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The City Is Yours? Are You Sure?

It two weeks time, Manchester City will have to reflect on the 35 years that have gone by since they last won a trophy. 1976 marks the year when Abba were at the top of the charts with Mama Mia, the first commercial Concorde flight took off and Rocky was the most popular film at the pictures. To be a City fan who actually remembers seeing their team win a trophy, you’d have to be at least 40-years-old.

In this context, it makes sense that City fans would try and find something to cling on to, particularly in light of all the success United have had in this time. 11 League titles, 2 European Cups, 8 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, as well as the Cup Winners’ Cup, UEFA Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup and Club World Cup. Every year that passed where they won nothing and every year where we added another trophy to our list built up the resentment and bitterness our neighbours feel.

So when outside of Manchester, they told the lie that proper Mancunians support City. Anyone who lives locally to Manchester knows this is bollocks, but it is a myth that has done the rounds for a while. Famous blue, Jason Manford, was recently interviewed and had to come clean about the lie. “It’s one of those things where we’ve gone over the years ‘Yeh, there’s no United fans in Manchester’ but there is. There’s bloody loads of them.”

United have had higher attendances than City every single season since the 1940s, even when United were forced to play at Maine Road after Old Trafford was bombed. Even this season, with City giving away their tickets for a fiver in Europe (and £1 for under 16s), their stadium has been just over half full. Either there’s only a few thousand football fans in Manchester or those Berties are telling porkies.

So, whilst United get to sing about being top of the league, City fans were left to sing about their lie, “the city is ours”, during our victorious game against them yesterday. With 20,000 empty seats, are you fucking sure?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Dave Malaysia says:

    @pedmachine: Is that short for pedo machine?

    The fact that those chinese people came all the way to Manchester and appreciated the quality of Manchester United makes me happy.

    As mattbw7 said there was an asian woman in the city crowd,what are u gonna do? chase her out ?
    she probaly started following city when sun ji hai was there,she is still there,which is interesting or maybe she cud not get a red ticket.

  2. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    By pedo’s logic we are already on 19 titles then having won the old second division in the 70s! Also if mr mancini is a pig dressed in blue as he suggests then that says it all on this nations lacklustre police service. What a pair of cocks!

  3. jeet says:

    @MG: Seriously, mate…its so daft…they get their ass whipped on the pitch, and then they go to the (online) pub of the team that whipped them…tongues out, tails wagging, drooling blue saliva from their fat jowls…whimpering, pls, pls, can I pls have some more?

    Revulsive lack of dignity…

  4. Dave Malaysia says:

    Mr.Frasier MG Crane are u in spore? lol

  5. MG says:


    To care for those that need caring is why we are here for

    We are here for the 1.1 billion pound fans – they obviously need some direction in life this is why they come here – to seek love and attention and to blow their empty trumpet

    We are listening ;)

    Dave Malaysia spore as in Singapore? – wait firstly for Mr. Mancini the time in Singapore is 6.08 and if you are asking am I in Singapore – nah good old England my England ;)

    I hope I read that right if not please tell me so :)

  6. MG says:

    Surgery hours are about to close city fans – I need to do something for the wife – it is Valentines day after all lol ;)

  7. MG says:

    I’m More than G Freeman

    Thanks for listening ;)

  8. mattbw7 says:

    Pes we know you’ve probably been lurking back and realised how stupid your post was, please have the guts to defend it lol.

  9. petemanc says:

    I was going to suggest you ban Mr Mancini Scott but reading his bullshit on here is priceless, keep him on… I think he has just seen Rooney’s wonder goal again…

  10. CedarsDevil says:

    Bitter blues gunned down and thrown down the waste pipes……… Great job reds! I guess even the sewage pipes cry out in pain when they see these bitter idiots coming their way….

  11. King Eric says:

    Mr Mancini – Fuck off you daft cunt. There you go again giving it large. “see you in the FA cup final” Err you ain’t even through to the fucking 5th round yet pal and you are gloating. Small matter of the mighty Notts County to beat yet seeing as you couldn’t manage it away from home.

    Ped – Div 2 title? Comedy gold son. Now fuck off.

  12. mattbw7 says:

    They cant help themselves King Eric, always a case of when not if with them, comedy gold!

