, am sure he will make much impact in that position..pls,moyes should give Zaha and Fabio a chance, these guys need a couple of games to improve their match fitness.. Fabio coentrao is available for only 12mill,moyes should rush and get him, he’s 25yrs..and can offer much in both attack and defence unlike old Evra that does,’t track back,most goals we conceeded this season are from his position, leave Baines, he’s too old for that 25mil price, no resale value.

  14. ashtheking says:

    I said it other day and I will say it again, Our first priority this winter should be is to sell some deadwood players ASAP. Players like Buttner, Young,Ando dont have the future here. Its better they are sold. By doing this atleast we can give those chances to Young players. The time that Young is getting could easily go to say a Lingard. The time has come where Moyes realises to sell players who are not good enough or players he doesnt have plan to play. Let us blood some young bloods now if we are not signing anyone.

    Good win for Ole. But Ole has to prove a lot. One win and some are saying he is ready to manage to United. He may manage United in a 2 or 3 years time but not now. People always like to support the flavour of the month. People here were wanking for Southampton and when they started losing they went for Liverpool and How great they are, then they lost two matches people said Newcastle are awesome but they also lost then they went for everton and Martinez as the next Klopp (LOL) and when Evertone lost Points they said Tim Sherwood is better than Moyes. Then he lost yesterday so Ole is the Man. This has been the trend for the season. I saw a comment here where one said HE LOVES TO HATE MOYES UNLESS HE IS SACKED. This is the attitude of some here. They want Moyes to fail. Enough of this BS.

    I still believe we will be in top 4 come May. We may not win the tittle but We will be in TOP 4.

  15. John says:

    20LEgend says:

    @ Dela

    “Read your post in the other thread. I advice you to give it up. People would rather defend themselves than admit theyve made a mistake.”

    lolol…what mistake?..It is well known the selection of David Moyes was never a merit based decision. It was a belief of Sir Alex that the way David Moyes was doing his job in Everton could be trusted for the continuity at Manchester United. However, Tony Polis too did a job in Stoke to keep it in Primere league till he was replaced. They may be different but it is obviously comparative. I think both of you agree that the decision was largely biased because obviously Fergie thought it was essential to leave a marker by appointing someone British who may come good if given time and support. They both were great friends, both from Scotland and the apetite for hard work and desire to succeed was similar though completely different level. Furthermore, Fergi definetly believed Moyes would be under his supervision and progress gradually. I am not deluded to disagree with these facts like you both are acting as if David Moyes is far more important than Manchester United Football club itself. It is a shame really!

    Truth is, Sir Alex was a great motivator and far more visionary than moyes can ever be. He was very, very clever person as well. He always surrounded himself with great coaches and never was too dogmatic when he has to adapt with evolution of football except the humbling he got from Barcelona twice. He was bit dogmatic as well but I will say ego is a weakness of any human being in position of power. And that got better of him when he selected David Moyes.

    I think a winner like Sir Alex with motivation skill as his key trait and stability to support it and the adaptation skill with changing times is great trait. He is Undoubtedly one of the greatest managers of all time.

    What he had left for Manchester United FC was perfect set up for STEP UP, NOT ONLY CONTINUITY. This is the reason why we disagree primarily. Continuity of Sir Alex is simply impossible because you are asking for different person to adapt to become like Sir Alex which is deluded idea. Its like asking the first son of King who was great to become like him and continue his legacy. Sir Alex himself have said CONTINUITY is all expected from David Moyes. Mates, let me tell you both if it was that easy and possible than monarchy would have existed in lot many countries of this world not just a showpiece in England and few other countries in sort of ceremonial role. I think @Dela deflected well my comparison of Felliani and Paul Scholes as if I was trying to compare both regarding qualities as cm. Sorry mate, it was situational comparison and I am sure you are not deluded to think otherwise judging by your posts.

    No one is expecting a new manager to come in after Sir Alex and continue to win trophies straight away. However, Sir Alex himself said CONTINUITY was key reason behind Moyes appointment as he had left group of great mix of players both experienced and young with winning mentality and club provided 30 millions to moyes. He had whole pre-season to assess the players and make additions he sees fit and he did and who he bought? Felliani! Which position he said he was bought? Holding Central Midfielder! Remember this was a player who played half a decade under him in Everton and he knew his qualities. Please explain me what that tells about David Moyes??

