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The Issue Of Technology For England, Mexico and Everyone Else

Poor refereeing mistakes decided the Premiership title in 09-10, with costly decisions in the Manchester United vs Chelsea games handing the eventual champions points they wouldn’t have otherwise got. With United finishing just one point off the top, they would have been crowned champions had the referee been able to use technology to make his decision.

Bad decisions happen every week but it is the decisions that go against you against your biggest rivals, in the “six pointers”, which make the most difference.

At Stamford Bridge, United dominated Chelsea, but ended up losing 1-0 thanks to a John Terry goal. The freekick was awarded when Darren Fletcher cleanly won the ball from Ashley Cole, Wes Brown was being fouled in the box when the cross came in and Didier Drogba, who was interfering with play, was offside. Down at the other end, Wayne Rooney had been incorrectly flagged offside when one on one with Petr Cech as well as the referee waving away a stonewall penalty for Antonio Valencia.

Oliver Kay, The Times: They [United] had been the more assertive team throughout, defending diligently and attacking with purpose when the opportunity arose, and would surely have claimed something from the game, quite possibly a victory, had not the two big refereeing decisions gone in Chelsea’s favour.

Had the match ended goalless, Martin Atkinson, the referee, would have ended up with a stern rebuke from Ferguson for refusing to award United a penalty in the fourteenth minute, when Antonio Valencia tumbled after appearing to be impeded by Terry. As it was, the United manager was left in a fury, deeply unhappy both with Atkinson’s award of a free kick, for what looked like a fair tackle by Darren Fletcher on Ashley Cole, and with the manner that Wes Brown was obstructed by Didier Drogba when the ball was whipped in from the left-hand side by Lampard.

The game was transformed when Fletcher was penalised for his challenge on Ashley Cole. As Lampard swung in the free kick, Terry and Anelka attacked the ball with greater conviction than any of United’s defenders, although Brown had an excuse, having been felled, deliberately or otherwise, by Drogba.

The Guardian minute-by-minute: Wayne Rooney is played in and the flag goes up, with the striker entirely on his own and clean through, 30 yards from the nearest outfield player and 20 yards from goal. But Ashley Cole, on the near side, is clearly playing him onside. Bad – and crucial – decision.

At Old Trafford, with the score 1-0 and United in the ascendency, Chelsea went 2-0 up thanks to a goal scored by Drogba, who had received the ball in an offside position.

Mistakes of the referee will continue to decide titles, relegations and cup knock-out until technology is introduced to the game. It is embarrassing that a sport worth so much money all over the world is in the dark ages where this is concerned, miles behind the likes of tennis, rugby and cricket.

Pathetic arguments like “fans like to debate about decisions in the game” hold no weight with me. As a fan, I would rather the right team won, whether that was United or otherwise, than the team that got lucky with the ref. Sir Alex Ferguson has often talked about the luck needed to be successful, but that should stand within the laws of the game, not the inability of humans to make the correct decision. It should be one team against another, one player against another, with the referee making the game run smoothly, not influencing the result.

I watched Frank Lampard’s effort crash down over the line, less than a minute after England drew level against Germany, and like everyone else saw that the ball had clearly crossed the line. Decisions like that shouldn’t be an issue for technology but the failure to award that goal gives us a great argument. If linesmen and referees can miss such blatant decisions like that, and Carlos Tevez’s goal from an offside position against Mexico the following day, then what faith are fans and players and managers supposed to have in officials getting the tricky decisions right?

England went on to lose 4-1, Mexico went on to lose 3-1, but there’s no way you can account for what impact those goals had on the overall game. Whilst Germany were by far a better team in the second half, it is impossible to know how the second half could have panned out if the score was level at 2-2 and England weren’t throwing all their players forward to get an equaliser. How would the mentality of Germany been effected had they surrendered their 2-0 lead so quickly and easily? Equally, Salcido had hit the woodwork for Mexico and Guardado had been inches wide of the post before Argentina scored, so who knows what might have happened had it rightly remained 0-0 and Mexico were the ones to open the scoring?

It’s all ifs and buts, and it is these debates that Sepp Blatter uses as a reasons not to introduce technology, as if arguing the toss over decisions is justification to see the wrong team knocked out of the cup, win the league or get relegated!

