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Tevez: I’m Off

After starting our two biggest games of the season so far in the League Cup final and European Cup semi-final, Carlos Tevez has been speaking to the press again, giving his strongest indication yet that he is leaving.

“It’s true I see myself more leaving United than staying here,” said Tevez in an interview with Cadena COPE. “I don’t see why I should lie to people or anything because the fans support me a lot as you can see. So I don’t have any reason to lie to them. While I wear the United shirt I will leave my life on the pitch. You can see that in every game I play. I respect people a lot and I’m grateful to them. My future? I don’t know what will happen for my future. I would like to go to Spain, yes, but I don’t know yet. I have no preference for a team . . . we’ll see. With respect to the fans and the history of Manchester United, I don’t want to leave the club. But from a personal aspect, my exit will be the best solution. I need continuity in the team to offer my best. If this doesn’t happen I believe this will be my last year.”

Sadly, cheerio then Carlitos.

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  1. keanesmagichat says:


    dont need to, have watched the game 3 times.. if by linking up play you mean slowing down the play and passing backwards then yes he was brilliant at that.. i do not mean to be berba bashing, i think he has massive quality that fergie has not managed to harness correctly yet..
    i reckon it will be next season before we see the best of him..if we do??
    i support any player that wears our shirt… but if a player shakes his head when coming off thats hardly a crime is it?? i would do the same if my sunday league manager whipped me off, i distinctly remember scholesy doing the same in moscow… fergie just picked a horses for courses selection, we needed high energy and carlos give us that.. as i said above i wouldnt pay 26 million for him, nor will the old trafford hierarchy, 15 million max is what i hear.. but i would expect him to go, i think villa would be perfect

  2. Jake says:

    there are your true colours mate, ‘berba just holds it up and passes it backwards’…the point is so laboured and stereotypical it’s not worth contesting but I will anyway in the vain hope it hits some previously unoccupied part of your brain that might process the information more logically… but you might be too busy watching the game again for the 4th time (at least 3 hours of your life you’ve wasted). So there’s no mention that passes get played in to Berbatov that had never been conceived as possible with Tevez, no mention that he often circumnavigates 3 players before the support arrives, no mention that he acts as a base from which attacks can spring, no mention that it’s Ronaldo disinterest which often leaves Berbatov isolated in lesser games, no mention of his assists or his goals or the fact you’ve watched the match 3 times where as I watched it once and I can remember Berbatov linking up perfectly on at least one occasion after keeping the ball from two Arsenal players and he played in someone on the right wing…you’re clueless mate

  3. Stephen says:

    “slowing down the play and passing backwards” Surely that is called hold up play?
    Also what can he do if he is the furthest player up field, at Spurs he had Keane running beyond play, if there is know one in front of what else can he do? Do what Tevez does with his head down running aimusly into defenders.
    Carlos is a top lad but £32m no chance.

  4. keanesmagichat says:


    go fuck yourself, your are one of those twats who when someone disagrees with you, you claim they are “clueless”..
    so the majority of united fans are “clueless” are they…
    what passes are you talking about that have never been “concieved” as possible to tevez? do you think players in the middle of a game are thinking oh hold on thats carlos not berbatov better not pass tp him, get a grip ya twat.. you are the one thats clueless..
    blaming ronaldo’s disinterest for berba’s failings? why doesnt rooney fail as a result of ronaldo’s failings? maybe you should swap that A in your name for an O ya prick…
    as i said he in a previous post he linked once, which you just attested to in your above post, but that does not account for you creaming your pants “linking in a way tevez could only dream of”.. what a cunt…

  5. King Eric says:

    Got to agree with Jake on this as I stated in an earlier post about Berba. He is deceptively very strong, he kept the ball when he received it which in the second half was key, that sublime little dummy or flick that sent Ronaldo through, the time when he had three players around him and he nonchantly just flicked it over their heads, the man oozes class.

  6. King Eric says:

    Come on lads no need for abuse, if we all had the same opinion it would be shit. Clueless maybe was a bit harsh though.