    @Dela, no one is expecting team to blossom straight away however it has been whole preseason and 20 fucking games and the consistency has been INCONSISTENCY. This is a manager who is managing at Premiere league for 11 fucking years. This is a manager who won nothing and his playing style in Everton is known to all. It was all about hard work and motivation never was tactically astute. I agree he has done well in CL and CoC but testing time lies ahead. He never won away from home against top clubs of England and that has continued..How you explain the only victory against Arsenal? He is basically continuing what he did in Everton and we are where Everton used to be 7th at this stage.

    Re Roberto Martinez.. Yeah, Wigan got relegated under him but he also won FA cup defeating club like Manchester City. Also, you have to remember even Jurgen Klopp got his team relegated but the same guy took Dortmund to CL final, defeating Real Madrid. The difference here is of Vision, you cannot bet against Wigan coming back from Championship again had Roberto Martinez was still incharge. These guys think long term and have a definite vision, philosophy and playing style which they believe so much that they will be proven winner on long duration inspite of short term temporary defeats. @DELA and @20LEgend…please explain me why Everton CHOSE to appoint Roberto Martinez for STEP UP from David Moyes even though he had just relegated a team?..Everton chairman isn’t a fool, is he? The same guy who took 27.5 millions from us for Felliani against the cunny bastard Woodward. Even Dave Whelan thought Martinez was destined for United because he saw the behind the scenes job he was doing for Wigan. Roberto Martinez arrival in Everton from relegated Wigan was a huge step up and can be compared to David Moyes arrival from Everton to Manchester United.. However, you know the differences on playing style, don’t you??..He also proved/proving like Landrup and Klopp that shortage of transfer budget cannot be the reason for the way a team performs interms of style..this allows them lot more flexibility in transfer market with the amount they have because they look for quality they see fit in their style rather than namesake and quantity..the loan deals Martinez did was ASTUTE and please don’t shame yourselves by taking away the credit for his shrewdness in transfer market to proclaiming as if he was lucky…On the Other hand, reverse is the case re Felliani deal of Moyes and that tells a lot about manager!

    You know, the thing is there is nothing wrong in doubting whether we are on wrong hands with moyes as a manager…You just have to look at Arsene Wenger and Kronke in Arsenal that sometimes top 4 is all that matters to a team and atleast quarter final progress in CL…But is that acceptable to Manchester United fans? the answer is NO…and I don’t think we can even get the satisfaction like attractive football like Arsenal under Wenger under moyes EVER!!

    The reason of disappointment here is, we had good blend of players, well established coaching staff and we were few cm short from continuing the STEP UP from where sir alex left over..can you tell me when Pep Guardiola retires after about 15 years, he won’t surpass Sir Alex’s trophy haul??
    The great thing about Sir Alex was not only longetivity but he DESERVED to get it! It wasn’t for namesake!! However, Moyes is bit of clueless to be honest imo..he thought with more budget he is all set for united and what has turned out so far is he isn’t worth it…He has just basically continued the way of EVERTON at Manchester United..Whats the difference between Everton in past seasons and United so far?? That speaks volume in itself…

    Also, he may be given time which is a BIG DOUBT if we miss Top 4 this season..keep your faith and big talks as true red all you like but you cannot write off a sack if we miss top 4 this season!!..And, that tells you that this appointment is similar to Arsene Wenger case under Kroenke till the Stadium money was sorted..Ours is Debt!! But it is for fucking Glazers, whats for Manchester United fans??..And, there is no guarantee even if we will make top 4 this season. City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool are most likely to end up in top 4 places this season!!

    Let me tell you both as much as impatience is not good for club however, to get deluded and tell we are on safe hands when every facts and reality tells otherwise is far more dangerous to MUFC..Every time you guys end up with, SIR ALEX DECISION! When infact Sir ALex was himself thumped by Barcelona in such a manner that a new playing style was needed in our club but he never tried to address CM issue with venegance as it was clearly needed..that tells you about his stubborn nature which is responsible for his BIGGEST mistake in appointing moyes..being a chairman of LMA, he thought British Manager needs a chance and he got it wrong as proven so far.

