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The Best Natural Defender In England

Wes Brown’s perfectly delivered cross in the Champions League midweek was met by Ronaldo’s head, and ended up in the back of the net. The Longsight lad has scrubbed up well for us, and whilst the seemingly never ending wait for Neville to return still goes on, it is reassuring to have a player of Brown’s quality and experience to fill in.

I remember seeing him playing back in 1999, with the crowd urging him on down the right flank, as he filled in at right back. He was only twenty then, but already the fans had a strong affinity with him.

The chant “We’ve got Wesley Brown” is not one of the most heard in Old Trafford, but that doesn’t take away from the sentiment. We are lucky to have a player like Wes at the club, not just for his ability, but for the passion he has for the team.

“Love, life, loyalty” reads the tattoo across his ribs, and it is that loyalty to the club he’s played for since being a young lad that earns him the respect of our fans. His career has been blighted with injury, and that has perhaps prevented him from becoming an even better player. Regardless, he’s racked up an average of 29 games a season for us since making his debut in 1998.

He’s underrated outside of Old Trafford, but well loved and appreciated within it. Ferguson once called Wes the best natural defender in England. He can make the last ditch tackle, he has the strength to muscle the opposition off the ball, and he can read the game well.

When talk of contract renewal came about at the end of last season, Brown was quick to confirm he saw his future at United. “I love playing for United and talk of me leaving this summer was rubbish. I have never thought of going anywhere else because it would be a step down.” He talks like a fan and plays like a fan, and it is players like these you need in your team.

Brown has spoken out about his future again today, saying, “I have always tried my best for the team. I have been here nine years now and I would do anything for the club. It is good to know how highly I am valued by the manager. It is certainly hard to imagine ever playing for anyone else. Hopefully that won’t happen. I am happy here and hopefully I can stay here.”

Gary Neville is a proper red, but in terms of ability and passion for the club, you couldn’t ask for a better fill in than Wes Brown. He’ll have a tough game tomorrow, and it is unknown what effect Mourinho’s departure will have on Chelsea. Having players like Brown, Giggs, Scholes and Neville is what sets us apart from the other top four teams, we have the extra fight when it counts and the extra effort when it’s needed. I hope these players show their hunger tomorrow, and give us the result we need to properly re-establish ourselves this season.

So here’s to Wes Brown, and his future at the club.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Being a more recent supporter, I haven’t had the history of Wes Brown – but that said, he is a consistent player who, I agree, is underrated. He does have a passion for the club that is rare and inspiring. I hope we find a continued place for him once Neville is fit. It’s been a boost having him out there and I’ll miss him if he’s on the bench

  2. Abu David says:

    being a supporter not as new as Anon (I personally fell in love with United during the heady days of Hughes, Mclair, Bruce & Palli oh and King Eric…) and so I am well acquainted with Wesley’s exploits.. Put simply I have put up with stick from both United and non-United fans in my appreciation of the boy Brown- he is without a shadow of a doubt a great defender, better than most in the premiership, more of a player than John Terry and has a football brain on him, furthermore he is an essential part of the rich defensive complexion of United. True Red that man; Wesley we salute thee!!!!!
    Top job again Scott!

  3. Anonymous says:

    He’s my favourite player, unfashionable I know, but for precisely the reasons you’ve outlined.

  4. Firas says:

    at a time that united seem hampered by debts… im proud of wes for showing the world his true colors… i always hated how money changed the game i love… how united became the richest club in the world thru accomplishment rather than rich owners… but now it seems that our only hope some rich arab is needed to buy us out of our miserable debts… god i feel so depressed by the uncertainty of such a glorious club’s future… but Wes being committed to the cause… that is uplifting news.

  5. Redsmoke says:

    Couldn’t agree more Filas. Everytime I think of the debt and what the current owners have escalated it too is just insane.

    Wes is a great player, loyal to his club, never complains about playing time. Like Scholes he’s just a professional and I am proud WES plays for United and don’t want to see him anywhere else.


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