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Taking Campbell Back From Tottenham?

Frazier Campbell has scored three goals in his last two games for Tottenham Hotspur, getting a brace against the dippers last week.

After a storming season at Hull, helping them achieve promotion as their highest goalscorer, as well as providing the assist for their only goal in the play-off, it has come as no surprise to many that Campbell is now turning heads in the Premiership. After United turned down permanent deals from Wigan and Hull, both offering around £7 million, a loan move to Spurs seemed ideal. We got Dimitar Berbatov, as well as enabling our up-and-coming striker to get Premiership experience. Perfect.

With the games coming thick and fast with January onwards and United already having some ground to make up, Sir Alex Ferguson has suggested that he may bring Campbell back to the club in a couple of months time.

“We could pull him back in January,” said Ferguson. “We have the option and it is a possibility. He is a good player but we needed to get him first-team experience.”

Do you think Campbell should stay put or return?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Shannon says:

    I think he should return asap.

  2. Dee says:

    Though it was a season long loan?

  3. Unibrown says:

    Pls u people should cambell back to man.u

  4. yiddsy says:

    we will give you your 30 mil back and you give us Berba back how about that!

  5. tel says:

    stay there and get a few more games.. if tevez cant get a game for us how the fook will campbell

  6. jamos9 says:

    We could do with someone to sit on the shoulder of the defender’s, as our front 3 drift all over the shop and there’s usually no-one to get thetap in’s, but as Tel said before;Tevez cant even get a game so i doubt it’ll happen!!

  7. SULLY [South Africa] says:

    Yiddsy but the problem is uhm Berba dont want to play for you lot anymore. Dimi is a class above you lot. Dimi wants to play for the reigning CHAMPIONS OF ENGLAND and CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE. THE PRIDE OF ALL EUROPE. THE TEAM ABOVE ALL TEAMS. WE ARE SIMPLY MANCHESTER UNITED.

  8. Shannon says:

    Sully, yeah, simply

  9. Shannon says:

    Campbell is a Man U player. That is where he belongs.

  10. spud says:

    As much as Frazier is obviously a class player, It sticks in my throat that spurs are doing utd a favour by giving the boy premiership experience, only for Ferguson to take him back at the end of the season, or in January.

    I would rather he went back to Man Utd now, if he is going to go eventually. I hope that spurs buy Defoe back, or someone very similiar in January. If Utd are willing to sell Campbell to us then great, if not then send him packing to sit on Utd’s bench behind the other strikers they have got. Lets stop doing Utd a favour, after all they have not exactly treated us well in their pursuit of our players.

  11. Londonderry YID! says:

    Sully, you say “THE TEAM ABOVE ALL TEAMS”, last time I looked at the table Chelsea and Arsenal were above you, 8 points clear. Real Madrid are THE PRIDE OF EUROPE, thus the reason Ronaldo wants to go there. But hay, don’t let SIMPLE facts ruin your day. Yes Man U are good but their fans are numb nuts who don’t know how to support their team. The Silence at Old Trafford during games is deafening at times. As for Berba, your welcome to him. Just wait til he is dropped and you’ll see the man for what he is, a World Class Sulky, Lazy git. Be under no illusion if Madrid show any interest in signing Berba he will do to you what he did to us (went on strike) in order to get his move. As for young Campbell, he’ll be wearing a Spurs shirt again next year.

  12. Scott the Red says:

    Londonderry – when was the last time you looked at the table? I don’t remember Arsenal being 8 points clear of us this season…

    Campbell is only thinking about United. He has said numerous times he wants to return… or are you planning on trying to hold on to another player who really wants to play for the Champions of England and Europe?

  13. jsos says:

    londonderry – oh, are you doing us a favor taking campbell? hmm, seems with his goals for your team and top form we are doing YOU a favor. not sure how a player scoring you goals to try to rescue you from your miserable start is a favor from you to us, ai?

    bitterness becomes you, mate

  14. Shannon says:

    Yes, Londonderry Yid, it saddens me but I agree that Sully is an embarrassment to all Man U fans AND to all South Africans. Poor idiot.

  15. AJ says:

    It would be better for us and frazier if he would stay at spurs for the whole season as some mentioned above he will get more games at spurs and that will give him more confidence and experience than sitting down at united’s bench all season waiting for someone to get injured.

    but fergie doesnt change his words so campell could return in january.

  16. Mic says:

    We should take him back, Spurs will bring in a new striker and no doubt he’ll drop in the pecking order, I sort of wish we could give him a chance but the striking talent we have in Berba, Rooney, Tevez, Manucho, Welbeck etc… there’s not many openings.