    Do you guys think that clearing the players and letting David Moyes bring his own will make us competitive like we used to??..If anyone thinks so than he/she is deluded to the point of craziness because it will be suicidal for Manchester United in the sense that when the manager has already made the bunch of winners look like average players, trained players in such a way that injuries are non-story, bought players like Felliani, and hasn’t won against top sides bar Arsenal…so to trust this manager for long-term is like Arsenal scenario of last decade bar attractive football..and top 4 is maximum you can expect from David moyes!

    All in all, there is nothing wrong in accepting mistake and allow him to find his job he was worth actually if he misses top 4 in coming summer or atleast until next summer…but it will be a huge mistake to let this guy overhaul our squad because its like Everton in RED in making with only difference may be top 4 and few domestic cups sometimes and thats also maximum we can hope for..

    Don’t tell me, Martinez, Guardiola, Landrup, Klopp, even Mourinho couldn’t have done better job than Moyes when all of them were not absolutely getable back when Moyes was appointed and won’t be in future..the question is, WHY SETTLE FOR LESS WHEN OUR CLUB DESERVES MORE AND IT IS ALL POSSIBLE?…

    It won’t be liked here much, I know, but I will go as far as to suggest that,, since transfer budget is no pull as claimed by moyes himself, sir alex and woodward time and again,, NOT ONLY Pep Guardiola is capable of CONTINUITY but actually he is FAR BETTER tactician and would have done STEP UP instead of CONTINUITY than SIR ALEX HIMSELF!!!!!Come at me now, all you like, but this is something I honestly believe and I am sure I am not alone on this!!

    Mourinho too have WON trophies…just imagine Moyes in charge of present Chelsea side and imagine the conequences..Now @Dela will come up with WE ARE NOT CHELSEA overreaction but of course we are not..but there are group of players and there is a manager as well..forget the clubs and swap the manager, you can see the DIFFERENCE if you are not deluded with red tinted glasses you clearly wear and think its a crime to take it off sometimes even when you have to!! Go outside of UK and see the worth of clubs like Bayern Munich, Barcelona and compare with Manchester United…Those clubs are also have unique set up like ours in their way..BUT change of managers won’t affect much and they DONOT allow manager the POWER to act like they are bigger than the club..if the manager isn’t worth it then he goes..Its not that you will get Sir Alex anymore people! There were managers sacked even in our club after Sir Matt and before Sir Alex, WHY??

    BECAUSE they WEREN”T GOOD ENOUGH!! However, they were given time to prove they weren’t..I AGREE!! DIFFERENT TIMES!! GOOD OLD DAYS!!..Financial situation, competition and once a dip hits, it means its DIFFICULT to get back on track these days..So the decision should be made on manager history and his SO FAR situation in his new club…his playing style, vision, his transfer record, everything comes to picture!! No one is asking David Moyes to go right now..but till the summer should give us a idea on what is coming in future?? It isn’t so optimistic, is it?..If there are better choices like Klopp, Martinez, Vaan Gaal, Landrup, Solskajer and all, then there is nothing wrong in thinking a change may be good!!

    @Dela…How come media isn’t important when the same media got AVB sacked this season??..It is the link between fans and club?..would United be what it is without the projectiion from media?..The Global attraction enjoys is because of not only what club does but mainly because of it gets projected LIVE all over the world..So to blame media is just ridiculous!..Everyone knows its VITAL HOW A MANAGER HANDLES IT!!

  16. John says:

    Also, there is no guarantee STABILITY breeds success..IT, of course, HELPS but it is just one of the important factors of success..

  17. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Of course Rooney would be a big loss just like Ronaldo was but the club will exist and advance. Do you LOVE this idea of Rooney whining about somethinv every 8 months? You think its good for the club? Should we excuse him simply because he’s playing very well for us? Double standards galore on here. If Cleverley was the one whining, we’d call for his replacement immediately but its fine with Rooney because oh he’s playing well. Rubbish. Giving Rooney another rise is setting a horrible precedent for yrs to come. Why should one player dictate what the club does and does not do? He whines about bringing in talent. When the talent comes, he whines about no longer being top dog even though we won the league title. What the fuck does he want again? Great player but as soon as we get a foreign offer for him, we have to take it. I’m done with whiners. Only people who want to be here should play here. I will stick to my guns on this issue right or wrong.

