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The Michael Owen Song

Probably my first of many attempts to express our feelings about signing Michael Owen through the mode of music… who became a Manchester United player after a conversation with Sir Alex Ferguson over breakfast.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. sir82 says:

    … and king eric, you’re a champ!

  2. King Eric says:

    Stephen and Sir82 – Cheers lads!

    What is this about Aguero, I really can’t see it happening myself. NO more fucking Argies, not least ones related to the bloated coke head!

  3. PG says:


  4. Fze123 says:

    In the telegraph that cunt perez is saying “we gotta buy 2 more and sell 10″. Ruud, arjen robben, wesley sneijder, rafael van der vaart, royston Drenthe and huntelaar are all reportedly on the market.

    i reckon we should get huntelaar and sneijder. huntelaar joining berbatov and rooney in attack would be a great partnership, lots of goals. good goal record too, 265 apps, 179 goals.

    also, wesley sneijder would be a good signing. we seriously need a good midfielder, we lost games last season because of our weak midfield, especially in the CL final. snejider is great with the ball and quick, 25, i rate him highly.

    i don’t think these 2 would mind leaving the facists. WC is next year, they want to play in it so they have to have 1st team football.

  5. Dave Mack says:

    I like Aguero but prefer Sneijder as he’s less risk, both in terms of adapting to our league and staying put!

  6. Kevin says:

    I agree about Sneijder. He is a great player and could be a good fit into our system. I like Aquero but don’t think we need another striker and therefore don’t think Huntelaar makes much sense. I am fine with the strikers we have and simply need another attack minded midfielder. But I would not complain if one of those players made its way to our squad.

    I have been rather impressed unlike many other United fans I see make comments on blogs like this one. Owen was a good capture in my mind and can possible help pass own lessons to our young strikers and is highly motivated. Valencia was a fantastic signing and I believe he will go onto great things at United. He will provide for our strikers and defend when needed. Not to mention the youth being brought into the squad. In Fergie We Trust!

  7. emilio says:

    The best team would be:
    ———————– Van der Sar —————————
    Rafael——– Vidic ————— Ferdinand ——- Evra
    Aguero——– Carrick———— Ando ——— Valencia
    —————– Berba——— Rooney ——————-

    Bench: Foster, Brown/O’shea, Evans, Heargraves/Scholes, Nani, Owen, Giggs/Macheda

  8. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    morning everyone
    just a question
    the new jersey is a play off the jersey we wore 100 years ago but the v shirt was fron 1922??

  9. King Eric says:

    RJ – I wouldn’t believe it for a minute mate. Absolutely no quotes or sources for that matter. The News of the World is a shite paper, it is just someone trying to stir it up.

    Who the fuck does Perez think he is? DEMANDING a Euro Super League? Just so he can put his globetrotters to the test. Cunt.

  10. theboogeyman says:

    It looks the same,but maybe it was there from 1909 till 1922 or even further?

  11. ash says:

    gr8 signing. he should score against liverfools. i hate 2 say this but
    carlos tevez sux.

  12. RJ says:

    Yeah, I never trust the papers much anymore to be honest. Most of them seem to be out for United’s blood….

  13. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    morning boogeyman
    the jersey didnt have a v 100 years ago

  14. theboogeyman says:

    Actually,it’s afternoon for me.Anyway,good morning to you,GHTT.

    You’re right,I didn’t notice that.

    Anyway,1909 was the year OT’s ground was broken and the year we won the FA Cup for the first time.In the final,we wore a kit similar to the 1922 one.

  15. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    1 nil to the champions

  16. Corea says:

    2 weeks till the first friendly. I’m impatient.
    Good morning everyone.

