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The Mirror Takes Up SWEAR WATCH

The Mirror has also now exposed the double standards of the FA in dishing out a two match ban to Wayne Rooney for “using offensive, insulting or abusive language” whilst ignoring all the other players guilty of the same offence on a weekly basis.

Whilst everyone can agree that Rooney was wrong to swear directly in to the camera, the rule he was charged and punished for makes no mention of a camera. The FA have created their own rule to ensure that Rooney was banned for the semi-final. This obviously has nothing to do with lifelong Manchester City supporter, David Bernstein, who is the chairman of the FA.

The rule is there in black and white and the fact that Rooney is the only player to be punished in such a way for breaking it is ridiculous and yet another example of the FA dishing out harsher punishments to our players.

In just the first weekend since Rooney swore, The Mirror has listed these players as ones who was seen or heard swearing, with the number of occasions next to their name.

JOEY BARTON (Newcastle Utd) – 4 (at least)
PETER CROUCH (Tottenham) – 2
NILE RANGER (Newcastle Utd) – 2
PAT RICE (Arsenal coaching staff) – 2
MICK MCCARTHY (Wolves manager) – 1
CHARLIE ADAM (Blackpool) – 1

A spokesman told The Mirror: “The FA will not comment on individual incidents. The FA reserves the right to issue charges where appropriate and where it is able to do so retrospectively.”

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FA, United and Double Standards

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  1. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    What I still find surprising is the ignorance of some people in claiming that Rooney directly did it in front of the camera and that is why he was charged. So, let me get this straight, swearing in front of the camera intentionally (as Rooney did) is different from being caught swearing to the referee on camera (like the Mirror examples) even though you didn’t want the family moment to be captured.

    You are swearing on the football pitch. End Of Story. If Rooney was charged for that offense, then everyone else should be. People should grow brains before they start commenting on the difference between the Rooney incident and the other examples provided here or on The Mirror.

  2. parryheid says:

    Are the Hawks turning Penitents.Amazing

  3. Mes says:

    Brilliant. This is a big step I think. I hope others do the same. Funny how there is no mention of the camera throughout all of this when the camera was on the pitch being shoved in Waynes face with the cameraman’s bitch trying to get Wayne to do a Stevie Me impression. I’d have be telling him to fuck off in those circumstances too.

  4. parryheid says:

    Do you think the seagulls see a bumper catch on the trawler and need to make sure they don’t miss out on the sardines thrown.

  5. Costas says:

    Joey Barton 4 times at least. Lol. It’s funny, but why haven’t the Daily Mail, the great protectors of the Respect campaign, gotten on board with swear watch?

  6. Mannings says:

    I hate how they won’t face up. I’ve sent off 2 emails for swear watch as I’m sure a lot of other people have too, but I bet nobody got a reply.

    Then they use the bollocks to the Mirror. “We won’t comment on individual cases.” Well I’m sorry but is Wayne Rooney not an individual case?

    It’s disgusting how the governing body for our country can be so biased and corrupt.

  7. Mes says:

    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it anywhere, I don’t remember reading it but that bald before his time twunt Saving Private Robben has been banned for two matches and fined €15,000 for swearing at an official.

  8. rednz says:

    “The FA will not comment on individual incidents [that concern Manchester United and especially Wayne Rooney]. The FA reserves the right to issue charges where [in]appropriate and where it is able to do so retrospectively[as long as it as Manchester United].”

    The FA are a bunch of gobshites.

  9. Giles Oakley says:

    Good for the Mirror. That’s great news because at this rate , with 8 players swearing a total of 16 times in just one weekend, the running total is going to be astronomical by the end of the season. Bet the only time Match of the Day touch on the subject will be when a United player swears.

    It is important to keep this war up, following the great Paddy Crerand, in asserting that the FA and media allies are biased and ‘have an agenda’ when it comes to United, and have had for years.

  10. NijerianRed says:

    Its a matter of time, the bias will become to clear for everyone to see.
    Im guessing someone will have a conscience crisis very soon and spill the beans on the FA bias and conspiracy against Man Utd.

