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Tevez Winds Up Chelsea – “We are the real Champions”

After saying that he wants to spend the rest of his career with United, Carlos Tevez has today rallied the troops ahead of our match with Chelsea.

Tevez scored his first Manchester United goal against Chelsea in our 2-0 victory over them at Old Trafford. Ryan Giggs played in a beautiful ball in to the box which Tevez made certain he got his head on the end of.

Tevez has already repeated his goal at Anfield this season, so here’s hoping he can get another goal against the rent boys!

“OK, so we have not started as well as we would have liked, but that will all change this Sunday,” Tevez said. “At Stamford Bridge the real champions will be on show. We all know that Chelsea are out for revenge for what happened in Moscow, but that will cause some anxiety for them.”

Tevez has pointed to the advantage Cristiano Ronaldo will give us. Whilst Deco is quick to claim his side aren’t obsessed with Ronaldo, there is no denying that our winger usually has a big effect on the opposition. Even if he isn’t playing that well, he serves as a distraction to our opponents who are always keen to stick a man or two on him, freeing up room for the rest of our team to work in.

“The return of Ronaldo is crucial for us and is a problem for Chelsea,” Tevez said. “The Blues defence will need to take so much care with him that he creates space for everybody else. He gives us so much more power in attack.”

Tevez then went on to state that Chelsea are kidding themselves if they think their start has any bearing on who will be lifting the trophy in May, claiming our lads are seeking out a victory tomorrow.

“If Chelsea already think they are on their way to winning the title, they are mistaken,” he added. “They will see a reaction from United this weekend. We are not champions for nothing. The match in London is important, but it is not decisive. The winner will receive a huge boost, but that will be it. We have not been happy this week at United, so we need to change that on Sunday and put a smile back on our faces. Chelsea are a formidable team with a great defence, but they know it will not be easy against us. We will arrive at Stamford Bridge looking for victory.”

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  1. jsos says:

    i fucking love this man.

  2. Redrose says:

    Are you SURE he’s not from Salford ?

  3. Tevratov says:

    What a fuckin champ!

  4. Gary says:

    What a fucking bloke! You cant help but love this guy!

  5. shaun32tevez says:

    i was gone get best 7 on the new blue jersey. fuck it. carlitos it is.

  6. DuudeLove says:

    He’s that man we all adore!

  7. Arsene wanker says:

    Redrose,couldnt agree more,the boy is from Salford.

  8. Drew Vader says:

    Man I pray that he’s not bullshitting us….I hope to God it looks like they’ve been pissed off all week. I hope they come out with a swagger and a chip on their shoulder to shock the league. COME ON LADS

  9. suhayl says:

    Carlitos WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ManUnited10Titles says:

    Vezee layin it down. Do we have a chant for him yet?

  11. OTRed says:

    Talk is cheap, Tevez….prove it tomorrow on the pitch.


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