  18. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    The only conditions under which giving roo an extension is fine is if he promises to stop whining and we can no longer be sure of that.

  19. John says:

    David Moyes says re Van persie:

    “‘He played one game against Newcastle. I think if I’d brought him off, you people (the media) would be the first to say, “What are you doing? You’re 1-0 down and you’re taking off your top goalscorer”. I think that answers it.

    ‘The next game (against Shakhtar), he pulled his thigh taking a corner. I think most of the time we have looked to do things correctly.’”

    @Dela…mate, look how the media affects. Even our won manager makes decision based on potential media reaction!! lol

  20. samuel - united WE stand says:

    What like yaya toure whined before he got his own extended, like iniesta did before he signed? Like ronaldo did before madrid paid up? Most big players have an ego and it’s never easy to keep or bring these calibre of players in.. Get used to it.

  21. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The way moyes is dismissing the january window, anyone would think the garden is rosey and the club is progressing.. Fergie could dismiss it as he is a managerial genius capable of motivating a slug into being an olympic 200m athlete. Moyes has not got the same authority, he can’t afford to be as indecisive as he was during the summer window and neither can he go around bringing in players that do not fit the standards of the club.. He’ll hardly get much so spending well on the right players is paramount. The world cup is in the summer, most players would want to wait till after the world cup and that will only start a bidding scrap that united will never win. Moyes needs to identify quality now and start doing his shopping early. He needs to realise he is not in the position to start dictating the window, he’s dragged the club to 7th and has his work cut out trying to attract players.

  22. Maltamanc says:

    Any transfer news ? Or is it still gonna be Deadwood United for the remainder of the season ? Moyes get a fuckin move on.

  23. Jacques Muller says:

    So it is confirmed that we will not get anyone this window. Darn. Seems like we have to wait till summer for that 30 mil move for Gibson

  24. Maltamanc says:

    Great news this morning no transfers……. If Moyes insists to keep making a total fool of himself and be happy with seventh place than so be it….. We’ll be screaming Moyes Out at the top of our lungs this summer.

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    And as i’ve said, i’ve found every moyes press conferences,pre or post match interviews very drowsy. He needs to get a fucking grip of himself and start thinking big as a manchester united manager should do. All.these bollocks about “we will try” irks me.. United want to break down the barrier, moyes gives the impression of trying to.leap over it like a butterfly. His mentality and playing philosophy.need changing big time, you just wonder if he has an in-built winning mentality like most top.managers do. He seems too conservative, too acceptant of what he sees rather than pushing for extra.. He has the likes of fucking ed woodward bouncing him around, he looks like a machine for the glazers to drain even more money out of the club. It’s all well and good bringing younger players, it’s part of the wonderful tradition of united but no big club can sustain top level with bringing top players through solely, you have to mix it both and the club needs to find a balance.

  26. fmahtar says:

    another trick for more money by stretford IMO.

  27. Tommy says:

    Anyone interested United are in the mercedes Benz under 19 6 a side tournament in Germany, Wilson and Perrara in a very strong squad

  28. Maltamanc says:

    It’s funny that Bayern have signed Lewandowski when clearly they don’t need him and Sir David Moyes is happy with a deadwood ridden squad. If he wants CL football he should buy at least a decent player in every department especially the MF coz we will never make it with Clevzzzz, Fletcher, Ando, Giggs and makeshift MFs like Jones.

    I know some dickheads will say ‘Oh you’re a plastic, go support Bayern’. Well I will always support Man United come what may, but I’d rather compare us to Bayern than to Everton, so fuck you in advance.

    Remember no one is bigger than the team, not Roo, not Becks, not RVP, not David fucking Moyes, not even SAF. So cut the bullshit with extra chances and sentimentalism.

  29. Tommy says:


    Lets get one thing stright its not him deciding not to buy players, its the owners

  30. Maltamanc says:


    Well he’ll be footing the bill if things remain as they are.

