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Tevez: I’m Off Because I Was Disrespected By United


“I know that I am not going to continue at Manchester United,” said Tevez. “I feel that they have lacked respect towards me. It’s not about whether they pay £5million more or £5million less, but I feel I have been badly treated. There are ways in which the club is managed that I don’t understand. When you don’t agree with the manager in how the club is run… I don’t have faith in a lot of things that happen here. I’ve been here for two years and the directors have never come to speak to me. Not once have I had a meeting with them. Therefore, it’s best that I leave the club so as not to clash with [manager] Alex Ferguson and the directors. Neither do I understand why I don’t play in the team. I’ve asked Kia not to speak to me about offers during the next 10 days. I want to concentrate only on the final matches that we have to play. Afterwards, I’ve got a month to take a decision and choose where to go.”

I’m sorry to hear that Gabriel, sorry, I mean Carlitos.

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  1. ChaosRed says:

    Duke do you think its right he criticises the club fergie and the way its run, He wants to make he decision to play when fergie should, he obviously think he should be in the starting line up everyweek…

    These past couple of months everyweek he has said something to the press trying to derail everything weve worked for because he occasionally sits on the bench….
    If you think player should get away with criticising the way the club is run by the manager etc WHILE under contract then your totaly wrong and you cant see the bigger picture…Kean criticised the players look what that got him? tevez criticises the manager etc…And if tevez really cared aboout united fans and not pay packet then he would not have spoke to the media why were are still fighting on all fronts…

    If the player dont want to stick with the club why defend him? do you like him more then the club? the answer should be no…And if i had to choose between him and the club tevez would be gone in the blink of an eye.

  2. Gibbs says:

    Behind Vidic, Ferdinnd and Rooney, Tevez hs been our best player by far, and if Fergie isn`t willing to pay 25-30 mill. for him, then he (Fergie) really needs to retire. because if Tevez leaves, we would lose a great, great player to, most likely to the Bin dippers, which would prevent us from getting any more trophys for years to come…

    The only plyer I see around today that isn`t a Bin dipper (Stevie Me or Ladyboy Torres) that could replace Tevez is Messi, or maybe a Pato at his best….

  3. ChaosRed says:


    Tosic is quality hes only not in the team because he is not physically ready with the demands of the premiership….did kiko cost the amount of money tosic did? fergie splashes money on key youngsters…Tosic is on a training program to build up strength the same as what alan smith was on.

  4. ChaosRed says:

    Evans Rio Evra Fletcher Rooney Ronaldo Carrick Giggs Vidic Berbatov in my opinion have been better than Tevez.
    The player he cannot dislodge are because they are better footballers than him or world class its simple…Only few players have their own position because they are world class.

  5. Quinton_Fortune says:

    Gibbs : Fergie needs to retire ?!?! FIVE MORE YEARS

  6. bruce thomas says:

    United 2009 -2010

    V d S / Foster

    Brown / Rafael – Rio – Vidic – Evra

    Carrick – Hargreaves

    Valencia – Berbatov – Rooney


    Start making more space in the Trophy Room

  7. rooney_thebestest says:

    @ChaosRed …I know he is a good young player and i have been watching the reserves games on MUTV throughout the season mate….he definitely needs to improve physically but asI have said before he is not playing at the kind of level first team football at United demands….He hasnt exactly set the world alight with his reserve performances and thats my only grouse….if we want a winger to play for us week in week out he has to be at a certain level…right now he isnt….now whether he can do that next season is too early to say…I wish he can come good asap……but i say again you are expecting too much of him …..either ways I just want the lad to do well.

  8. rooney_thebestest says:

    @Gibbs…thats the biggest load of trash I’ve ever heard…Fergie should retire?…come the fuck on mate.

  9. Pat says:

    Arsenal fan here. Is IS disrespect from United b/c they should tell him exactly what the problem is and what they’re trying to do about it. According to him, there hasn’t been much talking.

    Same situation with Flamini last year. We disrespected him by waiting sooo long to offer him a new deal. We first said he’d be offered a deal in Jan. but it never happened. Then, we offered 55,000 when he wanted 60,000 a week.

  10. Jack says:

    He probally didnt even say this.

  11. Jake says:

    Gibbs- You’re mental and have little to no analytical skills.

