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The Official RoM Michael Owen Poll

We could be just seconds, minutes or hours away from having Michael Owen as a player for our club. Which of the following statements best describes how this potential deal makes you feel?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. oneunited says:

    not bad considering he is available for free, SAF would have never paid fees for him at this stage of his career. Might be a good gamble if he can deliver atleast 15 goals and his deal is worth reported 50,000 pounds only.

  2. john says:

    why united are at it why dont united go for patrick vierra david beckham dariess vassel and robbie fowler. dont say micheal owen is a proven goalscorer he is a proven injury player

  3. Redhot Anwar says:

    imagine Owen doing a jig with Roon after e 19th title. then they’ll call their best mates stevie g to swing over. E dippers will then be fucked forever!!

  4. MKL says:

    Rigged poll!!!

    Where’s the “GOOD PLAYER, HE’S FREE, WIN-WIN FOR US” option in the results????

  5. Hmm says:

    If you’re going to have a poll, please don’t merge the results. It creates falseness.

  6. Scott the Red says:

    Don’t insult my integrity eh lads. The poll isn’t rigged. Look at the size of the box – it doesn’t change. The last option is just cut off. But look at the %. Not hard to work out.

    1. I feel physically sick. This has to be a bad dream. 12%
    2. I’m very concerned about what this signing says about our ambition. 11%
    3. He’ll probably do OK at United but I won’t be happy 8%
    4. Hurting the scousers certainly is the silver-lining to this mess 7%
    5. He’s not who I would personally choose but if the manager is happy, so am I 23%
    6. Good player, he’s free, win-win for us 39%

  7. Frodo Baggins says:

    By just reading the responses, you can tell those who have a clue about the club and those of us from the Republik of Mancunia.

    Win-Win all the way. I think its a masterstroke from Fergie. A bit like when he brought Larsson. Owen is one of the most clinical strikers of our generation. A goal ratio of 1.88 goals per game for the dippers says it all.

    Ok lets pay 40million for Benzema who by the way preferred madrid all along and spend 60mil on ribery. Great business. Where does that leave Macheda, Petrucci, Wellbeck, who by the way is a brilliant marksman. I am not a fan of spending big, utd have only ever spent big, to put a gloss on an already brilliant team and the truth is there are no players out there today that have that Oooh factor.

    Adem Ljajic ‘lil kaka’ he is on his way so splashing the cash aint going to give these guys a chance. I trust Fergie knows what he is doing. Owen is not a gamble, world cup year he would be playing his heart out and even if he gets injured i do not think fergie’s signing him to be a starter.

    In world football today there is only a handful of striker you would hate to play against when a game is tied because they might not touch the ball all game but still will score the winner and that is what world class is and owen falls into that category. FA cup final 2001 tells you the type of player he is.

    I would surely love him to be at OT.

  8. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    scott i respect the hell out of ya brother
    but you shoudnt have responded to that message

  9. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    Good man Frodo, theres nothing like someone coming in and sweeping across a whole topic with one swipe. The rest of us dont have a clue about the club simply because we dont agree on Owen coming to the club? Brilliant. I’ll make sure and ask your opinion on all things United before I dare speak again. Let me know when you set up your own blog page, your opinion clearly needs its own soap box…

  10. rc7 says:

    Fergie played Welbeck a few times wide right or left last season so maybe thats his plan as understudy to the regulars. That could well be it for our signings this summer apart from a Cm if Hargo is looking doubtful.

  11. ROJO RED ROT ROUGE says:

    It will be great if Michael Owen scores lots of important goals and sees us to our fourth straight Title.

    What will all the scousers like FSW and Bruno use as an excuse when we win it without spending any money ?

    Ferguson Masterstroke yet again.

  12. Greg says:

    Not my cup of tea, but Fergie must have had some good reasons to believe that he will suit utd… time will tell. If he helps us get to title # 19 then it will be a good signing… it will be interesting to see how he will fit in the system.

  13. ChineseElvis says:

    After the initial shock, I have to admit that I am not that brassed off with this. I have voted ‘if the manager is happy then so am i. I don’t presume to know more than Fergie. If Owen is to be a Red (Devil) then all the best to him and I hope he has a Teddy Sherringham style indian summer to his career. Perhaps playing for United will put the wind back in his sails. I just hope we sign Aguero too (or Wesley Sneijder would be good). I agree with the guy who mentions Adem Ljajic. He appears to be a future star for us and everyone will know who he is in a couple of years

  14. glory_911 says:

    When I hear this news yesterday, I asked myself are we that desperate now’? But now I really hope Owen can regain fitness and his goalscoring touch…
    It really frustrated me when we have the money to spend but most of the best players want to play in Spain. I don’t really understand what is their reason, I mean yes, Real has great history too but United has great history, present and future. FUCK THEM!!! Real now has got so many stars, I personally think why don’t we use our relationship with them to get some of their Dutch players for a good price. Sneijder, Huntelaar and van der Vaart can be a better player at United. Why don’t we give a try???

