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Tevez The New Ole?

Carlos Tevez LyonOle Gunnar Solskjaer was one of the rare United players who fans of other teams admired. He was a hard worker with a great attitude to the game, a model professional. However rivals fondness of him often lessened when he was brought on off the bench against their team. Known as the “super sub” thanks to his ability for scoring so frequently when substituted on to the field, Solskjaer was a great reader of the game. Sir Alex Ferguson claimed Solskjaer was the greatest reader of the game at the club, spending 80 minutes weighing up the match before coming on and slotting in to the position he needed to be to grab a goal.

Solskjaer announced his retirement earlier this season, moving up to the coaching staff, after an eleven year stint with the club. His retirement has seemingly gone hand in hand with the arrival of new signing Carlos Tevez, who has already shown a knack of scoring goals at decisive times.

Fergie has praised the Argentinian striker today, stating what an important player he has been for us already this season. “I think he’s proved that this season,” he said. “That one in Lyon (1-1) was obviously really important to us, as were his goals at Liverpool (1-0), Tottenham (1-1) and at home to Chelsea right on half-time when we were searching for that first goal (United won 2-0). He’s proving to be an important player for us, no question. He’s now on 15 goals. I think that’s a great return in his first season with us so we’re delighted with him.”

Will Carlos Tevez be able to fill the crucial goal scoring role Solskjaer vacated?

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  1. Superdorz says:

    Tevez to score the winner in the European Cup final?

    Fingers crossed.

  2. Taehr says:

    Ahh dam miss ole,you would expect him to finish.He was deadly,I dont think tevez is the new solskjaer,he isnt as good at finishing but hell if he keeps getting these important goals I dont mind

  3. Ahmed Bilal says:

    didn’t tevez dive a couple of times against fulham, especially for Hargo’s free kick?

  4. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    Tevez certainly has scored some very important goals and they’re all a result of him sneaking in towards goal, unmarked. He gets in the right positions and sneaks the goals. Nothing spectacular but invaluable.

  5. RF says:

    More importantly, he has heart. When he comes on as a sub, he brings urgency and guile to desperate situations. The goals are of course very welcome too.

  6. jsos says:

    Tevez is like Ole in his dedication on the pitch. When the rest of our squad looks sluggish, Tevez is out there busting his balls. From the second he steps onto the pitch until the moment he comes off, there is nothing but determination from him. I disagree that he in invaluable. He’s proven his value with the late goals a few times now this season and those goals have gone on to make a difference for us in each case.

    We need a player like Tevez who shows determination week in and week out. I think its the kick in the ass some of the more established players need sometimes to see a new player working as hard as he does – no matter what the scoreline.

  7. jimmy Bob says:

    tevez has a great work rate is fearless on the pitch and never knows when he is beaten.
    Downside on him he misses some great chances (city and bolton away) if he can improve his finishing he will be a better player than ole was for us

  8. Just1n says:

    Tevez a sub? You must be joking Scott. Playing asa sub will not sit with Tevez. He needs to be in the first team to justify selection for Argentina and there is no way he would be happy on the bench.

  9. Jack says:

    I don’t like all this ______ is the new _____…. Always happens, “Anderson is the new Ronaldinho”, “Nani is the new Ronaldo” “Teves is the new Ole” etc. Each player is individual and different. Just because Nani and Ronaldo are both portugese wingers with tricks, doesn’t mean they’re the same player. People always do this, just to fill a gap when a player leaves, or is so good they want another. Ole was a legend. You can’t replace him, and I’m sure Tevez wants to be his own player. But he does get goals at perfect times, can’t deny that ;)


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