  11. Unitedfanatic says:

    As if Rooney’s case wasn’t an individual case? Twats. Are they, now, throwing this in the direction of the referees and saying if the referee doesn’t mention it in the report they won’t be taking any action? Maybe we should start highlighting this fact and aim our Swear watch towards referees too, maybe it will help the issue of FA forcing the refs to include incidents in their reports to reach the boiling point!

  12. missingOTnowiminoz says:

    It is great that the tabloids have got hold of this, they’ll keep going and making a point which all the while will make the FA look like a bunch of ABU twats!!
    On another note it looks like the ugly argentine money grabbing twat will be injured for the semi…i think thats what they call Karma!!!

  13. Ash says:

    F.A should know their role and do their job.
    #19 we are coming

  14. parjo says:

    Nah, the FA won’t charge anyone except he’s in red jersey with a devil symbol in front of it.

  15. james says:

    FA do what they want, when they want, to who they want.

    Double standards. Punish the best team in the league over and over again.

    They snub Nani for player of the year, ban Fergie, ban Rooney – Seriously, give us a fucking break!

  16. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    Jack Wilshere is running his mouth again. He suits l’arse smug little cunt for no reason whatsoever. Saying how Europe is going to catch up on us. After this chelski tie we only have potentially 1 more midweek game before we play them. Does he even know what he’s talking about.

  17. Balaji Sivaraman says:

    @james, No, no, you got it all wrong with the “break” part. Let the F.A. do anything the want against us. We don’t want United and F.A. as lovebirds do we. That would make the victory less exciting and cathartic, you see.

    Let the F.A. Ban Fergie, Ban Rooney, heck let them ask us to play in a field made of stones for all I care. Let them throw every possible roadblock at us. That will make the catharsis of lifting the 19th that much more powerful and gratifying. Because make no mistake, the 19th is ours this season and nobody can do a fucking thing to stop us from getting to it.

  18. gerkeo says:

    Can you honestly imagine the FA trying to run the world cup if the were successful in the bid?
    They wont even enforce their own rules. The FA and FIFA are exactly the same animals. self serving with no accountability and when questioned on their failings they close ranks and refuse to comment.

    Honestly though even more amazing is the ammount of seaguls praising the trawler this past week.
    I guess they’ve figured out who keeps them fed.

  19. gerkeo says:

    @Balaji & James: dont forget the FA and Capello fooked Rio over as well.

  20. Always Be Closing says:


    “The FA will not comment on individual incidents. The FA reserves the right to issue charges where appropriate and where it is able to do so retrospectively.”

    FIFA have already told the FA multiple times that they can retrospectively act on anything they like, including when a player has been booked or conceeded a foul – whereby the FA maintain that they can’t do anything afterwards because the player has already been penalised.

    It can act on everything retrospectively but tries to keep a notion of not being able to do. Fucking Arseholes.

  21. MG says:

    The FA and England in

    A comedy of errors

    Starring Bernstein and Capello as Laurel and Hardy


  22. MG says:

    We are looking at this in the wrong way

    If you want to make a national campaign of it – write to the mothers institutions and tell them to lobby their MP’s to make it an issue with the government.

    Children go to matches – it was always about children – they get to hear everything in the stands and on the pitch – that would be so much fun mums squeezing the dogs bollocks at the FA

    The FA have to be hit as hard and as far as possible

    Isn’t Prince William the President of the FA?

    Yeah well start to write off to his department – then we’ll see

    A future King cannot preside over the hapless FA in it’s current state – something has to be done about it…

  23. 90+Until we Score says:

    n1 MG…..FA….Its surprising that somebody apart from United fans are raising this………

  24. torontored says:

    Received this from the FA

    Thank you for your email; our customer charter says we have five working days to respond.

    Kind regards

    Tracey Bates | Customer Relations Assistant
    The FA Group
    Wembley Stadium I Wembley | London | HA9 0WS
    Postal address: Wembley Stadium, PO Box 1966, London SW1P 9EQ
    T +44 (0) 844 980 8200 # 4707

    Really looking forward to the final response

    Now let’s do The Rent Boys this evening

    UNITED 194 – 2011

  25. manutd4eve says:

    90+ yes of course manutd fans going to complain coz we r the only team affected by this bias decisions no any other team in premier league. why cant we organize a group of supporters to go to the FA and protest to show them not to act like this or u will meet with millions of them in the future(make them to think millions times b4 they make a decision) come on guys make a gather some supporters lets show them how big we r and how small they r.

