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Tevez: Ferguson The Best Manager

Speaking to Fox Sports Latin America, Carlos Tevez has today revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson is the best manager he has played for, as well as former Argentina coach Marcelo Bielsa.

“I know Ferguson really doesn’t want to lose this title race,” said Tevez. “I think Ferguson and Bielsa are the best managers. I know Ferguson didn’t have the best relationship with me but together with Bielsa, those two are the best managers I had. Paul Scholes is the best professional. Him, Rooney and Giggs, I have no words. They were excellent to me.”

Tevez has repeatedly spoken of his desire to leave Manchester City but after no clubs met the asking price has been forced to stay put. Despite Mancini initially claiming Tevez would never play for the club again unless an apology was forthcoming, the manager has performed a U-turn this week. I wonder how willing Mancini will still be for Tevez to play for the club again following his snub in favour of Sir Alex.

Translated by Mundo Albiceleste

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  1. Warwick says:

    Well I never!
    Fergie Fergie don’t sign him up

  2. dannysoya says:

    errrr DUH carlos. We know he is the greatest manager ever. Nice of you to say though but we need you to do a job for us at city when you return. It is time to carry out the final phase of “THE PLAN”.

  3. CedarsDevil says:

    So kettle neck has a brain after all does he? Tell us something we do not know you twat.

    To me this is just an indirect dig at his current club and their manager

  4. AlphaRS says:

    The TRUTH always comes out in the end…!

  5. wiuru says:

    Based on previous statements from Carlo$ . Why should we believe anything he says ?

  6. Costas says:

    Fuck off you troll.

  7. Musthy says:

    Well done Tevez

  8. CedarsDevil says:


    I echo your sentiments, 100% to be precise

  9. edcunited1878 says:

    As much we hate/dislike Tevez, that 07/08 Manchester United team was the best squad in some time. Talent, confidence, depth, strength, speed, passing, work ethic, amazing backline in front of VDS. Goals from all areas of the pitch, my goodness that was an amazing season all around.

  10. elly wanda says:

    i feel wth u carlos,bt dnt mind,God lives

  11. Giggs12Gerrard0 says:


    Bang on mate 07/08 was as good a season we have ever seen.

  12. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Tevez……. Still part of Fergies plan for Global domination = The Stealth United! :lol:

  13. CedarsDevil says:

    For me personally the best three sides under Fergie are as follows…..

    1- The 93-94 team

    2- The Treble winning team of 99

    3- The 07-08 team

  14. WillieRedNut says:

    Separated at birth? Kia the pimp and Gizmo from the Gremlins. :lol:

  15. huntaaar says:

    I don’t trust a word he says. Probably just trying to make sure he doesn’t have to play for the bitters again. Dosn’t mean he means what he’s saying

  16. baddie says:

    Tevez is bipolar isn’t he.

  17. chenkothedevil says:

    U don’t even need to say that CT bcuz the world knows you just try to expose yourself.

  18. James21 says:

    Telling Us? We already know he is Kettleneck.

  19. Redlife says:

    Watching all of Ronaldo’s goals on MUTV just makes me sad. In 2008 we had our the best forward line we’ve had in many years. Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez. All class players, all scoring goals. Good times.

    So it’s a shame to have to say this. I’ll repeat what Costas said. Fuck off troll. You blew it.

    I’m looking forward to 2012/13. Hopefully, everyone will be a year older and a year better. Welbeck, Hernandez, Rooney, Cleverly and Jones etc etc.. We have a hell of alot of potenial, we just need a Scholes replacement. If someone can fill his boots, hard job, but we could have a golden generation to be even better than 2008.

    At 38, still controlling the game. Scholes has to be the best English midfielder since Robson. What a player! How good is SAF to recognise he could still cut it, even after 6 months in retirement.

  20. redevil_83 says:

    yup. i really could not give a flying fuck on this issue. bitters deserve it.

  21. Jamesw says:

    Who’s that twat from Argentina ?
    Hope he goes back to city ! We can just stand back and watch the fireworks ! haha I’m sure ballotelli has some left over

  22. MG says:

    Mancini is a whore he wants this title bad and is shitting himself knowing United are right behind even now with all the shit that has happened to us, so is willing to let Tevez in the team to have a go.

    Tevez is a bastard and will never be anything other than – he joined city for the money and one trophy in x years proves it – the fact that he’s lost out on 9.3 million over the course of this season for not playing is an eye opener and proves that Tevez was just in it for the bullshit.

    City fans deserve everything because they put a poster up telling us where to stick it

    Well go fuck yourselves – chickens coming home to roost and all but in this instance they are riddled with disease

    We’ve put up with loads of shit this year we are not giving up our title to a bunch of fucking assholes like them lot without a fucking fight.