  7. spencer says:

    ha ha at jake getting worked up over bum boy berbatov. Here is a harsh message jake he has been shit for us mate and the majority of fans agree. I suppose our other players were to blame for berbatovs shit lazy penalty as well. He has done nothing for us except put us 30 million further in debt and prepare to defend bum boy more jake cause next season if tevez goes the fans will let him know who they blame and if we buy benzena berbarov can warm the bench

  8. keanesmagichat says:

    king eric

    “joke” was the one you started with the derogatory comments, i was simply stating my viewpoint, I unlike him have no care in the world if someone does not share my view…
    I do though take barbs like his as an insult

  9. Stephen says:

    He has won us games this season mate, Berba is top draw but an easy target simply because of his work rate, Berba has scored 9 in 28 and Carlos 3 in 25, and we won’t blame Berba.

  10. Jake says:

    ‘majority’ of fans, who are the majority? have you been to Old Trafford recently? It’s not the ‘majority’ giving him stick, it’s called the minority mate…and I think you’ll find that you are the one who said I didn’t know anything about football because you disagreed with me…so pot/kettle/black…of course players consider who they are passing to? are you mental mate? I’ve seen balls fired into Berbatov by Carrick etc that they don’t even consider with Tevez, have you ever played football? that’s the way it works, Berbatov is trusted implicitly to keep the ball, that’s what makes great teams, the confidence in the other players around you…Tevez doesn’t get the same passess played into him as frequently beacause he loses it more often than not, it’s pretty simple logic…yes, he’s a different player, but he doesn’t offer anything that Rooney doesn’t, and Rooney prospers because his style is completely different to Berbatov’s, Berba relies on people gunning it past him, Rooney doesn’t need that…Tevez just doesn’t prosper, too slow, not enough confidence, composure, ability or touch…the whole package just doesn’t fit and give it a break with the swearing and hijacking the term ‘majority of fans’ with your spiel…if people like you carry on you’ll have United fans equated with the esteem the England flag is held in soon…

  11. Jake says:

    well said spencer, I think we should probably hang him, any other ideas? …clown

  12. keanesmagichat says:


    i have been to old trafford recently yes, and the minority verbally abuse him because we are not the rent boys so do not boo our players… and rightly so, but that not is to say that the majority of mancs and united fans i know do not say he has been a massive disappointment…
    the two issues are completely seperate.. do i think tevez is worth 26 million, no way.
    do i believe berbatov has been a success? no way..
    sure he oozes class, but he has not translated that into goals… which to be fair is his job no? he has 8/9 assists, great…
    but tell me one big game where he has grabbed the game by the scruff of its neck and really contributed? granted west ham at home was breathtaking, but the truth those moments have been few and far between.. he is certainly stronger than some give him credit for and his hold up play has been adequate, put it this way if he was an academy graduate he could be viewed as a success, but he is not, this is his 3rd year in this league, international striker, champions league expeirence, all this equates to the fact that he has been disappointing

  13. tommy taylor says:

    Just a note about the Tevez missed chance against Arsenal,his shot went for the corner from which Johny scored,so if Tevez had scored in the first place,no corner,result still 1-0
    Keansmagichat re Berbatov,I think you should have gone to Specsavers !!

  14. Stephen says:

    Keano, people said the same with Sheringham in his first season, and the Gooners said the same with Pires, also the season is not over yet and if he scores the goals that win us the league, nicks one on Wednesday and one in the final he will be a success, we need to jusge him at the end of the season, not now.

  15. keanesmagichat says:

    i understand he has scored winning goals at bolton, home to boro, geordies away.. but what i am trying to say is he hasnt contributed in any game for 90 minutes, where you would come away from the ground saying berbatov was class today..
    he did at spurs regularly, but whether its the expectation or that teams set up to defend against us more or maybe that fergie and the players have not been on his wavelength yet i dont know, but he has been disappointing in my opinion and i would say in the majority of mancs and united fans i know, their opinion also..