  26. willierednut says:

    The FA won’t comment on individual incidents. True that. Unless It’s Manchester United players.

  27. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    The FA has responded to me! Below is the content of the email i received:

    Dear Aslam,

    Thank you for contacting the Football Association.

    The FA takes a dim view of any foul and abusive language used at football matches. The clear distinction to be made in the Wayne Rooney case is that the language used was directed specifically at a television camera lens, whilst clearly audible to the viewing public. We will always take a view on every incident reported to us by match officials, who also have the ability to apply Law 12 in relation to insulting and abusive language or gestures.

    The FA values the opinions of football supporters and we thank you for getting in touch with us to share your views.

    Best wishes,


    John Stanley | Customer Relations
    The Football Association
    Wembley Stadium, Wembley, London, HA9 0WS
    Postal address: Wembley Stadium, PO Box 1966, London, SW1P 9EQ
    T 0844 980 8200 (option 3) | F 0844 980 0666 |

  28. nmostonred says:

    FA are just spamming the same reply to everyone got the same reply as mycowlsthebest…………………..


  29. Mattbw7 says:

    For everyone that gets the reply above you should reply to the man named;
    that Rooney was “charged for using foul and abusive language, whether it’s to a camera or not isn’t covered by FA rules, furthermore if you look at evidence from a side view its clear Rooney did not make a step towards the camera in any case and was cleary responding to a question put to him by whom? While none of this excuses the language Rooney was using, swearing at the camera and by extension to the viewing public is not what he was doing. It does appear however the FA are content to allow other players to continue with their foul mouthed outbursts, which is a dissapointment as I thought the FA where taking this opportunity to clear up this aspect of the game and reinforce the respect campaign.

  30. North Stand Tier 2 says:

    Atleast they are responding, which means it has been noticed. This should continue, as Giles Oakley pointed out, it was great to see Paddy Crerand’s outburst on Talksport, we must keep up the fight!

    As to whether it will achieve anything, that is another matter – I very much doubt it. The FA knew what they could and couldn’t get away with, they wouldn’t have banned him without that knowledge.

  31. WHAT ??? says:

    The longer the “big FA issue” of the day remains “swearing in the game” the more I understand how the FA became so fucking powerful in the first place.

    While the nation goes on and on about Wayne “your under arrest” Rooney the PFA has quietly been exposed for accepting an out of court settlement from the News of the World.

    So the REAL scandal is the current PFA Chief, a top PFA Lawyer and a (now) former FA Chief all being confirmed victims of phone hacking but NOBODY at the FA wants a wider investigation.

    David Davies as the former FA Chief is demanding an independent investigation, but the two fellas still employed by the PFA are quite happy to accept one million each to stay SCHTUM.

    Thats less hush money than Sienna Miller was offered and even SHE won’t accept it, so an actress and a former FA Chief want full public investigations but the FA don’t? Why the fuck not ?

    With the entire FA probably neck deep in ABU MEDIA pockets you have to wonder what was DISCUSSED ABOUT MANCHESTER UNITED on all those recorded voicemails? Right?

    But alas, that information can only come out in COURT, hence the scandalous settlements from the PFA and the deafening silence of the FA on this matter. Meanwhile Rooney is the story of the day, and that fellas, is how the FA became so powerful in the first fucking place.

  32. WHAT ??? says:

    Fellas, the objective truth is the FA didn’t need to sex up the Referee’s Dossier to ban Rooney. Not to take away from the Email Bombardment in the slightest, but the FA are playing games.

    Stranger things have happened, but charging Rooney for offensive language rather than Improper Conduct is a bit like leading your wife into think your having an affair when your NOT.

    English Football already HAS a precedent for banning Rooney for his celebration, so the FA didn’t NEED to manufacture all this “swearing hysteria” hand in hand with News Corp.

