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The Month: The Possible Job

The monthYou hear it a lot, and will probably hear it a lot more, but managing Manchester United is not the “impossible job”. It’s a difficult one, of course, exclusive to those who have learned, then earned. It’s the pinnacle for a lot of people, but, it’s only the pinnacle, only something to work to because, well, it’s not impossible.

You can’t look at a side performing badly and just shrug and say: “well, it’s an impossible job.” It’s perhaps worth distinguishing ‘impossible’ from ‘difficult’: Sir Alex Ferguson had a difficult job. But he still did well in it. ‘Impossible’, which even if it weren’t to be taken literally, is more about fate. It considers the fact that United haven’t started the season well but then goes on to justify that somewhat. “How do you follow Ferguson?” But football never works like that. (Depending on the context, ‘difficult’ and ‘impossible’ can mean the same thing. Forgot about the actual words, though, and look more at what’s behind them.)

Nobody takes the Real Madrid job to self-flagellate. They do it — get this — because they think they can succeed. Whether they actually will, who knows? But it’s never off the table. Most of the time, it’s in your control, save for the occasional outside force. There must be a better reason for seven points off six games than a shrug. The reason it irks is that is that it’s far too convenient. It overlooks the real things that matter in football, the things that have clearly mattered to Manchester United so far this season. People like soundbites, but we can probably do without the on-the-spot, rationalised bullshit.

Hey, sure Ferguson is/was unique/one-of-a-kind, but none of that could act as any sort of explanation for David Moyes’ start. There are better ones, and it feels right to say that because Moyes himself has acknowledged them. He clearly knows United can do better. Even if United had to go through the process of change, nothing this dramatic was expected. He wants his players to perform like he thinks he can. He also wants to buy a couple more. See, there: this is only a difficult job and nothing more because it’s possible to make it more or less easier. If he could sign the players he wanted (perhaps if he got appropriate backing to do so) or if his players play to a better level like they had last season, then things would certainly be different.

United’s best performance of September saw a lot of things click. Bayer Leverkusen were expected to be a bigger test but when the Reds wanted to, they ran through them. Moyes selected a strong, Ashley Young-less side. They passed the ball well. They brought it up the field quickly. Players combined and responded to each other. They crossed. They packed the box. They got the best out of Wayne Rooney. Defensively they were suspect but, on the whole: great! This was against a team who had only finished a point shy of Borussia Dortmund in 2012/13. It’s not that impossible.

When United were thrashed at Manchester City, it was less about what the manager in the dugout had looked like than what he did. Moyes saw an improvement, albeit at 4-0 down, and probably wished he had set up his side differently beforehand. Look, it’s okay to be critical if the situation demands it (and if the manager himself invites it). There were factors here. Things could have been less difficult. United’s defending was woeful. Against Liverpool, they played badly, again. But we know they can do more than be rubbish; we saw it at home to Leverkusen and, at some points, against Palace or Liverpool again in the League Cup. No analyst — paid or otherwise — can seriously look at the original game at Anfield and conclude “well, Fergie’s gone, let’s cut them some slack.” This happens, you have bad days. Ferguson had them. They can be avoided; but once it’s done, you move on and try to respond accordingly for the next game.

“Your job now is to stand by the new manager,” said Ferguson at the end of last season. Thing is, it’s possible to do that whilst pointing out any mistakes that have been made at the same time. People did that with the man who had won 38 trophies. Recently, Moyes has been highly critical of a lot of things. If he feels things can be better (look at the table!), then you are allowed to feel the same.



  1. mk says:

    There is one thing about standing by the manager, there is another thing about blindly supporting him. From the moment he sit back and avoid leaking more goals when we played city when the score was 4-0 at the 51st minutes showed us he has a small team mentality rather than fergie-esque’s “fuck it, we are losing anyway, lets go out there and see if we can get some goals back, if not win the match”

    I’m sorry to say but he has a very small team mentality, i will continue to support you because you are the chosen one and in Fergie i trust, there must have been things fergie has seen in you and hopefully we will see pretty soon.

  2. SpoonyPizzas says:

    MK, did you watch the City game or turn the TV off at 3-0 or 4-0? We didn’t sit back, we brought on Cleverley and pushed our full backs so far up field that Smalling was often ahead of Valencia!