  16. Mahesh says:

    three basic points which settle this debate for me – 1) Berba is waaaay more talented than Tevez – for everyone talking about berba holding up play and passing the ball back, consider that Tevez cannot even hold up the ball – watch the game again, the guys first touch is shit – he might not pass the ball back, but his control is sooo bad the ball bounces of his shin and travels back into our own half, often into opposition position – so please save that. 2) Berba’s in his first season with us, did not have a pre-season with us to build relationships on the pitch, and has shown enough glimpses to suggest that he has a lot more to offer – I can’t see tevez offering more than what he already has. I definitely see Berba offering us more next season. 3) Berba offers us variation in attack – Tevez is a poor man’s Rooney. He’s less needed in the squad.

  17. keanesmagichat says:


    i have said just that in previous posts, that maybe he will come good next year.. i am not a total berba basher and would love for him to change my opinion of him.. i do not believe we should get rid of him for instance

  18. Stephen says:

    This shouldn’t turn into a “my favorite player is better than yours” debate, Berba hasn’t set the world alight and to be honest neither has Carlos consistantly, but we need them both for the run in firing ideally on all four cylinders becuase I am worried, starting tomorrow as our record id shite against Borough.

  19. keanesmagichat says:


    tevez is not my favourite player and to be honest at the price quoted i wouldnt mind if he left… my point is that berba has not set the world alight… simple

  20. Stephen says:

    I didn’t mean that to be directed at you mate, I agree £32m for Carlos is simply not a viable option, maybe Gill should break the habit of a lifetime and try to negotiate a deal.

  21. Dave Mack says:

    Jake, ignore Keanesmagichat or whatever his name is. He’s a confirmed Berba hater and always trots out the same old foul mouthed lines re “if you disagree with somone and call them a twat then your a disagreeable twat”. (Don’t try to make sense of it!!)
    I agree with you totally and more importantly so does Fergie. Tevez is a good squad player and can be well employed in specific roles in certain games but Berba has the sort of class that defines United. If we can’t get Tevez on the right sort of deal I say let him go.

  22. Mahesh says:

    I don’t think this is a favorite player debate; it is relevant though because a lot of us have differences of opinion on who should be partnering rooney up front for the run-in and next season. It is a relevant debate not only because it decides for us whether we sign up tevez or not, but also figures into who we want playing tomorrow against borough – not that we make those decisions, but its a debate nonetheless. Maybe the question should be, in the run-in who would we want partnering rooney up front?

  23. Stephen says:

    I would play all three of them, Rooney has been superb out wide.

  24. keanesmagichat says:

    oh dave mack,
    i am a confirmed berba hater eh? maybe you should read some of my posts, all i have said is that he has been disappointing.. that doesnt mean i hate him..
    the last time you were on, you were licking scotts arse saying “oh scott, we will show those twats that berba is good come the end of the season”… so i took offence to that..

  25. keanesmagichat says:

    its not hard to make sense of it dave mack (or whatever your name is.. brilliant, your a laugh a minute id say)…
    if somemone disagrees with you does that mean you call them a twat? or just does it mean that you have a debate and then agree to disagree? i would say the latter.. not that hard to make sense of eh?

  26. Jake says:

    i said you were clueless, not a twat, you called me a twat..clueless is an informed opinion, twat is speculation, i’m probably more of a wanker…and you said that i didn’t know anything about football first so step of your little pedestal and stop confusing yourself

  27. haha says:

    Berba has been a total flop considering his price tag and he did bugger all when he came on in the semi final spare holding the ball up once or twice. We could of bought Carlton Cole for a fraction of the price if thats all that is expected of Berbatov. Our style of play has gone down the toilet since his introduction to the starting XI. I did like the way we lined up in the 2nd half against Spurs(still can’t believe it ended 5-2):) and I thought it suited him more but over all I’ve been less than impressed.

