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Tevez One Of The Few That Could Get Away With Betrayal?

With Carlos Tevez being linked with a move to Manchester City there has been plenty of talk surrounding the ‘betrayal’ this would mean to United fans. Andy Cole and Peter Schmeichel went to City when their careers were coming to an end and it was no bother for us. When do players ever leave United at their peak to join City? It just doesn’t happen.

Tevez could be the first player to do this though, with United less desperate than City to pay over the odds for the Argie. Whilst he has declared his love for our club and fans over and has insisted he’s only been thinking about signing for us, it appears as though the love affair is over as quickly as it began.

Still, I think Ian Wright has a fairly inaccurate understanding of United’s feelings on Tevez, if the comments from fans on this blog are anything to go by. He reckons it won’t be considered a betrayal.

Carlos Tevez is understandably in huge demand after a frustrating season for him at Manchester United. Few can cross the Manchester divide without unleashing a relentless torrent of bile. Fans consider that as unforgivable disloyalty in most cases. But Tevez is one of a small number who could get away with it. If he leaves Manchester United this summer, he should go to Manchester City.

Tevez has done enough to show he is desperate to play for United but, unbelievably, the powers-that-be can’t make up their minds whether to sign him permanently. So it wouldn’t look as if he had jumped ship if he left Old Trafford for Eastland’s. He would join a swell of big-name players hoping to bring great things to the club.

You can’t say you love United and the fans and then a month or two later sign for their rivals. That’s not how it works. What is it with these fucking Argies?

Whilst I’m sure there would be some sections of our support who wouldn’t give Tevez a hard time if he was wearing City’s blue, I would imagine the vast majority would have something to say about it. Our feelings towards him have soured as it is and that’s even without him signing for the bitters.

Would United fans let Tevez off this ‘unforgiveable disloyalty’? I’d fucking hope not!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Giuseppe Rossi says:

    i doubt he’d go to Juve now…..maybe a good sign for us?

  2. Xyth says:

    Well, It looks like he may now become a Chelsea rent boy after all.

  3. haha says:

    Just seen Tevez down in print works with Terry Phelan and Franny Lee. Hope they all choke on their Pina Colada’s.

  4. jespermoses says:

    If the guy signs for City or Liverpool it shows he dosen’t give a fuck about United or the fans.

    He obviously dosen’t want to stay at United so let him go.He’s not worth losing too much sleep over.

  5. TonyBee says:

    Ex-Gooner Ian Wright is a stupid stupid cunt. Simple as …..
    Got a fucking gob on him like those two faggot pansy’s Clary and Norden from off the tele ….
    you know the sort of gob you would like to smack…..
    even MOTD fucked him off when they found out what a gobby little cunt he is.
    As for Tevez if he fucks off to Shitty just proves he was after money.

  6. Gervillian Swike says:

    King George the Switzer, it’s high time someone said it, and you did. Tevez is not good enough. He’s a busy worker bee with some skill that we see now and again. Most of the time against top notch opposition he’s easily cut off. In Europe he’s never a feature because he’s predictable and ineffective. He and Ronaldo spent the latter part of the season playing for themselves, not for United. The reason Ferguson isn’t spending the money on Tevez is because he knows United need, and can get, better. So he can go wherever he likes.

  7. Tom F says:

    Now the sad reality has settled in, that like we always thought and expected but maybe I was never prepared for, Ronaldo has left, It has given a clear vision of the great goals he scored for us. The last minute goal at Fulham stands out, the free-kick at Portsmouth and not forgetting the Champions League.

    The clearest thing of all is that this guy was always leaving and we continued to let him be and support him, finally he’s gone and I feel a weight has been lifted off of my United supporting shoulders.

    The energy that he has taken from me, in all greatness all glory and all frustration, really reminds me of the feeling you get from looking after an old, frail, seriously ill, old person.

    Maybe you’ve not experienced it but the frustration you get is caused by sadness and disbelief of what you are witnessing. Somebody who has given so much, no longer functioning in the way you’ve grown accustomed to.

    I for one, do not want to give it another go.

    Tevez switched on and off those feelings one time too many for me. I think he’s a great little player who the fans love, a lot of them love him for his effort as Fergie said. I think if he stays I will forgive him, it’d be natural but right now I want him to go and I want to feel a freshness wash over me once more.