  31. Scott says:

    Maltamanc – You are clearly mental if you think David Moyes is happy with this squad.

  32. ThymmEde says:

    Even the worst coach in the EPL will still be able to give us 7th place position. Many fans keep complaining that the squad is weak (which is true). But we shouldnt forget that these players are champions on more than one occasion. Has DM been able to bring out the best in them? The answer is NO. The squad is so low in confidence, injuries everywhere. There is nothing special about Moyes, he is not even ready to improve. He can’t attract quality players, cant even make any shrewd signings, his comments are boring nothing to cheer about them. Giving myself a break on this Moyes dude, makes me sick.

  33. Gazzer says:

    I wish he hadn’t got rid of all the coaches.
    I wish he had told woodward to go take a flying leap.
    But he didn’t

  34. Maltamanc says:


    Is he going to do anything about it ? No…. AC Milan signed 2 free transfer players who would have been healthy additions to our squad (Adil Rami and Keisuke Honda)…. Couldn’t he at least try and get similar signings ?

  35. Gazzer says:

    So, here we are again, struggling without Wayne Rooney.
    Anyone want to tell me that he’s an overpaid ingrate?
    You want us to do a 20-year Liverpool slide before you might come round to thinking that he’s worth every penny?
    Name another top European side that relies on one player quite so much. (and no, I’m not talking L:iverpool and Suarez!!)

  36. Carlos Santana says:

    Don’t make too much out of moyes saying he won’t be involved in the Jan transfer window. What is he supposed to say,” Woodward did me wrong last time so, I therefore don’t trust him.” ? The best thing he has done is stay quiet. I cringed every time he use to mention fabergas.

  37. iamMatty says:

    Tommy says:
    Lets get one thing stright its not him deciding not to
    buy players, its the owners

    If I were owner who just got 27mil ripped off me for fellaini in the same window where kevin strootman, thiago alcantara, gustavo, paulinho etc moved for way less. . .and cabaye was available for 7mil less at the minimum, I would lock my purse too, put it in a safe, go for a vasectomy and hide it very far away from david moyes. Aint our top target 30yr old leighton baines from guess where? EVERTON!!! For what? 20mil!!! Ferking 20 ferking millions.
    I know the glazers are american business mugs, but I congratulate them on this, well thought out. We don’t need more fellaini type signings or a liverpool andy carrol/stewart downing kinda transfer disasters.
    Let’s see where david moyes takes last years champions to first.
    If he can’t get the barest minimum of champions league football from a team that walked the league last year, or the best from 3national team record scorers, the ex best player from the bundesliga, players who are known for their winning mentality and constant craving for success then surely he doesn’t deserve and wount get the treasured transfer warchest of oldtrafford.

  38. Mark Haslam says:

    What a mess we are in. Firstly United should have kept hold of most of there coaching team. And with Fergie stepping down surely David Gill could have stayed on for a few more years. Its all been too much all at once. I’m really sorry but Phil Neville isn’t good enough to coach a club of this size. Steve Round is another inexperienced guy. And how they replaced our goalkeeping coach Eric Steel with Chris Woods is dam right embarrassing to say the least. Its great they have Giggsy in there as a coach but he needs experience around him in that department not Phil Neville.
    Moyes would have fitted in the the club nicely if kept the coaching team in but to dismantle the whole structure is just mental. Basically he has just ripped out the heart of the club. Everything fergie built and replaced it with inexperienced Everton staff who have no idea how to run a club the size of United. The board should never have aloud this to happen. Fergie built that structure and all Moyes had to do was to inherit it. As for main topic Rooney well it is clear he is an awesome player. He is on the verge of being United top scorer of all time and when on form he is unstoppable. Woodward needs to sit down NOW and sort this mess out. If Rooney leaves we can safely say we are ruined. Give the lad what he wants. If he doesn’t want to stay tell us fans and go public that Rooney wants to leave and the club have offered him what ever he wants to make him stay. It’s just shocking Moyes and Woodward cant sit Rooney down and get him to sign a new deal. If they cant do that between them, then there is no hope at all.

    I’m a very worried fan at this minute in time.


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