    Its like the FA are poking a Bee Hive just so they can justify chopping down the tree later.

    Doesn’t anybody remember Robbie Fowler sniffing the goal line? His GOAL CELEBRATION couldn’t be punished by the referee because his specific celebration wasn’t an offence.

    Sound familiar? After the match the FA looked at the video and banned him retrospectively for 5 games for IMPROPER CONDUCT. That fellas, is what you call a PRECEDENT.

    Compare Fowler’s celebration with Roo – Both were offensive, broadcast to millions, and both referees were unable to issue punishment as theres no rule against either celebration.

    Fellas, isn’t it odd that Fowler’s goal celebration created as much controversy as Rooney’s if not more, BUT THE SAME MEDIA who milked that scandal then don’t even mention it now?

    The Press should be asking WHY didn’t the FA just ban Rooney for Improper Conduct and REMIND everybody his fellow SCOUSER was banned for the same reason? Who stands to benefit from the topic revolving around Swearing? The RESPECT campaign? Careful what you wish for Fellas.

  33. WHAT ??? says:


    I replied to your post on the Swear Watch #2 page mate, just realised today it was still awaiting moderation, its there now. You got the gist that im opening discussion not an attack. If my example of the Fowler ban for improper conduct is wrong I’d like to know about, until then it looks to me like the FA deliberately ignored their own Precedent on offensive celebrations.

    Its like they WANT this hysteria…. I wonder why? Hmmmmm

  34. StatesideAussie says:

    what??? yeah, no worries.

    I hope The Mirror follows it through on their story. Sadly, though, the press in England has the attention span of a gnat, so I am not hopeful. On a sidenote, I find it hilarious that the much-raking tabloids choose to blank out letters “”f*ck”) in their stories, while the so-called quality papers (what one tabloid editor once called “the unpopulars”) print it in full. I dunno, for some reason I always found that weird.

  35. ManchesterMike says:

    Prince William is the head of the FA??? I’m a Yank, so there is little chance I would know that apart from the explosion of controversy from situations such as this FA Swearing Bullshit. What practical authority does Willy have over decisions such as these? As a Yank, I already have a skeptical, albeit not-fully-informed opinion of how useless royalty seems to be in a modern country. However, this FA bologne does NOT help out his reputation abroad, especially with the millions of United supporters worldwide! Believe me and Zibbie and the Thai people on here, UNITED IS BIGGER THAN THE FA! In fact, UNITED IS BIGGER THAN ANY NATIONAL ORGANIZATION, INTERNATIONAL SQUAD, OR NATIONAL GOVERNMENT! I bet there are more United supporters across the globe than soldiers in the American military stationed outside of America! And most of us actually do follow every move King Ferguson makes, and are not just fans because we bought a knock-off replica. First show i ever watched on the tube was a Man U game!

    So all i have to say is Fuck the FA, Liverpool, Manshitty, Cheshit, and all those other cunts!

    Glory Glory Man UNITED FOREVER!

  36. Kings says:

    NotoriousRedDevil – Hello mate. Yeah I read that. Fucking odd-bodied little cunt. He seems to think that we are chokers like him and his mincing cunt teammates. Like you said the other day, it would be great to seal the title at their place.

  37. andrehillz says:

    the did has been done. Lets focus our energies on something more productive, like winning another historic treble, huh?

  38. StatesideAussie says:

    ManchesterMike … “I bet there are more United supporters across the globe than soldiers in the American military stationed outside of America!” lol. according to most sources, with an estimated 300 million supporters worldwide, there are almost as many United supporters as there are Americans in total!

  39. King Eric says:

    Shut your fucking cakehole wilshire you choking bottling llittle fag.

    Oh and laters rentboys.

  40. Cantonas fist says:

    Scott you do a terrific work mate and you´r a proper red. Wish we had more of your kind in this world. I love the way you figth for our rigth against the clueless retards so called FA. Im sick of seeing game after game players swearing at some direction (opposite players, referees, managers, teammates etc) without a singel word from FA. FA must be the most corrupt assosation in the world without competition.

    Keep the excellent work up.



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