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Tevez Has Been Offered A Deal!

After the final whistle in our 2-1 victory over Wigan, Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed Carlos Tevez has been asked to stay after meetings with David Gill took place earlier today.

“He is a fantastic little player,” said Ferguson. “He knows I want him to stay. I have had a chat with him today. David Gill has had some meetings today and it has progressed, I’m sure, further. We hope we get what we want to get. I’m sorry to have to keep on with this all the time, but it has never changed. We are not negotiating with a football club, that is the problem. I think Carlos himself is okay. I think the terms he has been offered are good.”

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  1. luke says:

    off teamtalk….

    A spokesman for Tevez’s advisor, Kia Joorabchian, has denied Manchester United had made an offer aimed at keeping the Argentinian at Old Trafford.

    In a statement, the spokesman said: “It is true David Gill came to see Mr Joorabchian and they had a cordial meeting.

    “It is categorically untrue that Manchester United made an offer to try to persuade Carlos Tevez to stay at the club.

    “In 2007 Manchester United agreed a two-year loan deal for Carlos Tevez and at the same time agreed the terms that would make the transfer permanent.

    “They have not taken up that option.”

    Wtf is goin on !?!?

  2. SteRDLK says:

    If the rumours are true and we can get him for free, then yes

    If we would have to pay more thn £20m, then no, he simply isn’t worth it, although todays goal was priceless. What a pass by Carrick, for Tevez amazing flick, no matter what Gray, Tyler and Keys said about it being a shot. You can see it in Carricks eyes he is passing.

    At least we now know Fergie and Gill want him to stay though


  3. keanesmagichat says:

    saw that too luke.. i reckon he will stay after it all..its just brinkmanship going on… if united want hi9m to stay, he wants to stay..he will stay… in fairness what a finish.. he takes to the pace of a game straight away.. really is a player we should be looking to keep

  4. luke says:

    i sure hope you’re right keanesmagichat !!!

  5. BAMF says:

    And what does this mean for a deal for a true striker? Someone like Diego Milito, or Karem Benzema. Maybe Kun Aguero? (A kid can dream) Personally, I’d take all of them over Tevez just because they offer something different. Dont get me wrong, I love the lad, but the only way to incorporate him into the team is to push Rooney wide. While Rooney seems to on out there, I cant help but think how much better he would be playing through the middle with someone like a (mature) Nani on the left with CR7 cutting in from the right.

  6. Drabik says:

    I hope Tevez does stay. He can be a legend here if he stays. His work rate, his occasional brilliant goals, and his passion for the game will surely make a permanent name for himself if he stays for many years. I really hope that Gill and the team get it sorted. Kia is a prick, we all know that. Hopefully we wont hear any more from him after all this is sorted!

  7. FailsworthDevil says:

    Just seen that twat Kia on sky.. and he aint giving nowt away…

    I tell ya the blue noses will cough up an extra £10m than us to try and get Carlito…

    I hope Carlito tells that Kia Twat where to go and signs for us..

    Oh well we shall see… but that Kia and MSI are fuckin crooks… and if we can get Carlito somehow for free… then lets hope so..

  8. denton davey says:

    Well, his display today did nothing to lower his value ! His goal was just brilliantly taken. And, he sure added energy and shape to what was a very, very disappointing and disorganized first sixty minutes.

    Most of the players gave up the ball too easily and too often – SAF took off the two worst offenders when Giggs and Tevez were brought on for Scholes and Anderson. Scholes, in particular, seemed to have lost not just one but two or three steps; he was woeful. Anderson is better as an in-your-face harrying midfielder than when he has time on the ball – go figure ? He was supposed to be a great offensive talent but so far he’s been better defensively.

    Valencia ? No thanks – but Rolledaga (or Rodellaga or whatever) was a dynamic presence in his lonely role as lead striker. What a pest !

  9. dubred says:

    he better fukin stay

  10. costas says:

    I want Tev to stay but i don’t want us to get emrboiled in a legal battle with Joorabchian.Tevez will not play for a while.

  11. TheJoker says:

    Just watched Sky Sports News and they had a phone call with Kia himself, and HE said no offer has been made… so its still mixed messages.


  12. Unitedblogger says:

    from soccernet:

    A spokesman for Tevez’s advisor, Kia Joorabchian, tonight denied Manchester United had made an offer aimed at keeping the Argentinian at Old Trafford.

    In a statement released to PA Sport, the spokesman said: “It is true David Gill came to see Mr Joorabchian and they had a cordial meeting. It is categorically untrue that Manchester United made an offer to try to persuade Carlos Tevez to stay at the club.

    “In 2007 Manchester United agreed a two-year loan deal for Carlos Tevez and at the same time agreed the terms that would make the transfer permanent. They have not taken up that option.”

  13. Mad Dog Manc says:

    I love Tevez, but i am not sure he is what we need. If Tevez goes, i would like United to buy Ribery. Imagine Ribery one side Ronny the other Rooney and Berba up front.
    We still have Kiko and Danny on the bench, and who would be happy to be there!

    Still, i would miss the lad if he goes!!

  14. Robert S says:

    If Tevez has been offered a contract, and if Tevez really wants to sign, then United are in quite a strong position to put MSI under some pressure to lower their demands … Sign him up Fergie!

  15. Quinton_Fortune says:

    Maybe Fergie and Gill have just been sweet talking Tevez…. no wonder Kia doesnt know anything about it

  16. Don Pablo says:

    I smell something cooking.. If you look at Fergie’s words carefully, you’ll notice that he’s implying that they’ve spoke to Tevez directly and made HIM an offer, not Kia! And the spokesman confirms no offer has been made through them. I’m I the only one who thinks we,re tryna get him to ditch Kia and sign for free? Gives basis to the stories going round today about us getting him for free.

