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Tevez: United Fans’ Support Means Everything To Me

Ahead of our European Cup final against Barcelona, Carlos Tevez has reaffirmed his desire to stay at Manchester United, claiming the fans mean everything to him and he wants to win another Champions League title for us.

“The fans at this club have made me feel very welcome and loved, and I want them to know how much it means for me,” said Tevez. “Their support means everything to me, and we want to give them another European Cup this year. I want to win the European Cup first for the club and the fans. Then we will talk about the future. I really like it here and want to be part of the success. We have a great chance of winning our second Premier League and European Cup double in a row, and that’s what my focus is on. I don’t want anything to distract me from my football, and my future will be sorted out in the summer.”

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  1. Neli G says:

    wow. hes like the anti-ronaldo. hes still a rubbish striker though.

  2. Manchester united forever says:

    Finally Carlos talks some sense.

  3. wazza says:

    he has realised now that he had to STFU and play his football and sort out his contract in the summer.imo we are unlikely to sign him.

  4. TheRedBaron says:

    He’s devoted. Poor chap, feels like a whole nation wants to free him from the chains (spelt ‘Joorabchian’) but can’t do anything bout it. If he has to leave, I want him to score the winner.

  5. Manchester united forever says:

    Finally Tevez starts taking some sense. Otherwise for the part month or so he was talking rubbish.

  6. gazmask says:

    tevez to score the winner tomorrow night..

    his parting gift

  7. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:


  8. TheRedBaron says:

    @ GHTT : Mha?

  9. gotta hate tiny tears and co. says:

    emily wrote it

  10. Xyth says:

    If he leaves Premiership for Spain or Italy – good luck to him.
    If I was him i would think twice before joining anoither Premiership team. I can understand his temptation to join Spanish speaking contigent in Looserpool FC – but he must be crazy to seek work under that twat that FSW is. Can he be sure he will get a better treatment than Robbie Keane? Shity and Chelsea not worth mentioning.

    Rather than whingeing and moaning he should try and cut loose his ties with that idiot Kia who is behaving like the slavery was not abolished and stay at the best club in the world.

  11. Maik says:

    She sings for the reeeds
    She sings for sir Maaatt
    That young mankunian
    Makes Lennon look shite

    That’s what studying latin does to your head… I’m messed up

  12. AlphaRS says:

    Well done Carlitos. Making the right noises.

    Fergie will pay double to keep you if he thinks you are going to the dippers!

  13. Red-Manc says:


    Love Tevez, he’s passionate about our club and supporters so he was my full support aswell, hope he scores the winner for us in Rome.

  14. Dani says:

    Absolute right Tevez is.

    Man, I got some man love for the guy. He plays as much as he’s ugly. That sums it all.

  15. King Eric says:

    Finally says the right things, coincidentally just before the final. I honestly don’t think he will get any playing time though. Anyone else?

  16. OTRed says:

    Yeah and if you value that support, you’ll respect us and NOT sign for City or Liverpool, though you probably will if you get the chance.

  17. redrick says:

    Hope he does play some part, think he could get at that barca defence, saying right things now, should of said it earlier.


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