  13. willierednut says:

    They have to get past Notts County first, before they play big boys.

  14. DeanManc says:

    City fans are funny creatures hey always find something else to fight about other than the football game, cuz we know they can’t win that, they resort to an essay length paragraph debating a 1% percentage difference. you will not win anything in the future. At the moment city are competing with my nan in the premier league, she has also won 0 titles…. inbet city fans are glad that football was televised so that they can watch old footage of when thier team winning a tropy.

    Giggs premier league titles: 11 (12th on the way)

    Man city premier league titles: (not applicable)

    You are nothing but a joke to us

    I have respect for Chelsea, arsenal, tottenham and even Blackpool

    But for city, well, you just feed our laughter.

  15. manu76 says:

    Fuckin spot on…

  16. alex blue says:

    I dont expect the red moderator to post this but as a blue I can only hold my hands up and say we were beaten fair and square. However,if any of you blinkered reds take a look at the game we were by no means outclassed. Yes you won(again) which as a blue I just sort of expect now however if you read some of your moronic comments on here anyone would think its barcelona you have beaten.It is only little Citeh!! Why do you call us Citeh?Is it a manc accent thing,pretty ironic really when you say that you all come from Manchester.!!

    Anyway,enjoy your moment again-I hope we meet in the fa CUP BECAUSE YOU CAN’T BEAT A GOOD OLD TEAR UP…

  17. Sir Ryan Giggs says:

    Holy fuck my tummy hurts!! Jesus Christ you count winning the championship as a title…hahahahahaah, shows Shitties mentality, anything to get a trophy. Fuck off you twats, you will forever live in our shadow. Well done Reds, absolutely slaughtered them blues.

  18. Sir Ryan Giggs says:

    @ smartalex: you mean wastelands! it dont matter whether its match day or not, ALWAYS EMPTY!!

  19. smartalex says:

    Sir Ryan Giggs I read this week of a city employee spouting bile on the net.
    So he was fired then.
    It’s Ice Age 35 starring ‘Manny’ mancini, the last massive!

  20. skp says:

    Sorry to go off track here – but, seriously, did anyone note the smile on the Argie Troll’s face as he walked off at the end of the game? I swear, he smiled!! Must be some remnant RED stain still left in him.

  21. catotraa says:

    Still got that fucking chant stuck in my mind! Brilliant atmosphere at the Bishops Blaize before the game, I sang of all my heart there as well as on OT! Sitting just about 100 meters away from the cityfans we where singing “This city is yours” as they stod up to leave.

  22. Sir Ryan Giggs says:

    smartalex hahaha top notch.


  23. smartalex says:

    Sir Ryan Giggs, city were massless, so massiah Mansour massaged his amassed mass of money and mass-produced masses of mass-defects managed by maquerading metro-masculine Mancini. Now the master-masturbators and mish-mash of masochists are in mass-transit to a massacre.

    Clearly a Massive club.

  24. smartalex says:

    alex blue how did you slip through?
    To which comment/s do you refer as ‘moronic’?

  25. MG says:

    Talking about moronic comments:

    if you read some of your moronic comments on here anyone would think its barcelona you have beaten.It is only little Citeh!!

    Yep the richest team in the world is what we beat – how he can call himself little is beyond me – but worth the bloody admit ticket to the city comedy fest all in one :)

  26. Sir Ryan Giggs says:

    smartalex I have never read so much “MASS” in one statement before. Its like a tongue twister, I am sure city fans don’t know what that is. LOL. Fuckin deluded cunts!

  27. smartalex says:


  28. Kenyan Reds says:

    I was in Manchester last year December and I was so lucky to watch 3 game in Old Trafford 1 against valancia and against Gooooners and against Sunderland then same night I left Manchester To Toronto the day city played Everton I was Given free ticket to watch that game but trust me I refuse to go I went shopping at ASDA that close to city ground the were giving people free tickets at asda but I said If i go and watch that game it will be against the law if you are Manchester United Fan I lesft Kenya and I plan to go ans watch only United and it was fun to be in Old Trafford and I was so lucky to be in that Stadium I dream to be there for the last 18 years


    Fuck you Shity you will never win anything


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