  3. Dan-young says:

    Mk – he’s not using his own team.! And when city beat us 6-1 before fergie said it was ridiculous that our fullbacks were still bombing forwards and we should have just done damage limitation. So its not just moyes, SAF would have most likely done the same! Now suport our new fucking manager before I have to call you a cunt aswell.

  4. MombasaRed says:

    Yes, we pushed up but we had Nani and Kagawa on the bench. Chicharito having been substituted too, where were the goals going to come from. We made only one change, one change.

  5. MombasaRed says:

    I liked it that even in the 6-1, though humilited we gave them a go. This time as Dan says we could have used the bench exhaustively.

  6. mk says:

    @spoonypizzas from my perspective y did moyes leave kagawa, nani, and chicarito on the bench and only used one substitution by only bringing in cleverly? By now we all should know that cleverly was no longer the exciting young talent he once was when he broke into the scene, all he does right now was doing side passes. Yes he moves the ball n in the process moves the game. But during the city game it still puzzles me why moyes never fully utilizes all substitutions to bring in more attack through the middle because set pieces from a so-so crosser like smalling (no disrespect but rafael is much better option) were never gonna work with kompany behind and having one of his best days. Everyone deserves his opionion, i rest my case.

  7. Rukky says:

    “Your job now is to stand by the new manager,” said Ferguson at the end of last season. Thing is, it’s possible to do that whilst pointing out any mistakes that have been made at the same time.’ People did that with the man who had won 38 trophies. Well said scott, some seem to shy away from been critical of the team and manager so they aren’t called plastic. The truth is improvement is highly need from the management, coaches and to the players.

  8. Nesh says:

    good read scott…but I still think we all need to give the gaffer a little more time. Some of these problems, he has inherited from fergie. We all knew we had mid-field problems for a few seasons now. The best time to pass judgment would be after January Window, lets see the kind of players he brings in because we are not going the Wenger way of “i have enough quality”. That said I believe we should have done better so far especially against WBA. And Rio shd not be allowed anywhere near the starting lineup for a while, being one of the senior players he put in an horrendous performance it was unbelievable!

  9. Nesh says:

    Its not right for fans here being critical of the manager and being dis-respectful to the manager….those 2 can be separated…how do you refer to the manager as a small team mentality manager! wtf!

  10. einsi01 says:

    AUTHOR: Zac Hann

  11. Nesh says:

    sorry Zac…my bad…

  12. samuel - united WE stand says:

    I think moyes needs to adapt his method quickly. He has to find the formula of the balance between good football and solidity. He also needs to help himself, some senior playrers are in that squad that we know are bound for the exit and shouldn’t be in the starting line up. We also know that the transition must take place swiftly, we need to start seeing some established players getting more pressure for their places and then moved on, you want those players pushing them to step up and be consistent. The club also needs to support the manager in terms of key signings, I think there was a sense of complacency after the title victory, united to continue to chase progress by bringing quality into the team that would have inspired the players to improve and the supporters to have more confidence, the central.mid is a key position and it needs to be rectified.

    Moyes has some positives going, united have proper talent coming through and he seems unafraid to see them push into the first team, you want that to hopefully continue but he needs the first team performing, I think the issue is partly the information he gives out and it’s also partly the players slacking off, a drop in intensity at the top level exposes frailties that any team will capitalise on.

    Moyes has the foundation to build a top top team, it’s all there but it’s a collective effort that will bear fruit, the board must back him with top key signings which he will add to the burgoening younger players breaking through, he must start shifting some players that simply haven’t and aren’t going to cut it, he must get some of the other players to push the experienced players out of the team, that transition has to occur swiftly as he builds a top side. He also has to implement the right tactics, I’m not sure there’s enough time for him to learn, if he has to then he has to do it quick and adapt his method, he has to keep what got him the job but he also has to add new dimensions to his managing method, fergie did so.

    He also needs to instill belief in the players and his ways of dictating the vulture media will play a part, he needs to start playing quality players ahead of mainly limited grafters, they should be a plan B or C.

    It’s all there for moyes to get it going and I hope he finally knits it all together, finds balance and does well in the job but that will be partly due to how he places his methods and also will be due to players actually stepping up.

