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Tevez Would Get Support If He Wanted Out Of Contract

Chris Heaton-Harris, president of the EU’s powerful Sports Intergroup which deals with sporting matters across the continent, has given hope to United fans over the prospect of us signing Carlos Tevez on a permanent basis.

“It is unique and bizarre that an entity, rather than a club, owns a player,” he said. “In employment terms, Carlos Tevez has a contract himself with this company. But if he went to the European Commission and said he wanted out of it, he would get European support. It is just an employment contract. You can’t keep a person to a contract that he doesn’t want to continue in. Under European law, he has the right to break this contract.”

We might hate Kia Joorabchian but I’m fairly sure Tevez must be fond of him. The man has got him playing for Manchester United after all. So would Tevez fuck him off like that? It’s unlikely.

So, whilst getting him for free might be pushing it a bit, this new finding about contracts under European law certainly gives us something to work with. We don’t have to piss Joorabchian off but I’m sure he’s getting hot under the collar now than this news is all over the press. Have a word with Tevez, get him to have a word with Joorabchian, and let’s see if we can get the overall transfer fee to something closer to £20 million instead of the reported £30 million we’re being asked for.

We shouldn’t get him for free, that’s not on. Tevez does have a contract and it is up to Joorabchian to sort out a club that would be best for him. At present, it appears as though he is more interested than selling him to someone like City for a load of money than he is securing Tevez a club that is best suited to his future. If he’s going to put his own well being ahead of Tevez’s best interests, then I don’t see the problem with us playing hard ball and seeing what impact this talk of signing him for free might have.

There have been plenty of complaints over the time it has taken to resolve this mess but if David Gill is planning to play Joorabchian, and has been planning this from the beginning, then it certainly makes a lot more sense. Carlos wants to stay, the fans want him to stay, the manager wants him to stay, so let’s sort out an agreement. The cheaper the better!

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  1. Coogie says:

    We can’t have it both ways, this sounds very similar to what Blatter said last year about Ronaldo.

  2. Manchester United forever says:

    Let’s hope Tevez goes to EU and breaks the contract with MSI So That we can sign him for free.
    BY the way i’ve heard that he has rejected an offer from real madrid Is it true?

  3. Anon says:

    yeah, this defo gives us hope of a decent fee. like you said, while it is difficult to see Tevez going against Joorabchian, if he does, it might bring the asking price to a more reasonable level.
    the question now is, will he?
    if his will to stay at United is strong enough, he definitely will.

  4. Anon says:

    @ Coogie
    Ronaldo’s contract is owned by a CLUB. read what the guy has said again. this is only to do with non sporting ownership.
    plus his contract doesn’t have any time period, so it’s almost like indefinite slavery! Ronaldo’s contract has a time periodl, which he is obliged to see out, and he has the power to renegotiate, Tevez, and/or United, don’t.

  5. daveob82 says:

    Coogie it’s not really like Ronaldo last season as Ronaldo had recently signed a contract with a club. Tevez is essentially OWNED by a person which to me is actually very strange.
    I think the question that really needs to be asked is whether Tevez has a specific contract duration with the greasy Iranian…. from what I understand there isn’t….. Tevez belongs to him… end of…..The reason Tevez went to West Ham is because Joorabchian wanted to buy them so he brought his player with him…. then he realised he couldn’t so he was renting out Tevez…..
    It is a ridiculous arrangement and it shouldn’t be allowed in football……

  6. daveob82 says:

    I hear Tevez has rejected a 40 mill move to Real cos he wants to stay in the Premiership….. although that said I take everything that is said in the media with a pinch of salt.

  7. costas says:

    There are two things in this mess that won’t happen.Joorabchian won’t budge on the asking price and Tevez won’t turn his back on him.So either we pay up, or he leaves.I can’t see a 3rd scenario that would leave to months of leagal battles.

  8. costas says:

    lead i meant

  9. keanesmagichat says:

    lads off topic, anyone any information on paul pogba.. the french lad we apparently signed? the dippers and arsenal were in for him..france u16 captain

  10. costas says:

    I haven’t heard of him keane.But i am glad we are shopping aound these ages.Kiko signing when he was 16 helped him settle at the club.There were no expectations from him straight away.

    I hear Rio will miss Arsenal.Whatever this calf issue is,i hope he will be ok for Rome.And i hope Evans’ boots won’t be so slipery tomorrow!

