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Tevez Celebration Was Directed At Media, Not Ferguson

Much has been made of Carlos Tevez’s celebration following his goal against Manchester City at the weekend, but his agent, Kia Joorabchian, insists the player was not disrespecting Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ferguson has clearly shown his faith in Tevez, starting him in the League Cup final, the European Cup semi-final against Arsenal, as well as the derby, taking Wayne Rooney’s place in the team.

Joorabchian reckons that Tevez wanted the media, who haven’t rated his scoring abilities, to hear the chant calling for him to be signed by the club.

“He wasn’t protesting about United,” said Joorabchian. “Before the game he said: ‘Someone told me there was an article in the newspaper about me last week’ and I said, ‘Yes, there was and they were saying you were not a prolific goal­scorer.’ So he said: ‘I want to know where the pressbox is because I want to go and show them my ears if they wrote that.”

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  1. costas says:

    Sorry but i am not buying it.This wasn’t the first time the media have critisized him for his goalscoring ratio.This reminds me of TNSSO’s excuse after he signalled to the dippers to be quiet at the Carling Cup final.He also said it was directed towards the journalists.Anyway,there are 2 weeks of the season left.It would be a blessing if everyone on Tevez’s camp put a lid on it until then.

  2. Maik says:

    All this talking about his celebration is nonsense. Anyone who’s watched Tevez for more than a year knows that he’s done many times, and that he copied it from Riquelme, one of his idols, when he was still at Boca Jrs. This way of celebrating is directed at the fans, but not in a negative way, it’s only to tell them to shout more, etc. In fact, it has become quite common on Boca’s matches.

  3. Quinton_Fortune says:

    Is KIA running scared that the club isnt gonna put an offer in for him now…..

  4. terry08anelka says:

    There’s a lot of interest in Carlos, but Carlos has always been very focused and very concentrated,” Joorabchian told Sky Sports News.

    “For the respect of the team, the manager, the club, and the fans, we have to stay focused on finishing the season on a high.

    “This is how he’s always been. He wants to do the best he can.

    “He will let the season finish and then sit down and evaluate the situation.”

    If this is rue why is he seaking to he meia evryday?

  5. G The Red says:

    Agreed costas, there was an article I read recently in which Fergie said there was no one to sign on the radar. I think what he’s doing is testing Tevez’s character until the end of the season and then if he keeps producing then he will be our one and only signing. Like you said though he needs to keep a lid on it else fergie will lose paitience and we will go after someone else. He’s walking a tightrope allowing talk of him potentially moving to Liverpool. I also think i’m the only one who didn’t mind Ronaldos reaction. In the last 6 weeks I think he’s shown all the passion that he wants to stay, the game died when he was subbed, if he’d stayed on we would have scored four!!

  6. jcolas says:

    @ Maik
    You’re absolutely right about the celebration. It was not in anyway meant to be negative towards SAF or UTD. Plus if you look at the picture that was posted earlier, SAF thinks it’s amusing and Tevez was looking further to the right and higher where the pressbox is.

  7. whiteknight03 says:

    It makes me think all these Tevez related stories have been Joorabchian’s doing all along. How does Tevez speak to the media anyway…he doesn’t know a word of English, and apparently people say he’s not that eloquent in Spanish either.

    There’s speculation that MSI are scared because in the summer Tevez becomes a “free agent” and since he’s not signed to any club he’s able to move on a Bosman. I believe United and any other club trying to sign him will use this to push the price to somewhere in the 10-15 mil range. That’s 15 mil straight out of Joorabchian’s pocket.

    It is also worth mentioning that Tevez isn’t going to get that much interest from Madrid because of their elections this summer. The candidates always tout their Galacticos…and Tevez doesn’t fit that bill. With no Madrid to inflate the price, there’s another drop in profits.

  8. Mauly says:

    @jcolas: thats is exactly how I read it… Let’s stfu now.

  9. Drabik says:

    Is it true about him becoming a free agent? Would that mean MSI wouldnt have any connections to him and Tevez could sign with no strings attached?

    How funny would it be if Fergie had a secret deal with Tevez, saying he’ll sign him for free when his contract is up?

    Also, what language does he speak, I thought spanish was the main language in Argentina?

  10. five says:

    He speaks spanish, so does JS Park!

  11. Kevin says:

    That is the seating chart for Old Trafford and you can clearly see the grey shaded area over the dugout. If you look at the picture of Fergie laughing at Tevez it is clearer not directed at the bench but higher up and to the right…the grey shaded area of the press corp. He was clearly on a mission for multiple reasons but he is playing for a contract.

    The price for Tevez should be around 20 or so million. However, based on what United payed for Berba, is Tevez not equal in importance to United and in performance to Berba and therfore not also worth the 30+ million? The Berbatov deal is a bitter sweet thing for me because it has created problems but also gave us a fantastic player with bags of skill. For me Tevez is worth it and is a fantastic player for our club. We let great players go when they are not working hard, not contributing or have a gained Fergie’s wrath. I realize the circumstance and the price we may have to pay but for me it sends the right message, especially if Ronaldo leaves. I hope both player remain at United but if they both want to leave let ‘em. Rebuild a team around Rooney, Berbatov and Anderson so we can all move on.