  13. parryheid says:

    It’s a fact a Huge mistake has been made with this appointment and it should be rectified immediately.And I don’t care what the I;m a better fan than you/Support our manager regardless of the fuckup done/United have too much class guys have to say.Has the template that was used in the appointment of Fergie been flung out or what.He had a track record of capability + European success,was the right age.Fiesty and confrontational/aggressive ticked all the boxes the new manager doesn’t,in fact he is the polar opposite who already has turned us into Giantkillers for fucks sake United who were the prized scalp about to act like a lower division team rejoicing in taking one of the bigger boy scalp.As witnessed in the recent nothing cup game versus Liverpool and the accompanying glee,Incredible

  14. slim says:

    Absolutely forget about any signings until a clear out of sorts happens. Still not sure what to make of DM, not sure what he wants from the team and I reckon he still doesnt know who his first 15 players are.
    So far my argument that fellaini is an attacking midfielder or second striker is looking correct. Regardless we just have to push on with what we have

  15. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Slim – He was bought by moyes at everton as a central.mid from standard liege but issue is, he has barely played there for everton and the rave reviews he’s been getting at everton has been due to his moyes sticking up top and launching diagonal balls to him, his height and physical strenghth meant he overwhelmed defences, united seemingly bought him on the back of playing as a second striker than as the central midfielder united need, I don’t think he dominated teams with his ability in central mid and he has his work cut out in terms of justifying that huge transfer out-lay, he has to start showing qualities as the defensive midfielder he was bought for but there are facets of his game that will be an issue, his mobility and dynamism and if he isn’t as quick then he has to compesate with tactical awareness and good reading of the game, he.must be more quick minded than sharper and more dynamic oppositions. Another issue if both he and carrick can compliment each other, both seemingly aren’t the quickest but I guess moyes will have to play tactics to cover there deficiencies. I hope fellaini succeeds but the question marks are there, he won’t be afforded the opportunity to play as an attacking midfielder because he simply isn’t one, moyes tried converting him into one added with the facr united have januzaj, kagawa, nani, zaha, welbeck etc all capable, he will and should the very last option in that attacking mid position. Fellaini has to cut it as a,defensive mid, he was good vs bayern but he needs to be better and must improve.

  16. Random says:

    Dan-young says:

    Mk – he’s not using his own team.! And when city beat us 6-1 before fergie said it was ridiculous that our fullbacks were still bombing forwards and we should have just done damage limitation. So its not just moyes, SAF would have most likely done the same! Now suport our new fucking manager before I have to call you a cunt aswell.

    Spot-on. Very true.

    And all the ‘small-team-mentality’ noises by the supporters here are frankly ironic. Their panic, impatience and loss of reason smells of the very small-team-mentality. I laugh at such idiots who think they are ‘cool by association’ with United. The place where such guys should end up is:

    Nobody is saying that Moyes is above criticism. Do criticize him, his tactics, his substitutions, his statements. Express your unhappiness. But calling a small-team-manager, calling for his head etc is unreasonable junk worthy of Chelsea fans.

  17. Red says:

    Form and trophies are not for granted. This is the year of rebuilding the team, and Moyes, despite the poor results, is building the next Manchester United team.

    Summer transfers, and the team losing the fear factor accompanied SAF, didn’t help him. Let’s judge him after a full season.

    In the meantime I’d forget about silverware, a top four finish and a good summer would be sufficient.

  18. parryheid says:

    So in other words forget any idea about getting any type of quality football.And sorry but I have already judged him,and don’t worry about the he might read this forum and be embarrassed and think all you posters are the same as that cunt Parryheid,Jesus

  19. MombasaRed says:

    The manager can do well by not experimenting at the back unless necessary. First it was Smalling at City, then Jones at the weekend while we had options at the bench. Then Jones again plays in the midfield midweek. People will improve in their trade when played in their natural position.
    What he says to the media should be painting a defiant picture, not a defeatist one. It was the fixtures, then it was that we should expect some results like the City one, now the squad, my thinking is that he shouldnt go public with this

  20. dazbomber says:

    You can blame Moyes for everything you want ,but when your defenders make indivdual errors and your forwards miss easy chances what can he do about that ,if any one thought it would be easy taking over Fergie you are in a dream world.Moyes was also let down in the transer window .Look at the easy start City and Chelsea have had and look where they are just support your team or move on .

  21. parryheid says:

    In other words Shh he might be reading this.

