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Tevez: The Best Is Yet To Come

Carlos Tevez’s future won’t be resolved until the end of the season but that won’t stop our Argie striker from enjoying all the matches he gets to play in and trophies he gets to lift.

“The best part of the season is coming up,” said Tevez. “We’re in the last 16 of the Champions League, we are top of the league and we’re in the Carling Cup final. We want to win everything, that’s what the fans are demanding, and we will try to win on all fronts. Let’s hope we can do that.”

Aside from winning trophies, Tevez’s aim is to get as much game time as possible, wanting to provide goals for the team.

“My personal goal is to play as many minutes on the pitch as I can, and score as often as I can for the team,” he added.

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  1. David Quinn says:

    For a guy that’s been in Berbatov’s shadow since he arrived he’s so enthusiastic, I still think he’ll lleave in the summer though :(

  2. In4muslegand says:

    I dont think ive seen a foreign player want to stay at an English club more than this guy! He works too hard for our team but money talks these days and if we have to pay £32M for his services perminantly then im not sure whether it matters how much he wants to stay. I 4 1 think SAF has made up his mind already on Tevez and i think it will take Tevez scoring a Hat-trick in the Champions League Final (not to jinx us or anything) 4 SAF to even contemplate paying that much for him. but for me if SAF can pay £32M for Berbatov then he surely can pay that for Tevez.

  3. Stephen says:

    The issue is how many games does he start in comparaison to Berbatov, if Fergie doesnt see him as a starter, then a package worth £32m is far too much, I love him but it does not make business sense I’m afraid.

  4. debrabs says:

    I dont care about buisness sense, if we win a few tropihes this year and scoop a load of prize money then we should sign tevez, simple.

    We dont need anyone else… we’ll have Hargreaves back, Tosic & Llajic coming in, the young players with more experience and further young players breaking through….

    so, sign him up

  5. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    I know what you mean Debrabs, but the club has to think about business sense, thats the way it is. I just think that Fergie feels (if we dont keep Tevez that is) that the money might be better spent elsewhere, and Fergie knows best. It could be all mind games for the club to try reduce the buying price, but from the outside looking in it seems like the lad could be gone. And like I said, if Fergie thinks its the best thing for the squad, I’ll go along with that.
    I do love the lads attitude, and his workrate, but in my eyes he isnt that quick, that skillful, that good in the air, or that prolific a goal scorer to warrant the price tag. Like I said, I love him being part of the squad, and in an ideal world I would prefer to keep him, but theres probably a bit more to it than that.

  6. Red Rooney says:

    he is too expensive for the contribution he is bringing to the team. i think that’s why fergie is tight-lipped over tevez’s future with united. as simple as that. score more goals tevez and prove your worth.

  7. debrabs says:

    North stand. i see what you’re saying and agree but i love him and want him to stay… last season he was worth every penny of 32 million but this season we havent needed him as much.

    I’d rather he was playing for us than against us, every time

  8. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    When it comes to the market always remember T D G

    T rust
    D avid
    G ill

  9. Stephen says:

    I care that my club is run finanacially off the pitch because it is us the fans who pay for it if it isn’t.
    If we can sign him for sensible money then great because he is a top player and a top man, as I see it he is a £20m player no more.
    It is up to Gill to negotiate for a change rather than just pay what people want, for £32m I would want a player to start more often then not, not the other way round.

  10. anirudh says:

    some of the comments here really baffle me??
    BUSINESS Sense???

    United were definately a much bigger attacking threat last year than they are this year and the only thing that has changed this season up top is that Berba has replaced Tevez. Even though I feel that we are going to rediscover that Midas touch in front of goal, Tevez has proved that he deserves that price tag.

    He was probably the most integral part of what was being touted as the Holy trinity last season with his movement that accomodated ronaldo’s roaming around around the front and made the latter the European and the World Player of the Year. Is it only me who has noticed that this season we are following a much more rigid 4-4-2 instead of the 4-2- rotating 4 formation of last season that brought us the double.
    Tevez has clearly become third choice with the arrival of Berba and any person who has watched him would know that Tevez is far better when he gets a run of games; it happened at West Ham, it happened at the start of last season and its happening now when Rooney was injured. The beauty of the Tevez this past month was that he knew he was assured a place and he started creating goals instead of trying to score everytime he got the ball within 30 yards of the goal.

    Anyone who thinks he is not worth the price tag should just sit back and watch highlights of last season and know that Tevez has still not reached his peak this season and his attitude makes him the best 3rd choice striker in the world and if we are to consistently dominate we need that.. at least till Macheda/ Manucho/ Petrucci/ Welbeck or Campbell can step up and realistically challenge him..

    I think thats why fergie is waiting for the summer to check whether these kids have developed, if yes.. then with a heavy heart its Bye Bye Tevez but otherwise… just put the money on the table and hope that this bargaining ploy does not backfire like Berba’s!!!

  11. RedAlert260599 says:

    I’m not even sure he’s worth £20mill. I like his attitude too. I like his work rate. But he can’t pass. He’s not in the same class as the players around him, I wish he was, but he isn’t. Lots of times a move breaks down when the ball goes to him. Fergie will have all the stats on him and if it doesn’t make sense to pay a fortune for him, he won’t do it. And like North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row said, In Fergie we have to trust – cos he’s not done a bad job so far.

  12. Mancpt says:

    I agree that 32 million is too much for such a player. But he is being highly underused and to think we paid 30 million for that lazy ass berbatov I see no reason why we cant pay at least 20 million for a player who is willing to die for the team. I doubt this shall happen but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  13. Stephen says:

    Berbatov is class mate, you don’t have to run around to be a good player.

  14. doncobaino says:

    hopefully Berb will show his class and bang a couple in against Inter at OT…

  15. TonyBee says:

    32 mill is way too much…. hopefully his agent is only talking him up to other clubs and realistically it’s up to Carlito who he signs for ( hope it’s us for 18 mill).

  16. Jake says:

    mancpt- ridiculous comment about Berbatov, when was the last time you played football mate?

  17. olusanjo says:

    jake, do actually think mancpt has ever played football? mancpt, that your comment about berbatov should be withdrawn.


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