  28. Dave Mack says:

    Keanesmajichat .. we can can agree on that … the debate is good and we all love United so how much can we really disagree!
    So tell me this, would you concede that Berba was superb against Spurs? (Apparently there is a site somwhere that gathers stats on players performance and he was rated “100% error – free”. Anybody know what site that might be.)

  29. zhixiang says:

    Mates, let’s face the fact: Tevez is a wonderful player to have in any squad but NOT in the price of 32M.
    So, simple, if we can get a cheaper deal for Tevez (much less than the 32M price tag) then yes we would love to keep such an enthusiastic “terrier” in our team, better still we maintain the existing understanding among the front players for future seasons…
    But if it has to be 32M to keep Tevez, I’m sorry, that’s not logical in today’s world and our club’s finance status.
    With 32M, get David Villa, tease him by offering him a level stage of BPL to prove that he’s better than Torres in Looserpool, and then we have a more-than-ready replacement for Tevez — a target man we have not been having since RVN days… Who knows, it might even do a better change in terms of team dynamics, and benefit Rooney more since he likes to play in the ‘hole’ and support a front man?

  30. john ferry says:

    We are not going to buy another world class striker because that would mean benching Rooney, Berbatov, or whoever that new striker happens to be. Having said that, Berbatov has not linked with Rooney on a consistent basis this year. Tevez needs to get away from his owner. Im sure that with a different agent that doesn’t own him he would reconsider his price. We need Tevez to speed up our game, to provide that extra spark. Lets sign him already.

  31. Tony Starks says:

    I don’t get it, why do people keep going on about getting Benzema? Why? I don’t think Benzema is even better than Wellbeck, he is the most overrated forward in world football.

  32. corea says:

    if Madrid pays 30 mln for Tevez will he be worth this amount money ? ;)
    And another question. Berba didn’t shine this season, but who did ?

  33. corea says:

    @Tony Starks

    stop for a minute and remember last season and the 1/8 final with Lyon.
    It’s just a characteristic feature of us, people. We tend to forget things easily. Lyon is not the same this season wich does mean that Benzema is a worse player than he was a season ago.

  34. keanesmagichat says:

    dave mack

    we are all united fans and as i posted earlier i conceded he had a good game against spurs… i would love for him to prove me wrong and have a massive say on our last 7/8 games

  35. keanesmagichat says:

    dave mack

    what site was it??

  36. corea says:

    “and Berbatov’s languid style”

    again, i put here some stats after the Porto game. he was close to cover the same amount of distance as Ando did.

  37. unitedgirl15 says:

    I’ve always really wanted him to stay.
    But he’s starting to bug me a bit now.
    Why can’t he just ssshhh for a while and start scoring some more goals for us. I love his work rate, no doubt, but he does seem to run around and around loads.
    Stay if you can Carlito :-)

  38. misterq says:

    Guys, guys..I think the problem is not the money, but the fact, that Tevez, wouldn’t accept Sir Alex’s “rotating the team”, principle. I am sorry, but if Tevez thinks he’s irreplaceable or he’s the right and only answer to every situation, he needs to go!
    Don’t you think that the Macheda boy is just as enthusiastic and by the way,even more skillful than Tevez. I’d say, I’m tired of all this, get the hell out of here!

  39. Dave Mack says:

    Keansmajichat; I don’t know which site gathers player stats like passes completed etc. If I find out I’ll make a post.

    Anybody else know?

    I agree (again!) that if Berba’s the real deal (which I think he is) he needs to show it over the next 7/8 games.

    I think we all agree that there couldn’t be two more different strikers than him and Tevez. If he wants to stay and we can get him at the right price that would be great as it gives Fergie options. If not ……

    Misterq makes a good point though about Macheda and his ability / enthusiasim. In the end of the day it may be the presence of our kids rather than Berba that forces out Tevez.

  40. jcolas says:

    I don’t know if Kaka would leave Italy since he went through the trouble of being a dual citizen.

  41. AJ says:

    Im suprised with all these comments, no one has mentioned david villa.?

    he is quality finisher and great striker and defintly better than tevez and benzima.

    i would more than love to seem him sign for us.

