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The RoM 2013-2014 season review

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 15.53.38Whilst waiting for the 2014-15 season to begin, The Republik of Mancunia’s season review for the 2013-2014 season will make good reading. The three articles looking at Louis van Gaal’s career and personality in top detail, with great anecdotes, are certainly worth a read.

Without being doom and gloom, the RoM season review identifies the problems of last year as well as highlighting the positives, with a group of fantastic journalists, United supporting football writers and fans all chipping in.

United legend, Gary Neville, conducted an exclusive interview, where he discusses the failings of last season, the players he is impressed with, his feelings on the club and his plans for the future.

Journalists have also given their verdict on the season, discussing their feelings on Moyes, as well as pinpointing likely signings and giving their opinion on the future. Daniel Taylor (The Guardian), Henry Winter (The Telegraph), Oliver Holt (The Mirror), Tim Montgomerie (The Times), Mark Ogden (The Telegraph) and Darren Lewis (The Mirror) all answer a series of questions on the club, whilst Mike Keegan and Rob Dawson (MEN) write short summaries on the season.

Sam Pilger (FourFourTwo) and Paul Ansorge (United Rantcast) dissect Moyes’ appointment and performance. Daniel Taylor (The Guardian) discusses the accusation of United “lacking class”. RoM columnist, Zac Hann, runs through the highlights of the season. Justin Mottershead (Pride Of All Europe) bigs up Danny Welbeck as the most improved player this season. Michael Shepherd and Ian Scullion (ManUtdTactics) look at the tactical changes Moyes brought in why they didn’t work. Alexander Netherton blames the Glazers for all the failings of 2013-2014.

Nooruddean Choudry (@BeardedGenius) writes about signing Juan Mata. Brett Atkinson (@bifurcated_mufc) wishes a fond farewell to Nemanja Vidic. Three United fans accustomed to watching United on the road talk about their favourite away game of the season.

Laurie Hanna discusses the magical return of the Class of ’92. Gabe Turner, who directed “The Class of ’92″, talks about what it was like working with those players. An expert of United’s youth team, who has been watching the reds at this level for 25 years, singles out three youngsters to look out for next season. Giuliano Maiorana, who joined United as a youngster and played in the first team, reflects on his time at the club in a Q&A.

Paul Gunning writes about our transfer policy of last season as well as writing in detail about a variety of options for us this summer. Musa Okwonga looks to the future.

Three Dutch football writers, Elko Born, Mohamed Moalim and Michiel Jongsma, have written at length about Louis van Gaal, looking in detail at why he is well-suited to manage United, his prior experience, and what, if any, characteristics would make elements of the job a struggle.

Every penny of the profits will go to the Macmillan Wellbeing Centre Trafford. The minimum price is set at £5 but please feel free to donate as much as you would like to this good cause. Simply enter your e-mail address and the price you would like to pay and you will be sent a link to download the 40 page season review.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. NBI Red 21 says:

    That should be cost him his job at Bayern not Barca.

  2. Redfrog says:

    @NBI…I guess the Glazers will not axe LVG for not buying, they will build him a statue, lol.
    Anyway, as the consequence of last year we need to buy some defenders and midfielders…Last year we brought two players we didn’t need (Fellaini not a midfielder or a shit one, your pick). That means we didn’t refresh the team and we will need to buy one or two more from the usual three. But I guess it will not happen.

  3. Teezed says:

    we need at least 4 players. and top players. we lost rio and vida…those are 2 huge players in the defence and am not sure smalling and jones are ready to step up…at all!

    we also need to new midfielders. not only is the quality there poor, but the lack of numbers is also worrying. we only have carrick (33) fletch( will never be the same)and clev(less said the better)…anderson i assume is leaving. kagawa isnt a cm and giggs retired. powell and lingard need to be boded in and not chuck in the deep end.

    we need to move…and soon. i will also be really peeved off if we miss out on shaw. 30 mill for an 18 yr old who will be a utd for 10-12 years is not a bad deal at all.

