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SWEAR WATCH #4 Lee Mason Caught Out

April 19th 2011
13. Player: Cheik Tiote
Game: Newcastle vs Newcastle United
Time: 63 mins

Told the ref to “fuck off” after conceding a free kick

April 19th 2011
14. Player: Peter Lovenkrands
Game: Newcastle vs Manchester United
Time: 65 mins

Said “fuck off Michael” to Carrick in front of the referee after Carrick won a freekick.

April 20th 2011
15. Player: Jack Wilshere
Game: Tottenham vs Arsenal
Time: 55 mins and 90 mins

1. Told the referee to “fuck off” after conceding a free kick
2. Said “fuck off” in relation to a decision against him

April 23rd 2011
16. Player: John Marquis
Game: Willwall vs Preston
Time: 54 mins

Shouted “I fucking love you” after scoring which was audible thanks to the camera.

April 24th 2011
17. Player: Daniel Sturridge
Game: Bolton vs Arsenal
Time: 56 mins

Shouted “what the fuck’s that for?” repeatedly at the referee for awarding a freekick.

April 25th 2011
18. Player: Gareth Barry
Game: Blackburn vs City
Time: 29 mins

Shouted “fuck off, that’s fucking shite” at the referee after getting booked.

April 25th 2011
19. Player: Chris Samba
Game: Blackburn vs City
Time: 40 mins

Shouted “fuck” after putting a header over the bar.

May 1st 2011
20. Player: Jack Wilshere
Game: Arsenal vs United
Time: 23 mins

Called Patrice Evra a “fucking prick”.

May 1st 2011
21. Player: Wayne Rooney
Game: Arsenal vs United
Time: 39 mins

Told the referee to “fuck off” after getting booked.

May 1st 2011
22. Referee: Chris Foy
Game: Arsenal vs United
Time: 45 mins

Said “fucking hell” after he got in the way of the ball for the third time.

May 7th 2011
23. Player: Ashley Young
Game: Aston Villa vs Wigan
Time: 17 mins

Said “fuck off” after scoring.

May 8th 2011
24. Player: Chris Mulumbu
Game: Wolves vs West Brom
Time: 59 mins

Shouted “fuck off” at the referee after being booked.

May 8th 2011
25. Player: Jack Wilshere
Game: Stoke vs Arsenal
Time: 14 mins

Told Dean Whitehead to “fuck off” after he tackled him an a freekick was awarded.

May 9th 2011
26. Player: Chris Baird
Game: Fulham vs Liverpool
Time: 88 mins

Told the referee to “fuck off” twice and stuck his fingers up at him.

To get in touch with the FA you must first register as a fan. Then you can contact them using this contact form.

Feel free to use any of the above information to write to the FA or use the message we sent below.

Wayne Rooney was recently charged with breaking Law 12 which relates to “using offensive, insulting and/or abusive language”. Referee Lee Mason claimed in his report that if he had heard Wayne Rooney swearing he would have sent him off.

On April 10th, Charlie Adam was clearly seen by the television camera saying “fuck off” in a game between Blackpool and Arsenal after 57 minutes. Video footage was not used after the game to charge Adam and ban him for two games though.

On May 9th, Chris Baird told Lee Mason to “fuck off” twice and stuck his fingers up at him. Why didn’t he get sent off? This is a clear breach off Law 12, no video replay is needed as it wasn’t only the viewing public which saw this happen, but the referee himself.

Law 12 does not mention a camera, whether a player is swearing directly or indirectly at it. We have recorded 26 incidents since Rooney’s incident where players have broken Law 12, yet none of them have been punished by the referee or the FA. For some of these incidents, video footage would have been needed. For others, the referee heard the “offensive, insulting and/or abusive language” but did not hand out the red card that the football law requires for this offence.

Are the FA still encouraging the Respect campaign? Or is it only Wayne Rooney who is answerable to Law 12, which I repeat, makes no mention of a camera.

Will the FA admit that they made a mistake in punishing Rooney when every other player guilty of breaking Law 12 since hasn’t even received a yellow card, let alone a 2 match ban. Or will the FA and referees continue to show clear double standards?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. squishthemick says:

    Lee Mason is a c*nt

  2. Giles Oakley says:

    That’s a two match ban for you squishthemick, you naughty boy.

  3. Vikesh@RFFH says:

    Just sent it off now mate.. good job!

  4. FULLARD says:

    i think i’m banned for the whole of next season after my disgraceful outburst last sunday night.