  17. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    good morning corea
    i was just lookin over some of the comments and it turns out i was on this last night ,i dont remember as i was in the pb
    but i caame across a maths lesson last night to match essiens
    a dipper said to me “united are lucky the 39th game isnt out cause no matter hat happened in your (uniteds) match all we needed to do is win ours and the league would of been ours (liverpools)
    i asked him to repeat it but i walked away half true his repeat once i realised i heard it right the first time

  18. theboogeyman says:

    GHTT,That has to be one of the funniest stories I’ve read! :)

  19. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    But talkin to him I got some worrying news it seems next year will be there year

  20. theboogeyman says:

    I’m talking to a dipper fan and he just told me the same thing.

  21. godpye says:

    At first I was embarrassed by the Michael Owen thing.
    But it’s grown on me, and now I’m quite excited, especially if we get another big player for up front. Then the wizard will really look very smart, yet again.

    I want to laugh more at the scousers MO discomfort. Does anyone know the url to another scouse site? One that’s easier to navigate than RAWK (how do they understand that thing)?

  22. godpye says:

    Don’t worry, I’ve found one.


  23. King Eric says:

    Godpye – is good for a laugh mate. It makes me laugh actually, on this site we have views of dippers, Arsenal and sometimes Citeh. On Dippers sites you NEVER see ONE post from anyone other than dippers. Even those that don’t “trust in Rafa”" never seem to get their points heard! Gerry on KopBlog is a cunt.

  24. Sean says:

    I am a scouser and I think its hilarious you have got Owen. Clearly 3rd choice behind Tevez and Benzema. And to the fella who doubts the News of The world story, its written by Bascombe who is the most well connected Journalist to LFC. If you want to convince yourselves its a good move then thats fine…..He has been injury prone for 4 years and as for scoring against us, well if he plays I can’t imagine us losing any sleep, whereas Tevez was always dangerous against us.

    I woudl have thought Tevez, a player you actively all wanted to keep, going to City was a bigger issue than Owen going to you.

  25. King Eric says:

    Sean – It will be hilarious when he scores in front of the Kop End. Article today from his medical man saying he is fine and in tip top condition. With the amount of chances we create as long as he does keep fit he will bang them in. He is third in the pecking order after Berba and Wazza and possibly a fourth striker Sir Alex is looking at and his experience will be useful to Macheda and Wellbeck.

    Well where are the quotes and sources then? Could not give a fuck about him, as long as he gets goals, United will be happy. The fat spanish waiter could probably have done with him seeing as soon as the ladyboy gets injured who have you got? N’gog, Babel? Owen scored more than the Argie judas last season. I notice a lot of your fans would be happy to see him at Anfield. Can’t go wrong, cost nowt , low wages what have we to lose?

    Its like saying the Daily Mail is accurate when the editor is the biggest Dipper around, Tony Evans. Concern yourself with your own team pal, as who are you gonna replace Xabi and Javier with when they inevitably leave?

  26. Sean says:

    No need to concern myself as they will stay. Ronaldo fucked off, trevez fucked off and yeah, of course some fella that owen em[ployed to say he was in good conditions aid he was. Those 77 games for Newcastle in 4 years was just a blip.

    As the story says Rafa didnt want him. Hope he is as much as success as Berbatov.

    As for Torres, miles and miles ahead of anyone you have got son and cant wait for him to make Vidic and Rio look twats again.

    Just the 5 times King Eric, and it will be a long time before you match that

  27. Sean says:

    Self proclaimed biggest team in world cant keep hold of their players and signing free transfers to replace them. 3rd choice behind Benzema and Tevez wasnt he?

  28. Sean says:

    Do your research on Bascombe as well….You will find that he is the most well connected reporter with Liverpool. Was even quoted by Sky as being that as well. Seems like he only went to you once Rafa didnt want him eh?

  29. MUFC the Religion says:

    How the fuck is Owen injury prone. If your knee pops out to the side, that is not your fault. If someone stamps on your foot and breaks the metatarsal, that is not your fault. It’s not like he’s always had a dodgy hamstring is it. One freak injury and one injury that every English players.

    Also, it’s not like he played for the Dippers just 4 days ago. Try 5 years. He and we know he is going to start as substitute. Maybe he could start against the bottom half teams. He will be a great signing, for 0 pennies, when he comes off the bench and gets the winner whenever needed.