  23. MG says:


    That Treble team was magical – for me that was it – I was telling my seven year old yesterday about it – and he kept on saying he remebered – er born in 04 I kept on telling him to no avail – what a laugh it was…

    It all started when Yorkie was on tv – that year was purely thrilling on so many levels

    In such circumstances I wish that I had lived through the time that The Babes graced – what a privilege that would have been

    For outright football – if that 07/08 team had carried on we would have been battle hardened against Barca but i guess everything has to change and evolve

    As for the 93/94 team well no words can describe the heart and soul that the team had – if it wasn’t for them – we would not be here today – they made it all happen… Manchester United owe a lot to history and to The Busby Babes but after that to the 93/94 team

    What a blessing…

  24. CedarsDevil says:


    All I can say is……. What a blessing indeed

  25. CedarsDevil says:


    Another thing, I bet that conversation with your son must have been hilarious. I could just picture it

  26. Yustaq says:

    too late to appreciate as it’s too late for daglish and the racist looserpool
    Keep Fucking wit your mate and confused manager

  27. MG says:


    We live to tell these stories that are passed on to us that we can now pass on ourselves

    And one day they will understand what it really means to wear the shirt.


  28. parryheid says:

    Making yourself available to play and actually playing is another,if he is with the squad he will spread poison.Bonus.

  29. Brendan says:

    Good lad Carlos , winding city up again, he says fergies the best manager and mancini treated him like a dog yet city’s taking him back tomorrow, it laughable!!

  30. utd_fc says:

    Knowing Mancini, Tevez could say pretty much anything under the sun, and he’d still have Mancini calling him back.

  31. Hans says:

    I believe that deep down, Tevez wishes he never left United. One day he will admit that!

    As for Mancini, He probably feels that he does not have enough to beat us so he is welcoming the scar-face back.

    Shitty are very lucky team. Despite our injuries, we should have been at least 5 points clear (Blackburn and Newcastle at home)!

  32. HV says:

    hopefully eriksen is coming to OT this summer!

  33. Redbilly says:

    Tevez is blatantly having a dig at city. Ironically and he’s too stupid to realise it. He speaks the truth re SAF and the team. It’s just that his intention is to have a snide dig at mankini. Interesting to see if mankini reacts . Not to this but the being treated like a dog statement. Although to be fair to mankini……..

  34. Robredv says:

    Mancini is not stupid but carlos is. He will be watching and will undermine – grudger is he

  35. King Eric says:

    Bore off you fat ,lazy golf course lounging cunt.

    RedLife. Can’t replace Scholes mate , simple as that.

    Cleverley and Pogba can hopefully go along way to filling the gap though. Get Jonesy in there as our destroyer and we are good to go. We can get another four seasons out of Carrick as never depending on pace or running about. His intelligence and positioning and reading of the game is his game.

  36. King Eric says:

    Bore off you fat ,lazy golf course lounging cunt.

    RedLife. Can’t replace Scholes mate , simple as that.

    Cleverley and Pogba can hopefully go along way to filling the gap though. Get Jonesy in there as our destroyer and we are good to go. We can get another four seasons out of Carrick as never depending on pace or running about. His intelligence and positioning and reading of the game are his strengths.

  37. tom says:

    Rooney for English capital.

  38. Darry says:

    Rooney is best man for the job.

  39. red_bicycle says:

    Does he want to return to shitty or united? :D
    He lost his mind, definetely!, to snub his own club this way.
    If any united players did this,or if this cunt is a united player, I bet Fergie will not even look for him after he come back from Argentina.
    Let see what Man Ciny will do. Disgrace!

  40. Utdfan says:

    Tevez added a strong element of attacking danger for us especially with his work rate and excellent passing or dribbling; but as a human being, I guess its better that he is no longer with Man Utd cause his disruption in the dressing room would have devastated our TEAM spirit.

    But Hey !!! we’re glad City decided to make him their icon especially the welcoming poster cause that really shows how much class they have and the general statement where ” Birds of a feather tend to flock together” is truly applicable here !!!

  41. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Can imagine all the Citeh fans and Mike Sumerbee chocking on their toast this morning after hearing that! Well done Tevez said it how it is. Will be very very interesting when he brings out his biography.

  42. CROoney says:

    was disappointed that things didnt work out with beilsa – he’s a true expert

  43. Milesplattingred says:

    Fuck you chewing gum neck. You are nothing but shit on the shoe of world football.

  44. Redbilly says:

    I hate city but this gut really is a cunt. Full if contradictions . Wants to play fir shite then inadvertently insulting his manager and team mates. Fuck he’s an arsehole. If shitty gave any self respect as a club they will not play him.

    I fully expect him to to out in a shift fir them this season .

    I bet those shit-hey supporters are stamping out the flames from the tevez shirts, just in case.

  45. Muhayat says:

    Always happen: we value more something when it disapeared!

  46. mara says:

    Fergie sign him up! PLEASE :) hahahahaha

  47. thiago says:


  48. largedonnerinnaan says:

    In full agreement with his regard for Marcelo Bielsa. Watching Chile playing at the last world cup was a pleasure. The attacking adventure and endevour that team showed was awesome. Possibly a little too much, as the bookings mounting up chasing back to defend eventually caused their demise. For half an hour while they still had 11 men on the field they embarrased the world champions elect. With a few more world class players at his disposal he could have done great things.

    Bielsa for United… I wouldn’t say no.


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