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Tevez: United Fans Won’t Think I’m A Traitor

Carlos Tevez slags off the manager again and reckons we won’t think he’s a traitor for joining City.

“If I play for Manchester City I don’t think the United fans will feel I am a traitor,” he told The People. “They have to remember that at least as far as I know I have been thrown out of the club and I have to study the best offers available. Leaving came about because I could not stand my sporting situation at Manchester United any longer. My first year was good in all senses. I played in the games and felt respected by the coach but in my second year some strange things happened that I still do not understand. After the game at Old Trafford where Liverpool beat us, Ferguson ignored me almost as if I was to blame for the defeat when really Liverpool dominated us all over the pitch. After that the fans called for me to be in the team but he never took the advice on board because he always knows best. I gave everything for Manchester United and people know that. For that reason I don’t deserve the way things have ended up.”

Carlitos, fuck off and die please :) Thanks.

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  1. Corea says:

    Tottenham reportedly said that only Jonathan Woodgate, Aaron Lennon and Jermain Defoe are not for sale, claims The People.

    Forget Lennon :)

  2. Louis says:

    What about Guillermo Ochoa, the keeper from Mexico. And what about Dzeko, noone seems to be going for him. We should be going for players like that, who are great but no bidding wars

  3. sig says:

    TEVEZ CHANT FOR NEXT SEASON: (in the same choon of the park song)

    Carlos, Talks A Load Of Dross
    5 League Goals, What A Fuckin Loss
    Dont Bench Him, He’ll Spit His Dummie Out
    Now Plays For The Shitty With No Title Shout

  4. Izzy says:

    Tevez is looney fuking brat!!!

  5. kapti14 says:

    forget about tevez and ronaldo:

    there are a couple of players out there that man utd if they get them would make us really strong:

    robben : we need a left footed winger not just a winger a left footed one.

    gourcuff: a playmaker/winger is needed to play closer to wayne rooney thus forcing him to stay upfront instead of dropping deep.


    brown rio vidic evra

    valencia gourcuff robben


  6. AlphaRS says:

    Tevez: You’re right – they’ll just think you’re a cnut.

  7. ellice says:

    cant wait till we play man city and piss all over him :)

  8. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    He should of just joined Liverpool they love deluded anti sir Alex wanks down there

  9. King Eric says:

    boogeyman – It was on tribal football and a few other papers as well today mate.

  10. King Eric says:

    Corea – Re: Sparky. Yeah Mark we waited three years for a trophy not 34. Don’t try and compare Citeh to United.

  11. King Eric says:

    kapti14 – I would HATE to see Robben in a United shirt. He makes my skin crawl. I was watching Premiership Years 05/06 last night and I almost forgot how dispicable the rentboys were under Maureen. Horrible Horrible cunts. That little tap that Robben got in the face (forget who it was) and he was rolling around like a twat. No not for me pal.

  12. kapti14 says:

    i was watching that as well yesterday. we were not too bad that year. its just that teams were too afraid to take chelsea on. if only we had beaten sunderland at old trafford that year the pressure would have cranked up on big man’s team. stupid kelvin davis.

    but we definitely need a left footed winger.

  13. kiko_mac says:


    There is no way most united fans want to see that waste of space robben in a united shirt and secondly gourcuff just joined bordeaux a few weeks back.

  14. supatrice says:

    Such a fucking shame. I loved the way he played in his first season, he was a great player, hustle, skill, passion. He’s fucking ruined himself by running his mouth off at every turn.

  15. MUFC the Religion says:

    Anyone see Premiership Years 06/07 today. United were sensational that year. Rooney against Bolton home and away. Rooney making it 3-2 away at Everton, proper milking the hatred from the home fans and kissing our badge. I’m not gay but I am in love with Wayne Rooney.

    On our Transfer Targets. Midfielders first of all.

    SNEIJDER- For some strange reason he’s transfer listed at the Virus. The creative player we sometimes lack. £15 million maximum.

    VAN DER VAART- Exactly same reasons as Sneijder, available, left footed and is more than capable of playing on the left wing which we need most, £12 million maximum.

    DE ROSSI- Fantastic holding/defensive with an eye for goal. In the same mould as Hargo but if Hargo never fully recovers, we will need a De Rossi type player. Would be a perfect player for the European nights. Seems like he is Roma through and through so it would take big money offers to even start negotiations. £25 million could tempt Roma.

    McGEADY- a wildcard really. He is unvelievably underrated and has so much talent. He’s both footed and is a natural left winger. Silky skills and blistering pace. Great potential. He’s a poor mans Messi but being a poor mans Messi is still very good. £10 million maximum.