  4. wayne barker says:

    I come from the era of great boxing,Henry Cooper as a kid dealing with Ali to George Foreman Marvin Hagler etc etc but boxing now just doesn’t rate to UFC simple as that it’s outdated

  5. wayne barker says:

    Oh and Teezed you’re a boring cunt so fuck off and go support a team more in tune with your mentality

  6. wayne barker says:

    We need this,i’ll be peeved about that who the fuck do you think you are,i hope Utd don’t sign anyone to fuck cunts like you off

  7. wayne barker says:

    Listen not trying to be funny here but all i’ve heard about all week is the big fight,i got it free on HBO and even by boxing standards both fighters had a Ltd skill set but either getting into the ring with a half decent UFC fighter would’ve got killed.
    This is the first boxing match i’ve watched for a long time,those lads are really not that good

  8. Teezed says:

    wayne fuck off u dirty cunt. everyone on this blog knows ur a worthless excuse of a life . hope ur mum gets shagged by a fuckin horse ya little fukin cocksucker

  9. ashtheking says:

    I think deals for the ditch kids is already done. LVG is the man so he must have convinced one or two young talents there to join us. He just doesn’t his team to get distracted.mi like the way how LVG is handling the issue. His primary job right now is to lead the Dutch to glory after the World Cup journey is over he can come here and do his work.

  10. Mark Reid says:

    @Wayne have to disagree with you about boing v UFC those UFC lads are tough no doubt but the speed of the boxers is too much.Top boxers make untold money for a reason.Also to much holding and rolling around the ground in UFC.Cant see too many of them handling Lennox Lewis in his prime .Also boxers are learning their art from the young age of 6 or 7 the go through all the amateur fights,through Olympic trials etc so it’s hard to compare both really.Any way back to Man Utd.

  11. Tommy says:

    Wheres @Gary today, sorry mate im feeling a bit smug after saying for months Froch would win, he dominated from the first bell, he was a different fighter this time, clearly took Groves too lightly, sign of a good boxer is the one in the middle of the ring and he dominated the centre, nothing better than a nice clear knockout to settle the score, no controversial decision this time

  12. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, yea was a cracking punch from Froch. I was on the whole disappointed by the fight as I thought it was a bit of a bore fest after all the massive hype. It’s the exact reason I didn’t bother getting a ticket for the fight.

  13. Tommy says:


    Yea wasnt a great fight, It was too cagey but Froch dominated with his jab and always looked like he was the man likely to end the fight at any moment, looks like he wants to fight in Vegas before retiring

  14. lecho says:

    If LvG will sell Mata, and instead buy some Dutch youngsters, then it will be a signal we’re becoming a joke of a club.

    Offloading one or two (or maybe three) United world class players bought half a season ago for record cash is just not serious, think of a message it could send to all world class players avalaible.

  15. NBI Red 21 says:

    That interview with Schmichel is reassuring, so Woody as a list, and all of them on it are willing to talk to United, best get on with it then.

  16. denislawking says:

    Just read and article about Pirlo and how great he is and why England haven’t produced such a player… er… we did, his name was Paul Scholes but we chose to ignore his talent.

    Not for the first time either. Players also not good enough, Tony Currie, Glenn Hoddle, Alan Hudson, Matt Le Tiseir (Spelling?) The list goes on. Let’s face it, as a nation we are beaten by our own mentality. Brawn over skill has always been the English way. There is a glimmer of hope with Sterling and Lalana and Shaw and Welbeck being included in this group. Lets hope it continues and any young English players who base their game on skill don’t have it beaten out of them by coaches who don’t understand how to kick a ball with both feet.

  17. United24 says:

    Okay, I know it’s silly season,but Fabregas is available for 30m and Toni Kroos is/was for 20m and we are not interested? Geez. I’m getting jittery now. We surely must have some really serious central midfield talent somewhere somehow lurking!!! I like LVGs stubborness like Fergie, but if they have the same attitude to “fair value” in our non existent midfield, then I’m in panic mode already!

  18. Tommy says:


    Theirs no evidene either player woud be available for either of those prices but even if they are ever thought LVG might just not rate either player, Fabregas sways opinions and I rate him but others I know dont and i he really what we need, for me his bet performances come in the number 10 position why do we need another one of those when Mata is twice the player he is, I wouldnt be paying 30million for him as a midfielder , I think hes adaquate in mdfield but not £30million quids worth and neither will LVG be thinking hes a £30million midfielder

  19. Tommy says:


    Dont always beleve what you read either mate, ivegot feeling Kroos turned United down and to save face come out withLVG pulled the plug just a feelin I have

  20. United24 says:

    @ Tommy, I hope so.

    But I will be really pissed if Chelsea land Cesc for 30m. Personally, I think Fabregas can play the “8″ and Mata @10. I don’t buy into the too many #10s at a ball club. They can be redistributed. Madrid has Modric, Isco and Di Maria and haven’t done badly. Bayern has Goetz, Muller, Kroos who all prefer the “10″ but are intelligent enough to play elsewhere. I just get annoyed because clubs like Madrid, PSG, Bayern, Bara identify their big targets,the whole world knows that and they still get them. We just are so sloooooooow!