    Negativity in our Club, which Ronaldo has drawn to us more than no other in recent times, needs to be ended and that won’t happen if Tevez stays.

  8. whiteknight03 says:

    I agree. All this whining, questioning the way this club is run and trying to turn the fans against the one man above any and all reproach needs to end. Man City will be playing the brunt of meaningless games this season that comes with midtable mediocrity. We’ll see how Tevez likes cold rainy trips to Hull when it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. My guess is he’ll do what he has done in the past. Whinge and moan and demand a transfer.

  9. jcolas says:

    On tevez: Club b4 player so goodbye and thanks for the memories — While Rossi is a jerseyshore bitch-traitor, I heard that our deal with villareal had a clause where we could buy him back for if we paid over a certain transfer fee.

  10. jcolas says:

    Also we’re apparently about to sign Douglas Costa from gremio. He’s good,his touch is awesome and he’s fast.

  11. Kings says:

    Ian Wright is a c*nt.

  12. George says:

    He did say he loves the club and the fans, it is just that Fergie “betrayed” him. If Fergie never trust his ability anymore, it is difficult to stay. Top footballers always want to play more, not play some bit-part role, not sit on the bench most of the time, not play mostly in small games, not being substituted mostly at 60 minutes in the games, not being a sub for others most of the time. Tevez was wasted like that for the whole 2008/2009 season. He should have shined as one of the best players in the world but got wasted sitting on the bench. Fergie shouldn’t have done that to him just to keep down his value. That is betrayal to him, to use a harsh word (but I never like blaming and try not to blame anyone including Fergie and the club’s lack of sincerity.).

    I can understand his predicament, there4 I will miss him if he leaves, it doesn’t matter where he goes.

    The funny thing is, he really means it from his heart when he said he loves the club and the fan, but how about some of the fans instead? Trust me, some fans NEVER LIKE him from the beginning, either they are biased or anti-Argie or something else. Now these “bizarre” fans DEMAND Tevez should love the club and fans, but in turn they NEVER LIKE him anyway. So, sincerely ask yourselves one question, DO YOU LIKE HIM ALL THIS TIME (out of gratitude or other reasons)?

    If you do, there is pointless hating him now. You just let your emotion or “tribal” overcome you. That is just foolish. Understand his predicament first.
    If you never like him no matter what, then you have no right to judge him, because no matter how you judge him all those things simply come from your little biased brain. LIVE HIM ALONE!

    At the end of the day, I will miss him, and be grateful with him, no matter what.

  13. whiteknight03 says:

    That’s an overly simplistic view. Fans appreciated his work rate and energy and believed he truly wanted to be here. However, his incessant whining and comments made since the derby match and continuing after we won the title at home have changed peoples minds.

    Answer this. Which clubs are linked with Tevez now? Chelsea, Liverpool, City, Milan, Madrid (for a while). Which of these clubs linked themselves to Tevez and which of them did Tevez link himself to? At no point this season has a club or manager came out and said they would love to sign him or express an interest. All the noise has come from Joorabchian and Tevez trying to link themselves with as many clubs as possible.

    Tevez has shown that he cannot lead the line himself, he cannot play with Berbatov, he is not a ruthless finisher a la RvN, he is a distraction to the rest of the team and cannot be a role player without throwing a strop and demanding his own way. Tevez severely miscalculated that he would be able to use the fans’ affections and chanting to force his own will on the club. Sorry mate, you aren’t bigger than the club or the manager now go away.

  14. Handof God says:

    Teves is the only player in the MAN UNITED team that was won everything in 2 continents except for a World Cup (senior level).
    People tend to quickly forget, that if it wasn’t for Teves late mint goals Man United would not have had double glory last season.
    People also tend to forget how he saved West Hams ASS and lets get one thing right, it’s not about the MONEY, its about the lack of RESPECT shown to a world glass player ( not by the fans who LOVE him) but by the “old man” as carlitos put it, Sir Alex.
    NO Cr7 + NO Teves = LESS GLORY!
    Don’t blame teves, blame thye people on TOP.

  15. lampuiho says:

    CAN YOU GUYS SEE THIS: “Tevez has done enough to show he is desperate to play for United but, unbelievably, the powers-that-be can’t make up their minds whether to sign him permanently. So it wouldn’t look as if he had jumped ship if he left Old Trafford for Eastland’s. He would join a swell of big-name players hoping to bring great things to the club”?


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