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The Hypocrisy Of Platini Exposed With Ronaldo Opinion

Following a brilliant season for United, we scooped a sweet £33.9 million from Champions league television and merchandise alone, dwarfing the respective money clubs on the continent earned.

Anti-English UEFA president, Michel Platini, who has already branded United “cheats” in the past month, was none too pleased. The fact that three of the four Champions League semi-final places have been taken up by English teams in the past two seasons is certainly a concern for him.

In 2003 when the situation was the same of Italian teams, with AC Milan, Juventus and Inter Milan all reaching the semi-finals, UEFA took no issue with it. Likewise in 2000, when Barcelona, Valencia and Real Madrid took up the semi-final places.

When the figures of United’s mammoth takings last season, as part of the £102 million the four English clubs earned, were announced, Platini was none too happy.

William Gaillard, UEFA communications director and special adviser to the organisation’s president Michel Platini, spoke out in complaint. “We are well aware there are some imbalances in the revenue distribution which have a negative effect in national leagues by widening the gap between the rich and not so rich,” he said. “We will talk to the clubs and see how they feel, and try to convince them that in the longer run it is not in their interest if, because of the way money is distributed, national leagues become too imbalanced.”

So Platini feels as though it’s unacceptable for wealth not to be evenly distributed, that we should make things fair for all clubs. Then five days later he completely contradicts himself.

Following Real Madrid’s ridiculous pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo, United reported the Spanish club to FIFA. This complaint was rejected, something which Michel Platini supported, when backing Real Madrid’s hounding of our player.

“Every club in the world would like to have Ronaldo,” he said. “It’s part of the system we have today. Players move from club to club and I can understand why Real Madrid want him. They had Di Stefano and Puskas in the past, and as Ronaldo is considered one of the best or the best player in the world it’s normal. If the club has the finances they can do it so, if they don’t have the money they can’t.”

So because Real Madrid can afford to pay £70 million for Ronaldo, it means they are fully entitled to speak about him to the media every couple of days. Some clubs have the money, so can do what they like, and the clubs that don’t, should keep schtum.

If it’s alright for Real Madrid to be loaded and conduct themselves in whichever way they see fit, (behaviour which even Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger, and Bayern Munich’s Karl-Heinz Rummenigge have criticised), because of the unequal distribution of money in football, where does Platini get off condoning this behaviour, whilst criticising the fact United have a similar unequal distribution of dosh because of television funds?

If you’ve got it, spend it, seems to be the general message in reguards to Real Madrid. Unless “you” is Manchester United, or any other English club, in which case we will seek to prevent you getting the money you are entitled to.

The incompetency and bias of the FA and UEFA never ceases to amaze me!

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. cy says:

    Wasn’t it in Marca that Real Madrid needed a bank loan to pay for Ronaldo?

  2. J says:

    I used to like platini as a player, but what a twat he is now, f8cking frog.. Make a rule for us and another for the rest of europe, f8ck0ff you brown noser, we should have a independant Football assocaition to f8ck off these bent as a five bob note idiots and then see england and utd dominate europe again and again and again, we didn’t get any compo when porto found guilty(paul scholes disallowed goal) like AC milan for rigging games, and being allowed to play in the league all they get a tap on the back from gutless fools.

  3. k9 says:

    Fucking twat. I used to respect platini as a decent player before he started opening his gob and mouthing strange sounds like these. Fucking TWAT.

  4. Dark Half says:

    What a fuckin knob head, was an awesome footballer, he hates the English cos the french are shite and can’t afford to buy any half decent players. He needs to pull his head out of his arse n smell the (english) roses. He hates us cos Cantona is a legend and he’s just a footnote in history. Nuff Said – DH

  5. Ian says:

    The more I hear Platini the more I realise that he just doesn’t have the intelligence to be in the position he is in. He was recently criticising clubs in debt (obviously meaning us and Chelsea) saying they shouldn’t be allowed in the CL. I understand Real Madrid are about 160M in debt because they spend more than they earn (as opposed to our debt which is due to the Glazers not having enough money to buy the club in the first place, not an operating debt). Yet he thinks it’s OK for them to break the bank and get deeper. He should be making quotes about ensuring you have enough money to buy a player first and about professional ways of conducting business. Platini is an emabrrassment to football.