  5. bobbycharlie1968 says:

    Jack Wilshere really is a horrible little cunt isn’t he. Did anyone see him trying to be all hard against stoke? Was fucking hilarious, like watching a deformed 19 year old who plays for a bottlers club fighting against…oh wait…

  6. bobbycharlie1968 says:

    Jack Wilshere really is a horrible little cunt isn’t he. Did anyone see him trying to be all hard against stoke? Was fucking hilarious, like watching a deformed 19 year old who plays for a bottlers club fighting against…oh wait…

  7. CedarsDevil says:


    You have it all wrong mate, you see the FA are a fair and organized governing body. They did clearly say that it was only not allowed to swear directly into a camera, other wise its fine and acceptable.

    Give them guys at the FA some credit, after all they work hard in wording things which are utter bull shit

  8. I AM NOT A MAN says:

    Fucking Arseholes

    Cowards and attention seekers who are stealing their salary as they are in no way qualified to act fairly on anything. Biased fuckwits.

  9. The situation says:

    While I appreciate swear watch, and shows us all once more how inconsistent and retarded the fa are, I’m afraid it’s not going to make any waves

  10. MG says:

    Breaking News:

    The FA are to ban Manchester United FC senior and reserve teams in order for chelsea to have one final chance at winning the premiership

    It has been alleged that the FA secretly used MI5 in order to infiltrate the United home dressing at OT – and they found that at half time during the chelsea match that the level of swearing and abuse by SAF was unacceptable – they also found at the end of the match that Manchester United FC proudly boasted that not even Webb who had been clearly bought out by the FA – or presumed to be by MUFC could not stop United winning on the day – the FA categorically deny this and have issued the following statement:

    The FA find it absolutely humiliating that Manchester United would go to such lengths to accuse them of having Howard Webb on the take. We commend Howard and his assistants on a brilliant game -

    We deplore the accusations from Manchester United FC that Ivanovic was not sent off

    We do not accept that Frank Lampard should have been sent off for a blatant penalty shout that was clearly not given – we commend the actions taken by the referee

    We also are horrified to learn that JT who we would like to remind the country is the captain of the three lions being the fourth did not trip Valencia for a penalty which was clearly not given. We are investigating that Valencia should be given an extra 10 match ban for diving.

    The FA find it disgusting that Manchester United have yet again cheated and used violent means to win a match – whilst we can also confirm that a special committee have been set up to look at the goals scored by Javier Hernandez and Nemanja Vidic. If the committee finds the goals to be unacceptable Manchester United shall be docked the points and they will be automatically transferred to Chelsea

    (The committee consists of Steven Gerrard Tony Cascarino Andy Townsend Jason Cundy Gary Cook – the hearing will be heard in Abu Dhabi for security reasons – due to the threat of intimidation and violence from ROM members)

    The FA shall permit Manchester United to use there Under 17 team for the remaining 2 matches

    David Bernstein


  11. Redranz says:

    @MG – our U17′s? Come on mate, at least give Chelsea a chance…


  12. MG says:

    The FA wishes to make it clear that Sir ALex and his staff will be permitted to play against Blackburn and Blackpool

    In the interest of fairness and impartiality – the outstanding reasons to why the FA is so great ;) The FA also wishes to acknowledge the situation at the FFF and would like to state that for the final two games Manchester United may use as many blacks and Arabs who are not associated with the club to play the final two games.


  13. wayne says:

    fa don’t give a fuck i’ve sent 7-8 emails just get the same form letter back every time,just some smuck sending the correct form letter to each different complaint

  14. MG says:


    FA do cut and paste better than anyone else in the world


  15. Kevin says:

    I think we should forward this case to SAF and make up a case to have legal action taken by FA citing wilfull sabotage or something. This can be used to show unfairness and that should teach them not to mess us. They never admit the ref gets it wrong and then force the refs to change their reports to suit their motives.
    As someone said…We do what we want. We take what we want and we win what we want!

  16. Alexander Danling says:

    Didn’t anybody hear Adam’s “FUCKING ME!” after he scored the penalty kick vs. Spurs? I didn’t report it since I thought it was too fucking obvious, somebody else HAS to report it.

  17. Mes says:


  18. Giggs fitness says:

    MAY 10th Republic of Mancunia yet again show how pathetic they are not being able to distinguish between swearing down a camera on purpose and being caught swearing in the background by a camera.
    What Rooney did was unique, un-parralleled. The only thing that has come close was Drogba in the Champions League. These other swearing incidents are wrong of course but are completely different. They aren’t being forced down the throats of the millions of TV viewers like Rooney did. If you said “oh by the way Tiote what you’re about to say is going to get caught on camera he probably wouldn’t have used the colourful language, Rooney chose to, the ban was harsh (a fine was worthy imo), but it’s still clearly different and this straw clutching almost 2 months after is poor.
    You’ve just rightly won a 19th title and are in the Champions League final after some great football and you’re still harping on about this garbage just because it happened to your precious Wayne. The whole world understands the distinction, time for you Man Utd fans to understand and move on too. We all know swearing exists in football, remind me all the times a player did what Rooney did?

