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Tevez: I Should Have Started Against Barcelona

After the Champions League final, Carlos Tevez reckoned the result would have been different had he been on from the start. The fact that Tevez came on for 45 minutes and contributed absolutely nothing seemed to pass him by.

Can you remember the last time you were this happy that a player has left our club? I’m struggling.

“You cannot argue with Alex Ferguson,” Tevez said. “He is like the president of England. It is impossible, you always lose. But he made a mistake to leave me on the bench. That was the only final the team had lost since I had been at Manchester United.”

Tevez then goes on to talk about how much he suffered when earning £90,000-a-week to play for the Champions of England and Europe last season.

“My family knows how much I suffered at United,”
he added. “I could not arrive home after a match or a training session and forget my pain. It was not good and I transmitted all my sadness to them.”

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  1. Red-Manc says:

    Costas, the respect is returned mate and your points make alot of sense, especially the 2nd and 3rd points made. For all the respect he did give us supporters it seems as though he was only willing to show respect if the price is right, if he does end up joining city that with confirm his passion is only there aslong as the money is.

    i can see everyones point im in no way saying Tevez should be regarded as a hero but i think everyone needs to move on and forget both ronaldo and tevez because whatever our thoughts are we need to concentrate on supporting the players we have that want to be at this club.

    The sooner we get in the players we need and the sooner the season starts the better, everything thats gone on this summer can be forgotten and we can move on properly.

  2. Fze123 says:

    The CL final would have been different if our midfield was stronger i.e if fletcher/hargreaves were playing, not if tevez started against barcelona. the game was won in midfield.

    i am so happy he rejected the offer, and fergie didn’t sign him earlier. what a cunt he turned out to be.

  3. Costas says:

    I think that in 10 years time, we won’t look back with regret at what happened.But we will always wonder what might have been if Tevez had signed a permanent deal.

    I hope that this is the last time we will be in this horrible position of badmouthing on of our own.Maybe the success that we enjoyd in the last 3 years came with a price: some big headed players. And that goes for Evra too.He is not leaving the club of course but he has come off a bit arrogant in recent interviews.

    But i agree with Red Manc. The past is the past. Ronaldo and Tevez are elsewhere now and we can’t control what they will say. Lets see if this Benzema thing happens.

  4. ENAD says:

    Who’s that man from Argentina,
    Who’s that man they all adored,
    Played with Rooney, played with Wes,
    He’s a hore and nothing less,
    And no more at Man United he will score

  5. tommy taylor says:

    Thought Emily would have had ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ ditty by now.
    Sound good sang by 70,000 at home game with Shitty.
    re Jim Jones @12:13 as well as a bottle of piss get the crowd to throw his
    favourite babys dummies at him

  6. King Eric says:

    Costas – At least Pat understands and loves United’s history. More than can be said for the Judas.

    Yet people still feel the need to defend him. Why? And to the person who said he showed his effort with that header 2 feet off the ground. Only an idiot would have gone for that ball with his head. Berba would have trapped it with one touch and laid it off!

  7. Manutd forever says:

    For what price is Tevez signing for shitty? I’ve heard that’s it’s around 40 million mark. Can any one please confirm or correct it?

  8. OTRed says:

    Awww, he suffered, did Fergie whip him daily at Carrington or something? Children starving in AFRICA is suffering, Pakistanis who can’t leave a peaceful life is suffering, people who lose their relatives is SUFFERING. Get paid £70000+ per week to put on the shirt of the club you claim to “love” and then turning down the chance to have that increased to £100,000 is NOT SUFFERING. What an idiot. He wouldn’t have done anything different because our problem in Rome wasn’t creating chances, but the midfield.

  9. Jake says:

    where are all the half-witted fans who cheered ‘fergie, sign him up’, whilst me and a mate chanted ‘fergie, don’t sign him up’?…probably trying to work out how to use their front doors… ‘Once considered to be a future superstar, soon matured into a decent footballer who thought he was bigger than Manchester United, only to find that he actually belonged at Man City with all the other mercenaries.’ That’s how Tevez should be remembered.

  10. joered says:

    wow… and we all thought he was so great

  11. Xyth says:

    Who would have said that Tevez was an idiot in disguise.
    Good ridance.

  12. Dave Mack says:

    Tevez will be remembered as one of the biggest mercinaries ever seen in this country. The only club he’s any love for is Boca Juniors. He’ll fit in well at the Wastelands.

    Berbatov turning them down for us says everthing about the gulf in class that exists between him and Tevez and Ronald’s parting comments saying how much he learnt at United and that he could never play for any other English club does the same.

    In consequence when CR7 returns he’ll hear VIVA RONALDO … Tevez wll only hear our boos.

    Tevez = Reject

  13. wayne says:

    instead of making 90k a week it sounds like he was being waterboarded.what a fucking mental midget

  14. Dazjoe says:

    I hope this cunt gets griefed to bits at OT next season, who the fuck does he think he is? Mouthing off constantly about being on the bench, not being shown enough love or respect, he knew his time was up when Berbatov signed. What a pathetic waste of space, we sign ONE fucking striker and instead of saying “Great, a new player to help us win big trophies, I’ll keep on fighting away to show my worth to the team” he cries “Oh they don’t want me anymore, I’m sad and going to leave.” Well fuck off then you helmet.
    Glad people are seeing the TRUE Tevez now, and I’m delighted its Shitty who are going to deal with his crap from now on.
    His insistence at playing every week, despite having a goal record slightly worse than Jason fucking Lee.
    His refusal to fight for a place, instead sulking his fucked up face off.
    Running to the press at every opportunity to complain about not playing enough, instead of confronting SAF man to man, behind closed doors, to express his fears and desires.
    Thinking he’s about 8 times better than he actually is, and should start every game, with Rooney and Berbatov as the 2 squad players who get chopped and changed. FUCK OFF! When you have half the talent of those 2 then come back and say you want to start ahead of them!
    His ‘love’ for the fans, then rushing off to sign the big pay check at our city rivals! Where, with Robinho and possibly someone like Eto, he won’t be guaranteed a place either!
    There’s a reason Solksjaer is so loved mate, and there’s a reason we think your a cunt, try to work it out.

  15. asg says:

    i think if he was good enough he would have started, and i dont see what good will come of it winging about it now

  16. zack says:

    he is a twat, he could of said this beofre, but now he has just made up shit so that united look bad treating players! united made him a fantastic player, so i hope him the worst now, dickhead! …. :)

  17. Sash Sylvarre says:

    For the love of god can’t he go out quietly?

    I used to support this man. I didn’t doubt Sir Alex and never will, but have always felt sympathy for Tevez. And now I feel contempt. Shame that you chose to destroy what fond memories left with us, Carlos.

  18. Drizzter says:


  19. chep says:

    anything else, Carlos?

  20. Ekesi says:

    @ gotta hate tiny tears
    I just called a spade what it is…..SPADE
    Treat people well and get some good in return, like Ronaldo agreeing to stay last season because he respected fergie..

    I would not put on a blue jersey, but this season, fergie made all the wrong moves in transfers…

    You don’t get it, do you?? its an all out war against the English league and by my estimates, the are winning… We could have sold off Ronaldo much later, not after we would have use him as bait to hook up players like Ribery, benzema and the likes..

    Benzema, from what i gathered is gone to Real madrid, please fergie where is your purchasing power..its simple bussiness


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