  6. Reddddddd says:

    Okay, the greatest part of this story is that Real Madrid are literally LOADED with debt.

    The thing Platini misses is that United’s debt is not exactly debt but leverage. In any public to private buy out the purchaser assumes debt in order to finance the purchase. IT IS TOTALLY STANDARD PRACTISE and is referred to as ‘gearing’

    I am an accountant, and believe me when I say, United’s gearing ratios are well within the bounds of normality. In fact, the Glazers are SUPERB business men!

    Long live Malcolm et al

  7. Gary says:

    If he wants to stop teams entering Europe because there in debt then there’s going to be no sod left in the champions league. Amazing how he can accuse United of cheating there way to victory from being in debt, when just a year before an Ac Milan time who were caught guilty of match fixing where kicked out originaly and then let back into the champions league only to go on and win it. I didnt here Platini moaning when Milan was the European cup. Could this twat make it any more obvious he hates English football!? FUCKING CUNT!

  8. Aby says:

    Platini is a HE-GOAT, n nt just only him but al those anti-england

  9. Harun says:

    I hate that little pig!

  10. eddy says:

    Platini is just trying to look like he actually does something in that no-mark ‘job’ he has. The stupid cunt should just fuck off and die. What’s the matter? Did Fergie not lick your snail slime infested ass crack at some shitty function?

  11. Phill says:

    I clocked on to this as soon as his words were reported. Why do they hate our country and football team so much? What are they jealous of? I bet he sleeps with Sepp fatter & fatter Blatter. A mate of mine (another United fan) once interviewed Sepp, he was given the list of questions to ask and none were about football. I believe them both to be embroiled with far east betting syndicates, why else do they refuse to allow technology to be introduced, it’s because games are still bought and sold, apart from those in the UK that is, ergo they hatre us!

  12. PG says:

    Does anybody else think that Platini is the ideal successor to Sepp Blatter ? I am sure the qualifications must have read ” Must be a twat”, ” Ability to stir shit” and ” Make a nuisance of oneself at every given opportunity”

  13. 7Bestie7 says:

    I heard the reason why Platini doesn’t like English football is thanks to Liverpool. Heysel was supposed to be the greatest day in his club career and it was ruined forever and he has never forgive English Football.

  14. ManU says:

    Only essentric person make such a rediculous statement and Platani is that man.The title of FIFA president should be given to someone who is inteligent and not so stupid man like him.Fuking biase Frenchman please step down rather than makeing a fool of yourself.

  15. tevra says:

    I can’t believe this guys hypocritic views are tolerated. The guy just hates England and this is evident in one of his many ramblings. I can’t believe Uefa employ such a bias prick. He looked so bitter and angry when he handed the medals and cup to the lads. He will destroy the english game if someone doesn’t put a Nike T90 in his mouth.

  16. suhayl says:

    Fcuking twat. Yes was a top player. But now with a suit on. Hates England like that crook of all crooks, bung taker mr seep mugabe fatter. Fixing matches etc. Hates our clubs, hates our managers. Why do you think england never get big tournaments eg world cup??? even though we have the best infrastructure in world football. this twat platini hated zidane, cause zizou became the best french player ever. And lastly when will this prick stop hogging the limelight whenever a team goes to lift the trophy. the twat always wants to be there, holds trophy till the last and hogs the limelight.


  17. wilfred says:

    Well that son of a bith better keep his fuckin mouth shut before i shove my foot up his arse.I seriously think Platini needs to get LAid well the cunt of a person’s wife sure is suckin on his son’s dick so guess they have an inbred prob dont they those motherfuckin french pussies were no good during the world war just spreading for hitler and his bullies even now French football is like Platini’s wife whos a bitch and a whore whose daughter ill fuckin kill ooohh that mo fo

  18. sydney_rob says:

    i think we need a new rule, no frenchmen allowed in positions of influence in world football. Actually we need to expel the french from the human race as they have never contributed to society.