  11. Red Rupert says:

    I don’t think it’s necessarily a case of Tevez being “fond” of him. More a case of Tevez sticking to his agreement and his word. I would think he feels he has a moral obligation to Kia and would be loathe to break that, regardless of laws.

    On another point: what is the point of a contract if “European Law” can just nullify that on a whim? Whim or not, a contract really should be binding. The fact that it isn’t, in rality binding, isn’t necesarily the fault of European Law, because players and clubs seek to do the same as it suits them.

  12. Anon says:

    talking of transfers, can you believe the price on Ronaldinho’s head?! 10 million pounds! It’l be a treat if he comes to the Prem, irrespective of which team he plays for! :D

  13. wazza says:

    @keanesmagichat : is that a done deal ? any link to the transfer ?

  14. ROJO RED ROT ROUGE says:

    I wish to state unequivocally that I want Carlitos to stay at the club he loves playing for in front of the fans who clearly love him.
    However, if we are to be considered honourable then we cannot rewrite the agreement we signed up to when negotaiating the option to sign him permanently after two years. Whatever else we may think of Joorabchians cunning or craftiness he has only been sharp at what he does for a living and does very well apparently. Carlos Tevez entered into the deal he has with him and must also honour it whether he feels with hindsight that it was a mistake or now suits him to have it his own way. United must pay what was agreed to keep him, they shook hands on that and it has already been negotiated. If I bought your car and you then drove it to my house to collect the payment and hand it over and I then told you that I now wanted to buy it for a cheaper price or didnt want to pay for it at all then you would quite rightly tell me to GO FUCK MYSELF.
    We must be beyond reproach at Manchester United and honour our bad deals as well as our good ones. It is what defines us in everything we do on and off the pitch.
    If we thought he was worth it back then, I personnaly see no reason to say he is not worth it now but Sir Alex must let it be known if he thinks he is not as good as he thought he would be and that he has been a bit disappointing these last two years and therefore he can justify his attempts to bring the previously agreed price down. If anything when we took delivery of this small runaround we found it was even more fuel efficient and nippy than expected with great turning and accelaration. Tax and insure him and lets get him back on the road to even more Trophys next year. Come on now guys lets not behave like scousers thinking we can take things without the owners consent.

  15. Drabik says:

    Anon, do you think Ronaldhino will be a success in the premier league? I dont. The price says it all. Man City pay over the price for everyone nowadays. So £10m for man city is probably £7m or £8m for a normal club.

    As for Tevez, I dont think he will dishonour Kia (unfortunately). But we could make a deal with Tevez and Kia, saying we will pay half what they want, or Tevez can break the contract. Thats at least offering something reasonable for both parties.

  16. luke says:

    I don’t even WANT Tevez to dishonour his contract with Kia and i’m 100% with Scott on this one…yes Kia looks like a slimy piece of work and would prob try sell his grandma if he cud make a buck off her but ultimately he has looked out for tevez ever since he was an unknown and to me tevez owes him some loyalty and its only fair that kia gets some sort of return on his investment even if i dont want to see the club being held to ransom…again…but at the end of the day guys the way i see it is that its not my money and we seem to care too much how much we spend on a player..myself included…u CUD take the long term view and say that any amounts spent have to be recuperated from the fans but then again i’m pretty sure ticket prices are going to continue to rise regardless of how much we pay for tevez..i’m expecting a bollockin now..

  17. Shreyas says:

    Where is Sepp Blatter when we need him?
    His slavery comment was ahead of times. 1 year to be exact ;)

    Let FIFA show some balls and accept that them allowing players to be owned by agents forever is indeed a form of modern slavery and that FIFA have messed up in not banning this practice.

    But hey, Blatter opens his gob only to make nonsensical comments. What was I expecting?

  18. Macheda is GOD says:

    why is it always about money? :(

  19. bossdem says:

    ROJO RED ROD ROUGE- We get ass raped on almost every transfer dealing we enter. surely you cant be serious when u say we should just pull our pants down for these greedy rapists and let them take us for whatever price they like?! ;s

  20. bossdem says:

    luke. spot on!

  21. ROJO RED ROT ROUGE says:

    Bossdem : I am not suggesting we touch our toes for anyone but its a bit late for that now. Two years ago we agreed what we would pay for him if we made it permanent after the loan or “hired” period came to an end.
    If we did not want to pay that now then we simply have to say thanks but no thanks.We do not have to keep him at all if we dont want him. If we do want to keep him then we should pay what we agreed two years ago. Any player is “worth” whatever someone else is prepared to pay for him. If someone else is prepared to 40million as reported in todays paper then the price we agreed two years ago is a good deal for us and one that they too would be obliged to stick to. Nobody rapes us in the transfer market as we are free to take it or leave it at any time we like.