  17. Shannon says:

    Campbell is better than Rooney, Tevez and Berbatov. He should be back at Old Trafford where he belongs!!

  18. Hughsie88 says:

    lets not jump on the campbell bandwagon. he’s played less than double figures for spurs and scored 3 or 4 goals. he’s got talent, but he’s still to properly prove himself in the premiership.
    what worries me is the reason for us bringing him back… we let him go because he had rooney, berba, ronaldo, nd tevez, and now there are strong rumours circulating that tevez is off in january… opens the door for a recall.

  19. denton davey says:

    Hughsie – Fraizer Campbell did very well in the first game of the season, that home-draw with Newcastle. He combined well with Tevez and should have had a goal but his header hit Shay Given smack in the gob and the ball bounced away and was cleared. Obviously, this cameo made it more appealing for Spurs to ask for and get him as part of the last-minute bargain for Berbatov. Considering how sleazy their bargaining tactics were last summer, I think that SAF would just love to “do them one” even if it inconveniences ‘arry Redknapp, his drinking buddy. So, if Tevez goes off to Madrid in January – not unlikely, methinks – then Campbell would be the first reserve striker, ahead of both Manucho and Welbeck.

  20. Shannon says:

    In fairness, denton daey, SAF picking up Berbatov at the airport and hiding him under a dog’s blanket was quite sleazy in its own right, eh? hahahahaha

  21. Yiddsy says:

    Sully what you seem to forget is Berbatov only went to you lot cause of CL,What happens when you get thrown out of uefa comps due to the vast amounts of debt you are in! Campbell to sign a perm deal with us in jan at a club where he will feel wanted and will play week in week out.Oh also go and support Orlando pirates or some other team in africa you plastic manc!!!!!!

  22. Scott the Red says:

    Yiddy – you are scarily deluded. Campbell doesn’t want to sign for Spurs lol. He is using his time there to get valuable experience to establish himself at United.

    “I’ve had various meetings with Sir Alex and I’m in his plans for the future. Hopefully I can get some experience, come back and get a place in the team. This season I hope I can get in the team and hold down a regular first-team place and score a few goals, but mostly learn from the experience.”

  23. yiddsy says:

    He has also said that he has to make the right desicion for the sake of his career,does Danny Webber ring any bell’s?

  24. Scott the Red says:

    Yeh, Danny Webber who scored 3 goals in the Premiership against the likes of Watford. Hardly comparable to Frazier Campbell who’s scoring goals to knock Liverpool out of a cup is it?

    Campbell is a red, he wants to stay a red, Ferguson wants him to stay a red… why the fuck would he sign for Spurs? lol.

  25. OTRed says:

    @Shannon, lay off whatever you’ve been smoking, Campbell better than all our current strikers now, yeah right.

    To the deluded Spurs fans, i actually used to think you were better than Arsenal and Chelsea, but you cockney lot are all the same, i guess its something in the air over there that makes you all deluded. I agree Campbell will still be in a Spurs shirt next year as he’ll still be there till May 2009.

  26. yiddsy says:

    the same as Klinsmann Sheringham, Berbatov to name but a few thats why he will be a Spurs legend,also you need the money thats why, old red nose said what he did to make us bid for him,your telling me you will turn down 10 mil… Thought not!

  27. Red-Manc says:

    spurs fans have now turned into bitter ABU’s, its fucking hilarious everytime i read one of their posts.

    stupid cockney gobshites.

  28. denton davey says:

    The fact of the matter is that Fraizer Campbell is a reserve-player for Spurs – he didn’t start today, ahead of either Bent or Roman P. That pretty much sums up his status – and his present ability. Imagining that he would get a game ahead of Berbatov, Rooney, or Tevez is seriously delusional. If he progresses – and we never know about that – he just might be as good an EPL player as Jermaine Defoe but no one in their right mind would imagine that he could be considered in the same breath with, say, Fernando Torres or Adebayor or Drogba or Anelka or Rooney or Berbatov or Torres or Santa Cruz or Obafemi Martins and the list could be extended. I reckon his upside is a solid journeyman EPL player – that’s not bad but it’s not “world class, either”.

  29. Shannon says:

    I say Fraizer Campbell is the best striker in the EPL and Ferguson agrees! Man U MUST get him back!

  30. suhayl says:

    Shannon….please do not use the term man u. Man u is a derogatory term used by opposing fans for s..i dont have time to explain its history..but please use manchester utd..utd or something else.

    Yiddsy fuck off you prick..champions of england and europe….fact clown.

    And yes we do have 400 mill fans all over the world…..shame you fuckin dont. And dont come on here calling our fans plastic…fuckin yid….sy..


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