  19. Dennis says:

    We immortalise or destroy ourselves by what we say & do. So, we remember great men for their great words – Martin Luther King, John Kennedy, Gandhi, etc. We may not forget Platini’s words so soon but he’s pretty forgettable.

  20. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    If UEFA really wanted to do something about equal distribution amongst clubs, they would make sure La Liga negotiates TV revenue for all 20 clubs rather than hvae teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona negotiate their own lucrative deals.And considering that Madrid are in massive debt as well, which Platini called “immoral” for United and Chelsea, Madrid are still encouraged to add around 20% onto their debt for one player?

    I hear Platini is anti-English because of Heysel.

  21. DuudeLove says:

    Lord Ferguson of Govan needs to come out with his braveheart gear on and rip that motherfucker to shreds. Fergie never usually lets people bad mouth our club without responding in an appropriate manner. Sir Al would come back with a scathing witty remark lambasting who ever besmerches our proud and glorious club so sort it out Alex!

  22. Dan says:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Platini is a cunt.

  23. RedAddict says:

    This kind of stuff would almost make me wish for the other top 4 clubs to be successful in Europe. Can you imagine how fucked off Platini and co would be if 4 semi-finalists are English. It would truly hilarious.

  24. man m2 says:

    this guy is full of shit. beside hating england, he also favor national teams from another. He did it to the turks when their goalkeeper was sent out in the euros by stoping him two games. while he stopped a germany team member one game for a straight red in an identical incedint.

  25. virgopq says:

    What an Arse!. Typical of French arrogance!. Stupidity at it’s best!. It’s only shits tt comes out fm his mouth. He shud use his head before he shoots his fat lips off!. I do hope the English wl give him a ‘grand’ reception when he goes over, ie., if he’s got the balls to do it!. Wud love to see him pelted wz eggs!. What an arsehole!.

  26. Abhay says:

    this guy needs to just shut his mouth and cool-off, the responsibility et al seems to have got to his head and the stupid fool is muttering all gibberish.
    great as a player but again it proves, great players are not always great administrators. These idiotic comments have just lowered my opinion of him to the extent that this guy is just a ego-maniac who just wants to be heard all the time, a “voyeur” in mr. mourinhos terms :)

  27. james f says:

    What a twat! It’s absolutely enjoyable though that his era at the head of UEFA coincides with the English dominance. It must be a nightmare for him and his associates and a pleasure for all United fans.

  28. tomusange eric says:

    platini is some guy that hates european football.he is the uefa president by mistake.believe me wthis man is against almost all english clubs and english football at large. he brought the ideal of only 3 clubs to make it to the champions league from england,he figited with rewarding the winner of the FA with champions league entry.he talked nosense that clubs in debt shouldn’t make it to the champions league.i would rather elect roy keane to become uefa president than putting in my word for platini.platini is very problematic and nervous.that is one reason as to why sir bobby robson was very disapointed to recieve a winners medal from platini.champions league without the english is just close to champion but not champions league. platini even failed to develop football in france so let him leave champions league and uefa alone.pliz styleup you hypocrite platini

  29. Sam says:

    Platini is a french son of a bitch that deserve to be shot on the head. Fucking bastard. I’m a Man Utd fan. You fucking french bastard. go to hell and die with ramon calderon. Remember, envy is one of the seven sins. You will be burnt in the lake of fire in hell. You are very envious of English club ha? You hate them because of they English league the most exciting league leagu in the world. You go to hell and die. I can’t believe that you use to be a top scorer in Euro. How? You cheated eh? Cunt

  30. Kings says:

    He’s a fucking cunt. The season before last, AC Milan were kicked out of the European Cup for corruption issues, then re-instated on appeal, and as a result of this good piece of fortune, they went on to win it, I didn’t hear him object to that. Granted we are heavily in debt, and that concerns me a great deal, but to brand us cheats despite conducting ourselves on the pitch in the right way and winning fairly smacks of total disrespect. Fucking S.O.B.

