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Tevez Red Shame

A day after revealing that he would need a break, following a tiring trip to Argentina, playing in temperatures reaching 80 degrees Fahrenheit, Carlos Tevez has been sent off for his country in a 2-1 defeat against Colombia. Our new striker had warned fans that he would need a rest this weekend, after a gruelling week of football in South America. “It has been very difficult to play under the Buenos Aires sun against Bolivia,” he said. “It tired me a lot because now I am used to playing all the time under the rain in England.” However, Tevez then went on to face Colombia in last night’s World Cup qualifier, and received his marching orders after twenty five minutes.

Tevez kicked out at Colombian defender, Ruben Dario Bustos in an off-the-ball incident. It appears as though our young Argie is not too happy with the tactics of his national side, and is suffering a “goal drought”, going ten games without scoring for his country.

As he walked off the field, he was ignored by the coach and bench, who were less than impressed with his antics, knowing the team of ten men had a large burden to carry for the next sixty five minutes. Messi opened the scoring for Argentina before half time, but this was not enough to give the Argentineans any points, with Colombia scoring two in the second half.

Tevez was blasted “irresponsible” by the Buenos Aires daily, El Clarin, who went on to say, “Lionel Messi and Carlos Tevez both had key roles in the night of the defeat. One made us laugh. The other made us cry.”

On the up side, at least Tevez only had twenty five minutes worth of football in the baking heat, in a game played at 2,600 metres above sea level! However this will be little compensation for our passionate player.

Tevez’s tired body and legs now coupled with his feelings of failure and guilt are not ideal preparation for our coming trip to Bolton. Carlos is not set to return to Manchester until Friday, in a journey which will take almost twenty four hours. With Rooney still injured, and Saha having a less than impressive game against Blackburn, in a rare start which saw him subbed off over twenty minutes before time, we will be struggling for decent options up front. The fact the Bolton game is an away fixture is in our favour, with the Bolton team less able to park up in their own half for ninety minutes in front of their home fans.

However, this trip to Bolton might prove to be more complicated than we might have previously anticipated!

Click here for footage of Argentina vs Colombia.

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  1. Mick says:

    You make it seem as though Tevez only playing 20 minutes is a bad thing?!?

    I;d far rather he come back relatively fresh, with “feelings of failure and guilt” (and hence, with a point to prove) than come back after running himself into the ground, at altitude, for 90 minutes.

  2. Scott the Red says:


    “On the up side, at least Tevez only had twenty five minutes worth of football in the baking heat, in a game played at 2,600 metres above sea level!”

    The downside – he’s been playing in South America in baking heat for a week, he will be gutted he let his country down, and has a 24 hour journey which won’t see him back in Manc until Friday.

  3. busingye says:

    you englishmen amuse me.quick at picking on foreign players.the other day,it was tevez.write something good or go help mclaren select a decent team.tevez has been good.why u always dont look at the problem is beyond me. why for example dont u mention giggs. he is our main worry.not tevez.

  4. busingye says:

    we all love rooney but when he doesnt play well,we say,he is a good player when he is on form.when?when? on the other hand,ronaldo scores a goal and an assist,tou slag him for being get my poini?

  5. Scott the Red says:

    What are you talking about busingye? I’m not picking on Tevez or criticising him in the least. Did you even read the article??

  6. busingye says:

    tehe reason i say so is many players,almost all have been out on international duty.actually,vidic would have been the we have another option? u dare speak of giggs as a support striker? i suggest u start watching united games.

  7. Scott the Red says:

    Erm, what? Show me where I talked about Giggs as a supporting striker.

  8. busingye says:

    scott,iam an admirer of this site but some of these articles just remind me of the columists in british papers.Tevez sees red,instead of getting support from fans,this is what we write.all am asking is.had it been rooney.see the point?.about giggs,amsorry i read many of yo posts.but tevez has to start

  9. Scott the Red says:

    So, you’re judging the whole article based on the title? Read the article, not just the title. At no point have I criticised Tevez in the article. So your point about Giggs, Rooney etc. means nothing…because I wouldn’t have criticised them either, just like I haven’t criticised Tevez.


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