Whilst the referee is always the target of our frustration it is quite refreshing to consider that however much of a wanker we believe him to be at the time, chances are he genuinely was trying to make the right decision. He may appear blind to us, given that we can see the foul/handball/goal/corner from the stands, but he is only human, and like the rest of us, capable of making mistakes.

England’s own representative referee in this summer’s World Cup, Howard Webb, has welcomed technology to the game today.

“I’m open minded about anything that makes us more credible as match officials,” he said. “Whatever tools I am given I will use them to the best of my ability, and I will use all the experience I have to try to come to the correct decisions.”

We’ve all heard plenty of debate on this recently and Gary Lineker has voiced the opinion I have agreed with for some time. The biggest argument against using technology is the notion that it will slow the game down. Yes, more than the idiot who tries to hide the ball up his jumper when it’s kicked in to the crowd. Yes, more than the cheat rolling around on the floor when he hasn’t been touched. Yes, more than the goalkeeper taking long, slow strides back away from the ball in preparation for a goal kick when his team are protecting a narrow lead with not a lot of time left to play.

However, if each team is allowed to challenge just three incidents a match, whether that be goal line, a foul in the box or even an offside decision, then that will add hardly any time to the game. The replays of major incidents are up on the screens within seconds of them occurring and more often than not a quick decision can be made. Did the ball cross the line? Yes it did. Was the player offside when he scored? Yes he was. Did the defender take the striker’s legs away from him? Yes he did. The Mexican players had seen the replay of Tevez’s goal on the big screens before they had even got back to the centre of the pitch for the restart!

“I have expressed to them apologies and I understand they are not happy and that people are criticising,” said Blatter of the English and Mexican FAs. “We will naturally take on board the discussion on technology and have first opportunity in July at the business meeting.”

Will anything come of those discussions? It’s hard to imagine that whilst Blatter is still in charge of FIFA that anything will be changed, with him yesterday admitting he “deplored” the idea of technology in football.

However, with so much at stake in football, by which I mean the feelings of the fans, the effort of the players, the hard work of the manager, as well as the money, it’s ridiculous to think it is left down to chance.

To give a very real example, take a look at Sheffield United in the 2006-2007 season, with them finishing on the same points as Wigan and one point behind Fulham. They were relegated because their goal difference was just one goal worse off than Wigan’s. They haven’t returned to the top flight since. But a place in the Premiership is said to be worth £90m to a club and Sheffield United were literally one goal away from securing that. Are you telling me that all the decisions evened out that season? That over 38 games, there wasn’t one more goal, offside call or penalty decision in Wigan’s favour? It is these small decisions that define the result and therefore the success of a club. The fate of football clubs, particularly in this day and age when the likes of Leeds and Pompey are going under, is dependent on them getting the result they’ve played for, not the result given to them by the referee.

I would like to think that I can one day laugh with my children and grandchildren about how I watched football in an age without video technology, the same way I’ve laughed with my parents over them growing up without a television or telephone, but if Blatter remains in charge of FIFA, you have to wonder which generation will finally get to welcome the technological advancements football fans and clubs deserve.

“Let it be as it is and let’s leave football with errors,” Blatter said in 2008. No, please, let’s not.


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  1. Costas says:

    More than willing to answer Ninis questions. I’ve only done it 100 times since yesterday. :D


    I wouldn’t read too much into it. This rumor only comes from one source. So far no one here has heard anything about it. He is a good player, but unproven in a tough league like the Premiership. Plus, the rumored amount of money seems a lot for him. Don’t see it happening.

  2. Kevin says:

    Red Devil – nope he didn’t. It was not shown on the big screen. I was at the match and didn’t see what happened so I was stairing at the screen attempting to find out what happened. It was never shown.

    Scott I agree and disagree. I do think Hawkeye technology could be used for deciding if the ball has crossed the line but beyond that I don’t like the use of replays in football. Challenges sound nice and in theory it would be quick but as I watch the NBA and NFL that have challenge systems it slows the game and stops the game sometimes for 3-5 minutes.