  22. Random says:


    And not to mention that it has only been like a month. The real worth I think we will know in January-February etc. That’s when teams like Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool with only a good first team usually fuck up badly, and clubs like United, City, Chelsea will survive because of their good squads. Arsenal are first in the table right now, but they are a confidence club and when they will lose in one tournament, the effects will show up in the league and vice-versa. Ditto Tottenham and Liverpool. United have always been better at absorbing these shocks. Premier League is indeed a marathon.

    Without much facts at my disposal to back me up, I believe that IF United are in the mix till December, we will finish in the top two. Otherwise, I see us in top three.

  23. Rukky says:

    Although we’ve have not been tactically excellent this season, it has to be noted that even Moyes’ everton never put a shift as bad saturday’s(especially at the back). We were down with little time to spare but only few players could show drive.

  24. DreadedRed says:

    Concise quality from dazbomber at 12:01

    ‘You can blame Moyes for everything you want, but when your defenders make indivdual errors and your forwards miss easy chances what can he do about that? If any one thought it would be easy taking over from Fergie, you are in a dream world. Moyes was also let down in the transer window. Look at the easy start City and Chelsea have had and look where they are. Just support your team or move on.’

  25. MombasaRed says:

    @Random, nice point on the good first team squads and depth plus the confidence determinant Arsenal although I think Spurs have depth but not in the striking front. We have depth and the best at that. It will be an interesting season. For me I am optimistic that we shall retain our title. We shall know in May if we failed and we carry on from there to rectify the wrongs or celebrate the rights. The spotlight as of today is on us so much we need to remain confident.

  26. DreadedRed says:

    Ahead of his 109th Champions League game, Shakhtar Donetsk’s coach Mircea Lucescu, (who has beaten Chelsea and Arsenal in the last three years) says:

    “in the Ukrainian championship we are not rotating the squad as much about United so maybe that is why we have been more secure. Our players must be very determined and show their quality because we’re expecting a cauldron in our stadium.”

    “Of course we know about the work of Moyes at Everton. But he needs time to share some ideas with the players. Ancelotti has some problems taking over Mourinho and Pellegrini is the same – you need some time to prepare the team. Let’s hope they find it – but only after tomorrow’s game.”

    Lucescu’s Inter Milan were knocked out by United in 1999: “That was a machine for winning trophies. It was more of an English team then and now it’s more international. It’s quite difficult to compare these two teams. I clearly remember the games 14 years ago and they were very good. They beat us and went on to beat Bayern Munich in the final.”

    “Tomorrow it’s a whole different level of competition. We’ll see a different Manchester United. Maybe it’s more important not to lose points in the Champions League than the Premier League. But it is quite difficult to find a team with Shakhtar’s style of play in the Premier League.”

  27. MombasaRed says:

    We shall do our talking on the pitch.

  28. GFS says:

    To all the ”CLEVERLEY HATERS” I want you to tell me how many times did we lose with him on the pitch.

    Especially with him partnering Carrick in the middle of the park?

    Cleverly has an 87 percent win ratio that is more than anyone in the history of the premier league the second player behind him is Arjen Robben at 82 percent and that was chelsea were flying in the league.

    Last year in the loss against norwich he didn’t play

    in the loss to chelsea mata scored when Cleverly went off

    against spurs he was playing out of position

    against Everton carrick was playing defence

    Cleverly is an integral player for United like it or not

    he brings mobility to the midfield and quickens the play and can tackle when needed… cleverly and carrick was the best partnership in the league last year and its not because they are physical and score tons of goals it is because they spread the ball and pass it quickly to the strikers

    We lost to Liverpool this year with Cleverly and carrick both starting but that is because of Rios lack of concentration and allowing agger to head the ball without even jumping.