  31. Gazza says:

    Old on i suppose that platini is anti-english, but im convinced he’s even more anti-united. I cant recall any other club who has won the champs league that had so many homegrown talent involved like united. Scholes, giggs, brown, fletcher,o’shea, neville could easily have been involved. Its impossible nowadays to have 11 homegrown players its not gna happen. I agree about the 6+5 rule. It should come in but we wouldnt have been any weaker this year for it. the mans a twat. Fuck platini, fuck england. Its united vs the world. Republik of Mancunia

  32. Simmo says:

    Platini’s an idiot with a very selective memory. A few years back Madrid were in financial trouble. They tried to sell their training ground with little success. At the 11th hour the Spanish government stepped in and bought it for many times it worth. They then handed it straight back to Madrid. Where’s the justice in that? Didn’t hear uefa complaining on behalf of the other clubs in Spain and the rest of Europe. It is clear that uefa have an institutional agenda designed to take power away from successful clubs wherever they are, especially in England. Uefa and fifa are fascist organizations who care only for their own importance. Who else would send two English teams to Moscow for their flagship final. Not a bit of notice given to the fans who were ripped of left, right and centre. Didn’t hear Platini complaining on behalf of uefa’s very lifeblood, the fans!!

  33. Phallus Nimrod says:

    What a fucking joke this ball sucking, ass rimming, horse blowing cunt is.

    Oh, and Calderon over at Madrid fucks goats I reckon. I don’t have any proof, but look at him. It’s obvious.

  34. james f says:

    I like that Gazza: United vs the world! And you know what? United are winning!

  35. Ron says:

    I hope he gets fucked up the ass by a donkey. What a twat!

  36. UnitedRay says:

    If Platini is a twat, what of Blatter?

  37. BW POSITIVE says:

    First and foremost I think its important that I point out I am infact not a Manc but a Magpie. But the issue of Platini has consistantly brought my p1ss to a boil. I looked into this a while back, and know more about this little fellow than most. Its true to say he not only dislikes English football, but English period. It isnt Heysel, but that is without doubt a contributer. The entire party is anti English. English football in general or more so its progress in recent years is black listed in Uefa as the “English Problem!”. The force of English football is us, the paying fan. In spain and Italy, you get laid back customers, who pay a fiver to match paralell to us going to cinema. In England, we pay 10 times more per ticket. We own our stadia, we have the most impressive TV rights. We basically have in place a system that was always going to monopolise the industry. Second this with our fairtrade. Corruption in uefa is clearly rife, the evidence for this is NO ONE opposed Blatter third time round. Don’t look any further than this for the smoking gun. Blatter has agreements with African nations that he picks them for a worldcup. In return, he gets their votes. If you get those votes, you almost have the term as FIFA PRES wrapped up. Jack warner himself spoke of the hatred towards England within the camp and the bettnig syndicate. This is why English football never gets any favours. Ref biasism, with the smallest of influences being exerted by these refs in games to influence an eventual outcome. Italy, spain, portugal all rife. In England, we never share nor play any part. What of the scotsmen that was so shocked at being offered the role of Vice President, declared that all you needed to say on yuor CV is a vein disliking of the English. Platini despises the English. When Man Utd won the cup, he looked aggitated, and clearly upset at handing out the medals, visually seen pushing players around in line etc. Surprised he didnt get a few nips in there. Being the bald, fat little cvnt he is. But what is clear, is that Heysel was also a setup. European domination, how to stop it. Well, play it at a ground with NO security, and put Juventus fans, or ultras in the neutral end throwing bottles of piss at english fans. Second this with the fact that drink was admitted and in free flow. No official investigation went ahead after the game, with uefa wiping their hands on the entire english game. I think most would admit, the Athens final v AC wasnt that far away with uefa blaming English fans again for turning up, rather than them putting in place a half decent ticket booth.

  38. Nev says:

    Platini is an absolute c*nt, worse than Blatter even. I hope all four english clubs get into the semis next year just so we can see his face. Here is to us dominating europe at last, we’re capable.

  39. jimmy Bob says:

    great as a player a clown as a an official

  40. stewart says:

    Can somebody please E mail ALL these comments to Monsieur Platini himself at U.E.F.A.?!?! Then the stupid, ignorant, anti English, anti United French DICK HEAD can see for himself what a twat he is making of himself! He’s just a biased, jealous tosspot!


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