    I think the reason we are seeing such dramatically bad decisions is the speed of the game has increased a lot over the last 20 years. I don’t think refs can keep up with the speed of play. I think the addition of goal line technology and the addition of more officials would help as much as replays. I think FIFA should adopt the by-line linesmen and I would like to see the addition of two more linesmen on the opposite side or even two refs on the field of play. I also think raising the linesmen up off the ground, if possible, would give them a much better view on what is and is not offside.

    I do not think replays should be used to determine offsides as a lot of times the results are heavily inconclusive as offsides and fouls are subjective calls. I have a friend who brought up the fact that no matter how many times you look at the Dempsey goal against Algeria that was ruled offside it is hard to pin point exactly if he was or was not in an offside position using replay.

    To be clear I am all for goal line technology and the addition of more officials. But to stop the game to look at replays up to 6 times a game with coaches being able to challenge calls on the field will mud up the game for me. Coaches will use it to waste time and get breathers for their players. Further, what will be challengeable? Each and every decision? If a ref spots a foul in the build up of a goal can he rule out a goal using replay? The NFL, NBA, and other leagues that use replay do not allow the refs to use replays to call fouls and I am also completely against that. It may get the call right but it is to big of a momentum changer and it could result in no one ever scoring because small fouls occur nearly every play.

    I understand the want or need to get everything right but that is impossible no matter what you do. I would rather add officials and goal line technology instead of giving coaches the power to stop the game. I would also like to add that HALF the NFL challenges that occur, the announcers and commentators disagree with the refs decision after using replay. So it won’t fix anything just create a new set of problems.

  3. Fze123 says:

    @ King Eric, what if an offside goal from the opposition denys us another Premier League title next season or the next, or denied us from scoring a legitimate goal as the ref wrongly flags offside? It happened before, it can happen again, the game would become fairer which is what matters most imo.

  4. Rooney22United says:

    I think i’m going to give up on watching the world cup. The football hasn’t been that great, along with the woeful decisions from the ref.. Don’t think its worth my time. Even if its summer and i’m bored to death.

  5. Ash says:

    I think now the time has come when fergie should also signa player.I know our current squad is strong but i think it would be a gamble if we go with the same squad.Seriously i cant understand why in the hell are we going for ninis.Hell this is manchester united the biggest club in the world we should be signing the likes of ozil or sanchez or a creative mid fielder and here we are signing another tosic like player.Have to accept premiership is getting tougher and tougher every season we also should sign someone even if we sign only one player it does not matter but i think we should sign a star player rather than signing another unproven player.

  6. suhayl says:

    Im with King Eric….goal line technology but thats it.

    Tennis is a stop start sport…rugby too and cricket is the ultimate stop start sport…test matches last 5 days, one dayers a whole day and even the shortest format 20 20 takes an hour longer than a football match.

    In tennis cricket and rugby..the decisions by snicko, hawkeye, hotspot, cyclone, touch ref, video ref all all a matter of FACT. In football it is mainly subjective.

    Goal line = fact

    But many a foul and offside are human interpretation, a matter of opinion, some times countless replays prove inconclusive.

    I personally dont want football to become a robotic sport..i like the passion and yes even the injustices that creates our siege mentality and makes us stronger.

    Technology is a can of worms…you open it up and then people will want it for everything……and im sorry i watch american sports and they do your nut it with countless appeals etc etc

    just my opinion

    PS england are shite and my post doesnt mean i back blatter…personally i think he is a fat corrupt arsehole of all arseholes

  7. MG says:

    Lovely post

    Technology would never interfere with football because as soon as something would happen – the fourth ref at least would have it on reply within a few seconds if the ref didn’t catch it – as is proved by broadcasters seemingly without prejudice or time consuming can come up with a replay time and time again – that in itself makes mockery of the idiots who run our game

    Goal line technology isn’t a problem – listen to Dr. Hawkins and you think FIFA are idiots for letting him always have his say then telling him to walk away.

    I would go further – either then have more assistant refs that could catch the offside of Tevez for Argentina’s goal or more importantly Drogbas goal against us or introduce a running camera that could detect an offside – again at the fourth refs discretion the decision would not take more than a few seconds to comprehend and therefore help the referee

    The truth is that refs make a lot of decisions which cannot be controlled by the cameras an never will – for example what happened to Fletcher in the CL S/F last year or the Chelsea match at SB. The game will always have elements of stupidity and wrong decision making

    But technology will help bring in some common sense to the game which at the moment is severely lacking

    Blatter is a fucking joke – a man who presides over a bigger joke because it’s all corrupt – I could carry on – I don’t need to.