    Put young on the bench
    Play nani or kagawa instead
    Play rafa on the right not smalling or Jones
    have Cleverly as a Starter with fellaini and or carrick cuz they are both slow
    And we will win

    moyes will get it right im sure of that he is finally finding out which players can pay in which system and once its all in his head we will beat the shit out of all the other teams

  29. scholes says:

    moyes has definitely taken over a difficult job….near impossible one. i am not buying the theory propounded by some and man himself that squad he inherited is a weak one….worthy of 12th place????

    squad rotation is key to a team who competes in multiple tournaments, wants to bring youth through and prouds in longevity of its loyal (though old) soldiers. increased prowling, questioning of minute decisions, ABU camp, not too amazing credentials and general decreased patience levels of the inhabitants of this planet (wrong forum!!!) would make job of mr moyes difficult (if it still has not)

    you cannot have flair players everywhere on the pitch. for every iniesta there i busquets, for every pique there is puyol and for every ronaldo there is a khedira. do not tell me united players cannot keep ball against west brom!!

    it all boils down to tactics and will of players to succeed in every match. no body likes to lose but no body likes to do hard work either. choose lesser of two evils.

  30. GFS says:

    Cleverly+carrick > fellaini + carrick

    I don’t think fellaini and carrick are good as a partnership because they lack speed

    The question is can cleverly and fellaini play together

  31. scholes says:


    well said mate

  32. MombasaRed says:

    Some have the pressure of seeing other clubs spending and hence if we dont spend they talk down our players. If Adnan plays poorly they wont want to be patient with him yet some will complain if he doesnt bring youth through. Spending money doesnt guarantee success, yes, there are areas where we need to spend on but also sometimes spending in an unplanned way leads to short term vision. We need to strike a balance and be confident and not be worried about other teams’ spending

  33. therealsparkymarky says:

    Personally I am mentally preparing myself for a difficult season. If you offered me a champions league spot and the FA cup now, I would take it. I really believe that a successful cup run is what will keep David Moyes in a good position with the fans, ideally with form improving as the season progresses.

    Then, with some money to spend to improve the weak areas of our team next summer, a proper attack on the league title.

  34. DreadedRed says:

    Sir Bobby Charlton says:

    “David has, of course, sampled European football with Everton before, but he will learn a lot from being in the Champions League and he’ll learn very quickly. We’re very fortunate that he’s our manager, no doubt about that.”

    “Continuity was a big factor in David’s appointment. Whenever you change manager, there will, of course, be one or two little differences, but not a lot if you handle it right and we’ve done that.”

  35. Fergusonstand says:

    I trust Fergie’s judgment and believe in his choice of Moyes as his successor. As a result I would always stand by the new Manager through thick and thin. He has had a most difficult start thus far. Coming in the footsteps of Fergie’s would certainly be tough for any manager but I am afraid the pressure is getting to Moyes early on.

    Having said that I also expect the new manager to respect the club , the players and the fans. We are Manchester United , not some mid table team. This squad won the the league by 11 points last season and was a red card away from beating Real Madrid in the Champions League. How can Moyes then claim to have an inferior squad requiring 6 or 7 ‘world class’ players? I find this insulting to Rooney( can’t stand him but he’s still our player), RVP, Chicharito, Carrick, Nani, Vida, De Gea and the rest.

    I was also not comfortable about his complaints about the fixture list at the beginning of the season. A Man united manager should never, ever, complain about a fixture list!

    Moyes should brace up for the pressure that comes with managing a club as big as Man United. He is not at at Everton any more.

    Glory Glory Man United

  36. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Again with this useless suggestion. In the midfield you need two kinds of players, A passer and someone who can break up play effectively. Carrick is the passer, Fellaini breaks up play and is not too bad with passing himself. We dominated the midfield against Leverkusen (a proper European team) with these two in the middle. They must be our first choice from now until we get someone else to do better than Fellaini. That man is NOT cleverley. For all the passing, he cannot track back to save his life. Almost everytime last year, Carrick was doing the work of two men in the middle. Breaking up play and also bearing the burden of having to distribute and maintain tempo as well. Now that he has someone who can effectively break up play, his work load is lightened.

    Enough of the fucking negativity towards this signing. He wasn’t my first choice and he may have cost too much but he’s here now and he’s not performed NEARLY as bad as many make it out to be. DEAL WITH IT. If you don’t like it, watch someone else. You are free to do so. FUCK.

  37. montanared says:

    Hard not to be bitter with this point total- but as far as the Felliani /cleverly debate- both can play a part- we have seen 2 Fellaini’s this year the self assured one in his debut and Leverkuesen and the invisible one from the City game, In that City game we only looked comfortable when Clevz came on (even though City had took there foot off the gas). Also there is no denying that we won the league at a canter with Clevs/Carriick as our main Combo. Our best pairing this season was Giggs/ Jones I know it was the league cup but it was also against a full strength Liverpool team that had beaten us a couple of weeks earlier. Remember Fergie going on about the Cow in someone else’s field alway’s looking better than your own- I think this analogy fits pretty well with the Clevs situation. The midfield situation is not an easy fix but who knows maybe we already have the tools and the parts and we just need a little oil and a good driver.