  42. supeyrio says:

    just some comments that i wish to share from fb365 site…. comon man you gotta agreee with em all

    Great Minds…
    Hi there,

    I’m neither a Man U fan or a Liverpool fan so I’ve no favourites here but I’ve been wondering lately why Dirk Kuyt, who doesn’t often score but runs his heart out for the team, presses defenders, puts himself about a bit and generally makes a nuisance of himself and cost 10 million is generally regarded as a Labrador but Carlos Tevez, who doesn’t often score but runs his heart out for the team, presses defenders puts himself about a bit and generally makes a nuisance of himself and will cost you around 30 million is regarded as a great professional who puts in the hard yards and is a great team player.

    Just trying to think of why Kuyt gets the piss ripped out of him but Tevez doesn’t? If anything Kuyt deserves the plaudits as he’s about 20 million quid cheaper…


    Am I the only one who just doesnt “get” the love-in about Tevez.

    If he played for Liverpool they would call him Dirk Kuyt.

    That is all,
    Chris (London)

    Fergie Has Seen What The Mailbox Has Seen
    To all the people who mailed in yesterday asking why no-one saw the similarity between Kuyt and Tevez, I think its safe to say that Fergie has seen it. This would explain his reluctance to splash £30 million on a player who tries his best, but just lacks the necessary quality. Sure, the OT crowd love him, but football crowds can be a bit sentimental and blind to common sense (e.g. Newcastle).

    Is Tevez really in the same league as Rooney or Torres? Is he really worth more than two-and-a-bit Arshavins? Course not! Fergie’s no mug (well, not often anyway) and having seen Tevez first-hand for two seasons, it seems he’s decided that the lad isn’t worth the money.

    If we could keep him for £10 million or so, then he’d be a useful squad member, but with Macheda, Welbeck and Campbell all looking for a chance, and the possibility of Benzema being available, I can’t say I’m exactly unhappy with what looks to be happening.

    Every United fan would wish Tevez well for the future, wherever he goes (unless its Liverpool of course ), but most of the sensible ones who let head rule heart would agree that he’s not worth the asking price, much as we love his Duracell psycho-bunny approach to the game.
    Mike Christie, Manchester

  43. Johnson says:

    I’m glad. He deserves better.

  44. misterq says:

    Keansmajichat; and Dave Mack,
    statistics are often posted all over the internet.
    I’m including 2 links

    Both are very reliable, in fact the Actim Index is the official one, The Premier League uses

    Please, note Berbatov’s stats and compare to any other player in the league.
    Berba is ranked #5
    You can see Tevez’s too as well as Ronaldo’s….. Rooney was absent for weeks due to his injury and that explains, why he’s #22
    Hope this opens you eyes for the genius Berbatov is

  45. twinnyd says:

    if tevez goes..fine.if he stays…fine.AIG – Alex is God. Fergie knows best and that even though tevez provides that extra energy and drive in attack, he is pretty woeful in attack.hence,he’s just a squad player at the moment.i agree with keanesmagichat…even though Berba has so much more talent and class than tevez,he hasnt really done much this season and has been totally disappointing.i for one dont give a damn about “flicks”,”hold up play” and “first touch”.we didnt buy him for that.his job is to score my fantasy world,i would get David thats a world class striker.the guy is deadly in front of goal,he’s skilful,his off the ball movement is very good.i think he would make a perfect partner for rooney because both players are very fluid. SAF realizes that tevez can only be a squad player and he knows that Berba is one as well…he’s just giving him time to prove him wrong.

  46. Drew Vader says:

    I know this is an old post, but I just went through the majority of the comments, and I must say, I’m with Keanosmagichat on this one….

    Just my opinion

  47. Dave Mack says:

    Thanks Misterq:

    Great sites and very helpful info to use in arguments. (Course most of us don’t let mere facts get in the way of our opinions!)
    Just 7 from 12. We’re closing in on three in a row. (Would love to see what a three year table of the top four would look like!!)


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