  21. Tommy says:


    Fair enough mate I think he can do a job in a deeper position but ive never thought he was top top draw in that position, if he plays his prefered 4 3 3 then theirs rumours Mata might e on the move, although he has been trying out a 3 5 2 formation with the dutch so is open to different formations, a problem, we will encounrer im sure is everybody knows we need midfielders so what happens mate? Clubs know we are desporte so double the price but like you say we always seem to be so slow in the market these days, under SAF we got deals done and dusted early into the summer (One or two examples of buying late) but on the whole quick deals. LVG will probably have a system in mind and he will buy players which suit the way he wants to play and Fabregas might not fit into that formation he wants to play

  22. united till i die says:

    This off seasons transfers are either going to be spectacular or a spectacular bust again. We seem to be taking things very slowly and are constantly shooting down rumors as quickly as they appear.

    Im hoping the club has players already in the bag and are just waiting for LvG to officially take over before announcing them. There seems to be a lot of misdirection going on with the club not wanting to give anything away.

    The one thing I’m not liking is so much talk about strootman. No doubt he’s a top player but putting all our eggs in one basket again and hoping we can get him in jan is a dangerous game. If I was Roma I’d be upping the price significantly knowing how badly LvG allegedly wants him. Lets just hope Roma still have a interest in Nani if the Strootman rumors are indeed true.

  23. Tommy says:

    @United till I die

    Youre right mate, we need midfielders for the start of the season, Going for Stootman in january is all well and good but not if it means we dont buy a couple in the summer, the only thing I like is the leaks seem to have stopped under LVG apart from Shaw, we really dont have a club who we are in for

  24. Trafford_Lord says:

    I wouldn’t get depressed or anxious about the transfer market and our ability to sign players before the world cup kicks of on the 12th.

    To help calm your nerves of frustrations….We are not going to bag any marquee player before the world cup is starts or before its over. And it is not because our manager is busy coaching outside favorites for the WC….

    It is because we have a relatively inexperienced executive in Woodward on the one hand, and on the other hand all the world class players want champions league football. They will opt to go to a club in Europe before considering us, don’t buy into the horse manure Woodward and Moyes were selling us last season…they won’t come unless we are their last option, just like Mata desperate to get into the spain squad.

    So really no use having high value targets, best wait till the top players do their bargaining and see what we can pick up from busted deals or players looking for extra ordinarily high wages. The players we can target with success are good players like Konoplyanka, Shaw, etc but not world class. I believe our most effective window will be the January window especially if we are in a champ league position.

  25. united till i die says:

    I still think we are interested in Fabergas and Kroos if they become available. By denying our interest publicly in both we can’t end up with egg on our face again like last summer if we chase them and fail to sign them. I expect negotiations to take place in private with nothing being announced until its literally done. Of the two id say fabergas is the more realistic target just because Bayern have a history of letting players run down contracts. Id still expect utd to register interest with his agent and butter him up for a move on a free next summer.

  26. Mike Fibes says:

    Gravy is amazing.

  27. WeAreUnitedd says:

    Long time no seen, trying to keep some distance from football

    BUT for all you shitheads that complained about RVP’s commitment

    YES he was INJURED, but naaaaah when it’s not someone you like it does not matter because clearly he’s sulking.

    peace and have a good summer

  28. Mike Fibes says:

    Bovril is great too, but gravy is da bomb.

  29. TopRed123 says:

    You just have to laugh at “tough guy” Wilshere. Not the captain, so he had no business going over to Valencia and act the part the little retarded baby rhino. Can’t believe many (mostly English) United fans wanted/wants us to get the likes of Wilshere and Barkley (he’s a thug too). Fucking overrated mentally weak players who just aren’t good enough. Yeah, and let’s waste £30M on Luke “does my hair look good?” Shaw. What a fucking pisstake. Apparently Fabregas is on his way for less than that to some PL club, but yeah, let’s waste even more money on a guy who has “potental”.

  30. Mike Fibes says:

    The real stuff though. None of this OXO shite.

  31. Mark Reid says:

    What about YR sauce.

  32. Xyth X says:

    Wow, new season, same old shit! This shows that Moyes was only half of the problem last season.

    Our midfield failed miserably today. [Januzaj, as talented as he is, needs to cut the crap out and stop being selfish. Twice he wasted good situations, when a simple pass to team mates in the box would have probably led to a goal].

    Unless we buy 4-5 top class players, we can kiss even the CL goodbye now!

    Today we needed to make a statement, but we now gave crappy teams like Swansea all the confidence that they need when they come to OT.

    Woodward should have finished the business in the transfer market by now. We let 3 left back go and end up with Young at that position.

    For some strange reason it feels like the season has ended before it even started. I hope I am proven wrong!


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