    RODWELL- it seems like he will play for United eventually. Holding midfielder with an eye for a Carrick (on a good day) pass. Could end up being a central defender to replace Rio. Would want to join us as it would help his chances to play in the World Cup ala Owen. £10 million maximum.

    2 or 3 of those listed would be good. Sneijder is a must buy though. There’s plently more but I can’t be bothered.

  16. Jam the Red says:

    If Sparky can take City to a final he’s a better manager than I gave him credit for!

  17. Costas says:

    Actually today i saw this season’s review. Two things stood out. 1)That i was very nostalgic everytime i watched Ronaldo do something magic. In hindsight, he did have a brilliant end to the season. Especially in the Ch.League knock outs. Apart from Porto at home, he was great in every other match. 2)Nani’s girlfriend. WOW!

  18. Tony Starks says:

    MUFC… you say Sneijder is a must? Have you seen him play last season, his performances have been inconsistent to say the least, and is attitude is even worse, to me he’s the last player I would want at our club.. Same goes for Van der Fart..

    BUT a dutch player I would be happy for us to buy would be Affellay from PSV, this guy will go to a big club soon for sure

  19. King Eric says:

    MUFC THE RELIGION – Sky plus’d it gonna watch it now. Can’t wait to see us win our Crown back. I have watched last two Premiership years where the Rentboys won it. There was a clip of a “Super Sunday” and fucking Richard Keys was saying “Cracks have appeared at Old Trafford, there is a new team in town and its Chelsea”. Reckoned they were “going to take Uniteds empire, and dominate football” Don’t think so Keys.

  20. vishnu1729 says:

    united ploting move for yaya toure.daily mail….
    if barca gets mascherano then its manchester no 13 yaya toure

  21. Dave Mack says:

    Yea, injury prone, diving twat Robben would be bottom of my list too, Kiko.

  22. MUFC the Religion says:

    @ Tony Starks

    Fair point, everytime I watched Real Madrid they were very good. Sneijder was also great in the Euro’s. But maybe evertime I don’t watch them they are crap. If they are inconsistent and if there attitude isn’t good enough then maybe I don’t want them. Just that whenever I see them play they shine.

    @ King Eric

    All of the Sky Sports team are Chelsea and Liverpool lovers. United were awesome in 06/07. Rooney and Ronaldo were superb. Rooney’s dink at home to Bolton with the counter attacking one-two. That’s why I love United. Also Rooney away to Everton. 2-0 down with 30 minutes left and eventually Wazza scores to make it 3-2. Celebration was legendary. Milking the Everton fans hatred. Kissing our badge at Goodison and jumping over to the United (best away fans in world) fans and putting his arms out to them. Iconic. I can’t see my loving another United player like I do Rooney for at least 50 years.

  23. vishnu1729 says:

    did any one saw SAF yeaterday watching roger federer…..
    i didnt like that..he should be there in spain raiding other teams……

  24. Johnson says:

    I like this. Someone big enough to just be honest about Fergie. Endearing.

  25. Nectarine says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what this new week will bring. Hopefully a new left winger and/or midfield enforcer. We especially need a left winger, those we have just aren’t good enough. Maybe a bit early to pass judgement on Tosic, but he hasn’t impressed exactly. He deserves a chance though.

  26. Marq says:

    You’re kidding me are you, the match between Roger Federer & Andy Roddick was a nail biting classic! Everyone should have been there!
    -Anyway, enough about Tevez. Let’s just ignore any comments, he was never and never will be important enough to warrant anymore of our attention. We all know what kind of person he is now, thank God we never sign him

  27. MUFC the Religion says:

    There aren’t any left wingers. Ribery and that’s it. Don’t bother saying David Silva because Riera, you heard me, Riera starts ahead of him for Spain. Riera is so shit it’s unreal.

    Sir Alex only has to sign Douglas Costa and Wesley Sneijder. Messi would be nice.

  28. vishnu1729 says:

    of course..this will be an interesting week…SAF will probably look to buy english players…..
    1..quick adaption to the climate…style of play
    2..satisfy 6+5 rule
    ashley young ,,,,,,,,,,,
    an now yaya toure

  29. Bazza says:

    I thought David Silva was on the bench cos he was still was recovering from injury during the Confederations Cup?

    I remember reading somewhere that due to it, he wasn’t blending with the team as well as usual so he was dropped.