  17. craig says:

    he seems to want to stay. his comments seem like they’re a calculated attempt to force United’s hand into giving him a deal. and by that i mean the way he always talks about how the supporters love him.

    i think there’s no denying that united are at their deadliest when he’s in the side.

    ribery’s great, but please SIGN TEVEZ!

  18. jcolas says:

    Tevez needs to drop his management pronto. They really don’t seem to have his interests at heart. Tevez wants to stay and as I figured all along Fergie wants him to stay as well. As SAF said they aren’t dealing with a football club, but a sneaky/shady agent that is only looking out for his pockets insteand of Tevez’s future.

  19. jcolas says:

    Also, I wonder if they are going to give Tevez some sort of deal where he would get more money by signing for free. Tevez drop Kia!

  20. Kevin says:

    If Fergie wants him to stay he will stay. We will pay what we need or we will get him on a free. He is only 25 and his best years in front of him. We have only seen a part of his skill and talent. With more games I think more goals and performances like this are on the cards. Tevez can’t simply drop MSI but hopefully we get a good ruling or they gain some sense and ask for a less ridiculous fee. I would pay in the 20 million range for Tevez because he is simply worth it. Their are other options but we know Tevez has bags of quality and is simply needing games to prove it. I hope he gets the start in the CL final and shows his class. If we don’t sign it will be our fault and another team will enjoy his talents it would be a bitter pill to swallow after a spectacular season.

  21. themarkedman72 says:

    How much better do united play with tevez on the park??
    We looked lifeless then he came on and with some hard graft and skill did a big part of what was needed to roll wigan.
    Great goal…another priceless finish at a really important time.
    This guy is a match winner and also seems to have that intangible quality that comes with winning things much like SAF himself.
    A bit of LUCK.
    However I will quantify that by saying that the harder you work the luckier you get.
    No one except maybe Rooney and fletcher works so hard for united.

    Maybe Vidic.

  22. wazza says:

    Don Pablo: Fergie has mentioned they are negotiating with MSI which is the problem & not a football club.that Kia is SOB.he is only after his funds & not care bout Tevez.

  23. Chris20legend says:

    United have NOT made an offer and will NOT be getting him for free…

    just wait till the seasons over, when he scores another crucial goal to win us the european cup! then he’ll be signing, he has till the end of july when we’ll be half way through pre season

  24. denton davey says:

    It still depends on Carlitos’ willingness to buy into SAF’s team concept/rotation. If he is a willing spear-carrier – like his pal Park and O’Shea and Fletcherinho – then it’s a no-brainer; if not, then “see ya !”

  25. pipmc05 says:

    Denton Davey- Tevez is a UTD fan he says he loves this club, and you can see the passion he plays with and i think he would be happy to fight for his palce and also lets not forget when he has all this talk of him leaving behind him and may start getting into better form. . .

  26. suhayl says:

    Utd want him…hence saving time and effort chasing round europe this summer getting a replacement

    Tevez wants to stay..and loves the club and the fans

    Gill And SAF want him to stay

    HOWEVER…we are not willing to pay what MSI want.

    Tevez personal terms arent up for debate..those are immaterial

    KIA arsehole has the contract tied up..utd cannot budge from what was agreed 2 years ago. The loan fee and the final fee.

    The loan fee has been paid….but utd are unwilling to pay the remaining outstanding fee.

    KIA arsehole’s contract clearely states that utd agreed to pay what they asked for 2 years ago…hence cannot renege now.

    KIA arsehole has also said there are NO loopholes to bypass MSI and deal with tevez implicitly….neither deal on a bosman.

    UTD have to and have to pay what they agreed 2 years ago.

    KIA wants that wad.

    WE want Tevez but not for that wad.

    And Carlitos wants to stay….However he is torn between the club he loves and wants to stay at….and MSI who have looked after him and represented him for years.

    Thats the crux of it guys.

    Stuck between a rock and a hard place!!!!!

  27. denton davey says:

    If it’s only a question of money then you have to ask: “how much ?”

    From all that I’ve read, the remainder of the deal is supposed to be 22 million quid; of course that would be a lot of money to you, me, or ScottTheBlogster but is it a lot of money to UTDplc ? Besides, what would a “fair price” be: 15 million ?

    Assuming that UTD finish of TheArse and win the EPL title then the bonus money for winning is something like 50,000,000 – and if they win the CL the following week then that’s another 50,000,000. And this is over-and-above all the money from television, marketing rights and bums-in-the-seats.

    If all this kerfuffle is about 7 million quid then you have to admire the determination of both sides to squeeze the last penny out of the negotiations. And I would think that this will be resolved in a last-minute “compromise” that makes all parties “happy”. And that won’t happen until the last minute when the “market” has spoken because I think that UTD have forfeited their exclusive rights by not taking up the option for 22 million.

    Like I said before, if he’s willing to be a member of the team – and to accept that the team is managed by SAF – then he’ll be in UTD colours for the next five years. If not, not.

  28. suhayl says:

    Agree DD.

    Seeing that we ve paid 10 mill…maybe utd arent willing to pay 22mill more. Utd possibly do value him at 15 mill. So trying to save 7 mill. May not seem alot. However with the serbians fee being paid fully when Adem lajic comes next year… also with possibly 1 or 2 more acquisitions in the summer.

    And this really worrying growing debt leveraged to all and sundry….not forgetting the interest which is accruing faster than usain bolt can run.

    I can understand utd procastinating.

    I personally dont want to lose him

    So hoping the brinkmanship works.

  29. TonyBee says:

    Sell Berbatov to fund Tevez and 1 other

  30. bigchrisystyle says:

    My hands are like vices Muhahahahaha


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