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The picture that got Moyes sacked?


During United’s 2-0 defeat against Everton yesterday, the man David Moyes appointed to be our assistant manager was seen with a little booklet. “Set Plays”.

Reports this afternoon suggest that Moyes is about to lose his job.

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  1. Anomander says:

    At the start of the season, I saw an article in f365 that joked. What are the odds that Everton will finish above United this season?

    I remember scoffing at that piece.


  2. Martin Thomas says:

    A load of them need to go, Gary. I agree….
    We couldn’t even give City’s second team a game with the shower we have got…

  3. Noble Harrison says:

    His SACK is over due. United Board should go ahead and terminate his appointment. To all true United faithfuls, this is the vindication of our collective expectations. His SACK should not be negotiated. This is the news we’ve been waiting for. David Moyes is an embodiment of ill luck and bad omen. What a symbol of failure! Come on United. Forward ever. I love United and never a fan of David Moyes

  4. GingerPrince18 says:

    I doubt it, but if the rumors are true, I really wish we will not fuck around and pay whatever it takes to bring Klopp. He speaks fluent english, he plays attractive atttacking football, he trashed Bayern at AA with squad that full of injury and he needs a club who can hold on to their big players to show what he is really capable of.

    Let’s be honest, I dont think Moyes is anyone’s favorite to replace SAF. Might not even be in the top 3 list. But he is good hardworking coach. Do not deserve to be called cunt or any other personal insult. I dont believe he is tactically inept. He was one of the earliest coach that adapted 4231 while others are still learning to perfect 442. I believe his man management requires significant improvement if he needs to manage a club of Man United stature. I still cant believe he would bring his Everton staff and suck up to Rooney like Rooney is the Glazer himself. I dont think he got the ball to sub Rooney or RVP when ther are not fit and not performing. We could have won at Bayern and Everton with Chica or even Welbz leading the line. The man is clearly unfit.

    A good manager and A really hard working guy but let his self down with his inept man management skill. If he got the sack I will respectfully say thanks Moyes hope you will do better at another club. If he stays as the manager of Man United I will back him up and hope he will learn fast and choose the player based on merit not name. One thing for sure I will not call him a cunt. A man deserve more respect than that even if he is not good enough for his job. At least he tried.

    But lets not kid ourselves, this team need fresh blood. It is too obvious that we are carrying too many deadwood or past it players. Even Pep wont win EPL with this squad. Our midfield wont be able to play his kind of football. I respect Pep as a manager and change the Spain team with his ideas. But if you look carefully, Pep always choose a side that is ready blossom like Barca and Bayern. Maybe he would have made us into top 4, but he wont be able to deliver the title with this team. He will at least signed 3-4 cms.
    I am not even interested to talk about Mourinho. He is a winner but he got no class. Man united need better manager than him. I dont even like his footballing philosophy. But he delivers. Just my honest opinion.

  5. John says:

    Well we need couple of quality Central midfielders and a manager like Klopp or Van Gaal. After our real manager starts his job and wins few games these same players shall be praised. who can bet it won’t have been better than last season of ferguson itself if we had appointed someone like Guardiola or Mourinho and given them the money we spent for Fellini and mata instead of clueless joke David Moyes.

    The reason our players look bad is that they employ clueless tactics devoid of vision, enthusiasm and belief on it ordered by brigade from blue half of Liverpool.

    I am convinced manager like klopp or van gaal shall do better than later years of ferguson itself forget about mini-ferguson David Moyes. Sorry to say but to be honest I too thought it was time for ferguson to pack his bags and retire making a way for tactically astute European manager. However old ferguson messed it by trying to do Hollywood scene of old king in monarchy system with lot of sons to choose from, he forgot in the end of day he himself is just a servant of Malcolm Glazer.

    Anyways, good bye David fucking moyes ;) ;)

    And………………..thank you Glazers and Woodward :) :)

  6. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Ginger prince, you can’t doubt it’s happening can you? He’s most definitely gone, it’s just a case that the club can’t confirm it till tomorrow morning at the start of a business day on the New York stock exchange.

    No worries about Mourinho mate, that ship sailed last season. There are four or five names being thrown into the hat, but I think it will come down to Van Gaal or Klopp. Will we be able to convince Klopp is the burning question.

  7. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @ john_says; Lol, you are very nice character. Love your comments. You see things the way I see them too. Love that monarch part of your comment. You’ve said it all.

  8. GingerPrince18 says:


    Wont be hard to convince Klopp unless he is gunning to be the Germany coach. He knows well he did everything he could do in Bundesliga given Bayern’s superiority financially. He knows Dortmund unable to hold off their star players if Bayern or any other elite club come calling. They were lucky Gundogan is crocked. If not he wont be signing new contract and Real Madrid would have snapped him.

    United is the biggest brand in football, everyone knows that even the dipper and the bitters. We can match any club financially. FFP wont affect us and more importantly we dont need to sell players if we dont want to. What would you do mate if you are in Klopp’s position. I know what my answer would be :)

  9. John says:

    After being outclassed in Rome in CL final with the players good enough to DESERVINGLY beat Barcelona, ferguson being ferguson let Tevez leave, couldn’t make Romaldo rot in bench and fucked up helplessly in wembley again. That for me was time he should have realized that time has come for him to step down and appoint manager better than him tactically. But he chose to appoint someone who “could” be like him someday down the line in moyes. Therefore, ferguson is as much to blame as out of depth clueless moyes in hand picking next manager when he himself was found out in Europe time and again.

    Anyways, first time glazers have won my heart for daring to “surprise” embarrassingly neoptic biased British media. Gary Neville was surprised seeing moyes on verge of sack. :) :)

    May be Charlton and ferguson can come out and support Moyes who they chose in the time he needs them most :D

    Or may be they are just employee of glazers ;)

  10. RedorDead says:

    Even when DM goes we have got a shit load of rebuilding to do. DM should go but this doesn’t provide an instant solution. We’re 6 or 7 players short of a new red dawn.

  11. Peter Knight says:

    Moyes is ok for a smaller team not United, look what’s happened to Everton since he left there they have done far better so what in the heck made SAF say he was the man for the job at United. Respect I had for SAF until then but now he’s made United redundant with his asshole plea to the fans to give Moyes a chance. Only hope now some of the players will stay and there will be a manager appointed who knows who to buy if of course they can get them. It’s not going to be easy either. Thank Moyes for lack of attack football, getting rid of trusted back-room staff and not even having a regular team since you started. I can’t blame the players complete since it’s the managers job to drill that winning streak into them and without any hope look what’s happened.


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