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The Bernabeu Is Never Full…

Manchester United face Real Madrid at the 85,454 capacity Santiago Bernabéu Stadium tonight the Champions League round of 16.

Whilst this game is a sell out (although won’t hit the 85k mark because of fewer seats being made available for European games), it is interesting to note that the Spanish giants do struggle to sell out their ground.

Last month for their league game against Real Sociedad their attendance was a pitiful 58,500, meaning the ground was just two thirds full. For their Champions League game against Manchester City, just 67,000 turned up. Their average attendance in the league is just 72,101, with ticket prices ranging from €20 (£17) to €93 (£80).

In contrast, despite having a ground with 10,000 fewer seats, United’s average attendance this season so far is 75,516, with ticket prices ranging from £30 to £52.

The Bernabeu, is never full, the Bernabeu is never full, unless they’re playing Man United, the Bernabeu is never full.

Stats from ESPN.

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  1. kesman says:

    Utd is still d benchmark for all clubs. Take away d TV rights in la liga they are no were near US @ income generation

  2. chanpakman says:

    come on united

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    The Bernabéu is an impressive place. Been there on 2 occasions and both were immensely impressive. Build in different era with a view to being impressive.

    One of the journos commented that the press conference amphitheatre is 10 times bigger than at old Trafford …. and often full!

    Hope our away support can make an impression. Pip them to impress if we get a foot in the game.

    Come on you Reds!

  4. Swedish Red says:

    The supporter culture in Spain and England are completely different so it’s almost no use comparing – Camp Nou is never full either.

    Have to say that the financial crisis in Spain is very, very serious and people have more important things to pay for than a football ticket. Just saying…

  5. Dreamiest says:

    In Spain, people are struggling to buy food and you expect them to fill a football stadium.

  6. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    @Dreamiest – some people in England are struggling to buy food too.

    Football grounds in Spain are rarely sold out unless it’s a local rival or one of the big boys i.e. Madrid or Barca are in town or in this case us. You’ll also find very little away support – distances are huge and the culture of travelling to away games like in England just doesn’t exist. When Madrid played Getafe (a suburb of Madrid) away last year, there were about 100 madrid fans there even though you can get there on the tube.

  7. Singh7 says:

    A Chelski supporting colleague of mine once said to me “big game at the weekend” referring to our last fixture against them…I replied as quick as a flash “its always a big game when YOU play United”

  8. jayutd3112 says:

    off topic. but are liverpool serious about zenit and racism?

  9. pzred says:

    In Spain, people are struggling to buy food and you expect them to fill a football stadium.

    Hardly the case actually ;) Or at least not bigger than in any other EU country.

  10. Unitedforeva says:

    United will take care of CR7 and score twice on the break. Pepe to be sent off. 2-1 to take back to OT.

  11. King Eric says:

    “Is never full, The Bernabeu is never full, unless they’re playing Man United, the Bernabeu is never full” UNITED!!!

  12. Gee says:

    Been to the Bernabeu a couple of times and have to say I’m not surprised its never full, the atmosphere isn’t great unless its the classico (then it is thumping) but it doesnt get anywhere near OT when its cranked up!! Its all whistles and hankys and papers being waved around, people bringing out their packed lunches and flasks!! That said it is impressive when its packed out and the raw when they score is quality!! Still not OT tho!!

  13. LoneStarRed says:

    The Spanish economy is in freefall right now. That can account for less attendance.

  14. HouseMD says:

    Come on, the blog post is useless. As if the Spaniards who struggle in a bloody crisis would care a damn to watch football today…
    Carrick is a genius, btw.


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