    The FA are a joke – a body that has no idea about football looking after the country’s game. The truth is the PL is big enough to subsidise English football and it would be better for it.

    Also I would introduce a one on one with refs at the end of the game to make them react to there decision making. Trust me they’d soon get there fucking act together – FIFA are living in the past – you do not need a revolution in the game you only need an evolution to help the game become more fairer

    On that note FIFA does not equal fair play – it’s a con – it’s bullshit and until Blatter and his cronies do not fuck off and football people come in and take over – it will remain CORRUPT

  8. Costas says:

    In other news, I hear that Ozil is close to signing for Barcelona.

  9. Ash says:

    I dont know what barca are upto.They already have many attacking players and now they also want to sign ozil.Seriously i respected barca as they produced their own talenty but now they are also no different to real madrid.
    Cmonn fergie buy someone before it too late.

  10. MG says:


    My dear Costas

    He’d be an idiot if he goes because with Xavi and Inesta he wouldn’t even get in the team

    Which takes me to a certain Fabregas – can’t get into the Spanish team because of those two – so why the hell would he go to Barca?

    I’m actually not bothered if we sign Ozil or not – he’s a very good player but 25/30 million? Doubt it

    Just like SIlva going to little city – I read a comment that the club has attracted such players to drive the club onto success even without CL football – I can’t stop laughing – nothing to do with the over inflated pay packet then?

    Dream on city and everyone else – my trust is in my gaffer – In Sir Alex we all trust : )

    Right Costas : )

  11. Costas says:


    Well he wouldn’t harm their midfield in any way. They still produce their own like Pedro, but they need players like Ozil or Villa to complete the puzzle. Just waiting for confirmation on the signing. I found the news on a Greek website.

  12. Costas says:


    Hi mate. The report I read says that if the deal gets completed, Ozil could stay at Werder for another year before he joins Barca. Maybe they are looking at him as a long term succesor to Xavi.

  13. mikekelly12 says:

    Have the referee or linesman come out and apologised for their unexplanable inability to see the ball cross the line? It’s not even as if the inept linesman made the excuse of he couldn’t see it therefore he couldn’t give it. He is clearly seen running back with one of the players (Rooney I think) shaking his haid saying no!! I can only assume he means no it did not cross the line, in which case he has not made a mistake but is clearly lying. If that is the case he should be struck off and questioned as regard to favouring the opposition!! I agree that Referee’s should be made to come out and face the media to explain their performance after a game…after all, managers are made to do this!! I also don’t see why decisions that do not affect the result of the game cannot be changed after a game just because the referee has made a decision during that game! How pathetic is that. It is abundently clear that referees make mistakes during matches, yet based on the fact that he could have made a mistake, it can not be reviewed. Only if he has not seen an incident can it be reviewed! A perfect case in point would be Fletcher vs Arsenal in the CL Semi. The referee wrongly sent Fletcher off. Because he made the mistake it could not be reviewed. WHY!! Every man and his dog knew it was a fair tackle. There was plenty of time for someone with a bit of common sense to say Look, the boy has made a legitimate tackle, he has acted within the rules of the game, therefore,not only is it unfair that he misses the final, it will also give the opposition an unfair advantage. Therefore we will do the right thing and overturn the red card. HOW HARD IS THAT TO ACHIEVE IN THIS DAY AND AGE?!?!?!

  14. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    off topic but i need net curtains for my bed room- how many times has that poor women seen me naked

  15. MG says:


    Is that a good thing or a bad thing : )


    That is even more funnier spend 30 million on a player and then take him in a year where he might have suddenly become worthless or even worse injured.

    La Liga is a right madhouse – closely followed by little city of course : )

  16. King Eric says:

    Ash – Its as easy as that ain’t it mate. Fergie likes Ozil so lets get him. No it doesn’t work like that. Does the player want to come here? More to it mate. Ninis rumour is probably bollocks anyway.

  17. eddieTheRed says:

    I agree with tech being used to help the ref in big games. The first time a guy dives for a penalty and is caught by the video replay and sent off it will send shudders down the spine of every cheat in football; are you listening Gerrard, Torres, Drogba, Fabregas, Henry?

