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Tevez: We’re The Best In The World

Carlos Tevez has today claimed that Manchester United are the best in the World at the moment, thanks to the strength in depth on offer to Sir Alex Ferguson.

Whilst it would be hard to argue with Barcelona being the best side at present, it is reassuring to hear Tevez speak positively about the size of squad which keeps him out of the starting XI at times.

Tevez announced this week that the contract issue should be resolved at the end of the season, something most reds would be happy to see happen.

“We have the best team in the world at the moment,” Tevez said. “One of the reasons for that is the range of options available to the manager. We have players who can come in at any moment and make a difference. That’s the reason we’re still fighting on all four fronts.“

Tevez also had time to offer praise to our record-breaking defence, although acknowledges it’s a team effort that ensures we don’t concede.

“At the moment our defence is amazing,” he added. “It’s the safest defence in the world but it’s down to everyone in the team. If you look at the midfielders or the forwards, we all battle to win the ball back. It’s a joint effort.”

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  1. King Eric says:


    He says all the right things, time will tell.

  2. meko420 says:

    tha kidd has tha heart to thrive @ tha greatest club in tha world…lord i hope we sign him com seasons end…with that being said….AR-GEN-TINA…

    Manchester United…Pride Of Tha North…

  3. cherry says:

    I just read a story where his adviser is talkin shite. I think we have really fucked up in sealing his contract. I would have like us to have him on a permanent, but my inner feelings are telling we have fucked up.

    If fergy put him on the bench tomorrow, the media would blow it out of proportion and that could affect his performance in subsequent games. The media hype has had its toll on this issue which i think has affected his performance a lot. There is a lot of pressure on him now. I just hope he would not crack up under the pressure.

    Last season Carlito scored a lot of important goals for us notebly against Blackburn and Tottenham. He is a true red and it would please me a lot to have him tied down to a longterm contract. Intially, I thought fergy would be able to play him on the left since Nani was looking like shite. It has not worked like that though.

    If we loose him and Ronaldo in the summer, then we are screwed. That would be a real messsssssssss up. Please Fergy dont let this fighter leave us, he is a true red

  4. costas says:

    It’s going to be tough to sign him.Joorabchian confirmed today what i was afraid of for the past couple of weeks.We are no longer their first option.From now on it’s a gamble by SAF.If someone offers them what they want,Carlos is out.If no one offers them the 32 mil,he could stay.But then again,it looks like Rooney’s return puts him back on the bench so he might not want to stay.

  5. RedMist says:

    Don’t think we’ll sign him.
    Sounds like MSI are offering him around to other clubs now.
    Think we’ve blown landing Carlitos on a permanent deal.

  6. SULLY [South Africa] says:

    “We all battle to win the ball back” Especially you Carlos Tevez. You’re our war-horse alongside Vida. ARGENTINA… ARGENTINA… ARGENTINA…

  7. costas says:

    RedMist at this point we are gambling.We are hoping that due to the economic crisis no one will offer that amount of money.But even if no one makes such an offer he will still need persuading to stay at Old Trafford.SAF just said that Rooney will start.And something tells me that Berba will too.So once again he is left frustrated.I have come to terms with the fact that we will probably lose him.If he stays,it will be a bonus for me.As somenone said,it will be a tragedy if we lose both Carlos and Ronaldo.The team will make huge strides backwards.

  8. King Eric says:

    “if we loose him and Ronaldo in the summer, then we are screwed”

    Disagree entirely. If Ron does go and I personally really don’t think he will then we will have a huge amount of money to replace him. Don’t know who we would get like but great players come and go, United remain the same.

  9. costas says:

    The problem King Eric is that we will have to rebuild the team.Say we buy Quaresma or Bentley in Ronaldo’s place.The team will have to change it’s style.It took everyone 4 months to adapt to Berbatov.Also,i am not really sure how much of Ronaldo’s money the Glazers will spend in signings.Their intentions are not always noble.

  10. Jake says:

    Quaresma or bentley??? Have you not seen Ashley Young playing? and he won’t cost us £50/60 mill and he’s got a quality attitude

  11. costas says:

    You are right Jake.I was just mentioning two names off the top of my head.In reality,for both of them it’s too late to come to Old Trafford.Ashley Young could be a good candidate.But once again the team will have to change it’s style.Let’s just hopte that when Ronaldo leave,Nani will have realised his potential.

  12. King Eric says:

    Bentley? David Bentley? No fuckin chance, no way near good enough for United. He is a little southern ponce who I would like to see nowhere near Old Trafford. Ashley Young? Collybores love child. The man never shuts up about him but he is certainly a possibility. Not in the same league as Ron though. Quick, great crosser of the ball but far too lightweight in comparison.

    Ron won’t be going nowhere anyway.

  13. cherry says:

    King Eric, do you remember how long it took us to build this team? Four fuckin years!!! That is why we are playing with such a wonderful understanding all over the pitch.

    Like Costa, I hope Ron does not go any where. But you never can tell. The Madrid elections are just at the corner and believe me the media are capable of turning his head. Who knows he may be used as a political pawn. It has already started.

    Needless to say gr8 players come and go and united stay the same. I am equally aware of that, but my point was and still remain to be; if we are to loose both Ronaldo and Carlito in the coming summer, it could take us a season or two to replace them. There is no guarantee that all these names people talk about would come here and shine. The demand from players in this club is gr8. You have to consistently stay on top of your game to be here. So, why can’t we maintain what we already have? These guyz are the finest you can find around. Why let them go? Look at what is happening to the Arse-nal. Their current position is as a result of their inability to hold on to their best players.

  14. Nino says:

    sign him up i say!

  15. King Eric says:

    Cherry : I hear what you are saying and would love them both to stay. As I said I honestly think Ronaldo will. Not too sure about Carlos and as much as I would like him to stay he aint worth the money reputedly been asked. Furthermore if we do lose Carlos do you really think United would be “screwed” ?


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