  12. steamdigit says:

    i dont think fergie will put up the cash for tevez! there is no way that it is just about money. think about it, we have never really let money stop us before if we felt the player was good enough – remember the number of players we have signed over the years?

    as long as sir alex feels that the player is good enough for the team, he will spend the money, regardless. rio and carrick are the two most salient examples – remember what millions of fans said about the money spent on these two? :)

    of course there were not very successful ones too like Seba.

    seeing which, if tevez has not been offered anything concrete by now, we can probably see him off to another club. sad, but true.

  13. Lambo says:

    Lets face it we cant afford him

  14. whiteknight03 says:

    Yes Tevez speaks Spanish, but Vickery was saying that he’s not the most well spoken person…even in Spanish.

    I don’t think there’s a secret deal, nor do I think he will be free from MSI. What I was saying is, he doesn’t have a contract with another FIFA recognized club therefore TECHNICALLY he can sign for whomever he likes without that club paying a transfer fee… a Bosman. He is owned by a third party MSI (Kia Joorabchian) This gets hazy because there’s a reason Tevez is just on loan and we didn’t just buy him from West Ham. There are also rules banning third party ownership which is why Sheffield United successfully sued. None of these issues have been resolved, just postponed until the summer. The waters are muddied enough that a club could probably file court proceedings or threaten to and stall and delay and negotiate enough to drive the price down to something like 10-15 mil. Just my theory.

  15. Marq says:

    Finally the Sun puts up an article which makes a bit more sense. It says the contract that Tevez has with MSI was like the one in the pre-Bosman era. Meaning it was binding without length of contract, making Tevez a “slave” under the mercy of MSI. United was said to be trying to challange the validity of the contract, and if successful, Tevez can be signed for free, ala Bosman style

  16. corea says:

    i didn’t believe he disrespected SAF in the first place. but who knows what is happening out there behind the scenes and i thinks it’s better for us to postpone the issue till after the CL Final.
    But we are here to talk about things and even if we don’t have enough cards on our hands we just do it. that’s the nature.

  17. Dennis - Malta says:

    For me all these media reports are just scam….so as to sell there papers more.
    I stand by what United always said, that transfer matters will be settled when the premier league is over.
    For me this is just so as to unsettle both Ronaldo and tevez, maybe they will do something foolish or not play well.
    The media is always against United… matter what they do!!!!

  18. jespermoses says:

    Fuck the Sun…….ABUs

    Celebration directed at the press….boom!

  19. ajopaul says:

    I couldnt see the match, though in the highlights tevez made quite few attempts at goal. This shows the lad is hungry, and will give his heart out to get us winning.. wish we had him next season too.. sigh!!

  20. cantona7 says:

    this case is a lesson to all the other players, never let another individual to have the rights to your financial.

    anyway i liked the celebration. it connects the player and the fans. if only i was there, i would have shouted “Tevez I love you” haha

  21. steamdigit says:

    by the way, anyone knows if any footballer under ferguson’s rule has ever left the club and joined another to record even better successes? how many of those are out there achieving greater things?

    can someone please enlighten? cheers!

  22. rite$h says:

    Hope it was reaaly at the media, and not to the board or SAF, else he’s a goner already. The answer may lie in todays match, if he plays i.e.

  23. costas says:

    steamdigit i think that Ruud and Becks have won some La Liga titles with Real.But usually it’s downhill after you leave United.

  24. Drabik says:

    Ruud has won la liga twice, becks once. I’m sure they would both rather have the successes that we’ve had since they left. I think Pique will probably win la liga this year too, and will probably have a lot of success if they manage to keep their players.

    Other than that, I cant think of any major successes.

  25. costas says:

    Was Stam part of the Milan team that won the Champion’s League in 2003?Or was he elsewhere?I can’t remember.

  26. salford red says:

    This is rubbish, we should have learnt our lesson with the argy bastard Henize and now we’re being taken for mugs again by Tevez. Everyone still chants his name calls for us to sign him up, well he has openly stated he’s happy to join Liverpool or City. That in my book is pure disrespect to the fans who have supported him so much. He’s selfish and simply not good enought to play week in week out as our number one striker.

  27. Stephen says:

    Costas he was still at Lazio he signed for Milan after Euro 04.

  28. Marq says:

    Well, to be fair to Tevez, he only said he wanted to stay in England, never implying he would be happy to join Liverpool. That piece of news was created by the Sun, without any quotes. City is another thing altogether, because they are the only club now capable of matching Kia’s obscene selling price. Honestly, I think most of us would not be that really angry if he does go and join City, instead we’d probably be bemused. At least I will feel that way. Heinze was different, he was forcing the issue to join Liverpool, hence we feel the betrayal

  29. Red-Manc says:

    Players have ALWAYS celebrated goals in this way, i dont see how people are making it out it was a gesture to Fergie or United, Rooney has done it before and so has Ronaldo so whats the big deal?.

    ARGENTINA! Hope he signs for us.


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