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Tevez: I’m Similar To Wayne… But Not TOO Similar

When Manchester United first brough Carlos Tevez to the club, there were fears that the two would be unable to play with each other.

Thankfully, they proved early on that they made a great partnership and their goal against Middlesbrough, almost requiring telepathic ability to pull off, epitomised that.

Tevez has today said that they have a similar background, characteristics and passion for the game… but the trophies they won together last season prove they weren’t too similar to make it work.

“Wayne and I have some very similar characteristics,” said Tevez. “We have the same passion for the game, the same sort of background and, most of all, we see football as the best way of having fun. We share that winning mentality. That is what our background taught us, that desire to win, and that is what makes us popular with the fans. They can see that we want to win. People doubted that we could play together but our response was to win all these trophies: the Premier League, the Champions League and than the Club World Cup. Last season with Wayne, Cristiano and myself, we had the best forward line in the world.”

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  1. costas says:

    And along with Berba they are the best strike force in the galaxy.Shame that he and Wazza haven’t played together a lot this season.It’s also a shame that more stories about him and Madrid are making the rounds today,

  2. doncobaino says:

    when he and rooney played together last season we were superb. the lack of games together this season has shown with the lack of goals.

  3. costas says:

    An interesting stat that i found yesterday.Tevez has actually started more games than Wayne,yet he has scored less goals.I have to agree with doncobaino though.These two are gold together.

  4. TK 99 says:

    I really hope that, we can tie him up to a long term contract,but not for that silly amount of money his representives are asking for.
    Argentina Argentina Argentina.

  5. PeeJay says:

    Go away Tevez, we understand you want to stay here
    but either tell your friend Kia Joorabchian to lower your
    price or pack your bags.

  6. suhayl says:

    peejay old friend you never learn..always sooooo harsh on carlitos..

  7. King Eric says:

    I am surprised that Tevez has not had a word in Kia ‘s ear. Does he have any say on what his agent can ask?

  8. jamos9 says:

    It’s not plausible that Tevez is worth 32mill no-one else will bid that much except maybe those Tards down the Road but i doubt very much he’d join those bitter Clowns as he loves United and the Fans. I think 20mil would be nearer the mark.

  9. SteRDLK says:

    I think he should start up front with Wayne on Sunday, show Fergie what they are capable of. Could give Berba a bit of desire to improve further too if he was left out the lineup for a final.

  10. PeeJay says:

    suhayl mate,
    £30mil. is too much,
    when you consider that we have
    Berbatov, Rooney, Welbeck, Macheda
    and Petrucci it’s even more. When
    you consider that he also said he wants
    to return to Boca Juniors in “a few years”
    who aren’t going to pay more than £10mil.
    absolute max you realize it’s a bad investment
    and when there are cheaper, better, younger
    players that we can buy it really makes no sense.

  11. Didsbury_King says:

    I prefer Tevez.
    Better attitude, nicer person.
    having met them both !

  12. Didsbury_King says:

    tevez has been sat on the bench and has always maintained his desire to stay at united. the boy is in love with the club.
    rooney on the other hand throws a hissy fit every time he is subbed. the boy is in love with trophies

  13. Didsbury_King says:

    do you reckon rooney feels like crying when we chant ‘argentina’?. after all, he loves england in his own words

  14. Maik says:

    He wants to return to Boca to see his career off, what more can you ask about a player? Plus boca has no were near that kind of money. We should sign him. We’ve got a full squad of awesome players, what are we gonna spend the big bag of money we’re getting in may? He already probed that he works perfectly in this team, he gets along just fine with everyone, he loves the club, and he works his ass off every single match for us. If anyone deserves it, it’s him.

  15. King Eric says:

    Didsbury: Everyone entitled to their opinion mate but I just don’t agree with yours about Wayne. The reason “he throws a hissy fit when he is subbed” is because he justs loves playing football and more than that, he loves playing for United. The lad gives his all week in week out. He is a natural winner so what is wrong with wanting to win trophies?

  16. PeeJay says:

    Saying Rooney’s jealous of Tevez is like saying
    Churchill was jealous of Hitler.

  17. zhixiang says:

    Hi pals.
    I know I may not be the first to think so but I just want to ask your opinions :-
    Can it be that Fergie is actually trying to use kind-of Bosman ruling to sign Tevez in the end?
    ie. As the current agreement between MU with that greedy Kia is if United wants to sign Tevez it has to be at the figure of 32M, then we let the current contract ends at summer, then supposedly Tevez is a ‘free agent’ (??) then we renegotiate a new deal with a possibly better wage for him, but NOT at ‘transfer fee’ of 32M…
    Is it possible at all?

    I like Tevez’s bullish spirit and that little skillful leg, but I can’t say it’s worthwhile spending 32M on a possibly-bench-striker who wil eventually leave us for Boca Juniors, when the similar amount might land us, say, Benzema?

  18. wazza says:

    zhixiang: Tevez is owned by a third party (Kia) & he will not become a bosman free transfer.ManUtd have signed him on a 2 yr loan deal.
    If Tevez deal is not sorted, i wud love 2 c Aguero @ OT.

  19. PeeJay says:

    I really don’t see the need to buy players
    like Aguero or Benzema, we should be looking
    at unexpensive youths who will develop into
    the next Benzema or Aguero.


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