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Tevez: It Seems Ferguson Is The President Of England

During City’s title celebrations on Monday, true to blue form, Carlos Tevez was pre-occupied with thoughts of United, “begging” City fans to hand him an “RIP Fergie” poster.

“He was leaning over the side of the bus, obviously trying to reach for this poster and begging the crowd to pass it to him,” said a City fan in the crowd.

City came out and apologised on his behalf immediately but Tevez has claimed today that he is not sorry.

“It seems that Ferguson is the president of England. Because each time that he speaks badly of a player or talks nonsense about me, no-one comes out to say that he has to apologise.”

You would think winning the league with City would help him get United out of his system. Obviously not. I suppose we can just be relieved that when we win the league, our players are more focussed on celebrating our club’s success than they are getting one over on their former club.

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  1. Foxy says:

    Tevez has a fair point (I’m not saying what has done is right) but if Fergie slags anyone of (Including Tevez) or does something wrong he is not asked to apologise where as it’s a totally different story for everyone else. The sun doesn’t shine out of Fergies arse, sorry but its true.

  2. Albert Ross says:

    Actually the sun shines brightly out of his arse.

    Sir Alex is called to account instantly by ravenous news-hounds, the moment he speaks.

    Tevez was celebrating the death of a football manager during a victory parade.
    No one need tell tevez to apologise, for then it’s worthless.

  3. swiller says:

    execpt when you win the champions league and all your fans and players can do is sing about liverpool as you so nicely keep bring up. so not just city who are obseded with another team.

  4. ken kross says:

    money don’t buy trophy in England fair play wins it all


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