  15. john says:

    micheal owen will be lucky if he is fit enough for the bench. us united fans want answers how we lose our best player and not willing to pay a premium for the best players to get to replace ronaldo, and instead get a washed up has been who is using united to get in the england side. they try to get players for lower prices instead of just getting them quickly, the united board fcked up with ronaldinho transfer and the only reason we got ronaldo was because no one snapped him up earlier. and it took fergie to sign him in august a week after the comunity shield when we played sporting in a friendly. he was not going to sign rooney in 2004 because he felt he could get him on a free transfer in 2005, fergie could have got carrick for 3 million in 2004 could have got hargreaves on a free in 2005. the reality is uniteds negotians on how they get players is a total joke and not smart enough to get them cheaper. they seal beckham for 25 million instead of getting atleast 45 million for him, let van nistlerooy go on a cheap. and the only good transfer they have done in terms of cash recieved was ronaldo.

  16. King Eric says:

    Gotta Hate Tiny Tears – “micky i read every comment thats posted but they could be telling me the meaning of life but the second i see man u i just stop reading”

    Spot on mate!

  17. wingard says:

    We get an experienced forward while we develop young talent in Welbeck/Macheda. It gives us money to focus on other more problematic areas i.e. central midfield. Our team was shaped around Ronaldo and we have to find a new way of playing. I’d rather Fergie spent the money on up and coming young players than over priced star players anyway. The money talked about for Ribery/Benzema/Aguero is obscene and only Madrid/City/Chelsea will pay it…but in the end those clubs end up with an aging squad who wont move on. You can only buy short term success. So if we develop our side under Fergie again for 2-3 seasons so what?

  18. Gudjohnsen says:

    Aren’t Scottish people pretty stingy? :)

    But Real Madrid seem to be still on the lookout for new signings.

    “Real Madrid president Florentino Perez feels that “two more signings” will complete his overhaul at the Santiago Bernabeu. Reports continue to suggest Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso is high on Perez’s agenda.” – Skysports.

    My guess is Alonso and Ribery.

  19. Devilton says:

    It’s a win win for us. Nobody is asking you to embrace Owen or sing songs about him. Let him prove his worth on the pitch. Chances are he will only feature in a few games and if he can bang in the goals SAF’s choice will seem a masterstroke. We can’t lose from this deal. Owen isn’t going to disrupt the dressing room (at least based on his history he doesn’t seem a problem player). The worst that will happen is he lands up on the doctors table, but then given how much we are paying him it’s well worth the risk.

    I am willing to bet Owen will score more goals then Tevez and might even score a few important ones. (i guess i’m hoping he does the dippers and makes Rafa look like a fool).

  20. Korntol says:

    If he’s not injured, I guess that he’ll be a good goal poacher. Moreover, he’s free. So, it’s a win-win.

  21. Kjzee says:

    Thanks God we’ve signed a striker who will be happy to get a chance to play for us when we need him rather than some sodding primadonna who spends his time saying he’s better than Rooney and deserves to play week in week out.

  22. kapti14 says:


  23. 9jmac says:

    You’re overreacting Scott, this poll proves that too. Judging by the current standing, and the fact that you made far more negative options, yet the only positive one has almost as much percentage as the rest combined, proves it.

  24. kapti14 says:

    very wise move by sir alex.

    i said it before we need experience in the front line.
    even if benzema would have been sweet it is not given he would have adapted but owen just needs to be fit and goals will come.

    i dunno if sir alex will buy anyone else though. we shall see.

  25. kapti14 says:

    20/1 he was to join us and racing post last friday was sayin they feared that will happen.

    if only i had put tenner on it.

  26. gooDevil says:

    For a 3rd/4th choice striker, ala Sherringham, he’s one of the very few available. He should be able to play enough games, but its surprising due to the fact he’s disliked as a person by the fans already.

    I doubt he will ever get much a reception, who expects him to be here long? Not me. So why get too excited, even if he scores a few important goals.

  27. fuzzy says:

    voted for “He’s not who I would personally choose but if the manager is happy, so am I”

  28. Kev says:

    As long as he isn’t given the no7 lol.

    Could be good could be great. 1 thing for certain he won’t be crap (or expensive)

  29. KJ says:

    Im dreaming, this has to be a bad dream.. I WOULD TAKE DJEMBA DJEMBA OVER OWEN

  30. Rook says:

    In Fergie we trust… =\


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