    In order to prevent players abusing the system there could be a limit of say, 3 challenges per half, similar to the system employed in tennis.

    This could prevent dodgy offside goals, handballed goals, dodgy sendings – off, diving for free kicks and penalties; and it could prevent dodgy referees from ruining the game; an almost weekly occurence in EPL.

  18. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    sorry that wasnt my off topic news that was just what was happen when i heared my off topic news

    this could be a big day in the history of manchester united- the nextfletch

  19. Costas says:


    Look at it like this. It’s 15 million euros plus Hleb and another player. Now, wouldn’t you pay someone 15 million just to get rid of Hleb? :P

  20. Costas says:

    The madness has began. Mankini says that they attract the best players in the world and that they are going for the title.

  21. huzi says:

    already? i expected it to start at the start of the season. “going for the title.” pmsl. that was quite a good joke man

  22. Costas says:


    Yeah he couldn’t hold himself mate. Here’s the quote:

    “In signing David, we are showing the world that we are bringing the best players here and that we hope to compete to win the Premier League.

    (Translation: In signing Silva we are showing the world that we are bringing the best mercenaries here and we hope to not make it 36 years)

    “When players see what is happening at Manchester City and the ambition, they are attracted to what we are building and want to be a part of it.”

    (Translation: When players see how much money we are throwing away at Manchester City, they are attracted to it and want to be a part of it)

  23. Pat says:

    Complain about Chelsea’s offside goal all u want. If technology existed in football, Macheda’s handball goal wouldn’t count so Chelsea would still win the title. You seem to forget anything that goes in United’s favor, but thats to be expected from a very bias author

  24. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    pat mate
    the game in november the ref and lines man fucked up 3 times from given the free kick to the ball in the net
    and sir john of terrys swandive fowl on valencia in the box was as clear a peno if the keeper had of just walked out and punched him in the chops

  25. dela says:

    United still lost lost that game 1-2, so Macheda’s goal wasn’t exactly a title-decider, was it?

    Jesus, how are all Rentboys uniformly daft?

  26. King Eric says:

    Costas – Love your translations mate!!

  27. AJ says:

    Well said…again…to give the readers a perspective (not sure if someone has mentioned it already) … In Hockey, which I must admit is WAY faster than football, the teams playing can appeal thrice in the entire match…I havent noticed the game slowing down a bit…It is as interesting (or boring) as it was..just that A LOT MORE FAIR !!


  28. Costas says:

    @King Eric

    Thanks pal. I like Silva, but geez, Mankini is acting like he signed Cantona!

  29. Paul Parker says:

    Excellent Posts and Comments last few days – Also good to see the majority aren’t concerned about Citys new signing. Somebody already said it, if he’s worth 25 mil then Nani is worth 60.

    Plus, compared to 25 mil for Silva we’d have to say Valencia is worth twice that judging from his first season. Can’t wait to see him and Nani improve on 7 goals. Best wingers in Europe imo.

  30. huzi says:

    lol mate cracker of a translation that :) . cheers

  31. dela says:

    Totally agree. Which is why I find its strange when we’re linked with one winger after another. We have two of the best wingers in the world, with Giggsy and Obertan for cover? Who needs Muller?

  32. Moscow is my heaven says:

    Costas, I didn’t know you were fluent in Delusion…

  33. brwah says:

    What about Macheda’s blatant hand-ball in the SAME FUCKING GAME? Stop whining, you Manc cunts!

  34. says:

    so what if they signed Silva…..we have 2 Da Silva already!

    give him 2 weeks into the season and he will end up with an injury, I dont think he can make it in the premiership…..besides, tevez will end up leaving and going to Spain at the end of the WC anyway.

  35. huzi says:

    fuck of you rented prick! last i saw this was a united blog. knob. what about the game at sb? rooney’s onside, valencia’s stonewall and drogpuss’s shove on brown?

  36. MG says:

    Well everyone

    Chris Waddle reckons players like Rooney etc have to move abroad in order to prove themselves technically and therefore prepare themselves for England

    That I believe is the last straw especially coming from a man who threw a fit at the FA when England lost – again another Englishman speaking out of his backside

    As far as Rooney is concerned he is technically far superior to nearly all Englishmen and for that matter Europeans/South Americans – and has premierships CL and a world club to prove it.