    How many chances do United create and then not take advantage of ( yes you Tevez ), Michael Owen will put away these chances. That’s what he does. That’s what we need. Most “fans” aren’t convinced but they may as well start liking him now instead of waiting for a match in September when he gets a last minute winner. Everyone will grow to, not neccesarily love him, but like him and appreciate him.

  30. King Eric says:

    Are you sure they are gonna stay Sean? As for Bascombe show me some quotes or sources and I may believe it. As I said though fuck all to lose pal, well worth a punt. By the way I did not dispute the ladyboy was a great player. Seem to remember Rio having him in his arse pocket two seasons ago when fit so he may just do it again. Always have to fall back on the 5 times thing don’t you. Ancient fucking history Sean, 3 of them were won when it was piss easy to win. 10 teams or summat. Notice you can’t rely on the old chestnut of 18 times can you? I remember you on here giving it large last March after our “blip” but come May where were you? Always the same old shit, “this years ours”. Come back in May pal when Owen has helped us to 19 titles! Mug.

  31. King Eric says:

    Sean – I ask the question again. When the tranny’s hamstrings fuck up who are you gonna rely on? Please don’t believe the tabloids that all the top players snubbed us, simply not true. As for Ronnie going would you keep a player that wants to pursue his dream or accept the £80 million? Oh sorry you did, you kept Alonso when he wanted out. Looking forward to the Fat Waiter reverting to his old tactics again and drawing against the likes of Stoke and Fulham. The man is a buffoon and you know it pal.

  32. MUFC the Religion says:

    King Eric

    Hear hear. Too true yet the Dippers deny it.

    @sean. Self proclaimed, maybe that’s because eerrmmm we are the biggest team in the world. Something like 8th biggest brand in the world. By far the highest ranked football team on that list of brands. Only behind companies like Sony, Nike and Adidss. We are in top 3 best teams in the world. We are a cash cow, generate the most money by millions. Our ground is nearly twice as big as yours and will get bigger than Wembley. Most succesful team in the past 20 years. Fantastic history, present and future. Apart from that we ain’t so big.


  33. theboogeyman says:

    Yep.We’re the 8th biggest sporting brand in the world,after things like NFL,MLB,NBA,Scuderia Ferrari and the whole of Formula One.

  34. theboogeyman says:

    I meant to finish that with,Liverpool are not marketable for one reason alone:THEY SUCK AND THEIR FANS RELY ON ANCIENT HISTORY TO TRY AND WIN ARGUMENTS.

  35. MUFC the Religion says:


    I thought we were up there with companies.

    So that means that United are a bigger brand than the whole of American Football, Basketball, Car manufacturers etc. Fucking hell.

    I think that alone makes Manchester United the biggest football team in the world. Real who.

  36. BrisbaneRed says:

    Comment on MO’s supposed contract at OT:

    Like the one that gives him 20K for scoring an EPL goal, but 30k if he scores against ‘Pool.

    Love it.

    This deal merely emphasises how far UTD are ahead in their thinking, of the rest of the EPL. This was a deal that Benitez should have been chasing and had wrapped up before Fergie even thought of it. Does anyone really believe that such an incompetent manager is capable of winning the title?

  37. BrisbaneRed says:

    Off topic comment:

    I’m warming to the idea of Toure at Barca coming to OT. Apparently he’s on 45k a week and Barca won’t pay him any more. Fergie would give him 60k at least as starters. He’d certainly add a lot more stability to the defence plus can play in the back 4.

  38. afromanc says:

    We all know that MO is not going to be enough, if thats all we sign up front…
    I think eto will be the best piece of business if we sign him.
    African strikers are strong and dont take shit+he is one of the greatest finishers in the world… The other most importnat thing is that this will most probably be Edwin’s last season.
    AF needs to start considering a WORLD CLASS replacement; which im sure he is…


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