  30. Anon says:

    a few things from the article on ronaldo’s quotes…
    “he’s a mythical figure in football, like Bobby Charlton…”
    liked that. i think though we weren’t his fav club (wat are the chances of that!) we’re def a close second on his list. i could never rule out a Ronaldo return to OT. at least within the next five years. probably not as much if he’s crossed 30-31.

    as for the part in which he says the la liga has crossed the EPL, well, in star power, obvious ain’t it? they have three of the best players in the world, with the probability of a fourth on his way in the form of Ribery, if you include casillas, puyol and xavi and iniesta, the SPL has the best talents in all the departments of the game.

    but the thing is all the above names are from TWO clubs. just two. outside the two, Aguero is probably the only notable talent.

    for a long time the EPL was cricised for being too top-4 friendly, and the level of competition in general being much lower than in Spain.
    But i think that the gap in England is now much less than in spain. i couldn’t for the life of me imagine any club in england dominate like barca dominated in spain last season. simply coz the other clubs are too good to let that happen.

    this season barca and madrid will dominate the la liga like no one else. the third and fourth teams will be far too distant.
    compare that to EPL where apart from the top four, even Man City will be looking to have a go, and Tottenham and Aston villa (not to mention west ham) will be looking for a more modest CL spot…
    I would rather be in the EPL right now. And i think Ronaldo’s statement is more true for the top clubs of the liga than the whole league. the proof will be seen in yet another season of the CL being dominated by the english clubs.
    infact, don’t rule out all four making it to the semi’s either. if the groupings get sorted like that, that is.

  31. Smudger says:

    I don’t understand.. That Argie midget was offered a contract.. He rejected.. Why the Fcuk is he talkin about United now time and again??? Speak about Craig Bellamy and how he ‘ll keep u out of the team u wanker!!

  32. Paul the red says:

    Larry White is back as fergies assistant…… handover time in a few years maybe?

  33. Paul the red says:

    scrub that……. bad rumour!!! sorry

  34. vishnu1729 says:

    bordeux striker 20 yr old gabriel obertan will be signed by manchester…agreement in place…fee undisclosed….

  35. Costas says:

    Paul the Red: I wish that was true mate.

    I think that Silva was injured. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a kot better than Riera.

  36. boam6 says:

    Tevez needs to realise that now he just blew his best chance of winning trophies, he had two years at united and got offered a contract although it was not till the second year and late he knew that the offer would come to say he did not have enough time to decide is a joke, Owen said he knew instantly he wanted to sign Tevez had two years to make his decision and then for the guy to choose city in my eyes he’s scum!

  37. Tony Starks says:

    Ubertan look nowhere near ready for the first team – he can’t even get in Bordeaux first team – so it must be very much one for the future (like Tosic)

  38. afromanc says:



  39. Tony Starks says:

    ^I mean Obertan*

  40. mikekelly12 says:

    Vidic will sort him out come Derby day and Rooney will be the one ding the shouting!!

  41. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    what about this for a chant as a play on ll cool j(mama said knock you out)
    the fans want you to shout
    cause fegies gonna knock you out

  42. Swissdevil says:

    off topic:

    what u guys think of this? wouldnt he be a good option vor us?

  43. willierednut says:

    Fcuk of tevez u prick!

  44. livewia says:

    Tevez, you’re a cock!

  45. reddevilpat says:

    I’m an old United fan,have been since I remember what a football looked like.
    My question to any of you is this,
    Were you there at Oldtraffy when Denis law back heeled the ball to the net,
    Cause I was,Carlos Tevez will be just like the rest,Van nistleroy, keane,Veron,etc,he’ll just move on.
    Every Fucking day,this Arsenal supporter keeps rubbing it in my face about the famous relegation 74/75.
    Carlos Tevez had the fucking balls to wave bye,bye, to us,Look what that maggot cunt law did,You little fuckers are nothing more than a bunch of media driven fucking idiots,
    It’s not Tevez who wanted away,It’s that scum agent that he had,he’s the little fucker that should have his balls cut off,West ham/sheffield united are to blame for all of this as well,It could all have been worse,he could have gone to the Scouse cunts,

  46. reddevilpat says:

    Denis Law sent us to the shame of hell,
    Carlos Tevez helped us climb the steps in Moscow,
    Take your pick,???

  47. Scott the Red says:

    RedDevilPat – we were relegated that day whether City beat us or not. It had fuck all to do with Denis Law. Even United fans believing these ridiculous urban myths.

    And what did Tevez do in Moscow again? Apart from miss three sitters?

  48. Swinton Robbie says:

    Tevez is a penis

  49. Hermann the German says:

    Tevez should take another dive into the chip pan… fucking twat.
    Of course hes a traitor, leaving manu for a few grands more a week.
    City is a Sheik-powered Camelbreeding company. TEVEZ TWAT!


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