  22. Shimo says:

    On the issue of being honourable. Of either paying the full agreed amount from 2 years ago or saying, ok we don’t think the deal is what we agreed to 2 years ago, so sell him to some other team that will give you what you want. I disagree with this view.

    It’s not a question of honour. Things have changed in the last year 2 years, mainly the economic climate, the valuation that was put on Tevez 2 years ago doesn’t hold in United’s view anymore (and even then they probably put too high a value IMO).

    Contracts are renegotiated all the time. I know in the States, professional players have their contracts arbitrated based on performance to get a higher salary. A 5 year contract signed 2 years ago may be redone because the player is performing at a lot better than the value that was put down on paper back then, so they work it out to what is fair. There is nothing dishonourable of a party that has entered into a contract, re-examining it and working to change it to what the actual value or reality is in today’s world. It’s business and United shouldn’t just blindly hand over another 22 mil to Kia because 2 years ago, they agreed to it on circumstances then.

    United also have a responsibility to the club and ensure they do everything they can to make sure the money they put out is in the best interests of the club. They shouldn’t get Tevez on the free but, there should be some sort of negotiation to where all parties can come to a solution that works for them.

    At this point United don’t want to pay the amount agreed 2 years ago, Kia wants that full amount, Tevez at end of day won’t out right break his contract with Kia but, if he really wants to stay, Tevez needs to have a word with both United and Kia and say, work something out where maybe Kia doesn’t get all he wants but, United have to pay a bit more than what they are willing to.

    Now on a question of honour, is Kia really looking out for Tevez or trying to put him where he’ll overall make the most money but, come out looking like maybe he kind of had Tevez best interests at heart (by not signing say 40 mil from City and choosing 35 mil from a Madrid or Liverfool?), whereas at United, he’ll be making history for years to come and be a part of a club he loves.

    Personally I do hope that Tevez is man enough to take his future in his own hands and not rely on Kia. He has the power to influence what happens in the next couple of months – if he wants to.

  23. perkythered says:

    I wonder if United had paid £30 million two years ago whether we would regard that as value for money?
    Tevez is a very good player, who works hard and who has scored some important goals for United – but worth £30 million?
    And as Scott and others have pointed out previously – does he want to join United as a squad player – because so long as United have Rooney, Berbatov and Ronaldo all available that is what he is.

  24. Jessie says:

    First of all- Joorabchian is the godfather to Tevez’s young daughter; he’s more than a business associate, he’s a family friend who has been with Tevez since Kia plucked him out from Argentina, brought him to Corinthians and finally to England.
    I also think this is a shitty deal, especially because all of that money (30 mil) is going to a person, a business group, rather than being redistributed to football; obviously this is a big problem for Sir Alex, who hates greedy agents enough as it is.
    But the bottom line is United agreed to loan deal with the option to make it permanent with a certain fee…it’s now up to them if they want to pay it or not. It’s not really Joorabchian’s prerogative to negotiate, because United themselves agreed to the fee two years ago.
    So it’s either pay up or let him go. And at least if they pay the fee and bu him, Joorabchian goes away. United will now ‘own’ him.

  25. smokebreaksteve says:

    I think Tevez would be too loyal to a man he regards as a close friend and Mentor to try to go down the EU road and shaft Joorabchian. I think a deal will probably be reached on the strength of a price cut and possible future dealings with Joorabchian, not on a third party ownership basis but more on the Agent side of it. United have a good scouting network in South America and as English football becomes more global, the Glazer’s and Gill may have a use for this guy somewhere down the line on a kind of networking level. Just throwing out options but I think the bottom line is whether Tevez is prepared to be part of a rotation policy. If not then any settlement fee is irrelevant because he will leave.

  26. cantona7 says:

    It still baffles me how Tevez could actually sign with Kia, because no matter how I see it, he’s clearly selling himself to Kia. The closest you can get to slavery I suppose.
    And now I’m wondering why Tevez is so fond of Kia, It looks to me that Tevez loves Kia more than United and even football itself.

  27. AJ says:,19528,11661_5327195,00.html

    What’s happening whats he talking about no respect?


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