    Ronaldo won European/World player of the year whilst he was at Manchester United – a team that was successful in this country – I really don’t know what Waddle is doing apart from Waddling bullshit

    It’s not Rooney’s fault that the manager of England played him out of position or alternatively played him when he was carrying an injury. It’s not his fault when the England manager reckons there is something wrong with Wayne’s head

    You don’t hear that from Sir Alex do you?

    And then why do so many foreigners come here to the premiership to play football?

    Because is it inferior to the European game?

    The truth of Englands failure is a combination of events – management – players – FA etc

    Yet idiots like Waddle still don’t get it – England get the second goal and in my opinions the Germans would have been shot to pieces. The fact that it is mostly a mental game meant that England could not hold there nerve and therefore succumbed to German counter attack

    And that was all because of one legitimate goal not given that changed the match.

    Chris Waddle didn’t exactly set the world alight with his football – his assumption that English players have to move abroad to get it is wholly nonsense and makes a mockery of our game.

    If England want to win the world cup or any other tournament then they have to begin to get mentally tough and adopt the ability to change systems and have players fluid and flexible enough to do so

    I am no football coach but I don’t need 6 million a year to get England to the SF or F of a major tournament – and I think I speak for most of us here.

    Howard Wilkinson said that we need an academy – a blueprint to get this country going – the belief in youth – the practice of forming youngsters to participate not in the goal to score goals to win – but to learn how to do the basics and to most of all enjoy it

    Howard Wilkinson wrote that report in 1997

    That was 13 years ago

    It is 2010 – Howard Wilkinson said the same things in a rant after England got kicked out of the WC

    in 1997 the FA didn’t listen

    In 2010 the FA still don’t listen and in between they have wasted money on coaches that are either too pussy footed to do fuck all or one that lost his nerve for whatever reason at the moment where it mattered – and we will never know why he lost his principles accordingly

    That my friends is the truth

  37. sprite says:

    Macheda’s hands didnt have much importance anyways, did it? Drogfilth’s offside goal killed the game off.

  38. Costas says:

    @Moscow is my heaven

    Ha. It’s not that hard. All you have to do is look at Eriksson, Hughes and now Mankini’s quotes everytime they sign a “world class” player. They are exactly the same. I think they feed them delusion as soon as they agree to manage Shity!

  39. RedScot says:

    Great read as normal.
    ohhh that fucker at Old trafford, if only, and i will say if only.
    On we go, no crying now.

  40. kel says:

    If anybody remember what i say last season of start of this year, I had asked for technology and know there will be more errors committed. Look what happen? We are still debating this technology. I don’t see how it can not be happen? Start now and not think of the past. IN the past there is no technology and now we have, we got to make use of it. In the past we don’t have doesn’t mean we cant use it now because it is not fair to the previous team and country in the past. We had to change now. If technology thinks the same as them, technology will think it is not fair to those people in the past who have no television and computer and not invent them?? Bullshit! People move ahead and i still don’t get it. It’s a matter of few seconds to see the replay and it could be fair to the game and the fans yet we are ignore and having to cry or downhearted and some maybe commit suicide having see their team lose.

    It’s time for a change.

  41. KVN says:

    News just in. I heard that the FA and stevie g has won a gagging order
    so that a story about stevie g having an affair with his wife’s sister and got
    the sister pregnant. Apparently all the England players knew it and
    that was part of the reason why JT got upset that stevie g got the captaincy.
    Some of the players backed Terry others supported gerrard. You heard it first here.

  42. KVN says:

    Also it got so heated out in south Africa that David beckham had to
    step in. Apparently JT and stevie g hate each others guts.

  43. Speedy Hernandez says:


  44. marq says:

    I think some of you are mistaking the playing position of Ozil and Muller.
    Ozil is a winger, all pace to burn,
    Muller is a central midfielder, all action and energy

  45. red jez says:

    Ive heard this rumour so I done a search & hey presto:

  46. King Eric says:

    marq – Muller played out on the wing for Bayern against us didn’t he? I actually thought he WAS a winger.


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