  12. Rite$h says:

    Seems Tevez is losing it in the end, criticizing the club and the manager as well. I wanted him to stay, he has so much energy and pace to add to the team, but seems he wants to play in another club in the end. I wish him good luck wherever he goes, he’s been a fantastic player for us, now lets roll in his replacement and end this ongoing drama.

  13. corea says:

    @ Rite$h

    if Tevez goes to Liverpool will you support him and wish good luck ? :)
    i won’t fucking care. (

  14. TonyBee says:

    You could buy Owen (in reply to earlier post) for 20 Rothmans Kingsize…. we need someone to clean OT shithouses out….!!

  15. Penn0r says:

    Wow Gibbs, thats for the most bullshit post I have read this year. Lets turn on SAF, ignore his judgement, and appoint you our manager.

  16. mancaroon says:

    RE what King Eric Said at May 17th, 2009 @13:40- i’m telling you mate, next season you will see Ronaldo play up front with Valencia on the right. who gives a flying fuck that he said he doesn’t want to play up front…..he’ll play where Fergie tells him. and since when did we start believing what footballers say?

  17. Stephen says:

    Gibbs that is utter bollox, RVN was sold, Beckham was sold, Stam was sold, and look where we are now and it is down to the manager.

  18. Cantona53 says:

    Someones been having PR lessons from the FTW!
    Should have left it to the end of the season at least, we don’t need it atm.

  19. vidic will get ya 15 says:

    i have to say if he does go then i would be gutted, but if he does i would say thanks carlitos, some fantastic memoeries you have gave us. i would never boo him who ever he played for he ran his heart and gave his all for us. gotta remember that. if he was to go to murderside then so be it its not like is him its kia joke-abian.

  20. King Eric says:

    Mancaroon – RE what King Eric Said at May 17th, 2009 @13:40- i’m telling you mate, next season you will see Ronaldo play up front with Valencia on the right. who gives a flying fuck that he said he doesn’t want to play up front…..he’ll play where Fergie tells him. and since when did we start believing what footballers say?

    If you had read my post correctly mate I was merely pointing it out because someone said quote “glory boy” will be able to play up top on his own. Therefore I just pointed out that the “glory boy” don’t like playing up there so how is he a “glory boy then” Thats all I meant.

  21. DanS says:

    Where is this quote from (sorry if it has been mentioned before)?

  22. Robert S says:

    David Gill: “If Carlos said that, I think it’s borne out of frustration.” & he said that both parties had agreed “not to continue negotiations through the press”.

    I hope Tevez stays. But just like Ronaldo said: “You never know.” … and the press know the least!

  23. Duke says:

    @ ChaosRed

    Yea, you are very right that Tevez disrespected the club; and that is unacceptable. However we all do silly things when we are angry and desperate, any human being should understand that. I think that deep in his heart, all he wants is to stay, although he has gone about it the wrong way. I would pay £ 25 for him. Considering his commitment when he plays, and all the time he has to improve if he is fully our player, then it’s worth it.

  24. whiteknight03 says:

    Gibbs: That’s moronic. Tevez has scored 5 league goals all season…hardly the 4th best player on the team.

    The replacement you’re all looking for is Frazier Campbell….and he’s free.

  25. wazza says:

    why not Defoe ? he is a finisher & has pace to run behind defences.

  26. StenhousemuirRed says:

    diego forlan???????

  27. Ekesi Nonso says:

    Am still gutted when we all act like hypocrites about whats going on with carlitos and the club. Its obvious, the fan loves him, but the club dont want his services. For every mile and blade of grass he has covered, i am very grateful. You are truly a united great.

  28. dre says:

    evra replacing heinze vs berba replacing tevez are 2 very different scenarios.

    heinze was injured we needed a replacement evra was brought in and he was a revelation and he kept heinze out.

    tevez was in top form we had just won the league and euro double with him as upfront the entire season and he was only going to get better. then we paid 30m quid for a footballer who doesnt add anything to our play and tevez who did nothing wrong was relegated to the bench for much of the season.

    hissy fits aside, how can u seriously compare the both?

  29. King George the Switzer says:

    It’s a shame and all that, but it was far from perfect was it? Let’s save the cash for someone who CAN hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.

    Or start playing SuperFletchLegend up front!


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