    Or if the parts don’t fit how about Rooney for Mata in January?

  38. Random says:

    @ Fergusonstand

    Ferguson complaining about fixture lists.

    Appreciate your sentiments though.

  39. 20-and-beyond says:

    This great decline everyone is expecting and fall of Manchester United as a footballing force is far from reality. At the end of the day United are still a major cash cow. The revenue the club makes is one of the highest in the world. To think all this would be jeopardized by non investment in the team if things were to go south with the on field results is just stupid and naive. Yes, all of our major rivals domestically have strengthened and spent money, some more than others but this was due to the demand and pressure to do so.

    - Man City were trophyless last season even with the best squad on paper in the league.
    - Chelsea despite their cup success have not won the league in 3 years.
    - Arsenal were on the verge of riots after 8 years of no silverware.
    - Tottenham missed out on top 4 again despite previous spending.
    - Liverpool have not played in Europe for years and still catching up.

    For arguments sake if we were to finish 4th or even miss out on those spots, regardless of what happens with Moyes, united would spend too. Not an expert on our finances but if there was a worthy target i don’t see why we couldn’t make a $40-50 million signing (provided Woodward does his job). That again doesn’t guarantee success, but in most cases it does eventually bring some. Moyes needs to do the best he can with the squad we have atm (which is still good), i believe soon enough he will get the backing he needs to bring in more serious targets and get a shot at a refreshed and strengthened team.

  40. Brian Fulwood says:

    He’s fucking useless. Shite. Clueless. I HATE to say it but my Scousers mates were right – it was a Hodgsonesque appointment.

    It is one thing to get an average team punching slightly above their weight (that’s what he did with Everton – 7th or 8th biggest wage bill in the league) and nicking wins here and there – and it is entirely another thing to manage a team expected to win 60% of their games and be on the front foot all the time.

    Moyes – like Hodgson – is cautious, negative, doesn’t trust young players and is a tactical dinosaur. He also has a catastrophic record away from home. He has no clue how to win a big game away from home.

    If there’s a turd in the bowl you flush it – you don’t wait for a few months or, God forbid, years in the vain hope it gets any better. He’s won the sum total of fuck all in his entire career. What’s his excuse for winning nothing at Everton? In the time he was there, Leicester, Villa, Middlesbrough and Birmingham all won the League Cup. He got nowhere near, time after time.

    Sack him now. He is miles out of his depth and it will not get any better. Keeping Hodgson until January did the Scousers no favours. We need to flush our turd before it stinks the place out any more.

  41. ZAC says:

    I think I should say that I think we’ll be fine, in the long run. I really, really like Moyes, but, hey. City was telling: 4-0 down and just the one sub. He wanted a three-man MF, fine, though I found it interesting he didn’t then take off Valencia or Welbeck (who I <3). I can't see how people can not be at least a little critical. He'll get better, I think.

  42. thymm50 says:

    Maybe Fergie made a mistake in choosing Moyes

  43. TheCANTONA says:

    7th or 8th wage bill and he brought everton finished 6 last season no?
    moyes is a dinasour that’s why he had players like osman & piennar in his everton team. Oh yeah he doesnt trust young players that’s why he sold rooney to us after he gave him his league debut as 16 y.o. teenager? As well as giving januzaj more and more playing time this season, no?
    Oh would u ask ur scouse friend how’s brenda’s first 6 months with those scum dippers?
    No. SAF was right about Moyes it was U who made a mistake choosing a club to support.

    Jeez FUCK OFF u glory hunter cunts!

  44. Damian says:

    I find it ridiculous that our current league position is acceptable to some people. It’s easy to point out some good wins we had, but lets not forget we could have those losses we had could have been avoided.

  45. Brian Fulwood says:


    I support Manchester United and have done so since 1963. I want what is best for the club. I don’t support David Moyes and I don’t want what is best for him. Up to you if you want to continue to embrace mediocrity, kid. Up to you.


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