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Tevez: I Will Sort Out United Future In June

Last time Carlos Tevez gave an interview in Argentina, he let rip on the manager and seemed as though he was certainly going to leave Manchester United.

Today, in an interview with Radio Del Plata, Tevez has confirmed he wants to stay here for another few years and will move to resolve the situation at the end of the season.

“We have spoken with Manchester United but I have not signed anything,” said Tevez. “The club have tried to broach the subject, but the two parties have decided to wait until June before finding a definitive solution. I would like to stay here for a few more years, because it is very difficult to leave one of the biggest clubs in the world. The discussions we have had have been with the chief executive, not with Alex Ferguson. But for the moment I am concentrating entirely on United.”

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  1. sanj says:

    viva carlitos!

  2. Red-Manc says:


    I really hope we sign him.

  3. doncobaino says:

    he also said that United are playing better football than argentina- nice one el apache!

    get him signed…

  4. King Eric says:

    ARGENTINA!!! sign him if for nothing other than winding home fans up with this chant. Has performed superbly, as only we would expect from him in Roo s abscence.

  5. in4muslegand says:

    We really need to sign him up before someone else does! i its taking long because i think alex wants to spend the money for Tevez on possibly Benzema.

  6. Ben says:

    I’ve always had to feeling that United would wait until the summer to sort out the Tevez deal. Although players like Benzema are possibly more talented, Tevez is a deal which is more likely to go through and his attitude and focus for United is something you don’t find often in players.

    Sign him up.

  7. Z-Man says:

    Fergi sign him up….. if not get Benzema

  8. TuPeT says:

    What a player and what an example. The guy sees his strange situation at the club but never stopped giving 110% to United. Can trully be a red!

    Sign Him, Fergie!

  9. love united says:

    I think Tevez performance has been effected with this story. I am sure he will do much better once he signs a permanent deal. In my view, the only problem with United is the asking price by Tevez’s agents. I think it is better to pay the same amount to bring Benzema or Villa for example…. anyway lets hope that we have a happy end for this story :)

  10. Stanley Daniel says:

    Keep Tevez Sir Alex. Pl do not belittle his efforts. He was one of the triumvirate who orchestrated the EPL truimph. His heart is here with the Reds.
    Keep him sir!


  11. PeeJay says:

    £32mil. for Tevez who “wants to leave in a few years”?

    Eh? So he leaves at 27 to go back to Argentina? And how
    much are Boca Juniors going to pay us for him? Or is he
    going on a free transfer?

    I think we need to understand that, for £32mil., he’s not
    a sound investment and Fergie knows it. He’s probably
    going to do the smart thing, which is release him at the
    end of the year knowing that we got a great deal in having
    him for two years free of price.

    We’re not spending £32mil. for Tevez, especially if he’s
    only staying for “a few more years”. I have too much faith
    in Sir Alex to even consider it.

  12. jboy says:

    Well said PeeJay.

    Tevez is a great player and all but he is definitely not worth the price that is being demanded for him. Unless that asking price is reduced to a fair value I don’t see SAF signing him.

  13. costas says:

    The problem for us in the summer is that there will be a loss.Either Ronaldo or Tevez will leave.I don’t know anything official,it’s just a hunch.I would hate it if we lost both of them.The Tevez situation is not so complicated.At early October David Gill said that the deal would be done by December.Then the ecomomic crisis kicked in and i don’t know if anyone has even met with him.

  14. SteRDLK says:

    Two sides to this story

    1 side, he is a “United” player. The attitude, the passion, the skills.

    The other, the price tag is too much. If £32m is really the price we would have to pay, it isn’t worth it. We should just use Welbeck more often, and use another youth player, such as Macheda who is apparently our best youth player.

    Tevez hasn’t scored enough goals when he has played from the start this season, and although I believe it will come, there is a bit of doubt.

    In Fergie We Trust

  15. 7seagulls says:

    fuck benzema! tevez is a proven premiership goalscorer and hes fillled admirably in the last 7 games without rooney. fair enough 32mil is over the top but we’ll barter them down. AR-GEN-TINA!!!

  16. Stenhousemuir_Red says:

    get it fucking sorted and sign him for proper

  17. Tevratov says:

    The reason we haven’t signed him up is because we don’t wanna pay 32mil. Come June, the price is apparently lowered, but we don’t have first dibs anymore and any other team could come in and make a higher bid.

    Personally I’d rather we sign him up than have to spend another heap of cash on someone who isn’t proven in the league. This is a player who has time and time expressed his love for the club. He’s not some unproven twink who flirts with every big club in Europe.

    If it were just SAF’s and Tev’s say, I think he’d be signed for another 3 years right now. But it’s MSI, they’re looking to cash in.

  18. Radio Deadon says:

    One scenario could be that we are waiting until the summer because we want the money from the sale of Ronaldo (to Real) to off set whatever it costs to buy out Carlitos’ contract and also buy Benzema. We will probably tell Real that they can’t bid for Tevez if they want Ronaldo, this would reduce the risk of a bidding war and we can pressure MSI to lower their price for him.

  19. Sketch says:

    Those who think United will sign Benzema are plain Stupid !
    Tevez costs 32 million
    How much do u think Lyon would sell Benzema for?
    Lyon price Karim Benzema at £80million
    Plus he is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH
    i dont understand what all this hype is about
    I have seen him play for France in euros and he was just soo SHIT
    Tevez loves United
    Has Great attitude even when not playing
    Plays the united way
    Fans favrouite
    And has premier league experince

    Ps: Benzema DREAMS of playing for madrid one day .. do you see where this is heading??


  20. john ferry says:

    Benzema will sign for madrid. Where would we play him ? Tevez will sign for 15-20mil, and Ronaldo will stay at Manchester United for another 5 years at least (with a new contract).


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