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The Helping Hand Of Wesley Brown

Bless Wes Brown. When witnessing a team mate suffer a stomach churning injury, Brown is the man on the scene to offer support. First with Alan Smith in 2006, then with Antonio Valencia this week.

Good lad.

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  1. Christoff says:

    Well spotted ;)

  2. Costas says:

    I wanted to comment about the family atmosphere at OT, but I am sure MG will do a better job at it. ;)

  3. s18 says:

    Bless Wesley! Honestly, when the player came out of the tunnel I am more excited in seeing Wesley than anyone else in that line up….and his performances didnt dissepint either…is regular presence on the right flank supporting Antonio keep me flashing back on that night in Moscow in the build-up to the equilizer…Aaa…how refreshing! GREAT to av u back WESLEY!!

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Who spotted this one Scott? Amazing memory! Who would have guessed that Wes would be on the pitch for both of these injuries.
    Feel the injury to Alan ended his value to us. At the same time, it helped bring in Fletch which is a step up in quality and effectiveness from a similar style of player. Quality statements from Smith. I hope Valencia feels the love. Probably need to let the pain meds wear off though. Will be a long hard effort to get him back. But his quality must be foremost on all our minds. If he plays a minute for us this year, I hope the fans can give him a couple minutes of sustained applause. Show him that we remember his quality, and recognize his grit.

  5. Giles Oakley says:

    I’d noticed Wes in both tragic scenes and thought that’s typical of the guy, a good team -amet, never complains. And of course he’ll have real empathy, having spent so much time on the treatment table himself.
    Let’s have a chorus,

    We got Wesley Brown, We got Wesley Brown,
    We got Wesley, We got Wesley,
    We Got Wesley Brown!

  6. FletchTHEMAN says:

    s18, Felt the same. I love seeing our home grown boys on the field. He was rusty as heck, but it was a safe game and the defense did the job. Back from injury as well. Good to see Wes Brown and hope he shows steady progress to the form that had him a stalwart in our Champions league push.

  7. alan wood says:

    god bless u wes and antonio good luck mates i love u

  8. bchilds says:

    Proper United lad!

  9. Fze123 says:

    Good old Wes.

  10. petrucci says:


  11. Kennylad says:

    remind me to be very careful eveytime i’m on a football pitch with Wes. That man is a jinx. ;p

  12. Dilardo says:

    I remember Big Pete not being able to look at David Busst’s injury (it was a horrific looking injury), then you had the Rangers players on Tuesday who had a panic reaction, and nobody can blame them, or Schmikes for the way he reacted – but Wes, showed he is quite probably the ‘hardest man in all the town’ with the way he was with both Smithy and Tony. You would possibly expect your captain there, but big props to Wes for being there with both, and a great spot by whoever remembered that he was on the scene at Anfield too.

    Wes, top man.

  13. Gerry Gooner says:

    As an Arsenal fan and fan of footy would like to wish Valencia all the best and a speedy recovery. From our perspective kudos went to Glenn Whelan of Stoke when he stuck by Aaron Ramsey as he was lying on the ground with his leg snapped by Shawcross. Didn’t go unnoticed by many gooners.

  14. bigphil2003 says:

    Major respect to Chicharito as well for helping Tony. Hes only been here a few months and already hes part of the family!

  15. Costas says:

    Wes is a classy guy. It’s a shame he was never considered as a potential captain given how long he has been here.

  16. debadoba says:

    wes knows well how bad it is
    he suffered horrible injuries throughout his carrer

  17. LITTLEREDDOT says:

    Wes Brown himself has suffered many injuries so he knows what it feels like. That is empathy.

  18. United1990 says:

    Awww… Bless him.

    For some reason, Smith’s face looks so scary in the pic :S

  19. resty says:

    God bless Wes! and all wishes for Tony V hope he’s having a speedy recovery. one of my fav man he is..

  20. The Cockney Red says:

    What a fuckin legend. Good man.

  21. 0161-Jon says:

    with the amount of injuries Wes has had, he knows the pain of his team mates.

    SOOOOO glad Wes is back, a few more games and he will be back to his best.

    We got Wesley Brown!

  22. RedGem says:

    I love Wes. I hope he gets back into his old form.


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