  19. kanchelskis says:

    Lol. Chris Mulumbu?!

  20. kanchelskis says:


    Giggs fitness: What was that?!

    Everyone else: The point.

    Giggs fitness: Ah damn. I missed it.

    Everyone else: Yup.

  21. Giggs fitness says:

    I’ll just leave this here Kancehlskis

    I’ve said all I need to say. Don’t worry, spotting the distinction between what Rooney did and all these examples wont make you any less of a Man Utd fan, just a less ignorant one.

  22. MG says:

    Giggs fitness

    What a fucking cock

    Swearing is swearing if the camera and the sound bars pick it up it’s swearing

    You cannot distinguish Wayne Rooney’s fuck to anyone else’s fuck – the fact that you are saying you can makes you the biggest fucking cock this side of the FA

    And for good measure let me prove it to you – I’ll call you a fucking bastard for the sake of this demonstration – will you write back to me and say that what I have said to you would nowhere near be as offensive as if I had called you a fucking bastard to your face?

    Please don’t take it the wrong way – I did call you a fucking cock though to which you may be offended or not – but calling into question the integrity of the ROM well makes you a cock

  23. Silverspoon says:

    #Swearwatch Milner vs Everton. 25th minute.

  24. dannyB says:

    giggs fitness

    leave it mate. You disagree with Scott’s opinion which means, under rom rules, you’re completely and utterly wrong (despite the fact you’re spot on)

    The problem is that none of the above directed any of this towards a live tv audience, unlike rooney’s outburst. unfortunately, most of the morons on here cannot understand this distinction

  25. Louis says:

    I agree that swearing into the camera is worse than swearing on the pitch, but

    1] Is it worse than swearing at another person, particularly the ref?
    2] That distinction isnt made in the rule book and it is unfair to arbitrarily decide who gets banned and who not. If you want to change the rules, thats fine, but dont ban people before you tell them the new rules. Otherwise, you may as well not have a rule book at all and just ban people on a case by case basis.


  26. MG says:


    I’m a moron so i’ll call you a fucking bastard – and then you’ll say that’s ok MG because calling me a fucking bastard here isn’t the equivalent to calling me a fucking bastard to my face – correct?

    Fuck off moron and take your fucking band of moronic morons off to planet moron and go fuck your moronselves together – that a moron

  27. CedarsDevil says:

    Morning MG

    I see you took good care of business my friend…..

  28. King Eric says:

    dannyB – Who are you calling a moron? Fuck off you silly cunt. Read the fucking posts Scott has put up since the Rooney debacle and then see who the morons are. The fucking FA for making rules up as they go along.

  29. CedarsDevil says:

    Morning King Eric

    He’s probably a bitter or one of them followers of the rent boys. Agreed though, he is a cunt

  30. dannyB says:

    i’ve read all the posts you moron and you know something? they’re moronic like you

  31. CedarsDevil says:

    Hello dannyB…. I am assuming you are not a RED so my first question is what on earth are you doing here? Secondly you presume posters on RoM are morons, of course we are, we are all nut cases here.

    Now that you have stated the obvious you may piss off. Thank you

  32. Vishal S says:

    Are yu from that board at FA?.. The report clearly said Rooney was charged because of use of abusive language. Where the fuck did it mention about live telecast and all the shit yu trying to prove ur point?? Morons are people like you and those in the FA. Making a mockery of ourself out hea.

  33. wiuru says:

    Got to the point now that i understand all the arguements , but dont care because the FA has and always will do what it wants ! Have a good day lads .

  34. MG says:

    Afternoon Cedars

    dannyB came back one last time – obviously he couldn’t respond to me man to man because he knows his argument is all fucked up – I actually love proving my points – if I am moronic for proving a point that no one can question – then I am standing and very happy

    What a lovely day it is – a little humid but lovely indeed :)

  35. mojo289 says:


    The moment you can show us the official rules stating ‘the use of offensive language’ and ‘directed at a television camera’ is the moment we’ll start agreeing with you. Until then, we have a right to be annoyed.

    Common sense dictates Rooney’s actions were wrong, we aren’t denying that. We do take issue when the rule used to punish Rooney isn’t applied to any number of incidents since. Directed at the cameras or otherwise is irrelevant due to it not being stated in the rules of the game.


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